Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Yeah, had a great day. I was working but did fit in a great lunch with some work colleagues. And, more importantly got out just head of the commuter time so stress free train journey. All good.
  • Good morning all image

    6 miles this morning inc Park run, I have come home with a new Pb hope I can beat it a bit sooner than the last one.

    Jo ,Have a good holiday

    Kate, Good luck for tomorrow.

  • Bike done, was supposed to be 30 miles but got carried away and did 50, oh dear what a chump. PSC, you will have to visit next time you're in the big smoke. I should see the start of the F1 tomorrow as it's an SOCspecial. Well done on the PB valis, right, the great outdoors beckons once again.

  • Ah, long run was postponed to tomorrow when it will be even warmer.  The garden got me all day and is looking great for it.  I've also ordered some hedging so that will be a few hours of digging (good core work) for next weekend too.  My arms and shoulders can certainly feel it now from todays efforts!  Kate, yes it would be good to catch up.  Well done on your 50. Valis, good effort with a PB - well done!  

    Can Ireland hang-on?  2 points ahead with 5 mins to go.

  • Breakfast and the F1 pre race, the sun already shines!

  • Good morning all image

    20 miles done and dusted, beautiful morning plenty of highlights smoke on the water of the grand union canal, sun rise over Harefield marina and the sun breaking between the over hanging trees along the country lanes.

    Nw A menagerie   

  • morning all

    beautiful morning here, got out before sunrise, the moon was really low and massive image 18 miles run/walk done, took ages but strangely I don't feel too tired

    OR - quite a few (didn't count) some dog walkers (one let her enormous dogs jump up me and nearly knock me over which spoilt my mood somewhat!!)

    got to go round the shops in Nottingham later to get youngest son some new school trousers image Not my favourite thing to do at the weekend


  • Race done, what a shocker. Massive PW, 17 mins slower than last year, I finally have to admit that I am a little under the weather. Had to stop at mile 13 and sit down with my head between my knees, runners are normally such a friendly bunch but no one even asked if I was OK. Zipped up the (wo)man suit and finished, trip to the docs tomorrow. on the bright side, what a bloody glorious day, and a slow finish beats a DNF any day. Nice long running valis and MC, I take it all is OK with you both injury wise?

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Yesterdays TT went very well, my new lighter me really can get up the climbs

    5hrs on the bike done today, lovely in the sun.

    Sorry to hear about your race Kate
  • kate - that is shame about the race, but if you are feeling under the weather then that would explain it. Hope the doc finds something simple that is easily sorted. Very surprising that no-one asked if you were ok.

    injury wise - I am taking it easy really, specially on long runs, just doing run/walk - though that isn't really working out much slower than I used to do running continuously anyway, but definitely helps prevent aggravation of my crap knees!


  • Hey, I can still get out and run 20 miles in the sunshine. I've either got a chest infection  or my anaemia is back with a vengeance. The fact that when the 'have you been coughing for more than 3 weeks, you may have lung cancer' advert was on the TV last night I got a very stern stare from Mr F was telling. That's why I don't watch TV.

  • kate - if you have been coughing for that long then it could be an infection! The advert is a bit scaremongering really. When my son was coughing for weeks and weeks it turned out to be asthma...

  • Morning all - 4 miles and jumping up and down in the garage this morning, legs a bit heavy but they have got a nice tan line from my shorts so all is good. The advert is hilariously scaremongering MC, but I bet GP surgeries are getting an unwelcome boost in visits because of it. Working from home day for the first time in weeks, not missing the train today, and London pubs swilling with Guiness later for St Patrick's Day. Far bigger event today is my mother's birthday, she just avoided being called Patricia.

  • happy birthday to kate's mumimage

    I haven't seen the advert - the only things I watch on tv are things that I record so I can skip the advertsimage

    nothing for me this morning but will be swimming tonight

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all. Back to SOC for me image A really busy week ahead! How is everyone doing?

  • How was Barcelona Emmy?

  • A'noon

    A fair bit to catch up on I see.

    45 mins off road with Geordie earlier. NW: Farmer in a tractor one of the fields, 3 dogs, 1 cat,

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Up early but to do Core and rollers, watched the Green Hornet :??)

    I hope others had a great weekend
  • emmy: Hope you enjoyed your hols.

  • Gobi, looking pretty trim on Facebook sir! Impressive.

    Emmy, welcome backimage

    Kate, don't overdo it if you've got a lurgy.

    The coughing adverts are a bit scary. The other big push (!) on at the moment is colon cancer screening. Any volunteers!

    Got a rather pedestrian 20 done yesterday. Saw lots out including a farmer with a big gun pointing alarmingly close to where I was. I think the farmer was a bit alarmed too. Then went for a 5 mile walk in the afternoon along Faversham Creek. Good to be out in the sun!
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    thanks image

    training hard
  • 1km intervals this morning (with 1km recovery) X4. Saw the sunrise. Then steady 9k home. 10mile PB, although it's not something I run often. Going to build that up till I can do X8 safely.

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Knocked out 5.5 @ 6.45 pace at lunchtime today, HR low again which is nice, felt so good I did another 30 mins on the rollers this evening .
  • Hmm, I'll leave the screening thanks. Chest x ray and blood tests booked in for Friday. No one mentioned rest so swim tonight, 2K including 10 x 100 fast, and a spin class. Gobi, I might get some rollers if it means I get abs as a free gift! Charles, you are becoming a committed SOCer indeed.

  • Morning all - ah hour on the turbo and weights this morning, track later, celebrating my birthday in style today, I know how to have fun.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    KateF wrote (see)

    How was Barcelona Emmy?

    LOVELY. A little hot but a great day out. The course is deceptive as there are a few long slow hills but its a great touristy course. Am already considering it for next yearimage

    Be careful training with the lurgy - Kate.

    Gobi - that's a great pace. How are you doing?

    PSC - How are you feeling after your 20?

  • Good morning all image

    Resting dodgy knee

    Happy Birthday Kateimage

  • morning all

    happy birthday kate

    4 slow miles today with some drizzle, which felt nice image

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Life is going really well now with good news in most quarters.

    A happy me is a healthy me :??)

    I think running helps the abs more than rollers but I could be wrong
  • Morning from a very dreich West of Scotland

    Out for a 45 mins off road earlier.

    NW: 1cat sitting on top of  a fence, 1 other runner, 3 cyclists

    Kate: Happy Birthday

    emmy: Glad you enjoyed Barcelona. Loved it when we were there.

    vails: Big game at The Bridge tonight !

    Working night shift again tonight.

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