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  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Good luck, Lorenzo. 

    I'm pretty sure there are easier ways to bank the 100th, but it would seem slightly against the grain of the overall madness to just run a basic distance marathon! Good luck, Badbark. 
  • Good luck to Lorenzo and Badbark.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Good luck Lorenzo and BB both a bit nervous for different reasons I suspect. Hope the wind and rain aren't too unkind 🤞
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    I'm a bit late to wish Lorenzo luck, I fear, but I hope it went well!

    Badbark: hope you had a good one, too (or are having, maybe, given the distance!).

    S&C yesterday morning and then 1 hour in the gym in the afternoon (20 minutes bike, 20 minutes erg and 20 minutes cross-trainer).  I learned the hard way that my cunning plan to take advantage of a Spotify Premium 1 month free trial to listen to music and at least reduce the tedium was foiled by the lack of 4G/5G reception in the gym.  Oops.  Next time I will download a playlist or an audiobook!

    6 miles @ 7.50s this morning.
  • Hilarious Badbark, I hope it goes well! 

    Cross country racing was back for me yesterday. 1st of the North Mids league in Derby. Sadly we didn't have enough vets for a team so I had to count as a senior, but we got 1st team on the day with a healthy lead, and I'm comfortably 1st V40 as well. The next one won't suit me so well as my strength is the hills, and there aren't any of those in Kettering. Flat as a lopsided pancake that one is. Not that my lungs enjoyed the hills yesterday. My legs were fine, but my lungs have forgotten how to do short race burn! They need some intervals to remind them, but I'm still not allowed to do any of those this week. Another week of short plods awaits. 

    Lorenzo - I've seen your post on FB, do we get a report?
  • Speedy - report to follow shortly. Just about to hop in the car and head back down south. Not sure what state my legs will be in after a 5 hour drive!!!
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    That sounds like a long drive Lorenzo.

    Good work at the XC Speedy.  My club had it's first race yesterday in the Chiltern XC League but I decided to pass - I may try and run one or two of the races later in the season.

    Hope OO had a good 10K.

    Great South Run 10 miles this morning.  Have fancied doing this for a while but the timing always clashes with Autumn marathons.  Given we're still in the post-London 21-day recovery phase the timing was not ideal but I thought I'd give it a go anyway.   The race attracts some big names - so Chris Thompson and Eilish McColgan among others and has a good quality sharp end field - so 101 runners finished below 60 minutes today.

    I’ve never really raced over 10 miles so my PB at 66:46 from an MP run in 2013 is a bit soft.  At London I went through 10 miles in 1:02:59, so that was the ballpark I was aiming for.

    Conditions were reasonable.  Although the forecast winds were only 10-11 mph, it felt it a bit stronger on the exposed coastal roads.  Despite the large numbers (c. 20,000) you were able to get in to the fast club runners section behind the elites five minutes before the gun.

    Managed to hit a good pace off the start, so first two miles in 6:14 and 6:06.  Found myself a little detached from a reasonable sized group ahead so made the effort in mile three to close the gap and get some shelter on the windier sections.  Miles 3-6 of 6:00, 6:11 and 6:06 to give 30:25 at the five mile point (an unofficial PB by 1:23!).

    Most of the group had fallen back by 6 miles, so from this point I was either running on my own or with one or two others. Mile 6 complete in 6:06 and still feeling strong but mile 7, at 6:15, felt a lot harder and I was beginning to count down the remaining miles.  The two last miles are along the coastal road back to the Southsea Esplanade.  Although the wind was mainly a cross wind, these felt like very tough miles and the pace dropped to 6:22 and 6:16 (with a sprint finish).

    So 31:08 for the second 5 miles and 1:01:47 for the race.  Placed 139th and first in AG (although no prize!).  A lot better than I was expecting and of course a shiny new PB.  Sixty minutes is beginning to look a little closer although still probably a little bit too far for these ageing limbs!

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Crikey, SBD, what a great result. Congratulations!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    SBD - i was out with the dog by the coast this morning and was wondering how you were going. Top run that, esp 2 wks after vlm. That's about as windless as it gets round here, its never totally still. We are normally on named storms by was a big ask so soon after vlm. Your vlm time equates to sub60 and sub80, you just need to find those races on decent days.........Gosport 1/2 in 5 wks is a quick race, but its 100% on the coast so not worth a long drive imo, i only live 20min drive away.
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    That's a great run SBD and a massive PB. I'm sure you can go quicker next time👍

    I ran 38:18 at the local 10k with a nice even pace. The whole family were running today and junior OO was 1st lady. I know Lorenzo had a nice marathon family outing too- looking forward to the race report.
    Hips were very stiff at the end so another easy week in prospect. 

  • Great run and great report SBD! 

    OO forgets to mention he was first V55. I love the NT10k, it's usually at Easter and I always used to do it when I went home to see my parents for the holidays. Often as a marathon pace effort if Easter fell before the marathon. Great race. 
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Thanks Speedy yes I remember you used to come home for this one. Hopefully back to Easter next year and maybe your glorious return is pending 🤞Congrats on the XC by the way with vet and Senior glory 😇
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    Lorenzo - waiting with baited breath...
    Badbark - that's a suitably crazy way to bring up the 100 (again) - hope you're okay.
    Jools - very annoying. Nice cross training.
    Speedy - great work in the XC.
    SBD - that's another fantastic result regardless. Well done.
    OO - another great day for the family and super result after 3 maras in 3 weekends!
    Great weekend for the thread; a busy weekend so no running for me. Nipped out at 8:20 for 4 miles this morning. Did 1 mile w/u inc. strides (7:05), 1 mile tempo (6:21), 1/2 mile steady, 1/2 mile tempo (6:30), 1/2 mile tempo, 1/2 mile easy (6:36). I have a trip to the bank at lunchtime, so might be able to squeeze in 2 or 3 recovery miles.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Well done, SBD.  I've got family near Pompey and so have done the GSR on and off over the years (not this year, obvs).  On a still day it's probably the fastest 10 mile course in the country, but on a not still day those last 2 miles on the seafront can be brutal.  Chapeau on a strong second half!

    Another hour in the gym this morning.  I had my cheesy soul classics downloaded on Spotify, and so the time went much more quickly!
  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    Apologies for the radio silence.Outstanding racing from you all. The thread is really powering on with volume and pace. Proves how important consistency is. So happy for you all (especially to see BadBark still at his usual madness). 

    Life has been busy. Clearing mum's house as we try to complete on the sale at the end of the month. It is an emotional but cathartic exercise. A bit of XC action! I am actually running and feeling strong. Doing some speedwork at the track for the first time since 2014 when I first tried it and it broke me down. We are also preparing for a new family member in a couple of weeks. Not yet broken the news to MrE but hopefully once he has got over the shock of a third mutt, he will LOVE him. Meet Otis. A flat coated retriever. Mum's legacy (post-pandemic puppy prices - ouch!) Bought to bring MsEttes 1, 2 & 3 some joy while they work their way through those challenging school days. The Vizslas remain steadfastly my dogs.
  • Fab result from the GSR SBD - always good to translate a successful block of marathon training into another distance. 

    Ditto OO - impressed you've still got the energy to run after the last few weekends. I thought of you during the Yorkshire Marathon as there seemed to be a number of people doing a London/Manchester/Yorkshire triple header.

    MsE - great to catch up with you at the XC over the weekend and a belated congrats for the medal.

    Any news yet from Madbark?

    So, Yorkshire Marathon yesterday - I'd entered it late last year partly to aim for some redemption after a couple of disappointing marathon performances (Boston 2019, virtual London 2020) and partly because we'd bought an entry as a Christmas present last year for elder Lorenzito. It also worked out nicely as it was younger Lorenzito's 21st on Sunday so he came over from Leeds to support, as did the in-laws. The fact that part of the route ran very close to where MrsL grew up was an added bonus.

    Given that I hadn't followed anything like a structured training programme because of work pressure before the summer, and then plenty of walking rather than running during August, I was realistic in my expectations, hoping to go sub-3:15 and if I could manage the discipline to get a negative split, that would be great.

    After a sensibly paced parkrun on Saturday to keep the legs ticking over, I was doubly determined to start off sensibly c. 7:30s to halfway and take it from there.

    For some reason elder Lorenzito and I were allocated pen 4 for the start, which felt strange so we made our way up to pen 2 but were still behind the 4hr pacer but I figured that this would help me avoid going off too quickly so stuck with it. 
  • I made sure I didn't spend the first mile dodging and diving past people, and it was probably around an 8 min mile to start with (my Garmin and the mile marker were out of sync from the word go) but I didn't panic and just eased the pace up a bit and after shortly after seeing the family around mile 3 had got myself back on track on 7:30 pace. Knowing that it's 15 mins for every 2 miles certainly makes the calculations easier.

    The first half went by very smoothly and I was enjoying running at a pace relaxed enough to have a proper conversation. I could tell I was going slightly faster than 7:30s and got to the halfway point at exactly 1:37:30 - so far so good. 

    There were a couple of out and back bits in the third quarter where you pass runners going the other way on the opposite side of the road, and it was great to see elder Lorenzito still going strong when I passed him. I pushed on from my companion (who was still well ahead of his target pace for a sub 3:30) and without going mad, concentrated on reining in the person just in front.

    I passed MrsL and younger Lorenzito at the 24 mile mark and while my pace dropped a little bit I was still going past people and I honestly don't think anyone went past me in the second half - a very strange, but enjoyable feeling. The last mile towards the end was an uphill stretch before dropping over the top of the hill for a downhill 100m or so to the finish and I certainly had enough left in the tank to finish at a decent pace, crossing the line in 3:14:24 for a 26 second negative split.

    Key learnings:
    - the obvious one about easing into the race, rather than going off like a lunatic. Despite having down c. 30 marathons, this is a constant problem I've had so hopefully I'll take this learning forward to Manchester
    - whilst I had a couple of gels as an emergency back up, the only food I had during the race were 3 or 4 Co-op flapjack bites and a few jelly babies. Given that I've had a bit of a reaction to gels during recent long runs at nowhere near marathon pace, this was a confidence booster that I needn't need them
    - to get back into sub 3:10 shape I do need to structure my training more, so I've resolved to approach the build up to Manchester properly. I'm also hoping that a combo of XC and regular parkruns over the winter will help my top end speed which from previous experience has definitely made running at 7:0x pace that bit easier.

    As for seeing elder Lorenzito in his first marathon, it was so great to see him out on the course, but nothing could have prepared me for how I felt when I saw him cross the line in 3:28:52 - he'd found the last few miles tough but had dug deep and finished with a huge smile on his face. Suffice to say his marathon debut was faster than mine and he's now clearly got me in his sights, so there's added incentive for me to put in the effort for Manchester.

    So, with this and Mrs L's joy in London it's been a fine marathon running month for the Lorenzo household!  :)
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Excellent run Lorenzo so pleased for you and your son. Looks like you nailed the target and the strategy and we love a negative split. How did you find the course, it was a tad boring for me, not sure I'd rush back? Manchester sure is the place to be next year....
  • OO - I know what you mean. It had some very quiet stretches along roads with very little support, but it's still an attractive part of the country. I also think that they missed a bit of a trick (unless it was due challenges with road closures) in swinging past the Minster at the end (rather than after a mile or so) like you do with Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. But it's well organised, pretty flat and the kind of race where you feel like running along with a smile on your race. Hoping that Manchester will also be able to tick those boxes.

    Out of interest, how easy is it to get a place at the GNR?
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    The GNR is very expensive Lorenzo (over £50) but still entry by ballot as its popular. I tend to pick up a last minute entry from someone who drops out- this year for £20. It's local for me but I'm not sure I'd travel the country for the privilege of doing it. Probably one for the bucket list as a one off for most folks based outside the North East. There are very few decent half marathons in the North East which may be another reason it's popular.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Well done Lorenzo and your son. Very well executed and as OO says, we do love a negative split!

    Hi MsE, I love how we all know about a 10-15 year commitment you have undertaken with the extra puppy and MrE doesnt!!

    well dne on the 10k, OO, i'm just about feeling ready to run a bit faster post London!

    SBD- Congrats on the 10m pb. I am sure you've sub 60 in you as well. 

    Still just easy running for me. My cold ha subsided now and HR returned to normal so it has settled my fears that 10 days post London I had lost significant volumes of fitness!

    I was left a little disappointed yesterday as one of my targets next winter was to try and qualify in the half mara for one of those England vets teams. The first 2 qualifiers have been and I targeted the Great Bentley half marathon down in Essex in early February. Anyway, Iooked at their website last week and entries were not open and no indication when they might. Went back last night and it was sold out. E-mailed the organisers and they advised that it went on sale Saturday lunchtime and sold out (750 places) in hours. I doubt many runners with the same intention as me had a sniff so some git will qualify off a 1.22 or something. Not really sure why they take qualification to a race of that size really. I have added my name to the unoffical fb transfer list but I am about the 70th name on it. I guess my advantage is that if a place comes up 2 days before i'll be in a position to run it whilst many won't be.

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    Jools - got to make the time at the gym pass somehow, I guess :)
    MsE - pleased to hear you are getting on okay; or more than okay on the running front by the sound of it. Love the new addition to come to the family :)
    Lorenzo - hats off - that's a brilliantly executed plan. Should be a real confidence boost for Manchester. And congratulations to elder Lorenzito. He's hot on your heels!
    Mrs GD went to work a bit earlier this morning, so snuck in 5 easy miles.
  • Great time at the GSR, SBD.

    OO - another great run after all your efforts over the last month.

    We’ll done on the a XC wins, Speedy.

    Loved the report Lorenzo. Congrats to the family also.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    edited October 19
    How is the training going CT?
    That's a  bummer DT. I was looking at the British masters 10k but it's the other end of the country. So I've entered the 5k Road champs in Lancashire on 7th November. I'll see what shape I'm in before I make the 5 hour round trip but I do like racing the top guys in my age group, and British Masters races give you that opportunity.
    Track tonight. My hip is still sore so I'll see how it feels and drop back if needed.
    Nice sneaky 5 Gul- we won't tell your missus 🤫
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Really enjoyed the report, Lorenzo. Hope the drive back was OK. Looking forward to seeing how a focused campaign turns out for you.

    Manchester all sorted apart from the train ticket which I'll do in the new year. Work mate has also entered, so we've booked a cracking 2 bed airbnb 1.5 miles from the start, halving the cost for my accommodation. We're already looking forward to the beets on the train back.
    Is there a thread pub we can meet at?

    Back to running yesterday after a failed attempt last week when my legs were still a mess and MsE told me off on Strava. You were right, MsE, it was too soon. 

    Felt better with 5 miles on the trails, hamstrings are still tight but I've been doing some good strength work on them and will continue with that.

    Track tonight just to do some short intervals and continue the loosening up. Sort of doing a reverse taper.
  • OO - I’m building nicely. 25 miles last week, all easy and aiming for around 30 this week. Did a little effort this morning which felt comfortable. I’ve got another week on paternity leave, so I’m going to make the most of it before having to run around work and children.

    I have been looking at coaches, I know a couple of people on here have coaching, is this something that makes a difference do you think? Any recommendations would be greatly received.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    OO, yes just frustrating. I'll sit tight, plan to race a half that weekend, book another and then if a place at GT Btly pops up at very short notice I can just bin off the other race and take it. The next option Is Wokingham, though I suspect competition will be firmer there.

    Take it easy with that hip!

    Sounds decent spot of accom there gdawg. I don't know Manchester at all, let alone the area around the finish so can't comment.

    Gul, I do like an unauthorised run!

    CT- Myself and Speedy have private coaches and seem to have responded positively. It too a while to really kick in for me. It's taken me from having taken myself to a level I thought was my absolute limit already to numbers that 18 months ago were not even aspirational, they just weren't in my minds eye and within the realms of possibility.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Yes DT that coach is a miracle worker 😉
  • I'm beating all of my 8 year old PBs at age 42, so I have to say coaching is worth it too!

  • From what I’ve seen, you seem in fantastic form Speedy and DT. <div>
    </div><div>Just a follow up question, how did you decide who to go with? I’ve been in contact with Jonny Mellor and his coaching firm, and subsequently he has put me in touch with GB athlete Ross Millington, so I know there is some quality there and they do seem to have identified what I need to do.

    To be honest, it’s cheaper than a gym membership so might be worth giving it a go.</div>
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