Tewkesbury Half-Marathon

This is my first half-marathon and hopefully not my last, training has been good and  times have been varied from 1hr 28.40 to 1hr 32 so anythime like will be fine .i did suffer with a neck strain which seemed to last forever but with pre run neck turning etc evrything is fine now that i do not stick my neck out or constant looking at my feet. not long now untill the 22/5 so fingers crossed i can make the finnish lineand best of luck to any more first time runners .


  • Not spotted this one, I might give it a go, should have recovered from Lichfield by then.

    Anyone got a map of the route?

  • My first 'half' as well. Have done two 10-milers before and have lived to tell the tale. Must learn to keep my pace down, use each water station, and aiming for 13.1 x 10-minute miles plus a bit extra for water stations, so would be pleased with 2 hrs 20 mins if I can keep running!

    A map would be good...maybe we will get one with the race number, unless one gets uploaded online..

     I'll also convey 'good luck' especially to first-timers, and especially if they're also coming from Kent...

  • There is a non-scaled map on this website http://www.tewkesburybc.gov.uk/media/pdf/m/q/half-marathon-map.pdf , which is quite useful...

    Good luck again...

  • Ran Tewkesbury last year and Lichfield this.    Would say, from memory, that they are very similar courses - generally flat, some closed road sections, just the right size field and excellent organisation!   Infact, might have just talked myself into entering again image
  • Liking what I'm hearing. Thanks.
  • Hi, this is also my 1st half. Less than 2 weeks to go & I havent received any conformation or details & am starting to get a bit concerned. Is this normal? Thanks

  • Not sure. I got an e-mail confirmation when I booked online. Might be worth e-mailing the organiser or the club hosting the event.

    Hopefully all is ok, as I've just booked my hotel for the night before...
  • Likewise, I've got the confirmation of the booking by email but with under 2 weeks to go there is no race pack in the post. I'll email the organiser to find out and update later.
  • Just got an email back to say that the race packs will be posted this Wednesday
  • Nice one fella! We can all sleep at night now image
  • Am I being completely thick as I can't find a website for this race at all? I hear this is a good course for a pb? I did the Stratford half yesterday and am fancying doing another race soon but can't find any information about this.


  • I put "Tewkesbury Half Marathon" into Google, and accessed it through http://www.tewkesburybc.gov.uk

    Hopefully this helps image
  • Thanks Brian.

     Entry done so see you all a week on Sun. image

  • Did this race last year, it was my first half marathon and I really, really enjoyed it. It was quite hot last year, so I made sure I had plenty of water at the stations and also tipped some of it over the back of my neck to cool down.  The route is predominantly flat and very picturesque.  Well don Petite Stratfordaise on the stratford yesterday, I was there too and I guess the finish has given us the buzz for another race, hahaha!!  Good luck everyone who enters :0)
  • Great to hear that you enjoyed Stratford Kegz it's a lovely race isn't it? It was my third time doing that race as it's only a mile from home. I lost it at mile 11 on this race for some reason so have decided to get right back on the horse (metaphorically speaking) and try my luck again at Tewkesbury!

  • Hi Petite Stratfordaise, yes the race was really lovely.  The 11 miles mark I find is always a difficult part.  Well good luck for Tewkesbury, have you got a time in mind for this one? or are you not worrying after just doing the Stratford one.  Kelly!

  • Well my PB is 1 hr 47 and I did Stratford in 1 hr 48 so I'd like something better than that but I'll just have to see. I regularly run more than 14 miles at a time so to come unstuck at 11 miles like that was unexpected and horrible. So really this race is more about getting to the end without feeling like I am going to collapse or not make it which was how I felt on Sunday and I don't ever want to feel like that again image.

    Tewkesbury is going to be a happy smiley race and I am going to bounce around it like I am as fresh as a daisy image. What are you aiming for? Rachx

  • Thats brilliant that you run 14 miles so regularly.  My PB was 1hr 50 at Birmingham half last October, so I'm really hoping to beat that at Tewkesbury (last year''s Tewkesbury was my first half marathon and my time was 2hrs 7mins).  I would really, really like to do it in 1hr 30 to 1hr 40, but I know this is probably wishful thinking, but I'm gonna try my best.  Stratford, was my first full marathon, so I just wanted to complete it and now that I have, I feel like I may have a good chance of beating my last half marathon time now... that's providing my legs are OK by the next 10 days and I also have an injury on my left knee from all the stratford training.

    I'm sure you will do Tewkesbury no problem and really hope you beat your PB, it was quite hot on Sunday wasn't it at Stratford?  Do you think the fact that you want to do better than Stratford will give you more incentive?  Like they say, mentally is what gets you through and I just kept thinking on Sunday, I hadn't got this far in the training at each mile after 16 and I think that's what pushed me!

    Have you entered many races as well as the Stratford ones? Kelly x

  • Wow a full marathon - I am in awe! I have entered my first marathon in October and at the moment am thinking that I will never be able to run that far! How long did it take you?

    I would love to get below 1 hr 45 as my next target and then work down from there. I think I can only dream of 1 hr 30 to 1 hr 40! Sunday did make me realise that I really need to do some proper, hard training rather than the pootling around Stratford with the odd set of intervals thrown in that I usually do.

    Are your legs ok now?


  • Hi Rach,

    It was quite hard work and it took me 4 hours and 48 minutes, so was not far from the very last lot of runners!

    Well done for entering in October, where are you doing it?  I honestly had doubts about doing Stratford, right upto the 2 days before it - because of my knee, but also, because I had only managed to train upto 16 miles and had to walk the last quarter of that, as I was on my last legs!

    However, on the day is completely different when your actually racing with so many people and the atmosphere as well.  After I got past 16, I just felt like I'm getting this far, so kept going.  I'm sure you will do it, no problem.  Especially with your 14 mile regular runs, that is a good foundation for the long distance.  Plus you have 5 months still left for your training don't you.

    I say I would love to do Tewkesbury in 1hr 30-40, but like I say, think this is wishful thinking. I aim to get hopefully at least 1hr 45 the same as you, so who knows, maybe we can do it... PMA!!

    My legs aren't too bad today, though my left knee is still a bit sore, usually when I'm bending down or going downstairs.  What about yours?

    I'm going to just get a few runs in before Tewkesbury, but probably only a few short ones and perhaps an 8 or 9 miler the weekend, what about you?

    Well, its really nice to talk to a fellow runner that is also more or less at the same level in terms of running our running capability and times.  If I don't speak to you before Tewkesbury, then GOOD LUCK!!  Maybe i'll see you at the finish line when we collect our medals for 1hr 35/40, hahaha!! xxx

  • Congratulations on your first marathon Kegz.

    I also finished the full marathon at Stratford, and it was my first marathon too. An amazing experience, even though I was a little disapointed with my time. I intended to run it all, but failed after aboput nineteen miles, and slowed to a walk.

    I am also due to run at Tewkesbury next weekend.

    I haven't run  at all since Stratford, but will go out tomorrow (Sunday) for 8 miles or so, and probably do a couple of six milers in the week (if the wheels don't fall off after sunday). I was really surprised how quickly my legs appear to have recovered after a marathon. i guess I'll know how well recovered they really are after my sunday run.

    Having enjoyed Stratford, I'm already eyeing up another marathon: probably Wolverhampton in September. I'm also in the ballot for Brighton next April.

    Are you thinking of doing a second one? If so where and when? 

  • Hi Dave,

    Well done on completing your first marathon... I don't think time is much of an issue in a marathon, especially your first.  I think it's mostly about getting to the finish line.  I was only worried about finishing myself.

    I haven't run myself since Stratford and was too going to go out tomorrow for an 8 miler and just fit a couple of shorter one's in, in the week.  My legs wasn't too bad, but I have a niggling knee from the Stratford training, which seem OK now, but may play up again during training.

    Looking forward to Tewkesbury, I did this last year and it was a great event.  Not sure about another marathon just yet, but wouldn't rule it out completely, haha.  I have to commend you for wanting to do another one so soon.

    I haven't got any plans to do any more races after Tewkesbury, though I was thinking about the Birmingham Half in October.

    Have you done any half's before and do you have a time you would like to do it in for Tewkesbury?

  • Although I targeted 8 miles today, I only managed six miles this morning, and returned home to a good stretching session as my left ITB was a litte sore.

    I ran the Birmingham half last year, and will probably do it again this year. I would recommnd it as I really enjoyed it.,

    My target for Tewkesbury is sub 2 hours. That may be a bit of a stretch if my ITB is sore, but I also have an 8 mile multi-terrain the weekend after so I need to be sensible.

    I have also been looking at adding some extra parts to my training, and need to work on my core strength. After the next two weekends, I will sit down and build a new training programme.

    Good luck at Tewkesbury.

  • Good luck to all who go in for Tewkesbury next weekend. I am pretty new to all this running lark and started with Plymouth, Bristol and Birmingham Halves last year. I am coming up from Cornwall in the day to take part although training hasn't gone to well so far. Aiming for about 2"20 but not going to put myself at risk.

    Heard Tewkesbury is quite flat hence the reason for choosing this one.

    Any info on this run would be much appreciated.

    Nick image

  • Hi everyone! Just back from Hereford Half today and want to enter this one, but can't find the details! have been directed to 209 events, no joy, been to Tewkesbury council website- can only find details of old races-???? is it me??? Probably!image
  • Entry in advance by post only.

     I would suggest you try the contact numbers and chat to the organiser.

    Good luck! 

  • Best way to improve and train is to join a running club of repute. Learn and train with others more experienced and qualified. I ran Hereford Half today 15.5.11 too. Got PB but do not recommend it, running alongside busy traffic was really dangerous. I would like to do Tewkesbury but if it's not promoted and not advertised then i'll find something else that is.
  • Hi, has anyone recvd their race pack yet?  I haven't and the dates fast approaching (!).

  • Im going solo, is there places to store bags etc?
  • Hi Kegz sorry not replied before - yes I'll see you at the finish line! If I can get to around 1 hr 45 I am going to be thrilled but really anything below 1 hr 47 will be good as I just want to beat my PB rather than keep moving further away from it!

    Sarah I got my race pack through on Saturday. I entered last Monday.

     Jason D - I entered through this site. The race could really do with its own website couldn't it?


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