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  • Carrot - I'm massively excited for you. What's parsnips goal this year?

    ive moved the telly into the injury room for us long term benchers!

    spoons - what have you done to me? I have had a look. Jubilee swim, 10k, June 1st. I'm tempted. Reckon it will take @3.5 hours for me If I'm lucky. 

    Gym today. Cained the bike a bit too hard and felt dizzy after 45 minutes. Weights and 25 lunges image

  • The Jubilee 10km Swim - sounds tempting to me as well..... image

  • The 10k swim sounds fab! Is that done downstream I wonder? A bit to early on in my swimming career, but looks perfect for a starter long distance event


  • Spoons - What's your target for the end of 'Squatober'? Do you use dumb bells for the squats/lunges, or are you secretly training for 'Insanity'?

    Testing my will power big time now. Decided to treat myself to a pair of new trainers (nike flex ), for when I can start running again. Arrived today, but not due to see physio til next Tuesday, when hopefully I can start some running. So hid them away in the wardrobe so I can't see them, but I know they're there waiting for meimage. They are light with a very flexible sole, a bit like minamalist shoes but with more cushioning, so not quite as extreme.

  • Carrot- how very excited. Any tapirs around? You will smash it no doubt.image

    AA- fingers crossed you get to the bottom of it soon and can start getting better.

    Free- hope you feel better. Stomach bug soundsimage.

    Quick pre- 10k session yesterday. Was supposed to be 1m@ 7mm/ 1m @ 7.50/ 1m @ 7mm. Ended up with 6.50/7.30/6.48.image At last beginning to feel the speed coming back. Rest today.

  • If June is too soon there is always the Dart 10K in Septemberi, very tempting as Totnes is my home town. This one is definitely with the current, i also reckon 3.5 hours which is one hell of a long swim

  • Loads of good events on there DD - thanks! Must spend the winter in the pool then getting prepared.....

  • AA: that is rubbish news image on the other hand, October is nearly over so it's just November / December to get through and you can probably survive on biking and swimming. Still, I hope they can fix you well before year end ...

    What have they done to the forum? I get a silly spell checker that seems to prefer most works in capitals image

    Free: image  stomach bugs are a pain

    Carrot: OMG, but your marathon has come round quick

    Bro: nice speedy stuff there image

    I ran 10k at 10 mm image   one pace pony and a slow pony at that ...  although I managed 3 miles last night nearer 9mm. I just don't have any leg strength right now and my stride is very very cautious. BUT there was no pain and things are improving a little every day.

  • I meant to write "most words"   aaargh --- and no way to edit image

  • Good luck Carrot! DBS image

  • Bro - nice speed work. 

    DD - I was looking at that sight this afternoon. 

    chick - good news. image

  • AA- Fingers are crossed for you that the MRI shows up something that can be sorted out before next year.

    Carrot- Hope you had a good last day at work. When do you fly out to Amsterdam? All the best for Sunday and remember "Trust in your training"

    2old- I hope you are still taking it very easy!!

    Spoons- 10k swim = madness.

    DD- Is our water too cold for you?

    Simon- You made me laugh about hiding your new trainers in your wardrobe, I thought only ladies did that.

    Brolish- Nice session for you, go smash your 10k pb at the weekend.

    Chick- The good bit is that at least you are running with no painimage I'm sure your speed will come back quickly.

    I have just downloaded a session for tomorrow onto my garmin, 5x1k reps yikes. Will report back tomorrow.

  • 10K of swimming! image  There'll be some wrinkly fingers and toes after that!

    Those bugs are horrible Free, scary how quick you can go from feeling strong and fit to not being able to walk up the stairs without it being an effort!  Hope your run tomorrow goes well.

    Sadist hill session is surely good preparation for Boston DD?

    Sounds like a good session Bro, do you have a target for Sunday? PB?

    Parsnip is aiming for 2:50ish on Sunday AA!

    10K Chick, great stuff image Bench abandoned.

    No sign of any tapirs yet.  Last run tonight - 4M easy.  Pack tomorrow, leave early Saturday morning image

  • 2old - No only one exercise causes discomfort to calf and that is "butt" kick during warm up,  so left leg has a rest.  Got to do some exercise or I won't be happy.  Stretching/core/rollering this afternoon. 

    Chick - Good news.

    Brol - Pacy running.

    Carrot - All the best for Sunday to you and Parsnip, have a good one and go nail it.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Here's the fastest tapir in town for Carrot and Parsnip...




  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- know what you mean about needing exercise image

    gazelle- of course I'm taking it easy image enjoy the reps

    minni- one of the best tapers ? ever 

    carrot and parsnip- make it the best ever on Sunday

    another ncswt session with the consultant tomorrow 


  • LOVE the running Tapir! image
  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Did a easy 4M with the slow group at run club tonight - legs feeling a little tight but OK. I've never been able to run this soon after a marathon before so happy with that. I definitely find that gentle biking round town helps the legs recover, unless I fall off!


    Oompa - great that you've started the rehab - slowly but surely!

    Daren - nice sessions, hope you have a good day Sunday

    Barry - next marathon you'll nail it - you've definitely got it in you.

    Yay Bro - good to see you finding the speed

    And great news for a no pain run Chick - you've got more than enough time to build it back up really slowly for Boston - same as what I did last year for London image

    Spoons - I'm with you that posting what you are going to do on here makes you more likely to do it.  


    With that in mind, I'm going to shave off 3 seconds a month off MP over the next six months.  More speedwork and speed endurance coming up!

  • Cheers for the info re paddles.

    Freemers hope you are feeling better

    Chick that's good news

    Carrot Good luck for Sunday to you & Parsnip - i'm sure you are both going to do really well.

    No running for me yesterday as not 100% image my timed mile has been moved to Monday in the hope that i'm better. Frustrated at not getting out there. Swim training for me this evening if i'm ok.


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    KFC - the MP plan sounds easy when you say it like that! Speed endurance - my worst nightmare! 

  • Morning - 

    18th - 2.25 plank, 49 press ups, 29 squats, 12 lunges
  • Hi all, ten mile done this morning and starting to run more comfortably after the stomach issues, just a quick one to wish good luck to carrot and parsnip. You have both had a good year so lets hope you both finish it off in style. Off to center parcs my 2nd home for the weekend will get time to read back later.
  • Loving the running tapir image

    kfc - I'm exactly the same, need 3 seconds off my MP for London...has to be speed endurance that's the key. It's always been the weakest part of my training and the bit I skip if I miss a session, so I need to HTFU and just do it!!

    Great news on the run Chick - the pace is completely irrelevant right now, it's all good to keep your back mobile and your fitness levels up.

    I still feel a bit tired, but will go for a gentle plod later. So much for my speed work sessions I promised for the next HM...oh well, it doesn't really matter and hopefully next week I can get them done.
  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    yep, but thats what works minni!  Aint no way I'm gonna be comfortable running 7.30s without gaining a bit more top end speed!  Oh, and I'm gonna also need to hit 20 for 5k and 1.32 for half.  Gulp.  Heres to a consistent and focussed 6 months to get there!

  • tapir-tastic! Go Carrot & Parsnip.

    talking of speed endurance I went out with my new group again last night and again it was blistering but I hung on in there. 7 miles at 7:02 pace.

    mountain biking this weekend so minimal running.


  • Just packing up to head north for the Rotherham 50. Leaving early to give us time to go lightweight bike hunting at Planet X, which is conveniently located on the outskirts of Rotherham. Dithering over what sort of shoes to wear so will probably end up taking a selection and deciding when I see the weather.

    Northern Veggies: Bon Voyage and DBS. Fingers crossed for a fair day and a following wind........ Looking forward to hearing all about it

  • Morning

    Kfc: simple this marathon lark isnt it? Just run faster!

    Carrot / Parsnip: be quick and DBS

    Chick: positive news

    O4S: enjoy Rotherham or is that an oxymoron?

    last nights club session as expected involved hills, monstrous hills, six times over, quickly. Close to vomit inducing, been awhile since i ran that hard. 8 mile slow trot done this morning, rest tomorrow, Exmoor Beast 100 mile sportive on Sunday. 

  • love the running tapir!! Good luck Carrot.+ Parsnip, so excited for you guys, can't wait to read the race report!!

    Spoons - loving your core update, good idea of sharing it on here, will help you stick to it.

    Daren - good training runs from you, hope it goes well on Sunday image

    Chick - good news.

    Bro - nice fast stuff from you.

    Ant - sounds like the new running group is keeping you on your toes.

    O4S - enjoy Rotherham, is that another one of those cake eventsimage

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    DD- hills perfect for Boston- down as well as up ..100 miles on a day  for me maybe?

    Ant- solid fast 7

    Chick- getting there

    Free- you're worrying about speed??? 

    O4S-have a good trip- wellies look best - 

    kfc- plenty of time to build it up to the pace you want - I liked? to do a weekly TM run of 8 miles at around 13kmph when targeting sub 3.15 

    ncswt session done and now wondering about a test run or should I get out on my bike. Won't be doing anything tomorrow so can't waste the day 




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