Competition time, time to lose



  • Ooooh I've been promoted... If you find any sweeties down the side of the Chair Yeo, they're mine and have probably been licked at some point so I'd hand them over if I was you. image

    I've entered loads of competitions on here that I didn't want to win... I think at some point I've even entered one to win a place in a marathon somewhere I probably couldn't get to when the furthest I'd done was a 10k. 

  • I'm promoted too - I was Chair of Vice last time.

    And the first Saucony comp was in 2003.  I know cos I didn't win it that year or any cuffin year since.

    Oh well, if that's how everyone feels, I'd better enter the GSR one.

  • 2003 and losing ever since

    Winning is not an option

  • I entered the GSR one as well I hope I dont win Pompey is a horrible place image
  • slowfoot wrote (see)

    Official Ruling:

    To be a member of the Runners World Official Losers Club

    You must have not won a prize of any sort from any form of competition. The only exclusion to this rule is if you won a goldfish at a school fate and you were under the age of 6 at the time of winning

    Anyone who has won a competition on RW is banned from taking part in any losers thread and will forever be mocked: Especially true if you have purple hair on your photo or are a bike riding mouse

    The Life President is Goldie

    President is CazSoul

    Chair is Yeo

    Of course nobody won these roles they were simply given them following the last round of member baiting by Mr S over his imaginary running shoes

    *puts on hat and fake moustache*

    I entered even though I have not got time to get in shape for it, still I'm not likely to win...

  • its a shame Mr sockcornee dont come on here no more baiting him was good fun LOL
  • Goldie

    Mr SoreKnees is feeling the pinch thats why there has been only 1 pair of reconditioned old shoes on offer.

    B what do you mean fake moustache  image

  • lol slowfootimage
  • B

    Love you always.

     Now get lost   image

  • I am *in disguise", I have received an email from a very nice man at Garmin! image
  • imageimageimage

    Be gone you you winner you

    oh and well done image

  • Cinders -----------------------------------------------------> out

    But congrats in a non-losing kind of way.
  • *rushes back out before anyone else notices*

    ....and thanks image

  • off with ya and never darken our door again image

  • Grrrrr bliddy winners......

    coming round these here parts with their winnin' ways.....

    I wonder what we can lose tody?

  • <img /><img />erm

    the Friday one isn't open yet..............

  • Commiserations Cinders...tho if you're going to lose your loser status over something, that is a good one to winimage
  • Can't believe it won't let me enter........................I have a right not to win..they are breaking my human rights................

    You got that spam email going around form Garmin then Cindersimage

  • Come on, Come on, Come on...

    I'm itching to know what I'll lose today. And as Friday is Losers' Day when will the weekly list be posted?

    Oh Cinders <shakes head sadly> Still, as others have said it's a good one not to lose. After all you may have lost your loser status with some Lucozade shit.

  • I just looked at the home page and thought that today's prize was 5 minutes with Jessica Ennis image
  • Oooh well done Cinders, nice prize to lose your loser status for but go now into the desolate land that is the winners area... You'll find Small there...just thought I'd mention it as I noticed her sticking her paws round the door a few pages back... If you remember she WON a pair of soreknees one year.

    LOL Yeo... 5minutes??? image  

  • Cinders is a winner?  Burn her image


    He's an old man, Caz, his heart won't take any longer than that image

  • Yay one more chance to not win some orange soreconnysimage

    The new comp is upimage

  • Thanks for your tact and sympathy Mr W.

    It's horrid coloured Soccerknee stuff today. Don't worry, it'll soon get muddy in this weather.

    If you're unlucky enough to w*n that is.

  • Lets go orange
  • I look terrible enough while I'm running anyway.  I can't see how bright orange kit could make me look worse.

  • I like that orange kit. Tricksy question today!
  • B

    Who invited you here!!

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