Sub 3h15



  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Well done 40 mins. You have to find motivation where you can!

    GM- great effort and impressive negative split. The signs are good...

    MSE- very enjoyable report, that's a fantastic PB off a 16 mile longest run- there will be a lot more there for VLM if you get the training in.

    61:48 for me at the Derwentwater 10, and 1st V50 prize. Conditions were a bit blustery but no excuses, I was about 30 seconds off where I wanted to be.

    Meanwhile junior OO scooped the junior ladies first prize 69:51 in her first effort at the distance and 6th lady overall. Annoyingly they gave her a bigger cash prize than me and a nice Ron Hill jacket, which she equated to having beaten dad image.


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    GM - that negative split says it all. Well done.

    Another brilliant weekend for OO and Miss OO. Well done to you both!

    Poacher - we both missed the TM marathon today. This may well be my comeback marathon next year.image

    MsE - have you really only been running since 2011? And you've had all that time out injured. Blimey woman you're just beginning! I might take you up on the tri gear offer !

    I will be the thread supporter in London. image
  • OO - Well done and to Junior too!

    40mins - Good 10 miler there and always good to finish strong.

    Leslie - Some more impressive training going on.

    Marrows - Nope. The next one is 26 Dec and I am in Belgium then. The 10ks are few and far between here but I will race a few 5k's in Nov to see if I can get near pb shape. Hopefully I will be closer to that sort of shape soon providing I can stay fit.

    Thanks all for the positive comments. I'm not feeling bummed about today even if I gave that impression. It was a tough race and I ran as well as I could. Nice to be back at the start line of a race today and am looking forward to a good winter's training. image

  • Leslie - nice mileage for last week.
    OO - good parkrun and congrats on the family double champions - some fast running.
    FINgers - good hillwork.
    Lorenzo - well done on comfortably bagging your sub 3:20 - looking in fine form! Congrats to Mrs L too.
    Birch - good 12 miler.
    MsE - congrats on the PB and the marathon race report!
    Minni - not another one going over to the dark side!
    GM - not be too downbeat - that's a good time by the sound of the course and weather. Sub 40 next time.
    Fishy - nice progress.
    12 steady miles (7:46 m/m) this morning, including 6 miles of railway bridge "hills".

  • marrows wrote (see)

    There is no BUCS marathon championship this year.  Apparently they canned it because too few people did it.

    Quite frankly that is a scandal. The BUCS marathon champs is run at the London marathon so athletes just enter the race normally so it is no effort for BUCS.  If you look at the results for last year, there were over 30 women and a few more men racing it and if you look at the BUCS outdoor champs there were many events less well attended than that. As an example the women 2000m steep;le chase was a straight final with just 14 entries. Even things such as the 5000m only had 13 starters in each of 2 heats so 26 runners.

    The only comment I can make in favour of it is that the marathon is probably an event more suited to the more experienced runner so the ladies winner last year was 31 and also competed in the world masters games.

  • Well done to GM, OO (and OO junior) and 40m on their races yesterday.  I doubt any of you had favourable racing conditions, so the times are impressive, whatever any of you says to the contrary!

    Just a few easy runs (4-5M) for me towards the end of last week to test the legs out.  Sports masseur's opinion on Saturday was that they have recovered well, but I'll still keep the training very light for the next few weeks to ensure I'm fresh and ready for VLM training!

  • OO - With a daughter like that I think you need to get acclimatised to being beaten; may be happening for real soon!
    Your time was seriously brisk as well; hold that together for some years and you could be one of those amazing vets who's 10 mile time is less than their age.

    Sore legs this morning; I must have tried yesterday.  Just one little 3K race left in 2014, then concentrate on some steady miles in advance of marathon training proper.


  • Thanks for your indignance PMJ.  The really extraordinary thing about her is that she is also a channel swimmer!  Anyway as you say there was no special entry route available for BUCS competitors.  I think for higher participation they'd need to switch to, say, Edinburgh or Brighton or Manchester and negotiate a load of guaranteed places for students - or publicise a bit and remind students to go get GFA/champs qualifying times.  There were also some students who ran in London but failed to register for the BUCS championship (including at least one very fast woman this year).

  • Wow MsE, what a result and time too (nice report too). Are real confidence boost for your VLM campaign.

    And great casual marathon too Lorenzo

    Gerard - was that a PB for your 10k? If so that is not a fail. A good time regardless of not breaking 40 minutes. It will come on the right course.

    Fishy - you are lucky to be able to have the weekend gym membership.

    OO - great parkrun time - good to see you held back then;-)

    Good to see lots of targets already set, I think it helps to have a short term and longer term goal. For the moment I think doing more of the Winter league races for my Club is a goal as the past few years I have missed most of them due to mara training. Then maybe target an Autumn marathon.

    Average Parkrun of 19.28 on Saturday and a cheater apprehended too!

  • KR - Not a bad time for your parkrun if that was an average run. Can't believe someone was cheating. Really, do tell more I am intrigued. My 10k streak of races is a bizarre tale,  but I have run 38 and 39 mins in two other previous 10k's but they were both short on the garmin by about 150m so i don't count them even though they were printed and posted as those times at the club. Y'day's was spot on distance wise so I count that one as my pb if I am being totally honest. Another pleasingh thing was I beat two runners who I have never beaten before and they normally trounce me but they both struggled to just get under 41.

  • marrows wrote (see)

    Thanks for your indignance PMJ.  The really extraordinary thing about her is that she is also a channel swimmer!

    Dontcha just hate those sort of people.

    +1 for the cheater tales KR

    MsE, I had a look at the results and you seem to have pulled out the best part of a mile lead over second place lady. Any idea how you got such a lead as your report says you only took it at about mile 18 and others such as Lorenzo only gave you a minute.

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    How on earth do you cheat in a 5K?  There isn't anywhere along such a short course you could do it?  Well, obviously not.

    PMJ - superb WAVA result for the 10 miler there!  I am determined to be a 80+% WAVA Runner. Oh yes.  I snuck into first place just before the half way mark actually but was in denial over position ::fingersinears:: until the latter stages of the race.  Lorenzo was the one who pointed it out but I was trying to Stay In The Mile you see. So much so that I only had Garmin showing laps and lap times.  This had the fortunate consequence, when I lost count of the miles, of correcting my understanding I was at 16 miles to 18 miles image. Result!  At that point I got a little bit excited.

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Sad day today for triathlon and running with the premature death of Australian great, Jackie Fairweather. She battled depression and died too soon age 46. image

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Gerard - no fail, my friend - the key indicator is that you beat a duo who normally are ahead - one may have a bad day, but unlikely both did, so seems your performance was a good 'un !
    Leslie & 40min - solid 10 milers there . . . .
    (another) splendid family double by the OO's, good parkruning by KR . . .
    Gul - good to see things returning to "normal " with the railway bridge efforts  !!!!

    10 here today - a shortened version of Sat's 12 mile route.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Brilliant report from MsE, great running too, well done! Congrats to the Old Geezer, Lorenzo as well. Life in the old dog yet, eh? image

    Top bombing GM, huge neg split. Wicked skills!

    All of the above have hit times I can only dream of.
    My base building continued with a lonely 15 miler on Saturday. My running pal couldn't make it so I went solo. I find it hard to go long on my own as I enjoy the chat which also keeps the pace in check.

    Anyway, it was a good run with some strength shown near the end and averaged 7.49. Pleased with that as I ran comfy and had to hold back on several occasions.

    Last week was 44 miles which is a lot for me, so cutting right back with just 3 runs this week.



  • My local Parkrun is a 2 lap course and a few weeks ago I saw a guy hanging round the last lake on the 2nd lap and then after 30 seconds he's going past me quite swiftly. I looked up his result (a new PB by over a minute this time) and see he's PB'd to just under 19 minutes - he started off the year on 26 minutes. Nothing too unusual about that. However this week I saw him "stretching" behind a small brick building on the first lap. He was still there "stretching" after the 2nd having not moved. I hung round at the end to see him cross the finish and collect the finish token. I challenged him and he said he'd done 2 laps when obviously he hadn't. Someone else heard me and backed me up on what he'd saw too. Since then the race director has been involved and some action taken.

    It's only 5k so why would you cheat - who are you really conning except yourself? Thing is he is a young lad, but that is no excuse when there are genuine people there week in week out chipping away at their times.

  • OK - that's enough of all the congrats and adulation for MsE!

    Sure, she's only just back from injury but surely her victory is down to someone who:

    - managed to stop her from slipping on a wet patch at the water station by chivalrously crashing into her and practically grabbing a cup of water from her outstretched hand
    - tried to take the pressure off her by saying "I don't want to tempt fate, but I think you're the first lady now"
    - sacrificed himself at 21 miles by hanging back to distract the second and third ladies if they threatened her victory as she sped off into the distance

    Those of us in the know appreciate that finishing first in a race is dead easy - all you have to do is make sure that there's no-one in front of you.

    It takes art, skill and the tactics of a veteran marathon runner to stagger over the line in a precisely targeted 14th place. image

    Anyone else prepared to accept the challenge of trying to keep up with her at VLM? image

    2.5 miles recovery run yesterday and 2+2 miles commuting in the drizzle today.


  • Lorenzo  - image

    KR - Well done for confronting the cheater. What a sad individual to want to do that. Obviously has issues.

    SB - Well done on your solo 15. I find those runs challenging to say the least.

    Birch - Cheers. I just saw the results and the 2 runners I managed to scalp were 20 and 40 seconds or so adrift. It's one of those courses where once you get to halfway you barely see the person who is just ahead of you with all the twists and turns and inclines. Young chap who passed me at 5k managed to put 23 seconds on me which is a good effort on his part and his split must have been something like 20:4x & 19:0x! Blinkin' teenagers outdoing us veterans! I'll keep an eye on him for the next outing.image

  • KR - bizarre to hear about someone cheating at a parkrun. Well done.
    Birch - another 10 miler in the bag. Yesterday's run was just a steady even effort. The path is surpisingly busy at 5am and I had to overtake a couple of cyclists (on the way up obviously!) It's 1/4 mile frpm the bottom of one side to the other, so 24 ascents and descents required for 6 miles which did become a little tedious. However, I definitely think "hill"-work helped with my HM PB last year and this is the only option I have come up with for the dark early mornings!
    SB - good solo 15 miles.
    Lorenzo - very gallant of you indeed!
    5 mile recovery run d&d.

  • You are a legend Lorenzo! Well done on the first lady prize!

    Nice "win" for you too 40min.

    Ooh, so close GM - 39 flat next time!

    OO, congratulations on the family bling. You're gonna need a bigger trophy cabinet.

    Well done KR - you are my running hero of the week!

  • SJ - Thanks, she's steadily improving so I'm not sure there'll be many more "wins" to cherish!

    Dropped car in for MOT, easy 6 mile run home, pleased that legs seem to have recovered well.


  • 15 miles this morning from the office to the poppies at the Tower of London and then back on the other side of the river. Plan is to do 16 and 17 in November and then 18, 19 and 20 in December as base building.

  • Good pace on your solo 15 miler SB. Having to slow down & hold back is a good feeling on runs like that - embrace it!

    Do you go out with a head torch now Gul. Intersting hill reps, do you put effort in on the way up, sounds like you must by overtaking cyclists. That must really freak them out at that time of the morning!

    40 minutes - does that mean a 6 mile run back to pick up the car tooimage

    Not run since Sunday as Mrs KR is away till tomorrow night (and I have to look after my 2 boys), but enjoying the rest!

  • Any suggestions for paces? I will run a marathon in the spring and aim for 3:15 (GFA qualification) which is 7:26 pace and my 15 this morning was 7:27 including steps, dead-ends and crowds etc so was pretty much 15@MP if I look at it that way. I definitely do not want to run sub 3 and at the back of my mind I am thinking 3:10 would be a safe target (7:15 pace).

    Anyone out there experience at running a marathon at a slower pace then they are capable of?

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Slower than what I'm capable of is what I run every marathon PMJ- but it's never a plan  image I guess you'll be in a comfortable place so no need to fret too much.

    7 miles here as a recovery from Sunday- everything seems to be in order.

    I think I did too many miles last week and the parkrun did not help the day before my race. If I'm going to get close to the hour in 2 weeks at the Brampton to Carlisle 10, it's going to need better planning image.



  • Only done it deliberately the once, PMJ, but that was as a training run for my one and only ultra, and I'm not sure any marathon run the day after 11M, even at easy pace, is indicative of anything.  From the sounds of it 7.15s is a brisk-ish long run for you, which I'd say is a safe bet.  Much faster and you risk taking quite a lot out of yourself rather than bagging the GFA and moving on to other stuff.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Havnt looked in here lately, but a quick browse shows a nice sub 3 for moof and a tasty marathon for MsE despite teh ednurance test week before it, I take my hat off to mum's that run marathons.

    PMJ - if you are saying that you are going to run some long runs in December in preparation for a spring marathon in which you intend to run 3:15, Then I would say either raise the bar to 2:55 or start the 3:15 training 6 weeks before the 3:15 race. Sounds madness to train for so long to run it at training run paces.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I tend to run a 16+ at least once every 4 weeks. If I'm not racing on a Sunday I rarely run my LSR less that 15 miles. The idea is that when I start marathon training in mid December I have a sound platform to build from. I'm planning 16 this Sunday for example.

  • Lorenzo - sounds like you were very busy helping out MSE , nice targeted 14th place - skills !image

    Gerard-watch those younguns don't get away again image

    PMJ- you could probably run 3:15 in fancy dress -maybe even as a camel - pick a proper target man !image  Either that or do no training till 3 weeks before to make it interesting image

    00-51 race the race not the parkrun the day before and you should do well image

    TR- welcome back .

    KR- I saw a local club runner cut out two corners by running across the carpark to bag first place in the parkrun overtaking the guy who came second not far from the line .He legged it then as it was getting a bit  heated at the finish line! Makes you wonder what they would do in a proper race to get a better time.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    KR- I can't help feeling a bit sorry for people like that, it's just really sad what is going on in their head- must be a lack of confidence or something. But then I'm just a softee on such matters...

    I've put my name down as a marshall for next week's parkrun- to make absolutely sure I don't run image. No regrets about Derwenrwater though, it was a B race and without regular club running I need those speed sessions to keep me sharp.

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