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  • Freemers - Funny, I was thinking yesterday when I was out running in the rain this would be a crap day for racing, but very well done to you.

    2old - 50 mile weeks, steady.image

    Hour in the pool this morning. lots and lots of lengths with pull buoy trying to get arms and left breathing sorted and a  good way to give the legs a rest.

  • Bro, is your Dorset marathon the CTS event? If so I'll be there too, although I'm only doing the half, I did it last year and love their events, great scenery and testing courses, for me they are a cross between hiking and running, i've ran normal marathons quicker than I've done the dorset half!

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    ChristMas shopping? Amazon have the Garmin 910xt for ??139 now on their deals of the day. Only 30 mins left.
  • 2Old Yes we swim that distance in under the hour - 50 minutes is the most. We can use a pull buoy as well if we so wish. Today's was 13 300's. That's one impressive marathon that your son took part in! Amazing achievement.

    O4S What's the secret to beating the OH in a Tri image

    Nell some good running there. Hope the physio went well. I have seen Benny from Crossroads when I was younger. He came to turn on the Christmas lights in my hometown.

    Freemers Well done on your HM & I like your race report

    Minni well spotted image 

    Ran 8 miles Saturday morning with one of my friends as she is taking part in a Half Ironman next year. Swimming training this morning which I was late for due to scraping ice from my car. It was 13 300's or in my case as many as I can so I did 4 and a bit as I missed the first part of the session.

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    Hey Freemers that a great HM there. I remember the cow shed, the wind, some raindeer antlers and lots of red wine.. image. You must be thrilled with that and it puts you in a great position for the spring marathon.

    Pink/Barry I don't know how you swim that distance! Do you not lose count? My swimming has taken a backward stroke after someone pointing out some flaws during my swim on Sunday. Trying to put them right is proving fatal!

    Brol - you'll be fine. Nice and slow - excellent endurance training. Sounds like McHilly can give you some tips.
  • Don't forget the shots!!!!!

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  • Hi Freemers, Well done on the HM. Yes, I can imagine the hot bath having the advantage in that scenario image

    Hi Brolish, The Dorset Marathon, is that the one along the Jurassic coastline. I have spent holidays along that coast. Beautiful, but not sure I would want to run along it..

    Hi 2old, I think you are getting out enough, 50 miles just as you get back into things!

    Hi Minni, So we have your uncle to blame then?

    Hi Pink, I also met Eddie Yates in Warwick market once as a kid. Now he was brilliant! Met all the famous ones.... Nice 8 miles there...

    Hi Minni, Just when you think you are doing well, someone comes and kicks your chips up in the air! image

    Physio today, she had a look at my foot and does not think it is PF. I thought it wasn't as the aching was just at the top of the arch of my foot. She thinks I may have stood on something during the intervals and not noticed at the time. Which could have been possible. she massaged the foot. Wow, I want a foot massage every time now! She advised to keep away from hill running and intervals for the next couple of weeks. When I asked about football she gave me one of those looks....that was enough image

  • Freemers - great run. I liked the post norwich red wine/antlers do! And O4S pulling and Daren not being able to stand up!

    bro - can't wait to hear about Dorset CTS. 

    Nell - some bloody fast running there. Good news about the foot. 

    My parkrun in Newbury was a shocker 21:38. Cold and wet and I had nothing in my legs after a mile. Don't think I'll do that one againimage

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-after all those marathon miles your fast trwitch muscles are on strike.Still the next one will be a minute faster.

    Nell-sounds like your foot should be ok

    Pink-thats fast swimming-how long did it take to get to that level or have you always swam like a fish? Great running too

    Barry-another nice swim session.Dont worry the 50 was a one off for the time being.

    Minni-thats a good price ---tempting

    swim session last night ,sprints of various distances

  • I have DOMS image

    I've moved up to 13th place as someone was disqualified for wearing headphones - numpty! 

    AA - I've had plenty of parkrun shockers like that.  5ks are just awful when you feel like that!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Free-the mud takes its toll on you! Anyway even better result by you. Didnt think the headphone ban was ever enforced-nice to see it happen for a change

    Minni-damn missed the Garmin.

    10.25miles today

  • AA - Your speed will return.

    Nell - Good news on your foot, are you planning to  make more frequent visits to the physio for a regular foot massage.image

    Freemers - DOMS are good, means you raced hard.

    Minni - That's one of the main problems with swimming, always room for improvement with technique. Not being able to see yourself swim does n't help as you think you are doing OK.  Try and get yourself some one to one lessons, helps me a lot especially if I start picking up bad habits.  My coach does say that once a certain level is reached then new focus is added, ie arm position/body roll etc to improve the stroke.  No problem with me losing count of the lengths done as  I am nowhere near swimming the distances that Pink is.

    5 and a bit miles this morning, was meant to be slow but ended up steadyish as it was so cold.

  • Hi AA,  Giving that you are coming back from two marathons, don't be too hard on yourself, you'll be back to it soon image

    Hi 2old, Another 50 week coming on?

    Hi Freemers, It is interesting to see that some people do get banned for wearing headphones. Yes, enjoy the DOMS. That is a nice re-assuring fact of hard work image

    Hi Minni, Glad I missed that Garmin, can't really imagine how I would justify that one.

    Hi Barry, I know the feeling, when it is a bit cooler it is hard to hold back, I would love a foot massage every physio visit, not sure I'll get away with it. But I think I may chance my arm image

    6 miles this morning at 7:09mm average, I must admit the foot felt not too bad after the massage....

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell- 50 way. That foot massage has done wonders for you. ..might try one myself 

    Minni- let me know if another a Garmin shows up at that price please. Not sure about the golf one for tomorrow though. 

    Any simple suggestions how to get my Garmin610 to download. I struggle following internet instructions 

  • Nell/ McHilly- yes, it's the Dorset CTS along the Jurrasic coast. I am getting slightly freaked out as everyone is telling me it's going to take ages. I also roped MrBrol into doing the half, he doesn't do long distances and I think he might kill me.image

    AA- that's not a bad 5k effort so soon after 2 maras.

    Rest day today for me or rather 1h strength session in the gym after work- yawn. I need those legs to get strong for comrades. Battersea 10k on Saturday.

  • freemers - I love DOMS!!

    nell - never underestimate a good foot massageimage

    trendy 5 on Monday   And 4 today. Planning12 tomorrow and potentially another YKW on Saturday. Not Newbury image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA/Nell- I had a couple of foot massages when I was away a couple of weeks ago and couldnt stop giggling-is that supposed to happen?Back into run mode again I see. Im thinking of a potential ykw on Saturday if I can get up in time.

    Brol-good to see Mr B supporting your efforts.Is this a pb 10k attempt?

    Rest from running today.2.5k swim this lunchtime in 54 mins(quite pleased with that)

  • 2old -  are you using Garmin Express to upload the data, I had to install Express a few weeks ago as I was having problems uploading data from my Garmin, what's your user name?  Impressive swimming.

    50 sweaty minutes on the bike this morning.

  • Hi Brolish, Yes it sounds a very different run, hopefully by the end MrBrol will not have enough energy left to kill you,image  Fingers crossed for a dry day...

    Hi AA, You are back into running really quickly. Didn't fancy a rest? No, I will not underestimate a good foot massage, that one has done the trick. Not sure whether they like you laughing or not 2old

    HI Barry, 50 sweaty minutes on the bike, I assume you were pushing it then?image

    7 miles this morning from me and the foot felt pretty good. I must admit that foot massage has really seemed to have done the trick. Not pushing it just yet though. Ran 7 miles at average 7:08mm.. no running events going on up here, it's pretty dead unless I drive to Peterhead! image

  • I haven't run this week - partly because of my legs being so painful (although they are fine now) but partly because of just having a nightmare week at work.  I always knew this would be the case and it's not a bad thing to have a 'rest week' at this stage.  I might get out tomorrow and will run at the weekend before picking things up again next week.

    Nell - glad the foot seems to be settling down.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-the cold is a good incentive to speed up. Isnt every indoor bike session sweaty?

    Nell-probably good not to have any races to avoid temptation whilst having a niggle

    Free-that was a bad case of DOMS.Im sure you'll be out running this weekend

    21k today

  • I pulled off my 2 big toenails today. That's 4 lost this week! I knew those trainers were too small image. 12 miles run this morning @8:48 pace. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭ pictures please..did you pull them off before or after the 12? That was long so soon after your last marathon 

    Barry- Garmin Express worked thanks. User name is my real name what's yours? Pity I can't get my TM runs on it ...I've lost the footpod .

  • AA, you've lost 4 big toe nails this week??

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    McHilly - I've only got two big toes image

  • AA: I pulled off a couple of toenails last night. BA had to leave the room image. Currently I have precisely 4 toenails intact(ish). Just back from a couple of days in Belfast so no running since Monday. HM on Sunday

  • Please people I am eating my lunch imageimage

    No running again today - thought I would have time but it's not gonna happen image. Thank goodness for weekends.....

  • Freemers -  Taking a week off will do you no harm after you have been running so well.  An enforced week due to lack to time to run is ideal as I don't normally have the patience/will power not to run if I'm not injured.

    2old - Yup normally very sweaty, our conservatory is  quite could but I still manage to produce some big pools on the floor.  Can't find you on Garmin connect my user name is barry888, anyone else on Garmin want to "share". For Treadmill runs, if you don't know already, if you turn the GPS off and use the Garmin to record time the distance can be manually edited once uploaded obviously does n't give splits but will show avg pace.

    Nell - Good news on your run.

    AA - That's quick for your toenails to come off, my big toenail took 3 months to come after going black at Barcelona.

    Not a great swim session yesterday, I turned up  after nights and my coach was there teaching someone else, he asked me if I wanted to try a 400m TT to see where I was.  After warm up it was all going OK til the 6 length when I started to stop for a couple of breaths at some of the turns, which I have n't done for ages, and my push offs were shocking.  Anyway 10:43 which is equal to one I did 3 or so weeks ago, he agrees due to me breathing every 2 that I'm not getting the "bad" air out so need to work on bilateral or breath every 4.

    Better this morning back to running, just over 7.5 slow and all good.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- think we are connected.not much for you to see Though. Did you go off too fast in the swimtime trial? I've had many a panic attack (in open water)50m later because of that and then taking a further few 100ms to recover?Good run. Now I will have to get into the habit of recording my TM runs on my Garmin. 

    Free- I'm wondering if I will get out today ...been a bit of a crap one 

    I bought Miss2O a Garmin 610 on the Amazon sale with a £60 discount. oh yes my MRI confirmed I have a brain and it's ok....pity about the mild neck degeneration. Cardiologist in 2 weeks. 


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