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  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭

    Well done Ms Muddy Paws.

    Most of us seem to be trying to get from around 55mins. It's quite a big ask. That's a minute a mile faster, nearly 10% faster. 8min miles!

    I can do 8 min miles but on the flat and only for 2/3 miles. image

  • This link shows my splits from yesterday... You can see where I lost it a bit mid race and I also forgot to stop my watch at the finish !


  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭

    I recon if you had started at 8:45 minute miles you would have got round in under 54mins. Those first two miles were very fast, then you hit the incline.

    My 13mile run yesterday was terrible. Normally I'll do it in 2:15, yesterday I stopped to walk about 5 times even though I was running slower than usual. It took 2:24, not a great problem, at least I got out. 2 weeks to my half and 4 to my next 10k.

  • Congratulations Muddypaws.

    You are like me you start fast slow down in the middle and then speed up at the end.   I don't realise I am running so fast at the start I just get carried along by the crowd. 

    I think I will do a parkrun this weekend in preparation for the Mersey Tunnel 10k on 12 June.  I find that I run faster at a parkrun than I do if I am just doing a fast 5k on my own.

  • Hi everyone.. first post on here...

    Started running about 4 weeks ago and have managed to clock a PB of 57:28 for 10k, so I best stick myself in this thread to get under 50:00 by year end....

    I managed a 5k run at my local track in 25:37 on Friday, so going to aim for sub 20:00 this year wuth a lot of training!!!!

    Will do a proper intro in the proper place in a bit, but for now - Hello!

  • Hi Deva Duck,

    I must admit I realised I was going too fast to start with..... I made the mistake of trying to keep up with someone rather than running my own race. This really has taught me the importance of pacing......

    My next race is cross country so I don't think it is PB potential !

  • 55:14 this evening.... moving in the right direction!
  • Excellent Paul image
  • Thanks hare, was hard work but not uncomfortable so definite room for shaving time off.....
  • That's my problem I think, when I did my pb 52.02 I thought my lungs would burst out of my chest and it's a well known course for pbs.  I've not been under 53.40 since.  Must try harder!  Your pb for 5k is interesting as mine is 26.01 and trying to work on that but your 5 / 10k times compared with mine suggest my 5k has plenty of room for improvement.  Do you do parkrun?  I go most weeks, it's brill for a bit of friendly competition.  Can't make it this week though as we're on holiday.
  • Ah, as explained on the newbie thread my 5k was track, and 10k is road - and quite hilly / gradual climb in parts hence the disparity...

    Only been running 4 wks, so not tried Parkrun yet - will google it....
  • I am another fan of parkrun - there are loads around the country.  I have been to South Manchester and Liverpool Princes Park, both are good flat courses.

  • parkrun is brilliant, you will never regret taking part in it if you've got one near you
  • How's the training going folks?

     5 Miles last night (3 Mile tempo) and 4 Miles easy today for me.  Plus no alcohol for the next 4 weeks!



  • 3 mile tough off road run tonight, then off on hols for a week image
  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    Jude Yazicilar wrote (see)

    I'd like to join this thread too, please?

    Barry, thanks for your helpful hints especially about 'pushing' on every step.  I went for a run at the track this morning and got a PB for 10K of 55:25. (Previously my PB was 57:? which was the first 10K of a 15K race.)  This morning felt very fast to me and I can't imagine being able to run much faster (but obviously I'm still a long way off of 50mins.)  Hopefully, hearing what some of you guys are doing in your training may help!

    Jude (I'm a girl)

    hiya jude!! fancy seeing you hereimage...me too, im gunning for the sub 50 as you well know. i did 5.5 mile last night in 50mins-so close!!- so just need 0.7mile crammed into that time....image
  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭

    Shoes! 'kin shoes.

    Tried various pairs in February with the idea of getting a new pair for my birthday in May. Found some Brooks Defyance 4s.

    By the start of May my toes are coming out of the sides of my shoes, I'm in desperate need of a new pair. 

    Could I find any? Original shop no joy. Found one site that had my size (7 2E) and ordered them. They cancelled order as they didn't have any after all and couldn't get any.

    OK. I'll go for the Asic Gel Nimbus instead, everywhere seems to have them. 3 real shops nothing in my size, no deliveries due for a few weeks. Found a site that had my size. They also cancelled my order - none in stock.

    A pair were dispatched yesterday and are in the Royal Mail postage system as I type.

    Next Race, Half Marathon next Sunday - Don't want to do Friday's planned 8 mile off road session (assuming they arrive) or Sunday's 13mile long run in them in case they're no good.

    Decisions, decisions.....

  • Interesting club session last night, aimed at increasing our cadence.... Two of the hardest miles I have ever run !

    This included the ladder running thing that you see footballers doing as wells a "knees up mother brown" style running !
  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭

    I'm quite lucky that my natural cadence is about 88. I just have to concentrate on lifting my heels up to keep my stride length up.

    I also need to concentrate of lifting my knees up on hills otherwise my stride length drops dramatically. I'm not sure when you would need to lift your knees up other than on hills.

  • Hi LLB - not surprised to find you here!image

    Hope everybody's training is going well.

    I've been thinking that a really need a garmin if I'm going to get faster times at 10K or further.  Or I will have to do all my training at the track where each lap needs to be below 2:10 if I want to get under 55 minutes.  (Hope my calculations are correct.) Can't get close if I'm running anywhere else because I can't trust my pace.  My birthday is coming up so maybe I'll treat myself?

    My next race is a 9K, 26 June, but it will be very hilly and I'll be running with my hubby (a beginner) so don't expect my time will be great.  (It will be a PB though because I've never run a 9K before.) Plus it will be hot (I live in Turkey and the race starts at 10am.)

    Anyway, happy running!

  • What does cadence mean, Tim?
  • Hi I am in ... my best 10k was 51.17 and I just cant seem to crack the 50 minsimage  so any tips I can pick up... I have been close to beating my pb by 18 seconds and thats so frustrating.

    Jude - cadence means the number of times your feet touch the ground when running.

  • welcome trendy, what training are you doing at the moment?

     Jude, I love my garmin... can't recommend it highly enough!  Also found this brief overview of cadence and why you might want to improve it. Will have to find out what mine is now!

     Good luck with the shoes Tim. image

  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭

    Yes, Cadence is defined as the number of paces in a minute. 2 steps to a pace. A cadence of 88 is equal to 176 steps. The ideal cadence is thought to be 90.

    I've got a Garmin FR60. You can pick up a bundle with HRM and Footpod for less than £60 if you look around. The GPS was a bit OTT for what I need.

  • Love my Garmin - I am a proper statto now
  • Hi Everyone,

    Just joined the forum a few days ago and love this thread so wanted to join in.

    Well done everyone in there efforts so far.

    I to am aiming for a sub 50 min 10k this year.My PB is 51.12 but that was on fairly easy downhill and undulating course. My other times in a more hilly 10k was 53.47 .

    Just completed my secondmarathon 2 weeks ago and am keeping up with my endurance runs as well as the shorter faster speedy sessions.

    Really need to get back to my local h parkrun. Have not been in ages and they are great for gettting your time down.

    I have a half marathon scheduled for September and 10k in October and November.So watch this space for gettin a sub 50.

    Nice to meet you all

    Happy running


  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭

    Shoes arrived. Yay. I just did 4 on the road to try them out. Bit bouncy and there's more tread on them than my old ones image

    Just for fun here's my Garmin log 4 Mile

    I think the downhill and uphill bits are fairly obvious!

  • Looks quite quick TimR !

    I went for a 5 mile run last night thinking this may loosen my legs up a bit after Thursdays club session.... I was wrong and have only made them ache more... Day off today before LSR tomorrow. Looking forward to getting out on the South Downs again, I haven't been up there for nearly two weeks now and start to miss it (even the uphill bits!)
  • Hope the shoes are ok Tim - I have used Asics Gel Nimbus for a few years but after a gait analysis at my local running shop moved to Brooks Defeyance.  Both shoes seem to suit me so will probably chop and change, depending on which I can find cheaper on the internet.

    Did a parkrun this morning - 27mins.  Not a pb and my legs felt like jelly, I am not a hot weather runner.  Started fast, dipped in the middle and sped up again in the last km, same old story for me.  I need to try and sustain the good pace all the way through.

  • Changed route for a less hilly 10k tonight and scored new PB of 52:00....

    went off too quick and paid for it in the middle section, but managed to come back pretty strongly and finished withmy fastest km.......

     very pleased!

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