Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • That's the nice thing about racing over a new distance. I did a 15K in July and I set myself a time target but any time would have been a PB. (I hit my target anyway). And of course I have Manchester marathon to look forward to.

    Anyway, well done. image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Well done Cal on getting close to your sub 2 goal? It looks like you've definitely got it in you!

    I ran Amsterdam marathon last weekend. Kept it nice and easy and enjoyed myself but have come back with a very sore throat so keeping it easy.

    What's everyone up to this week?

  • Well done!  How did you do? A marathon seems like a huge undertaking for me at this point but I'll be doing my first next Spring.

    I'm off on half term holiday so I'm mostly exercising, eating and binge watching TV. Just finished Black Sails and am now on season 3 of House of Cards. Exciting stuff eh? image


  • May well hop on this thread if there is room for an extra one?

    Up at 5.30am and out the door at 6 for short runs of 3 miles at the moment.  Definite drop in temperature this morning but the stars were beautiful.

  • well done Emmy, take it easy and get over your cold

    cal - enjoy half term, I have to wait till Friday...

    Hi Hope to, welcome to the thread

    didn't get up this morning, but did another c2k5 run with my son this evening, we managed to get it done at dusk so had a lovely sunset

  • Welcome! With the clocks changing at the weekend it'll give us a little more light in the morning...but less in the evening. Boo.

    No run today but I had plenty of energy when I got up and my legs seem to have recovered better than previous halves. Gym session and  yoga today. Yoga class went really well.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Thanks Maths and Cal!

    Cal - It's all a matter of training. This marathon at 17 weeks was a lot easier for me than the one i ran at 12 weeks pregnant so it's a little strange but i wasnt complaining!! It's great that you've already recovered from the half! Well done!

    Maths - sad that you need to wait til friday! eek!

    hope to.. - welcome to the thread! Come on in!

  • Back to 04H15 tomorrow so I can be out the door by 04H30 and be back by 06H00 after a 12 - 15km run

  • hi

    very wet run for me this morning, glad I bothered though

    Emmy - when I was pregnant I felt like I was running in slow motion. The first 12 weeks are the worst for low energy etc after that it is all good until you get to about 7 months and feel like you are the size of house and struggle to do up your laces! Mind you, not everyone puts on 4 stone with each babyimage

  • Woke up at 03H44 and thought in stead of tossing and turning i shall get ready and spend more time on the road.

    Had a terrible run as my last 4km i picked up a knee niggle. Nothing serious but enough to make me cut my run short to prevent real injury. Quite bummed i must admit.


    You ladies have my utmost respect. not only do you carry little humans within you , but you still run and exercise for the majority of the pregnancy, i tip my hat ladies. You are all very special.


    Oh, i see i had to ask first to post here, sorry, may i please?

  • You don't have to ask at all! Welcome. image

    Sorry to hear about the knee. I'm nursing a grumpy knee myself. Running doesn't seem to bother it, though - I feel it more on stairs or in certain yoga poses.

    I was going to run today but I realised I'd booked an early yoga class so I did that, then didn't much feel like running afterwards. 90 minutes in a hot room does that to you. I'll run tomorrow instead.

  • you don't need to ask to post here, the more the merrier. Welcome!

    I have rubbish knees, but I should do more squats etc....

    I didn't get up early as I did a long swim last night as well as an early run, but did run with my son this afternoon, nice to be out on a dry autumn day

  • Alarm went off at 5.30 - checked my phone and my running buddy had backed out.  Still ran for 3 miles along the canal with a head torch.  Bit scary and it made me run 20 seconds a mile quicker!  I too CJ and mathschick suffer from a dodgy knee which complains about running down hill....


  • As I'm off school I'm waiting for it to get light, so I went out about 7:20am this morning for a 5 and a half miler. Turned into a tempo run. Not bad. I felt the knee today and my hamstring was a little grouchy. I'm having a massage on Monday so that should help.

  • it was chilly this morning but I love being out under a starry sky, and now I am on half term, yay image


  • of course, I started feeling under the weather last night so didn't do my normal spinning and swimming this morning, but did head out for a short run with my youngest son in the rain image

  • Running in the rain seems like a really bad idea from indoors, but once actually in it, it is fantastic!

  • So the clocks have gone back, which makes running in the mornings a bit better, for a time, anyway. I do not like dark evenings, though.

    7.39 miles at an easy pace, though given how grumpy my body was yesterday, it didn't give me much of a choice. 1:14:25.

  • I always enjoy running in the rain too image

    Worksop half marathon for me this morning, great run, really enjoyed it

  • Great! How did you do?

  • 2:52 - not my best but it was hilly and I was chatting a lot to people around me image I am happy with that though, and I have done a lot of running this week so it isn't as if I have tapered...

  • Well the main thing is you had fun. The race got some nice reviews in the events section.

    Hard massage yesterday - my body was uber tight. My masseur said he'd never seen it so bad. Wasn't sure what to expect for today's run but as it turns out, I did pretty well. 5.5 miles at a brisk pace with a couple of faster miles thrown in at miles 3 and 5. Now off for some restorative yoga.

  • well, to be honest, my half marathon pb isn't much quicker than that anyway!! 

    Somehow managed to keep up with my son yesterday getting him through week 2 of c25k. He is so proud to be doing it.

    I think I should try and get a massage booked in

    running club tonight so hope the rain holds off!

  • I've just joined a club - the thing is, most of their runs start at 7.15pm which is much later than I want to be running. I'm very much a morning person - I can just about get through a one hour yoga class at 5.30pm but really, I like to be home with my feet up by 7. I'd rather go out at 4.30am than after 7 in the evening! I may do a cross country session on Saturday morning though, plus they do long runs on Sundays.

  • morning

    Cal - yes, I generally struggle to get to the club sessions! They can always tell when it is half term because I appear image

    quite a tough session with them last night but thoroughly enjoyed it 

  • Easy one lap of Tooting Common (3.69 miles) at around 10 minute mile pace today. Just getting used to my trail shoes again ahead of the cross country session on Saturday.

    Yesterday was supposed to be spin but the usual, good instructor wasn't there and his replacement was a guy whose class I hate (very monotonous, lots of handlebar push-ups and other crap you wouldn't do on an actual bike) so I just did a bit of core and glute stuff and buggered off to yoga.

  • bit of a wet run today - 2 miles this afternoon with my son then I continued for another 3 miles image soaked but fairly warm so quite pleasant

  • morning

    had a rest day yesterday, off to spinning and swimming this morning

  • First session with the club - cross country (or basically running up and down Streatham Common's hill many times). Beautiful weather. Had brunch after in a cafe.

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