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  • Well done Paul!  That's a great time.  No running for me since a very slow 9 miles on Sunday.  Too busy and too hot unfortunately!  Feel frustrated when I can't run. image 
  • Heading out for my first 10k race tonight.

    I went over on my ankle on Friday past, and I haven't been out since, so I'm hoping everything goes smoothly later.

    Will keep you posted with how it went.
  • Just home from that 10k race, and finished in 47.32. image

    Absolutely over the moon with it. Never thought I was capable of it right now, so delighted. I used different (probably a lot more experienced runners) for pacing the whole way through, and it helped a lot.

    Being my first race it's also great to feel the buzz of the local running community, and this has definitely wet my appetite for more.

    Keep up the the good work folks.

  • Wow that is great ! You must be absolutely thrilled image
  • NFG - Very well done!  You'll have to start another new thread.image
  • Congratulations NFGimage
  • Awesome time NFG! Got to be sub 45min next...
  • Well done NFG, totally destroyed the 50 min target !
  • Thanks guys, appreciate the congrats.

    As for the 'sub 45 minute thread'...I think I'll be hanging around on this one for a bit longer, I pushed myself to the absolute limit last night and am really feeling it today (actually feel a bit ill). Think it will be a while before I am able to shave much more off that time.

    Thanks again folks


  • it's all gone very quiet here.... has NFG scared everyone away with his stonking time !? image

     I'm doing a 10k on Sunday, feeling ready... can't wait to give it a go!  Will go for a very easy run tomorrow and then rest up for race day.

  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭

    Good luck Doctor.

    I have one Sunday after next. I did a sub 2hr half mara on Sunday so I'm not doing 10k specific training at the moment. Coupled with the fact it's a hilly trail race at the end of June I'm not hopeful for a sub 50min.

  • Cheers Tim!

     Good luck for your run too, let us know how you get on.  Sub 2hrs half marathon is good going though, well done on that.  That will be my next objective  (whether I manage anything good on Sunday or not) as I've got a half to train for in September.

     Bring it!

  • I ran a 5 mile on trails Wednesday night in 44:04 so I'm gradually reducing my time !

    The next attempt at a10k PB for me will be the brooks Brighton 10k in November, I have two half marathons between now and then that I'm currently training for (both on trails...)
  • Hi Guys-- going to jump on this thread as improved my best training 10k run this evening by quite a bit and think 10k is possible in 50 mins rather than sub-60 i was aiming for before. 

     Have done two 10k (garmin measured) runs so far and improved from 63 to 57.42

      SplitTime100:06:04200:05:48300:05:46400:05:45500:05:52600:05:45700:05:50800:05:53900:05:491000:05:06 Summary00:57:42

    Posting the splits from my Garmin (please tell if too much information!). Went for it on the last 1k but nearly had a heart attack towards the end.  So here's aiming to 50mins,  Happy Sunday evening one and all and have a great week of running. 

  • Well done Jamie.  Over 5 minutes is a big chunk off - great going!
  • Thanks Jude.  What is everyone's plan to beat 50 mins?

     Mine at the moment is to try and increase my mileage - I've done around 15 miles a week for the last three weeks which is a big improvement for me.  I can just about run 10k now but i try and kick too early and can't sustain it.

     I plan to do some Fartlek style 5k training with sprinting to increase my speed work and I am going to be doing the parkrun also to help with speed.

     Also plan to enter a race in July to help give me something to aim towards. 

  • Morning Jamie - well done on the 10k time so far.  I did the Mersey tunnel 10k last week in 56 mins and 25 secs but have a pb of 53 mins 57secs.  So am in a similar position timewise.

    I have the endurance now running one long run of 8 miles, one easy run of 5 miles and one tempo run of 5k per week (at a parkrun usually if I can fit it in).  I have been following this pattern for a while and since Oct 2010 have reduced my time from 59 mins to just under 54 mins.  I am going to introduce some speedwork and interval training so will now be training 4 days a week from now on.  I am looking to join a club as well. 

    My next race is in September but I am also looking at one in August which looks a potential pb course from previous reviews.

    In addition I think I need to try harder in races - I don't think i pushed myself enough in the tunnel run and in my last 5k race on Sunday. 

  • Hey everyone,

    Did my 10k race yesterday....absolutely delighted with an official time of 47:56 !

     Here is my garmin if anyone is interested http://connect.garmin.com/activity/93357992

    Completely destroyed my PB!

  • Well done DrFeelGood - looks like you paced it well and had enough in the bank to step it up for the last mile.

     Great result indeed! You will need a quicker thread now!

     Deva Duck - sounds like you have the right approach.  My main problem is trying to go to quickly and burning out but getting a Garmin really helped my control this.  Strangely my most recent 10k training PB had my lowest average heart rate (142) but i really felt i couldn't do anymore at the end. 

  • I haven't posted in this thread before, but have been following it with interest, because having recently acheived my first sub 25 min 5k, I'm looking at a sub 50 min 10k as my next taget.

    It's not going to be easy, though. I've recently been getting close to 52 mins, and then on Saturday I was back to 54+ (for the same route!).

    I know it's stating the obvious, but to achieve this target, I'm going to have to average 5 min kilometers, and I find it very hard to get indivual kms down to 5 mins over the course of a 10k run.

    Well done to all those who have done it. It's going to take me a little while longer, so keep the thread going, chaps!!!

  • Ok - so trying to bring some organisation and structure to the thread to help people see there goals and how far they are away.  Pls let me know if his is a bit presumptuous or if you don't want to be included on the table.  Hopefully i've recorded all correctly and not missed anyone out.  Please let me know if it is wrong. 

    EDIT - can't cut and paste the table very well! Any idea's?

  • yuck - anyone know how to insert excel table properly??
  • oops - whats happened to the layout?

    Good thinking though JRimage

  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭

    I would be wary of doing 10k trials every week, I did that last year and didn't improve my time at all. The idea for training is to make sure you are fit enough to do the next session.

    In his Training for the Right Distance thread Moraghan suggests the following structure:

    For 10k, 28 miles:

    Long:  8m easy
    Q1:  2m easy + 2m quality + 0.5m easy
    Q2:  2m easy + 3m quality + 0.5m easy
    Easy:  6m
    Easy: 4m

    The long 8mile run easy will be getting you used to running 10k distance and above.

    As I've been mainly traing for a half marathon my Q1 and Q2 sessions have been 8miles long with 3mile easy, 3mile Quality at HMP and 2mile warm down. This has really improved my half marathon approach.

  • Cheers Jamierunner.  Good luck everyone.

    And I agree with TimR, Sandy.  You need to get out of the mindset of racing all your training... pick a target race and train towards that you want to peak at that time.  I rarely got anywhere near that race pace in training for the full 10k.

  • TimR - that thread is a really good read - some very good advice on there
  • Wow, that's really interesting stuff - thanks!

    I'm relatively new to running (about 3 years now), and I do it for several reasons, one of which is that I enjoy it. I just really love getting out there on my own, and having some "me" time.

    So I've never really been all that motivated by improving my times. However, I had assumed that by running 10k regualrly, my time would keep improving (to a point, of course!). It has worked to an extent, as I've improved from around 58 mins to a pb of just over 52, but it would seem that, if I just carry on doing what I'm doing, I've probably plateaued.

    The advice here seems to be that if I really did want to get to a sub 50 min 10k, I'm going to have to vary my training routine.

    It's worth thinking about, of course, but I love doing what I'm doing. Anyway, if I get bored and I'm looking for another running challenge, I'll know where to start looking.

    Cheers all!

  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭

    Sandy, that's fine.

    Your body will just be adapting to what you are doing. So running 3 lots of 10k every week at a certain pace will mean that you get very good at running 10k at that pace. The improvements you have seen are just your body adapting to that. It's not easy to just up the pace for the whole 10k.

    If you're happy with the 10k route you run then maybe run every other mile at a slightly faster pace, going back to the initial pace for the next mile, or just pick up the pace for the middle 2-3 miles.

    However if you are racing a 10k, ideally you should be doing at least one long run a week of 12k. So that you are not getting to the maximum distance that you run at the end of a race when you need that little bit extra.

  • Cheers, Tim. Might well give that a go.

    Also, is it worth trying to incorporate fartleks within a 10k run?

  • I have just been looking at the mcmillan running website which gives you an idea of the pace we should been running our different types of runs to achieve a 50 min 10k.  There is a link in the training for the right distance thread but here it is again if you want to have a look.


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