Virgin London Marathon 2011 First Timers



  • Hi all

    I seem to be the only one that doesnt listen to music while i run!!! Tried it a couple of times but got too carried away when it was music i liked... ran too fast and then found the rest of the run painful. I like to think and put everything right when i run alone. i just love the freedom... nobody wants me for anything when i`m out running!

    i picked the wrong day this weekend... yesterday was great for running but I didnt... today  did 12 miles... rained all the time!!!

    Geordie Nick....great time for 1/2.... i`ve got 4 weeks to try and get anywhere near that

  • Thanks MattyMum. Shame you didn't run yesterday, it was a really nice day here in the North East. But still very well done on your 12 miles today. Where are you running in 4 weeks ?? Good luck whever it may be.

     LIke you I never listen to music whilst running ( think I would find it a distraction )

     I did a 5k Parkrun yesterday morning ( Saturday ) in Sunderland ( 24:27 ) .

    Then a bit against my better judgement !! did a harrier league for the club in the afternoon, Felt very tired & very weary. Course was not too muddy - but quite hilly. 6 hard miles in approx 54 mins ( I think !! )

    No more races now (apart from Parkruns ) until 20th Nov.  Brampton - Carlisle ( 10 miles )

    Need to build up my own training 'miles' more.

     How has everybody else's weekend go?

  • Hi all

    Wish I had run yesterday too - but did a tempo run on Friday and I know I need a rest before the weekend long run.

    Looks horrible outside but I can't put it off any longer - I need to get that long run in today. Wish me luck!

  • good luck vds

     rather you than me. image

  • Go for it....its not that bad... only water.... it`ll be dark soon!!!!!

    good luck... enjoy!

  • I got a ballot place...part of me was hoping for longer to train.  The guys at the gym have devised me a training plan so lets see how it goes.  I imagine that everyone would have gone home before I get over that finish line!
  • Welcome Paul!

    Most of us are beginners to this - and hopefully we can help each other along.

    Just back from my long run. Rain and mud, but not too cold. Got to wear my new fluorescent gloves which was fun and met another runner on the long stretch home - alternating who was running in front seemed to help us both along.

    Now for a long drink to celebrate my first ever 10 mile run image

  • Evening all..

    Hello Paul.. you are not alone - Anyway, you're in great company on this forum 'cos we've made up our minds & we're all going to finish.. So, that problem solved, all we've got to worry about is fitting enough miles in & avoiding injury. Simples!

    Seriously though, slow build up, take your time, don't do too much or be tempted to do too many miles too soon. Remember in order to finish you first need to get to the start line.

    So, I also got the wrong day for my long run this weekend, but had too many drinkies on Friday evening & did hills on Friday anyway, so six miles over the South Downs (silly name, 'cos there are loads of "ups" too) with Reg the dog, in the rain & mud! Mind you, I actually like running in the rain.. Maybe that book is some sort of brainwashing................image

    Well done vds - 10 miles feels great when it's over doesn't it. I remember my first 10 (I should do it was only last February) I punched the air.. Dog thought I was having a fit..

    Strange I only run with music in the gym on the treddie & when I'm road running. Off road I'd never dream of taking the phone or my nano... But I do sing................Have sold my soul to David Lloyd will need to watch that in the gym, not sure they'll apreciate me blasting out Power Ballards!

    Hmmmm roast pork & red wine! Byeimage


  • Good advice from Helen.

    I am beginning to understand that one of the most difficult and novel things in training for a marathon is knowing when not to go out for a run.

    Well done on the 12 miles mattys mum! You sound like you will be well prepared for that Norwich half.

    Oh and a great time on the parkrun geordie nick - I've only just broken 30 minutes.

    One of the best things I've found about running is that there is always a goal or achievement waiting for you irrespective of how good you are at any time. It really helps me to have those individual milestones to aim for and tick off on the way to the marathon.

    Off to bed now - have a good week everyone and update us on how your training is going.

  • Thanks for the advise guys.

     Yeah, failing is not an option.  Although all this I hear about a dreaded wall, I shouldn't like to meet that!  So if you guys had a long run yesterday then today is the low impact part?  I'm looking forward to trying out my plan.  It will make a pleasent change just running for hours every day on a treadmill.  I'm a bit miffed that I have been reccomended not to continue with my usual gym habbits of Body Combat and Body Pump well not twice a week anyway. 

     I have something to work towards this week, I've entered my first 5mile race on Sunday, hopefully finish around 50mins.

     Best get ready for work image

  • Well done Paul - 5 mile race is a great idea, just don't go off too fast. I know what you boys are like!

    You sound like you might be a candidate for the book a few of us are reading. It is called The Non Runners Training Plan & while it does contain a plan, it has great tips on motivation, positive thinking and mental attitude that really do seem to work.

    Re your gym classes, don't forget that you can use them as cross training. I run 4 times a week & combine my two shortest runs with some upper body weights, squats & crunches, but I also do at least one spin class & yoga for flexability - On that subject, I can't believe how much a spot of yoga has improved my running! I recommend it if anyone wants something low impact.

    Also, make sure you mix up your running on different surfaces. If you always run on a treddie your stride can become a little shortened & you might find road running causes you some injury & pain. Similarly off road can feel like your energy is being sapped if you are non used to it although it is much kinder on the joints.. Confusing enough for you?


    mattys mum - well done you, I hope you put your feet up today at least for a little while!

    Geordie Nick - Fab time.. well done you! 


  • Paul - you asked about schedules. Right now I tend to fit in my long run on the weekends and then I try and run another three days in the week. I keep the day before and the day after my long run as rest days (usually Saturday and Monday) as if I don't rest I find I can't achieve much at all in a run. I just get too tired.

    Most people believe some rest days are essential in preventing injury too.

  • Urgh just had a really horrible interval session at the gym.  Don't know what went wrong, it was an easier session than I normally do but I just felt terrible.  Really annoying image.

    Good luck for your 5 miler Paul, let us know how it goes.

     Have also been looking at the start of my marathon schedule, and the first few weeks start off quite gently with less mileage than I normally do.  Should I still follow the schedule and just enjoy the more relaxed runs while I can, or should I adapt the runs to suit my current fitness level?  I don't want to risk injury by starting all guns blazing, but then also want to train to my full potential...

  • Hi Everybody,

    Hope you don't mind me joining in.  After 4 years of trying I have a ballot place but this won't be my first marathon, I ran in Brighton in April and managed 4:15:01.

    I have had a lazy summer to be honest and hardly done any exercise but I have found my motivation again and got back out there.  I am aiming to be back running 8 miles for my long runs by the end of the month.

     Wishing you all the best of luck with your training.

  • Ok, sarrie, me I need to fess up..

    I've covered the full 26.2 mile distance in London twice before.. Both times in the middle of the night wearing a highly decorated bra. 1st time I finished in 6:27 second time 5:58.. but I was walking.. So as far as I'm concerned I'm still a Virgin Virgin.. Can I stay or am I banished from this Forum thread?

     vds - me too, Sunday is long run day, Saturday a rest day & Monday I do Yoga, ( I find it stretches me out beautifully & I sleep like a baby!)

    Little N - Know just how you feel! Ran 6 miles on Sunday & felt dreadful.. Also agonising over when to start the schedule given I'm 1/2 marathon fit. Took some advice from the Running Coach at the gym who recons I should use the fitness to do hills, tempos & fartleks, not worry too much about the milage but make sure I run for around 60-100 minutes on a Sunday depending how I feel. use the next month to solidify my base fitness then hit week one of the plan & enjoy the drop off in training.. He recons the base fitness will not drop off & that this approach is pretty standard "maintenance". He also said I should mix up one of my weekly runs with a cross train, like spinning or swim sessions in order to take the pressure off my poor old joints!

    Sound good to me!

    Please let me stayimage Hx


  • Hey Peeps

    Helen- yeah I think that makes you still a first timer..... far as i`m concerned you should stay!!!!!

    I`m with you vds - Sunday is long run with Saturday and Monday as rest days. I`ve finally accepted that as an over 40 my legs just need those days off...dont want to risk getting injured! Did try swimming yesterday but that seemed to make the legs worse so wont be doing that again in a hurry!

    Think we all get good and bad runs.... i try and take something positive out of any run... even if its just the fact that i ran any miles! and then look to the next run!

    Knowing when to start marathon schedule seems to be the question of the moment... before xmas i think.... that may keep me going during festive season... otherwise it will be all too easy to think  i`ll start in new year!!

    Have a good week all

  • Hi All

    I'm in for next year too, I got in through the ballot, 1st time I've tried after a few mates completed it this year! 

    I have previously done some 1/2's and a few other bits including a 18 miler once, but  took a year off after the Bristol 1/2 in 2009. 

    Got the welcome pack through and thought 'oh *!£!' and was in a bit of denial initially but have manned up and definietly back on the horse now, am doing 3 runs a week totalling 20miles and a spin class or 2, and although had a year off maintained a reasonable level of fitness which has been a great boost as I thought I'd be going from scratch!

    I've also joined a local running cub to get me through the winter months, they have quite a few sessions during the week but main club night is Weds.  Really recommend it to anyone else who is getting into training, as at least you are all in it together as a group on those cold winter evenings! Plus, there are so many members who have been there and are full of advise and help....

     Planning all the warm up races now and have a 10k next month, 9.5 miles in Jan, a 1/2 & 9.5 in Feb and then a 20 & a 1/2 in March.  Is this too much?  My plan is to go for sub 4:30, hopefully around 4 but we'll see how it goes eh?!

    Look forward to sifting through the advice and support over the coming months

    Best of luck guys n gals!

  • ooh I'm no complete virgin either having also done the London moonwalk marathon in my bra - Helen, but it was walking and I did have to go to the loo about 8 times so I'm hoping for a bit better time running in April!

    I think I have got some of my mojo back and have been on the first couple of runs for ages. Didn't go far but felt good even though not as quick as this time last year.

     I've started off my fundraising too and did a little collection at halloween and have got a big pile of ebay worthy items!

    Hope everyone's coping with the darker nights.


  • hi wendy , well done on getting the mojo back ! have also started to slowly build up the miles , with my longest run so far today , 5.3 miles in drizzly manchester !! am aiming to run 4 times a week with two days of cross training - either rowing or cross trainer and one well deserved rest day image

    as i work 4 on 4 off it means i have to start getting used to going out after a 12 hour shift image

    think we should have a roll call as i dont about anyone else im losing track of everyone in here !!

     something like :

    Name : Mike

    runnning for : macmillan cancer support

    motivation for running the marathon :my dad is suffering with cancer now and macmillan have been brilliant so a very worthy cause .

  • Good idea Mike

    and a wonderful cause you are running for - hope your Dad's OK. He will be very proud of you.

    My name is George and I am running for ACORNS HOSPICE  ( and plan to be dressed as Buzz Lightyear )

    My motivation is to raise as much money for Acorns, who cared for our Granddaughter, Emily .

    Sadly Emily died the week before Xmas in 2006, aged 6 , we will never forget her or   ACORNS who gave our family so much wonderful support

  • Hi to anyone who has joined since I last was on here!

    I am STILL on the subs bench with my foot at the mo and can't wait to get back to running!

    Re Mike's message: I am Kate and running for HemiHelp (a charity that supports people and their families with Hemiplegia - a form of cerebral palsy which I actually have)! So both a personal and appropriate choice for me!

    Hope everyone else is injury free and that training is going well image
  • TBO2TBO2 ✭✭✭

    Hi all

    Its my first time at the VLM and im running for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Im not able to run at the moment - will getting over injury from my last challenge in June, the Nokia Windor Trtiathlon. I hope im going to be okay soon so I can get started. Any advice for tendon injury gratefully accepted...

    Hope everyones elses training going well

  • It's great to hear everyone is running for such worthy causes.  It certainly gives me some extra motivation knowing that my running is going to help others.

    I am injured at the moment too, i have hurt my IT band and lower back and my osteopath has banned me from running until the end of the month.  I am finding it a struggle not to exercise (never thought I'd say that a year ago).  I'm just a bit scared that I will lose too much fitness and have to start from scratch.

     How is everyone elses training going 

  • Hi Maria - welcome!

    Good to hear from you again Kate and Claire - I'm sorry you are both injured right now, hope you heal soon. Is it the same flat mate induced injury holding you back Kate? And Claire, a lot of people seem to say that a short break from training actually helps in the early stages - gives your body time to recover and makes training more efficient when you next start.

    I've done a couple of tempo runs this week and hope to get a long run in on Sunday - hopefully going a bit further than last week on that run, but otherwise an easy week for me. I'm trying not to overdo it.

    Still not made my mind up about the Norwich half end of the month...

  • Hi Vds!

    Yes unfortunately a month later it is still the same injury image have been having physio though and it seems to be improving slowly, but surely! I did situps yesterday and have done something to my neck in the process (never done that before)! Any advice with that one?! One thing after another at the mo, but hopefully the latter will improve in a couple of days. Otherwise all is well!

    Go for the half if you feel up to it! image
  • Thanks for the advice vds and I agree with Kate - you should definately go for it!  How far are your LR's at th moment? 

    Sorry to hear you are suffering too Kate - at least we are getting our injuries out of the way before the hard training starts image

    I think i'm going to go for a walk in the forest in a bit with my 3 years old, I am going stir crazy indoors as my hubbie is away for the weekend.

     Anyone up to anything exciting this weekend?

  • Hi Claire

    well im at work all weekend but would rather be out running !! am aiming to go to the gym after work and do a 3 mile run . will be the 3rd run of the week with two days in between rowing 7000 metres each session . hope your injuries get sorted soon , must be very frustrating image

    has everyone set up their FETCHEVERYONE profile ? I mentioned a while back on here , is a good site where you can log all your training and worth a look at .

  • Another glorious Autumn morning.

    I decided to schedule my long run in today as I had had yesterday as a rest day anyway. Anyone else venture out?

    Intended to run 18k today as I managed 16 last week. Slightly overdid it though - got to 18 and thought, hmm maybe one more. Then got to 19 and thought - well I'm almost at 20...

    So ran my first ever 20k - ache in lots of places now though. A couple of days rest are indicated I think image

    Hi Mike - I've not tried Fetcheveryone. Will give it a look. Right now I record all my runs on the garmin website and I've just started to use micoach for the long runs. I find that these sites help lots in maintaining motivation - I just hate seeing empty days on the calendar view.

    Sunday looks like it might be a good day too - at least down in the South part of the country. Have fun those of you venturing out!

  • well done vds , must be feeling good after breaking the 20k barrier image

    Went out at 7 this morning before work for a 4.3 mile run , bit chilly up here in manchester but enjoyed being out that early with no one else about , something quite satisfying knowing everyone else is in bed as your out getting the run done .

    I use Fetcheveryone site to log my training , is a good site and easy to use , can also log your plan on there which i did yesterday and its daunting looking at the next five months and nearly every other day has a scheduled run image

  • Long run done this morning (if you call 6 miles a long run?)

    Just ticking over nicely, doing 15-20 miles a week, just waiting for the 16 week runners world training plan to kick in.

    I always do my long runs early on a Sunday Morning, prefer to run when it's quiet, although not sure how long this will last for when the cold & frosty mornings arrive!

    Re Mikes message:-  Andy, running for Heart UK, I am 40 next year and so a bit of a challenge to complete before I hit 40. Also family suffer from hereditary High Cholestral and hence Heart UK.

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