Sub 3h15



  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭

    SJ - excellent work - some very speedy intervals. Looking forward to some speedwork myself. 6 weeks till the local 10k. So ease into next week, then thrash it for 4 weeks, ease up again and go for sub 40. At least that's the plan.

  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭

    Good to see some pacey sessions being done today.

    Commiserations Speedy - all the best for a good recovery.


    Om Die Dam 50km for me tomorrow.  Simple race - run 50km around the Hartbeespoort dam to the west of Joburg.  There is no shore road to make it nice and flat - some tougher hills, but not ridiculous. Me and 7000 others making it the world's 2nd biggest ultra if I'm correct. 6am race start so I only get to fry for the last 2 hours. Let's see what is possible.

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭
    Nice one Bike It. Jealous. Have a great race.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Rather you than me Bike It but it does sound like one of those experiences you are going to remember- good luck!

    Have a showdown with junior OO at the parkrun tomorrow- she might get me on merit for the first time image.  

  • SlokeyJoe wrote (see)

    Good news PMJ, particularly from a bank balance perspective. My eldest is on tenterhooks waiting for his funding confirmation too (Bath or York or Leeds).

    Absolutely good news on the bank front. We are not totally clear yet but it seems she will get the fees paid for 4 years plus a generous stipend which isn't much less than her sister who is a NQT. 2 down, 2 to go. Best wishes for your eldest. Any preference for location?

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Busy weekend so had to get the LSR done tonight.

    18 miles done at a slow 8.27 pace on difficult pavements through 5 towns/villages in the dark. Tough going.
    That's 64 miles including a marathon in the past 7 days. That's a first for me.

    My legs coped well at the slower pace tonight but I got the daytime food badly wrong and felt sick all the way round. Still, job done!

    Most importantly...I are now mostly be on TAPER!!! image
    Two days complete rest and then time to nail that there marathon pace over the next 3 weeks.

    But as first!

    Have superb weekend runs, team!


  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Thanks all for comments / prayers, much appriciated. Now waiting game starts for further tests for Daughter...

    managed to get out for a steady and unspectacular 8.5m at 7:47 ave..... ie 1:06:13.

    Take care

  • Fingers crossed for you RFJ - hope everything turns out OK.

    Commiserations to you Speedy - it's a real bummer but hopefully the rest will prove to be beneficial in some way.

    Good result with the young 'un PMJ - we've been doing the calculation of what it's going to cost us for the next few years as the Lorenzitos (hopefully) head off to uni and it's a bit scary, especially if they decide to stay on. 

    Feels like a plan to me Gul - nice to see you've got your mojo back.

    OO - sounds like it might be time to start playing mind games with junior OO! image

    Good luck tomorrow Bike It - thanks for the advice the other day as well. It's a tough one trying to get the mileage in so that you're prepared for an ultra without knackering yourself out completey. I've not been helped by the fact that work and life in general is pretty manic at the moment (e.g. Ofsted inspection at the school I'm a governor at) so 6 hours of sleep has been a bit of a luxury this week.

    30 miles so far this week with one of my favourite off road runs planned for tomorrow's 20 miler. Good to see TCCSTFT at the top of the pile this evening.

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭

    Bike It - hope the ultra goes well - should be well under way by now.
    GD - excellent way to round off your pre-taper training. A well-earned beer.
    RFJ - nice steady pace.
    Lorenzo - enjoy the off-road 20 miler.
    4 miles with 8x100m strides to finish my recovery week.

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭
    PMJ, he's favouring Bath and should find out about that one next week (crosses fingers). I have three at university at the moment so getting one of them off my hands (fiscally speaking) will be very welcome. Not that he isn't lovely etc but ......
  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭

    Bikeit-good-luck with the 50k getting cooked alive image

    0052-did you beat young 00 home ?

    G-dawg- nice 18'er pre taper 

    RFJ-all the best for your daughter image

    Lorenzo- enjoy the big 20 

    Gul-good post race recovery.

    cost of uni fills my wallet with fear if my youngun ever gets that far,better start saving now  image

    Parkrun this morn for a change ,after 200m I was quickly down to 15th place being passed by everybody it seemed and my legs felt like jelly image, garmin said 6:30m/mile so I was still ontrack so too many optimistic fast starters image

    Got back on the pace and started picking them off one by one and was in 3rd by the end of mile 2 and I could see 2nd a long way ahead but he was slowing  so I put some hard effort and reeled him in and finished 2nd in 19:34 . Splits : 6:19, 6:24, 6:25, 5:13 last bit .Unfortunately as soon as the cooldown started my left hammy felt very tight and after 1/4 mile  I sacked it and went home before any more damage was done image

    72 mile for the week .





  • Another good week from you there Leslie - made sense for you to stop when you did this morning.

    Hope OO had a successful tussle with MsOO!!

    I was a bit ploddy this morning, but 90% of the run was off road and involved heading up Leith Hill (highest point in SE England) as well as a few other steep sections. Still, the flatter bits were fantastic and just makes you appreciate how great off-road running is.

    Anyway, that's another 20 in the bag to bring me to 50 for the week with a recovery run tomorrow to come.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Similar time for me Leslie 19:28, but only got me 10th. Very windy at the coast and the old legs were not responding. Junior stayed with me for 2.5 miles but I burned her off on the home straight so she finished 11th 14 secs behind. Worst still, her rival, an elite Senior lady who she beat last week for the first time, came back for her revenge, and beat us both to finish 9th. We both came away with tails between legs...That was my 99th parkrun, so hoping for better on my big day next week.    

  • Lorenzo wrote (see)

    Good result with the young 'un PMJ - we've been doing the calculation of what it's going to cost us for the next few years as the Lorenzitos (hopefully) head off to uni and it's a bit scary, especially if they decide to stay on. g.

    Only help I can offer is that if they plan to stay on, sign up for a 4 year course from the outset. If you do a 3 year course and a masters, then the masters is not open to finance from student finance. If you do a 4 year course, student finance will cover all 4 years. It isn't any cheaper (and it all goes into the same loan/debt) but at least you can plan rather than have to find £9k in fees.

    Good parkrun Leslie. I was way back after the start as well but pulled up to 10th by 1km and nibbled at 9th and 8th by 2km and then settled down in 7th for the last 3km. I was chased hard and ended up with 19:08 which is by far the fastest run (by about 40 seconds)  I have had this year on my home course so very happy with that.

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    RFJ - Just read back, sorry to hear about your daughter fingers crossed & hope all will be ok. Hope the running somehow helps relieve that stress.

    OO - Sounded tough that one. Can't believe you are heading for a century, it's remarkable, when was your 1st one? Parkrun was supposed to start here but nothing has happened as yet. Still holding onto hope that it does. I love 5k's.

    SJ - You are going well, some lovely fast reps there. Are you planning any races? Running one's that is?

    Lorenzo - Please remind me what are you planning to do for London again? I recall you saying that you were going to try enjoy it as opposed to racing it and go sub 3:15? If so, that's a measure of your improved endurance and self confidence.

    Badbark - Hi! Excellent half time, you're on track for a good one. Nice one!

    G-Dawg - Nice 18 miler. Get prepared for some tapir madness!image

    PMJ - Very nice parkrun there. Just as a matter of interest, what is your course record on your home parkrun course?

    Leslie - Nice one too and good that you were able to pick it up even if your legs were not co-operating to begin with. Another big mileage week for you!

    Gul - Great to see hear you sounding so upbeat and look forward to you racing over the shorter distances. What 10k are you doing? I reckon you'll smash 40 mins.

    I've had my boy this week so limited to running on lunch breaks but had a window of opportunity today as he is in the UK playing rugby for Jersey in Marlow. Did 4 miles with my fast running buddy avg 7:02mm pace. It felt alot quicker than that, but then I was up at 5am this morning to take my son to the airport, and, unlike Gul, that feels like the middle of the night to me. Absolutley stunning day and quite warm in the sun out of the wind. Have a nice w/end all.



  • Long time no see.

    Sorry to hear about your daughter RFJ, I hope that it all turns out OK in the end.

    Some good training going on. G-Dawg calling 8:27 m/m a slow pace for an 18 miler. It seems spot on to me.
    For me? I'm not chasing marathon times any more, and I know that 3:15 is not going to happen for me this year, maybe ever. I've been mixing up the run training with tri-stuff. Swimming's coming along nicely, biking is in need of some endurance work, running is making progress. I'm only going 3 runs/week, but can see the marginal gains. I did do a 20 miler yesterday, on the back of nothing longer than 8 miles. That was a shock to the system. (8:57m/m). Even more brutal was the 58 mile hilly bike ride today.
    It seems there's life in the old dog yet. (But not too much this afternoon).

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Hello all - firstly best wishes to RFJ; hope all turns out well . . . 
    Speedy - tough break being benched, but you proved before you can overcome  . .
    Leslie - good parkrunning & weekly total - hope that h'string nowt serious  . . 
    PMJ, OO decent parkruns also, notwithstanding OO being "chicked" . . . . .

    21 here - 7 solo (with a 2 mile "tempo" section), then 14 with daughter, inc "tempo" sectors of 3 mile, 1 mile, 2.5 mile.   

  • GerardM wrote (see)

    PMJ - Very nice parkrun there. Just as a matter of interest, what is your course record on your home parkrun course?



    Hard to say exactly. 18:27 is the official PB but the course gets changed if it gets too wet so that is on the alternative course so I think 18:54 on the first choice card.

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    PMJ - That was a very good run then, well done.image

  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭

    If I was in your position OO, I'd probably wait until I was in good form and knock a good one out.

    Another high volume weekly Leslie - Impressive

    I'm happy to see a few LSR getting done today - I hope you guys have a relaxed Sunday.

    Good to hear from Blisters as well and it is good you enjoy what you are doing.

    I had an honest appraisal of the current state of my running today at the Om Die Dam and frankly I didn't like the answer.  Firstly I was 7 minutes late starting due to traffic and had to run 2km from where I parked.  I then started slowly as I caught up with the slow runners and slowly worked my way through them.

    I started knocking out 8:30ish miles once I was at 8 miles or so after the first big hill and once the field had thinned.  It didn't last long and I was in the high 8:xx by 15miles and then progressively slowed.  20 miles I think was 3:05 which would have been reasonable training pace given the hills and rising temperature.

    There's a big hill starting around 23miles (Saartjies Nek) and I went well up that.  Off the top I'm running with a 5ft guy in the MV60 category - no talking just running.  It was like a 747 having a fighter jet escort.  We ran a few good miles together and then he took a loo break.  He had given me good energy and I slowed after that.  The legs lasted to about 27-28 mile and then shuffle/walk.

    Finished in 5:04 (chip) and 5:10 (gun) so the last 11 miles took around 2 hours.  Not good as I need to be doing that kind of thing in 4:20-4:30.

    There is the bad leg that has limited running over Feb/March, the heat, a heavy day yesterday unpacking, age, lack of strength,.....  The problem is I don't know which are the most prominent and by which proportion they cause such a impact of 35-45 minutes.

    Now got massive blisters - thanks Addidas - If I'd had a knife then they would have been modified the way Leslie suggested.

    Anyway I had a good time, I saw some beautiful countryside and have a cracking medal.  Plus wood seems cheap up there so I stocked up for the braii.

  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭

    ..Dehydration a bit of an issue too as since the finish of race I've drunk at least 5 litres of fluid and only peeded now, over 9 hours after finishing...

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭
    Hi Blisters!

    Sounds like quite an adventure BikeIt. Well done for battling on!

    GM, I'm having an internal dialogue at the moment over whether to throw in a last minute entry to Manchester. Debate is that I am cardio fit and feeling good but haven't really done anything long on foot. Maybe worth an experiment. Offsetting that with the risk of impacting my longer term training - hmmmm.....

    Bike rave tomorrow (60miles). A certain Jonny Brownlee is rumoured to be on the start line so I'm gonna kick his ass! Not.
  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭

    0052- 99 parkruns you are due a medal next week or a t shirt anyway image I've 19 done though it only started over 'ere less than 2 years ago and shifts mean I miss most of them !

    Birch-nice 21

    Lorenzo- nice 20

    PMJ- post mara the speed is coming back image

    Bike it - great report, Id say a bad leg must be high on that list but heat is probably tops so you need to increase your fluid intake but I'm sure you will adapt to it after a few races ..doesn't sound like the shoes are helping though !

    Slokey- you know you want to run that mara image



  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Great report Bike it, lovin the pee detail...

    Ran my first parkrun when my local run started in Whitley Bay 2 1/2 years ago Gerrard. Turn up most weeks to get a dose of speed which I lack during my week days away. Great long runs guys. I need 18 tomorrow for a recovery week 45.

    How old is your daughter Birch...?


  • sscssc ✭✭✭

    Great running here guys, well done all. More importantly, RFJ he all ok.  First long run in a month, 18 today av 8.30 pace. Not fast but second half completely into strong headwind - felt like a resistance session! Can I count the headwind as another 8 miles? image 

    Serious Q - as I'm playing catch up over the next three weeks, what are my main priorities - long run / long run with MP sections / hill sessions / HMP paced sessions.  Thanks for any advice.

  • Bike It. Analyse all you wish, it's great fun. For my two-penn'orth the biggest hit comes from the simplest of issues. You mentioned the Adidas and the blisters. That nails it for me. Feeling bad, carrying an injury, hobbling through blisters, they all seem to add a minute per mile. I needn't mention that you had just done a ship-load of miles before the wheels fell off.

    Besides which, Adidas is the reason I got my name. Bin 'em.

  • Sounds like it was a good run Bike It. I wouldn't over analyse it too much if I were you - treat it as a 5 hour on feet training run with plenty of positives given some of the adverse circumstances.

    Great to see you back on here Blisters - are you planning to stay around?

    GM - in answer to your questions, I've got got a real target for London other than to enjoy it. I'm definitely not in PB shape so would be more than happy with a sub 3:15 but the main thing that I'm planning to do is to run it without a watch, go easy for the first half and then finish strongly.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    OO - my daughter turned 23 last month. 

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Quiet on here! Sorry to hear about your daughter, RFJ. Hope the test results are ok.

    Sounds like there was a lot of pre race stress, BI. Almost certainly your explanation lies there!

    Reassuring run for me at Reading. Having run 1.23.30 at Bath and felt generally out of sorts I needed a better performance today. I was undecided about my pace right up until the gun but after a steady 1st mile decided to stick to a p&d mp run. Wanted to stick under 6.25s to allow for Garmin error but 6.20s felt comfy so just settled into that pace. 1.22.56 and the pace:effort ratio was right. More importantly I enjoyed it, which I hadn't for several of my recent races. Long warm up and cool down to bring up 20 and 72 for the week.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Wowser, that's quick Jools, you must be satisfied...

    20 slow ones here for a 47 recovery week. 

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