Great North Run 2011

well just over an hour to go before the start of GNR 2010 and thought i'd jump right on in there and start the thread in anticipation of next year image 

so if you fancy taking part in teh greatest race you around with the most amazing atmosphere then register here once info is updated and 2011 and come along and enjoy the fun.

see you all in 12 months time imageimage



  • Gosh youre efficient (or have nothing better to do...image)! 

     I missed out on the GNR this year in the lottery.  I'll try again for 2011 - maybe if I'm the first one to enter they'll let me in for sure....image

  • HI, Mr sj - you'll be in big trouble for this.

    I made the mistake of starting the thread a couple of years ago, and Vicki was not impressed. image

  • PMSL.

    XL, you'd best get your breakdown on here while it's still the first page!
  • Just registered image  Thanks for the link Mr SJ, am watching the coverage & was just thinking about doing it again.  Can't believe it's a lottery, wasn't like that in my day.

    Did the GNR in 2000 and 2001.  OH is always telling me how he could do it, now I've registered, I might wave the entry form under his nose & see if he bites.image

  • Hi, CC2 - as you wish. But, it feels a bit strange posting this before 2010 is done, in fact watching the BBC, some folk haven't crossed the start line yet.

    XL's 4 run plan

    Run 1 - 5 miles. (DON'T think about anything further) Huge crowds, great atmosphere, bands. Take it steady, not too fast, you've run five miles or further loads of times. Enjoy the spectacle, and remember you are part of it. Those inspirational pictures of thousands running across the Tyne Bridge? Red arrows trailing the red, white and blue vapours. You're in them this year. Yes, you're in the Great North Run, the world's biggest half marathon. Enjoy!

    Run 2 - 3 miles. Forget the 5 behind you, they're done. Think only of the next three. Three miles? Piece of cake, you've done 9, 10, 11 .. much more in training. These three are all downhill, wheeeeeee !! Great news for those of you after PBs for the event, or even if it's your first time and you have a target. Go for it here, within reason. Unfortnately, the road narrows, so you may notice it feeling a little more congested. Be careful.

    Run 3 - 3 miles. SLOW DOWN. This is where you need your mental toughness and/or your MP3 player. It's a bit of a slog up the John Reid Road etc and there's not much to enjoy, but hey, if it was easy, the medal wouldn't be as important to you would it? If you're a run/walk person this is where you may want to be taking extra walks, and psych yourself up, but don't start thinking about the finish yet. Just get to 11 miles

    Run4 - 2.1 miles That's nowt! Of course you're tired but you're nearly there. Now, start to tell yourself that you've done it (almost) the goody bag is waiting for you, go and get it. The last mile and a bit up the sea front is fantastic. Huge crowds yelling at you, the end is nigh. Let your spirits fly, even if you're knackered. You can stop soon. If you're after a time, push, you know you are fit, you have prepared well, and as knackered as you will feel when you cross the line, the elation will speed your recovery. Well done, you've finished the GREAT NORTH RUN 2011

  • Looks to busy to be honest up to 40 minutes to just get to start line but may aswell do it just to get in under belt,

    see you next year image)

  • XL - im not scared of vicki image well not when she's in the pink dress anyway !
  • I would be! image

    So are you having a year off next year then Mr SJ? I thought the curse of the thread starter was that they usually don't manage to run it?

    Have you SEEN that pink dress by the way? Blimey!!image

  • bloody hell lb, dont say that !!
  • hi folks!  a deserving start to the 2011 thread Mr SJ - lets hope the good luck thread fairy brings you some healing fairy dust!
  • The dress was bloody fantastic btw, what great support from everyone round the course.  If I only had a pound for every time someone said 'come on fairy / princess / tinkerbell / ballerina' *delete as appropriate, then I'd be a rich woman this afternoon.


    pretty bloomin happy with that considering the dress

  • Hi, Vicki

    Glad you made it onto the front page of the thread image

    Well done you - sub-2 in that outfit. Do you think Start Fitness will be stocking them next season ?

  • yeah, with go faster stripes, seriouslyt though, what a great way to inpire people to run, if just one person saw me in the dress . and thought 'I could do that' then its a jobs a good 'un
  • Well Done Vicki,fantastic time in the best costume i saw all day,certainly made me smile when i saw you this morning<img /><img /><img />

    Sorry to Shrek,I had to do a toilet stop and couldnt catch you back up mate,hope you enjoyed the race

    It was great to meet up with everyone befre the race and hope you all enjoyed your day.Look forward to seeing you all again next year

    I got round in a really slow time,once id stopped for the toilet i seemed to want to go all the time,I dont think my body agrees with powerade at all,will have to remember that for next year.

  • HI, Spongecake - well done on getting round.

    So, was there a good turn out at the footbridge?

    Great stuff, Vicki - so what will you do to inspire the masses next year ?

  • prolly wont be doing it next year mate, will have to see
  • Concentrating on shorter distances and the track?

    Don't think the dress will help your 400m time image

    Good luck with whatever you're doing - but you do realise you're not allowed to leave the thread, don't you?

  • i'll be here don't worry!

    This year I was ranked 36th for 200m, and 41st for 400m in the V35 category nationally ,  so I'm hoping to improve on that next year.  Will have to be a pretty good reason to get me round 13.1 miles again right at the end of the track season (and with the low mileage I do in the summer).

    If I can crack 34 secs for 200m, and 76 for 400m I'll be a happy bunny

  • Phew - you can't call yourself a Graceless whippet at those speeds, you could be sued for misrepresentation or something
  • Come on Vicki - pop a pic on here so those who haven't seen "the dress" can marvel at you!

    *removes curse from Mr SJ as Vicky hasn't killed him for starting the thread* image

  • should be some pics with the wings on from today but I haven't got them on here yet
  • YAY! Vicki you STAR! image
  • must be mad....saying that I'd prolly do it again lol

    I felt like a princess, was like being a kid, except I was a tomboy when I was a kid....least I can make it up now image

  • Vicki: Graceless Whippet wrote (see)
    prolly wont be doing it next year mate, will have to see
    yeah yeah !! see you under the bridge next year then.
  • Wonderful, wonderful silliness.
  • Copied and pasted from the other thread (this is where we have to keep an eye on both threads simultaneously!):-

    So, this was the wettest GNR I've ever done, though the rain largely eased off for the race itself..

    Met up with Shrek, Spongecake, Vicki (who you couldn't miss, really) Mr K, Raring to Go and Mick at the start.  At about 9.30am me and my bucket went off to find a nice secluded spot in the bushes image, and as I sat there, a cute little robin went bobbing past me, so I truly was 'at one' with nature.

    Joined the pens just in time for Abide With Me, so I had a good cry whilst receiving concerned looks from those around me.  Then slapped myself across the face to join in with the warm-up.  Really enjoyed the Lady Gaga songs whilst waiting to start the race - fabulous!

    Then was chuffed to see Ant n Dec high-fiving everyone - I didn't try though, as I'm really short and couldn't reach them image

    Didn't really have a race plan, as my lack of any speed training thanks to injuries, made me just want to get round in one piece. Just enjoyed being out there with everyone.

    Was doing really well, pace-wise, but I was desperate for the toilet from the off, so had to pay a visit to one of the portaloos at Gateshead Stadium (just as Mick the Mackem was passing, shouting 'Howay Shielsy!')

    Rejoined the runners and then had a nightmare - the zip on my bumbag had worked loose, so I lost my annual travel pass, my gel, and the key to my bike lock.  I knew it had happened, but I was in the middle of the road, and didn't fancy forcing 25000 other runners behind me into a game of leapfrog.

    Was doing ok until the John Reid Road (no surprise) and found it quite tough going from then on.  Just gritted my teeth and got on with it.  As usual the crowds were fantastic, and as usual I was given an icepop at mile 11 which was just the best thing ever right at that moment.

    to be continued ...

  • The final mile was as ever, about twice as long as every other mile, but the cheers were just amazing - it's like you run down that bank by the grotto and are just hit by this wall of sound.

    Finished in 1:56:43, which is just over a minute slower than my pb from last year, so bearing in mind my forced toilet stop, and lack of speed training, I'm really chuffed with that (and a bit gutted that I needed the toilet!)  It means I can stop saying last year's time was a total fluke I guess.

    Crossed the line and burst into tears.  Met up with Wee Col and his entourage, Mandie and Steve, WTS, Mr K, Dasher Dart, Mick the Mackem and Boldon Collier and his wife in the Sanddancer at the end, which was brill.

    Found the last couple of miles really tough going, and can remember thinking at the time, 'Right, as soon as my bond runs out, I'm calling it a day, no more GNRS', but now that I've finished, I've changed my mind  image.

    Saw loads of banners for Joe McElderry along the way.  I've heard that he did it in 1:39 - flipping heck!  Fair play to him etc, but I thought even I might've been in with a chance of beating him.  Not only is he a canny singer, but now this.  Boldon Collier and myself were saying in the pub how gutted we both were that he can apparently run a bit, lol image

  • Oh yeah - meant to say that just as the race was starting I met HolyMoly in the pen as we were running down to the start ... that green thread really does work sometimes!

    Hope you had a good one, HolyMoly!

  • Terrific effort, Shielsy - for so many reasons.

    Many congratulations


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