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  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Gerard - don't do any specific XC training, my running is maybe 80% road, 20% trails. Lots of hills around here, though  . . . 

  • Lorenzo - a very belated happy birthday to you! And congrats on the excellent marathon. Student life in Manchester seems an awfully long time ago!
    Abbers - wise move to just gradually ease back into the schedule.
    KR - We've got 2 sheds already and no room to swing a cat in either!
    OO - nice parkrun in the storm! Saw branches all over the place at my local parkrun venue.
    Badbark - happy anniversary and all the best with marathon no 10. Not liking the sound of those 8 min flat out reps!
    Fishy - enjoy the snow.
    SJ - nice 3.5 hour ride with backup. Enjoy the sculpure park - is the poppy display still there?
    Bike It - +1 for the 4am solutionimage
    GM - 3rd place can't be a bad result!!! Hope things are quietening down.
    Leslie - well and truly stitched up.
    Birch - good training - is that the Ladybower dam?
    PMJ - 2:47 is an impressive time!
    Finally went out for a test run this morning. Just 1 mile. Felt a slight discomfort while running so didn't want to do too much. Will see now if there is any adverse reaction.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    welcome back, Gul - hope your cautious return heralds the start of a good training period

    not the Ladybower (that's 10 miles away) - it's the Rivelin Dam - 4 miles from mine . . .

  • Great news Gul!

    When did you study in Manchester? I was at the uni there between 89 and 97 (slow reader!). Yes, the poppy installation is still there. The sculpture park is a lovely spot and was really surprisingly busy despite the mud.
  • Birch - Yes, I thought Ladybower was more than 4 miles away - certainly from the centre of Sheffield anyway! Never heard of Rivelin. Could now narrow down your rough location to two possibilities by trilateration (I think that's right!)  ;)
    SJ - 84 to 88, so just missed you! 

  • Good to see the bench slowly clearing - in some cases 1 mile at a time!

    Not much to report here, albeit the work/life balance is out of kilter. Still, dragged myself down to a club session last night for 10 X 480m off 1 minute. Averaged 5.49s for the 3 miles, which I'll take at this stage. My new spikes are confirmed as comfy even if too pink for my tastes. Nothing a bit of mud won't sort!!
  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Gul - good to see you back. Hope there's no reaction to your test run.

    Jools - some reasonable speed there still! In this day and age of coloured running shoes, spikes, football/rugby boots, etc. is there any such thing as "too" much of any colour? I realise that's a matter of personal taste though image

    Another easy 6 on Wednesday, rest day yesterday, 5 today. Planning something slightly longer, maybe 8 miles or so, tomorrow morning and then bike on Sunday. Need to throw in a couple more strength/conditioning sessions into the mix too. Only done 1 so far this week - slacking!

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    This blooming work business has been getting in the way!

    Had a quick scan back. Well done to Lorenzo for the 3.09 in Walton. I very nearly entered the half on the day there as it's very local.

    Base building continues and will hit 100 miles for the month again on Monday. I'll dip the volume a bit for December and then we're in campaign!

    Found out today that the Grim Challenge (my mud-fest event) is postponed for next week and moved to February. A bit miffed as I was well up for it!


  • Jools - good reps.
    Abber - training building nicely.
    GD - why was the Grim Challenge postponed? Not enough mud?!!!
    Ribs seemed much the same last night, so out early for 6 easy miles. Daren't try anything faster at the moment!

  • Glad the ribs are improving, Gul.

    G-D: doesn't sound like much notice for cancelling an event: rubbish!  You might be able to find some XC league mud to deal with instead. We've certainly got a league fixture next weekend.

    14M for me as this week's long run to bring up 44M for the week.  Last week of 5 runs pw until the taper for London now (and that's a long old way away!).  Bit cold in the wind and really regretted not wearing two pairs of gloves image

  • Apart from some good training sessions reported it's quiet here.  Is anyone racing this weekend?

    I managed 37:08 at a wet and windy 10k yesterday. That's my 3rd best 10k time and sub 6 m/m pace average, so I'm happy with that.

    I've just realised due to my goal of running 3000+ miles this year, I've run 28 consecutive days. The 14th of December is the only day I plan on not running for the rest of the year. 5 miles easy is my new 'rest' day. image


  • Progress continues: 90min fast ride yesterday including a 15 minute all out blast for home. 90 minute turbo today followed by a full 10minutes of running.

    Niggle is less niggly.
  • Badbark - Very good 10k time. How close were you to your pb?

    SJ -  Sounds promising.

    Gul - Good to hear you're on the mend.

    GDawg - Shame about your event being cancelled. Any alternative that you can do?

    Zero running here the past few days but it was expected but I hope to get out for a wee jaunt tomorrow. It's been really windy here the past few weeks and it's set to continue but the temps are forecast for average 13c all week which is perfect for running, if I can somehow avoid the wind.


  • Cracking time Madbark, especially given the conditions. Were you going all out in this one?

    G-Dawg - I'm amazed that the Grim has been postponed. Having done it a few years ago, it surely can't be down to the conditions as the grimmer the better. Perhaps they're using the area for some sort of emergency training?

    I'm back in action with a couple of nice easy runs through the woods - 7 miles on Saturday and 4.5 miles this morning. Have worked out that a 16 week London schedule will start on 2 Jan so I'm just going to have a fun time and enjoy myself with nothing structured during December before embarking on things in earnest in the New Year.

  • Jools - double gloves?! Still mild enough for no gloves here.
    Badbark - cracking 10k! I was on target to pass 2,000 year but it's unlikely now I've just had a couple of weeks on the bench.
    SJ - onwards and upwards!
    GM - hope you manage to get out for a run today and dodge the wind.
    Lorenzo - enjoy the schedule free weeks before the New Year.
    Back to the P&D schedule for me today. 9 miles with 4 @ LT. Bit concerned that a faster pace will upset my ribs, so did it as a gentle progressive, so more MP than LT except for one sub 7. Ribs feel a bit worse again so maybe it wasn't a good idea.

  • Gul: I find my hands can't tolerate temperatures that the rest of me can (although the rain and wind chill on Saturday did mean my arms and legs were pretty cold, too).  I seem to have really poor circulation and it's getting gradually worse image

    Badbark: wow!  You are in amazing shape at the moment.  And 3000M for the year is an impressive weekly average.  Maybe that's why you're in amazing shape? 

    5M plodded in dark, windy conditions this morning.  8.51m/m was all my legs were prepared to offer, but they did get a bit of a battering on the foam roller last night and that tends to leave them rather sluggish.

  • Like Jools, I don't pump blood to my hands so they go blue. Often seen in a t-shirt and gloves which looks a spot odd but works.

    November done and dusted, 172.35 miles at an average pace of 8:01 and up to 1,959 for the year, so 2,000 will come before the end of the week, but way off Badbark's 3,000.

    Did a 16 yesterday so that is 13, 14, 15 and 16 ticked off for November and December will hopefully deliver 17, 18, 19 and 20 before Christmas. 40 for the week which is 11 weeks in a row of 40+ miles so base building is the soup of the day.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I managed an XC at the weekend but nothing to shout about. Scraped a 40 mile week so looks like 2000 miles is unlikely this year. I was also crowned marathon champ at the club awards- 3rd and last time I'm quite sure.

    Did I hear one of us on the podium for marathon talk?

  • Badbark-nice 10k and yearly total image

    Gul-sounds like you did a bit of damage when you fell take it easy.

    Jools- Just go faster till you warm ? seriously though gloves are a winter essential miserable without them in the cold.

    PMJ- nice easy ramp to the max !

    0052-last time no way I'm sure !image

    Nothing to report My movement is measured in metres not miles these days image

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    just edged by Philip for Nov total - 6 today on stiffish legs (in driving rain and wind) gives me 171 for the month, inc 1 x XC race & 1 x flat-out parkrun, & this Saturday did parkrun at daughter's location, as she'd invited me over for a 10 miler inc the p'run, but as I approached 1K (yes, this one has kilometres marked)!  daughter had stood aside waiting for me, saying didn't feel well, so we jogged round together in 24:48, then back to hers for a total of 7.  
    So, yesterday included 2 x half miles & 3 x 1 mile in my 8 miler (hence today's stiff legs)

    hope the rib discomfort nothing more serious than a grumble at return to action, Gul

    edit - meant to add - 2097 miles for year to date


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    You guys made me question my maths so I went back to the run log for a detailed check. I'm actually at 2068 so far, and 40 per week for the next 3 should give me an average of 42 per week this year. On a par with Birch is good enough for me.

    Badbark, I'm both impressed and scared- I wonder how many years you can sustain that level of mileage- it would certainly finish me off? 

    It looks like we have a similar mara plan Lorenzo. I have a 5 mile beach race this weekend and a final 10k in December (with Junior OO). Then I'll start cranking it up in the New Year.  

  • OO52 - yup, an MT podium place for me! Good to get the shout out, although I suspect that the field wasn't a strong one last weekend. 

    6.5 miles across various stages of the commute today takes me up to 1,990 for the year so far, so just behind you and Birch but I can feel PMJ breathing down my neck!!

    We seem to operating in parallel running universes at the moment as I've also got a 5 mile race next weekend and I was hoping to drag younger Lorenzito along for his first ever 10K on 13 Dec but he's been selected to run in an Inter-Counties match the day before so I suspect that he won't be up for it.

    Suspect it'll be another fun plod through the mud tomorrow morning.

  • Congratulations on the marathon Lorenzo - good result and well worked.

    Hectic week last week marking all the student exams so not much running and lots of late night. Although I should report I did a nice hill 6x2min hill session on the treadmill.

    I was honestly dying all weekend and Monday.  Headaches, muscles aching with flu-like symptoms, huge fatigue, lack of brain-power and concentration.  Nothing got done all weekend.  I found the reason is because of caffeine withdrawal - I had drunk so much coffee last week to stay awake marking on top of my already huge consumption that I had decided to give it a rest over the weekend.  I didn't know the result would be so huge in withdrawing from the stuff.  Thankfully I did a bit of research yesterday and it seems quite common to experience caffeine withdrawal.  Feeling a mostly better today so running can resume.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Crikey BI, I had no idea caffeine withdrawal had such an effect?!
    I hope beer and wine doesn't do that? image

    Massive, MASSIVE mojo issues right now. I think the mud-fest Grim Challenge being postponed contributed to my general malaise over the weekend. Didn't run when I had plenty of time to do so. Managed an untimed 5 miler yesterday but did have a cracking gym session last night.

    Anyway, email arrived today, I've only got in on the Berlin ballot!! imageimageimage

    What's more, I and two pals entered as a team of 3, so it's a lads' trip to Deutschland next September. Lovely!

    Focus is returning.


  • Just popping in as life has been a bit hectic the past few weeks.

    Nice racing to several, including a great marathon by Lorenzo and a blistering 10K from BB!

    Also, some good fast stuff getting done too (Jools, must've had flames shooting out on those intervals!).

    Gul and Leslie, hope all goes well in the recoveries. SJ, loving the LR treddie sessions!image Seriously, excellent judgement to ease back into the running.

    Great mileage too for several including PMJ, OO, Gul, Birch, and especially BB. I swear, the madbark is indestructible! I've managed decent mileage the past 2 weeks (46 and 50 miles) and the core injury is doing great. Not perfect, but no flare ups now for a while so hopefully I can heal up fully so I can start my training for Boston (need to figure out a timeline for this yet). 161 for the month and 2078 on the year (which is surprising as I lost 2 months to a stress reaction in Jan/Feb). Last year I had 2346 so will likely fall just short of that this year.

    Also, Lorenzo, am wondering how to get my time down near 3 hr too. I increased my weekly mileage from about 55-58 to 68-75 (during marathon build) and seemed to have great fitness (this last marathon was the strongest I've felt all the way round) but little improvement with pace. Am thinking I have never done anything other than this HADD stuff since getting into all this a few years ago. I may need to have a little mileage off and add in some faster stuff (right now my only speed stuff is a pair of 10M runs at or just under MP each week). Agree though it took a lot more time to add those extra 10-20 miles/wk.

    Fighting a nasty head/chest cold at the moment with a million thing due at work. No running for a couple of days. But am enjoying the unstructured easy run format lately!

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    Some very impressive mileage totals being posted, I'm on for just over 1600 if all goes well through December which is nowhere near most of you lot, but still represents a record year for me (albeit marginally).

    GD - exciting plans for next Autumn then! Are you doing Brighton again too?

    BI - those caffeine withdrawal symptoms sound horrendous! How much are you used to drinking each day?

    VTR - glad the core is improving.

    A few days of regular training here, with 8/turbo/6/6 inc.4x800 over Sat/Sun/Mon/Tu. Usual lunchtime training opportunities have disappeared over the next couple of days, so looks like I'll be sitting in the garage for a while this evening, taking a rest day tomorrow and then back to it on Friday.

  • Nice when those ballots come out in your favour GD.

    Good to see yo uare back to health VTr despite the cold - that's big mileage.

    Probably having 8 mugs a day of coffee Abbers.

    Hill session for me last night on the treadmill due to no accessible hills here - 6x2minutes off 4minutes recovery with at varying speeds and elevations as I find the optimum - then 2km at MP as a follow up.

    Like others I am trying to boost my mileage.  Formerly I was often running lunchtime at work.  Now I have become an evening runner, but it is impacting into family and wife time.  So I just started to try running commutes instead of bike commute.  It's not very far, about 6.5km each way, so would add 13km per day without much time penalty.  Let's see how it goes

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Abbers: Not doing Brighton as I have my first GFA to train for in the VLM16.  Berlin will help me focus on training in the summer but I also want to get back on the bike and do a sportive of some sort after really enjoying my Ride London 100 experience this year.

    Nice commute planning there BI.

    Hope you're out of Snotsville soon VTr.

    I will only do around 1130 miles this year which is probably the lowest for the thread but my second best ever.image


  • PMJ - 2000 within your reach now. Nice base building.
    OO - congrats on your club award - never say never!
    Leslie - hope you are recovering well from the op.
    Birch - nice intervals and good mileage too.
    Lorenzo - congrats on the MT podium place. Hope you're enjoying the mud!
    Bike It - caffeine withdrawal sounds really bad. Hope the run commute works for you.
    GD - great news about Berlin!!!
    VTr - hope the lurgy is on its way out. More speed training sounds like a good plan!
    Abbers - well done on a record mileage.
    No running since Monday for me, but one hopeful sign is that when I sneezed last night there was hardly any pain worth talking about. Might seriously have to reconsider my plans for Spring Shakespeare if I can't get back into the P&D schedule very soon.

  • Quiet on here isn't it? Just catching up with marathon talk and listening to the Mitch Phillips interview on a sub-3 marathon using run / walk strategy.

    Any opinion on this? It appears his run / walk was 10 minutes running and 20 seconds walking.  A little bit of spreadsheet work says you need to do 6:52 per mile to run a 3:00 marathon. If you walk for 20 seconds at 4 mph then you cover about 40 yards in the 20 seconds and so for the remaining 10 minutes you need to run at 6:45 pace or 2:56:48 marathon pace.


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