Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Today was the first time I set an alarm for an early training run and I'm quite proud that I actually got up at 0545 on a day off without too much difficulty! I was out of the flat by 0630 and back home 23 miles later by 1045.image

    I do prefer to run early but that's the only time I'll do it this week at least as my shifts start between 0400 and 0500 all week, but at least on my next day off I'll be tuned to the early starts-won't be doing 23 miles though!

  • welcome pompey - I should have been out running at that time this morning but woke with a headache so stayed in bed

    I did get out this afternoon in the sunshine but for only 5 miles not the 15 I had planned....

  • Thanks Mathschick, I should do it more often as it was nice to be out on almost empty paths and trails.image

  • Steady 4 miler today. Nothing fancy. Thames Meander on Saturday (half, not full).

    Back to school this week. image

  • yeah, I am back at school too and feeling shattered. Mind you, I taught the whole of year 7 at once to build DNA out of modelling balloons which was quite some feat!

    it was evening run for me today

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all!

    I'm still doing my pre work runs but avoiding the SOC as much as possible to get some rest it.

    Well done to everyone getting out there!

    Pompey - welcome to the thread. Did you eat anything before?

    Cal - Disappointed that I wont get to see you at Thames Meander image I've been there every year for the past 3 years but couldnt make it this year!

  • That's awesome, maths! I've just been trying to teach Year 3 how to do a forward roll. Some of them are already brilliant. The rest, not so much.

    Emmy, that's a shame! But perhaps another time, eh?

  • I generally only have a banana before a run-this follows an unfortunate incident in half marathon when for some utterly inexplicable reason I thought I'd try a new food routine on a race day! Luckily I've never had any ill effects from keeping it simple before a run, it works some of us but not for others.

    Aiming for a pre work run on Friday which will probably be entirely in darkness-unless I can find some way of fitting it in on Friday afternoon!

  • evening

    this morning's run was very slow - I think my body just wanted to stay in bed!

    pompey - I generally don't have anything before a morning run unless it is going to be 12+ miles, then I will have a banana


  • Quite pleased with myself today as my shift started at 6am so I was out at 3.30am for 7 decent miles, mostly on deserted roads but there a section of just over a mile on a fairly dark coastal path. I really enjoyed the freedom and solitude of that time in the morning so I hope to do it again soon!

  • well done Pompey!

    dragged myself out of bed today, couldn't believe how warm it was, bit of a slow run

    a fox and I managed to startle each other!

  • Thames Meander half today which started at the civilised time of 10.30am. Awful weather and lots of mud meant no chance of a PB, so I'm going to have to shelve that sub-2 hour half until next year, probably the autumn as I have to deal with that marathon thing first. image

    Garmin time was 2:07:24 so it wasn't even close, but it was still faster than my first five halves of the year which is OK given the mud, wind and rain.

  • Still a good time given the conditions Cal. I'm hoping to get out early again tomorrow but not until at least 6am as I'm hoping to get 13-15 miles in.

  • well done Cal, not the weather for a pb but you have still made good gains over the year

    I started getting a sore throat on my way home last night and feel a bit crappy today so haven't done any of my normal stuff. Probably won't get my long run in tomorrow which is a worry...

  • As planned I did 15 miles at 6.30 but unusually I added some hill work with just under 600ft ascent which was one hill repeated. Got done in 2.23 which was pretty good as the legs were a little heavy following a decent spin session yesterday. Again a pleasure to run as dawn broke but still no sign of the sun!

  • well done pompey! I stayed in bed with my sore throat image

    I have got a fair amount of marking and planning done for work so not a total disaster of a weekend!

  • At least it didn't rain today, eh? Well done.

  • Hi all, new joiner to the site! Done a few half marathons and 5ks but have committed to doing the derry2016 marathon! Need some inspiration for getting up early for running. I train with a club Tuesday and Thursday nights and wondering from people's experience how many days a week I should be running? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  • hi all

    slowly getting over the lurgy so haven't been doing any exercise at all!

    welcome marty. How many days really depends on what you can cope with without getting injured - it can be a fine balance. Unless you are used to running a lot, don't suddenly start running 6 days a week! Get a training plan that looks doable - Hal Higdon ones are good and free on the internet. If you want to exercise more days a week, do some cross-training, cycling/spinning/swimming/core work/yoga etc

    In terms of getting up early, get your stuff ready the night before (I leave mine in the bathroom so I don't wake anyone up), set the alarm, get up as soon as the alarm goes, get into stuff and straight out of the door! Once you get used to it you will just wake naturally without the alarm. Running in the early morning is lovely

  • Marty, that rather depends on how well you recover and what other things you're doing. For me, being 48, I don't recover quickly so I tend to run twice a week but may have to up it to three as, like you, I'm doing my first marathon next year. Most people seem to recommend four runs as a minimum but you can get away with three if you are cross training. Generally, one long run to build mileage, at an easy pace, one tempo, one interval or hill run and one recovery run.

    Lifted weights today. Tired.

  • Thanks for all the advice, really appreciate it. I had a tempo session tonight after a 3 mile run at 5k pace....exhausted!!
  • Marty, for my first marathon it was 3-4 runs a week with no cross training or gym work but everyone is different.

    No early starts this week as I'm doing late shifts although I was in the middle of a 7 mile run at nidnight last night (and sweating buckets despite the wind)!

  • I was up at 8 / 8.30 on Sunday morning for a long run.

    This may not sound early but 3/4 years ago I'd be lucky to surface until 11am from a hangover and even then it was only to eat so I can go back to bed and sleep off my hangover!

    I'm also up and ready for a 9am cycle every Saturday with the running club.

    I run evenings in the week however as it suits my lifestyle (early commute) and also because I run with a club who run Tuesday and Thursday evenings!

    Got my first Marathon in April and if need be I am happy to squeeze the odd 5am fun but even thinking about it makes me tired!

  • I'm aiming for a 6am 5km run in the morning. There's a bit on my route at the top of a field where you can see the sun rise. Moments like that make the early start worthwhile.

  • morning all

    I still have a grotty cold so haven't done anything all week image

    hoping to feel better soon and get out for some kind of run in the next few days

  • Get well soon! 10K for me today and sliced 11 second off my PB to finish 55:19. Felt like hard work but feel great now it's done.

  • well done Cal!

    I got out for a gentle and slow 2 miles, starting to feel better but didn't think it wise to do much more

  • I usually only do one early morning run during the week, on a Monday as this suits me best.   Im usuallu out the house for about 5.30 ish and do something between 9 and 10 miles.  Sometimes I have treated myself to a cheeky 13 or 14.,  Really depends on work.  I play 7 a side on a Tuesday night, training (more footy) on a Wednesday although we tend to get a run, often with intervals in before we start and then a game at the weekend.  Again, depending on work ill try and get either try another coupld of shorter runs, between 5 and 7ish miles or cycle.  


    But yep, Monday is my silly early morning run, but there is something nice about getting that much exercise in before the working week starts.  When Im too old/broken to play football Ill probably be able to get a better running routine!

  • evening

    welcome David

    didn't manage to get up early enough this morning but had a nice evening run instead image

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