Started 8 wk beginner's schedule today



  • Hi guys,

    How are your nipples Iain? Sounds painful! 

    Yeah I was thinking about aiming for a 10K next year, so that sounds a possibility! Nice and local too. Infact that's Norfolklass' territory so maybe we could get her to come along too? And yes you are evil for not telling us your job!

    Snails, "sit, shower and use the gym" -  try saying that fast! LOL! imageSorry. Poor you, you must feel so annoyed at not being able to run. Really hoping that you'll be on the mend soon. 

    Ooh I got my Nike+ sportsband yesterday. I've got as far as charging it up and have had a look at the website where you can upload all the data, but I think I just need to get out there and try and figure it all out whilst actually trying to use it. 

    I also treated myself to a long sleeve More Mile thermal running top inhot pink (!)  from an ebay seller. Who by mistake sent me two!! I'm waiting to see whether they notice and ask me to return one of them. Is that a bit naughty of me not to tell them?

    Going to try to get out tomorrow for a daytime run round the park. 

    Catch up soon! xxx image

  • Thermal running top?  So is that designed to be worn as a single layer - but still keeps you warm?  How did you find it, if you've used it yet?  I believe I've found the exact same thing on Amazon (but in black) for £14.99 - how much did you get it for on ebay?

    What would you guys recommend for winter running (when this idiotic knee gets better, that is)?  A thermal running top, or two or three layers including a long sleeve running top?

  • Hi Roadrunner, funny you should ask about the new top. I went out first thing this morning for a run, but just felt awful and had to give up and come home. Not sure whether it was tiredness (daughter not sleeping well), dehydration, hunger or low grade virus I seemed to have had for ages, but I just had no energy at all. It was really cold when I left the house and my new top was good then, but after running for 5 mins it felt too hot and sweaty and a bit claustrophic, so I think I will go back to my wicking T-shirt and wear this over it to start with, then tie it round my waist. It is a lovely top and fits perfectly. It;s nice and long and the sleeves are long too, to cover your hands.  I think you found the one, mine was £14.99. It does feel really good quality. The fabric is fleecy on the inside. Nice just for wearing in cold weather when not running!

  • Hello, hope you're not all frozen - pretty chilly in Norfolk today! I set out for a run this morning but didn't get very far: both shins were pretty painful so I decided not to push it, came home and curled up on the sofa for half an hour instead. Slightly disappointing, but on Saturday I went out for my first run since the half and did 10k in my quickest time yet - 1:04:03 - so maybe I overdid it a bit. Will try again on Thursday and see how my shins feel.

    Snails, have you changed your name??? I do find running with a drink quite tricky, when I got to the last stretch of the race I lobbed my bottle at my OH and asked him to carry it for me! (What's a DOM??) I think I can say with almost 100% certainty that I'll never run a marathon! My bonkers friend ran his coastal marathon on Saturday: 5.5 hours, upgraded from strenuous to severe and 5,500 feet total ascent. And his wife was doing the 8 mile Grim on the same day. Mad!!! So glad to read that knee-things are improving, are you allowed to try any gentle running yet? I hope that when you do it's pain-free and your knee doesn't cause you any more problems. I bet you're missing the running and I really hope you can get back to it asap.

    Roadrunner, how's your non-knee-related training going? Hope the anti-inflammatories are doing their job. Good luck with the soft surfaces, I hope they're nice and even - the last thing you need is to sprain an ankle!

    Iain, I'd completely forgotten about that 10k round Trowse, count me in! I watched the course video - some of it is my weekend route, although I run all the way round Whitlingham. Interesting to find out where the road opposite the visitor's centre goes, I wandered up there the other day but didn't know where it went! I'll definitely have a go at the parkrun soon, but want to make sure my shins are OK first. Although we had a conversation about work acronyms I have absolutely no idea what you do! Good to read that your running is almost completely problem free, apart from the 'upper body' issues - ouch!

    Cheetah, more fantastic running and speediness and improving! And new kit - whoop! (And thanks for the Mexican cat wave!) How are you finding your new trail shoes? I definitely want to get some for the winter, are they mostly for off-road or are they good for frosty pavements too? Great progress on the driving too, I think you can probably find hazard perception videos somewhere to practice on. I can sympathise with the trousers/tights falling down thing after nearly revealing myself to the crowds - I can't run in anything that doesn't have a drawstring!!!
  • continued...

    Minty, so glad you had such a lovely time at CP! Have you got your T-shirt ready for next Sunday? Hope you're not feeling too nervous?? You'll be fine, and having run 5k a few times now you have the confidence that you can do the distance. I'm still planning to come and cheer you and your mum on, and am keeping everything crossed for nice weather. (A negative split is running the second half faster than the first half - read that on here somewhere but I've never actually done it!) So we're all up for the Trowse 10k next Easter then? image Have you got the hang of your Nike band yet? We'll have to start calling you MintyTwoTops! And I just wanted to say thank you for starting this thread, I'm really glad I found it image

    RUTH and Beccy, hope your running is still going well. Beccy: the jump to 20mins no walking seems massive but you can do it! And you'll be SO pleased with yourself afterwards image

    Right. Too much typing, not enough coffee! Night all, happy running and resting x
  • Hi everyone,

    It is still me - i'm just being festive... and Toby will have a Santa hat soon too image

    DOMs is delayed onset muscle soreness - usually a few days or so after running or whatever.... i had never heard of it until i saw it being talked about on the forum and had to google it.

    Still no running yet... small area of bursitis remains - as i keep saying 'maybe next week'...x

  • Wow, so much happened while I looked away.

     I managed the 20 mins last week, and whilst I kept a slow pace all the way managed to keep those feet moving. Since then I've done a couple of longer runs but with one or two walk breaks in them. Last night's 25 mins on the treadmill (with a 2 min break) felt tough so having a couple of days break. Hope to do a longer outside run at the weekend.

    Registered for parkrun over the weekend, so hoping I will be on track for a 5k in the new year.

    Having walked along the coastal path in the south west I can definitely see why running a marathon along would be bonkers. 12-13 miles walking was about my max for a day (although I did walk for 2 weeks with a back pack!). The ascents are crazy - I climbed the equivalent of the height of Everst over the 2 weeks.  

  • Spoke to the physio yesterday because my knee is still stiff.

    Having compared my legs together he says there is some swelling but its above the knee cap which is uncommon, so thinks i may have torn/popped a couple of capillaries which has caused a fluid build up.
    Nothing to worry about, just to drop my training down by 50% for a few sessions, use ice packs frequently during the day and wait for it to clear up. If it gets any worse then stop training and go see him again.

    I've put a knee support on to give slight compression during the day to help shift the fluid and try to prevent it building up again.

    It doesn't hurt at all, just stiffens up gradually during the day, especially if i'm on my feet for long periods.
    The only time it's slightly uncomfortable is if I squat right down and bend the knee almost to its full extent, then I feel a mild ache in and around the knee.

    Snails, i'm sure you'll be able to start back with a few short gentle runs soon.

    Norfolklass, see you at the Trowse 10k in the spring! (unless you come down for the parkrun before then)

    Road runner, healing vibes are in the air.

    Happy running people

  • Well, I went for a long walk today and my knee only started playing up towards the end of that - which is a big improvement over being unable to walk to the post office without it playing up. image  One week left before I'm supposed to be able to start running again, but I will of course be using my judgement - it's about how my knee feels, not how many pills are left in the box (anti-inflammatories).
  • There we go, I now have a festive name too! image

    Is anyone else struggling to find the motivation to leave their nice cosy radiators in this weather? My runs are getting later and later as I'm having to psych myself up for longer. I had to bribe myself with new boots last night!

    I ran 10.82 miles last night as it was long run night - although for the first time I had to put a toilet break in around 6 miles - luckily I was doing laps not to far from home for the first part so just changed my route a bit! I stopped the Garmin for that bit so it didn't catch on. image I averaged 10:11m/m and ran for 01:50:07, no wonder me blimmin knees are killing me today! Hopefully they'll be OK for the running club tomorrow. I did 7 miles on Sunday too, despite going out for lunch with my parents and being stuffed full of carvery!

    Iain - hope the nipples are better! I'm civil service too, but starting to wonder if you are actually SECRET service. That's it - IAIN IS A SPY!!!!!

    Hi Minty, it's nearly your race now isn't it? Best of luck with it! I just wear normal long sleeved running tops, I think I'd be too hot in thermal ones (I've only just abandoned the shorts!) Hope you've worked out the Nike sportsband thingy!

    Norfolklass - your legs will still be recovering from your race - maybe try to go slower for a week or two? I should take my own advice here, but it's too cold to go slower haha! Hope your shins are feeling better than my knees!

    Knee vibes being sent to Smails, Roadrunner and Iain!

    Great going on the 20mins Beccy, and good luck with the weekend run. I wish my nearest parkrun was a bit, ummm...nearer, as I'd love to have a go.

    That's it from me tonight - I'm resting my knees tonight and planning to spend the rest of it refreshing the tracking page for my boots to see if they've got any nearer to my feet yet! image

    Happy running xxx

  • Hmm, not sure about the new name but it was the only thing I could think of that had lass in it!

    Snails, loving Toby's santa hat! A friend of my previous boss used to dress her cat and dog up in festive stuff, photograph them and turn them into christmas cards. My favourite was her great big ginger tom cat wearing reindeer antlers, I'd never seen a cat look embarrassed before! I'm pretty sure that if I tried to get our cat to wear antlers or a hat it wouldn't end well! How's your knee doing, still improving I hope. Thanks for the info about DOM, I'm about to go out for a run after not making it out of bed in time yesterday morning, so fingers crossed my shins are a bit less painful. How's the weather with you?? It's been looking pretty snowy and cold and windy over there, good job you changed your name!

    Beccy, really well done on the 20mins - I remember feeling so pleased when I'd managed that - and the two longer runs. Be careful not to overdo it though, you don't want to end up with any injuries. I keep reading that the rest days are as important as the running days because your body needs time off to heal and adapt to the new stresses, so take care.

    Iain, how's the knee holding up? Will the capillaries heal or will that knee be prone to swelling now? I've noticed that there's a lot of compression running kit around, is it worth trying running in compression leggings? I'm about to head out for a run round the Trowse route so I'll let you know if there are any evil hills. I'm really looking forward to running a new route. As much as I love running round Whitlingham, seeing the seasons change and watching the wildlife, I think I know every tree and stone along the path!

    Roadrunner, so glad to read your knee is improving. I hope the return to running goes well for you next week.

    Cheetah, YES! When I went out on Monday morning it was horrible, so so freezing cold. I was OK while I was walking but I had to stop for my Garmin to find the stupid satellites and I went from reasonably warm to frozen right through in about 30 seconds. Brilliant distances and times again, you chose your running name well! But most important of all: have your boots arrived yet?!?

    Minty, how are you? And how are your energy levels? I hope you get a good night's sleep tomorrow. I had a look at the race course and it sounds lovely, especially the bit along the Bure valley railway. OH and I have walked around Coltishall along the river which eventually ends up at Buxton mill, it's so pretty and there are some seriously lovely (massive and expensive!) houses. Are you feeling nervous at all or just looking forward to it? See you on Sunday!

    OK, I can't put it off any longer. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, I need to get out there otherwise it'll be dark soon!
  • wotcha peeps,

    Knee is getting back to normal again, swelling pretty much disappeared with only slight stiffness when fully flexed back.
    Spent 30 mins on exercise bike on Wednesday, and did a short run yesterday on the treadmill.
    I had planned a 3 mile run, but binned it after 1 1/2 because my shorts kept rubbing and left me with chafing on the inner thigh.
    Same shorts I normally wear, so no reason to cause chafing this time.
    Other than that legs feel OK. I've been wearing a light support strap on the right knee to keep any swelling down, and prevent any more fluid building up. That and some ibuprofen 3 times a day seems to have done the trick.

    Parkrun tomorrow,  forecast is 1-4 c!

    Checked my nights roster today, turns out i'm on night shifts the same time as the Trowse 10k.
    It'll be a mad dash from work to the venue that morning!

  • Hello again, just back from running the Trowse 10k route. Hmm, it is a little bit hilly! The footpath that takes you up through Trowse to the road is all uphill. Once you get to Whitlingham Hall it's downhill again, with a fab view over the water. OK so it's not quite the Dorset coastal with 5,500 feet to climb but it was still hard work! Although I think I took the second lap too fast but it was just me and a bloke up there and I suddenly had an irrational moment of what if he runs after me and hits me over the head, so I sprinted past him and misjudged how far it was to the downhill bit!

    Have a great parkrun tomorrow Iain, glad the knee is behaving at last!
  • Have to do a quick post purely to say i am pmsl at Iains new name.... Norfolklass you'll be able to identify him at the Trowse 10K no problem - he'll be the one wearing sunglasses (and it probably p!$$ing down) and talking into his sleeve, image

    Edited to add in that his race number should be 007 (i do amuse myself!!!)

    I'll post properly over the weekend image

  • Another Parkrun done this morning, again not that fast but a reasonable 26 1/2 minutes.
    I really want to get back to running it under 25 Min's, but will take my time doing so as I don't want to over stress my knees.

    Thanks for the info about the course Norfolklass, useful to know about the hills in advance.

    Snails, don't you know that a good spy blends in with the background?
    No shades, inconspicuous (spelling!) clothing, no unusual numbers and definitely no talking into my sleeves!

  • Hi Everyone, you might have noticed that I have also changed my name to reflect my special pre-race diet. I have to say that it was a hard choice between that and Mintytwotops!image

    Has it really been a week since my last post??! That’s soo slack! It has been a busy week though with my evenings taken up with making nativity costumes and trying to finish various Christmas projects. I did get a couple of runs in though. After my disasterous Sunday morning attempt, I went out Monday night and did better, though still only about 25 mins. But Wednesday I did a full 5K, one of the routes I did before in 37 mins and this time did it in 34.55! Which I’m quite pleased about. I did deduct some time spent waiting to cross roads though, so that was really a few extra breaks but never mind! It still felt really hard, but was a nice surprise when I realised at the end what my time was! When will it start getting easier though?

    Still haven’t used the sportband as I’m waiting for a little pouch which you put the sensor in, and attach to your shoelaces. My DH thought he had ordered one, but after a few days, he checked and hadn’t, hence the delay. Doh!

    Tried on my charity T-shirt today and actually it isn’t as big as I thought (dammit) so no alterations really necessary.

    GKNLO (PMSL!image), looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Thanks so much for coming to cheer me on! You can’t miss me because I’m NUMBER ONE!! LOL! Yes am sort of looking forward to it, but will also be glad when it’s over. I’ve never done anything like this before so I’m just hoping it all goes to plan! I.e that I don’t go off to quickly etc. Or get lost, or my trousers fall down imageetc. Thanks for the info on the Trowse route, not liking the sound of that hill though! I wonder if I could ever run 10K! Can’t imagine it right now, but then I didn’t think I’d be doing 5K now. Think I definitely need something else to aim for though after tomorrow.  

    Secret Agent and Snow, PMSL at you two!image Hilarious! Well done on the park run today SA! Also loving Toby’s hat, Snow!

    TTCTBJ (also PMSLimage), I’m with you on struggling to get out in this cold weather, though I really like the idea of new boots incentives! God I can’t imagine running for nearly two hours!!

    Roadrunner, Beccy and RUTH, hope you guys are doing ok too!

    Well I’ve got people round tomorrow afternoon for a post-race mince pies and  (you guessed it) Baileys party image, but will check in with the update in the evening!

    And GKNLO I am SOO glad I started this thread too, and met you lot, you are all fab!image
  • Wish you and your mum lots of luck tomorrow MP&B, look forward to hearing how you enjoy it image

    (PS - just for the record, i'm soooo glad you started this thread too, you guys are great)image

    Promise to do a proper hello tomorrow x

  • Just back from cheering on Minty and her mum, or at least that was the plan! Stupid old car was having a bit of a moment this morning and took ages to start, too cold and damp apparently, grrr, plus Minty was so fast by the time I'd got there she'd already finished the race!

    Anyway, Minty, although it was brief it was lovely to meet you, and well done to you and your mum for doing the race and raising lots of money for such a good cause image See you soon at a parkrun?!? Hope you have a nice restful and relaxing afternoon x
  • Hi All,

    imagewell I did my first official race! Well a fun run actually, but it’s a start! All went ok, but a bit slow, 38mins I think. It felt hard too, think it was because it was mostly off road on muddyish paths and I’m much better on pavement and there were a few hills. Also I think I can deduct 1min due to a couple of points where we had to go up steep steps to the railway path and it got a bit congested. It was pretty though, went past fields full of horses galloping around, I think they were probably a bit excited at seeing all the runners! There were some good costumes too. I did get beaten by a compost bin though which doesn’t sound very good, does it? And as of yesterday my sponsorship total is now at £270 which I’m very pleased with!

    Mum did it too, in about 46 mins, which is really good considering she’s never done 5K before.

    Was lovely to meet you Norfolklass! Thanks so much for coming to see me. Again, sorry it was brief, but maybe we can meet up at the parkrun soon. image

    Pics to follow soon!

    I must try to start pushing myself again, and do a bit more mileage to try and get a bit faster. My diet hasn’t been great since Centreparcs and I’ve put on a few pounds so I’m wondering if that maybe doesn’t help. Planning on starting the diet again on Monday to get a couple of good weeks in before Christmas.

     Hope everyone else is having a nice weekend. xxxx

  • I wouldn't say my knee is improving in leaps and bounds - it still feels a bit strange.  Going running again by next week might be a little optimistic - but we'll see.  Still quite a lot of the course of anti inflammatories left.
  • Results are in! I actually did better than I thought! 152 out of 170 and 36:34. Woo hoo! And mum was about 44mins.image
  • YAY!! Well done MP&B and Mum.... that was brilliant. Glad you both enjoyed your day image

    Will post after physio tomorrow, cos i is a tired old Snail tonight imagexx

  • Thanks Snails! Hope you got a good night's sleep last night! xximage
  • Just checking to say I'm on track and managed 25 mins yesterday. And am now rocking a great bright pink jacket that I picked up in Sports Direct!
  • Hi everyone,

    Well done Becky on the 25 mins. I like Sports Direct too, and they have some good offers.

    MP&B - sounds like you ran a lovely course. You did a great time, you can now use that as your PB. I like the sound of running past the field of galloping horses, must have been beautiful. You have raised a fantastic amount for charity too. You must be so proud of yourself (and if not, we are all certainly proud of you).

    Roadrunner - it's such a pain (literally) when you can't run. Are you icing your knee as well? I've not taken the anti-inflammatories for a while now cos i've no pain, but i'm still not allowed to run - not until the New Year, cos the tendon is only around 80% healed, and if i run on it, it will flare up in a couple of weeks.

    GKNLO - Trowse 10K route sounds lovely. I did laugh at the bit were you sprinted past the 'axe-murderer' - it one thought to speed you up, lol. Weather here is wet and bitterly cold. We did have some snow last Thursday overnight, but it was away by Saturday thankfully. I'm not keen on venturing out in it.

    TTC2BJ - This is complex with all our noo names!! Hope your knees aren't achy anymore. I do that with my Garmin too - pause it so it doesn't know i've stopped. Glad its not just me.

    007 - Well done on the Parkrun. Glad your knee is improving well. --... ----.. .....-- .....--.--... (that was Morse code, which of course you use everyday)  just to say that you need to invest in Bodyglide or Vaseline methinks for your various body areas!!

    Happy running, imagex

  • I dread to think what this enforced break is doing to my fitness level.  Running is the only thing I've ever done where I've really been able to see improvements.  Sure, I can see some improvement with the resistance training, but building muscle, especially when your body isn't good at it (ectomorph) is a slow process whereas with running you can see that you can run further/faster/easier than you could before.

    And the other problem is I find any other cardio completely boring because they have to be done indoors (rowing for example).  I can't swim either, which is a pain - might learn at some point.  

  • I'm the same as you, worried about the length of time i've not run. I had lass than two weeks off running in August, before which i could keep going albeit slowly for an hour... it took me another 2 months after that to get back to the same level.

    I just hope i don't have to start back at the very beginning again.

  • Great so im called ruth now eh?Ha i guess i should have seen that one comeing,thanks all for changeing your names its gave me an excuse to do so too image

    i can officially confirm women are a lot tougher than men when it comes to the flu.i started feeling rough last monday and gave up my run half way thru and spent the rest of the week takeing it easy and doing the wifes head in with my constant whineing.

    im just back in from my 1st run since then,i done my 5k route with 2 walk stops(this week i should have done it with just 1 but i decided to put myself back a week since i missed a few days running)the last part was really hard it was a long downhill stretch but the wind was blowing hard against us.

    were both doing great with our breathing we no longer get out of breath but our legs really hurt and my ankles really hurt the next morning so bad i can hardly walk for a few mins (i need to invest in a pair of good running shoes i guess)

    minty well done on the 5k park run you inspired me to look into my local park run too i showed my wife the web page and she says we can enter when were doing our 5k route without any walk breaks so hopefully we will start soon.probs january with christmas and that comeing up.

     im so glad i got back out today after missing a week i was so tempted to not bother tho with the cold and it being canny late

    Thanks every one for the encouragement

  • Just had to say RUTG I'm LOL at your new name, genius! image

    Will proper reply to everyone tomorrow! xx

  • Well done on the running Mr & Mrs RUTGB  - of course we already knew women were stronger than men cos we only get a sniffle, whereas you guys get 'manflu' image We had a similar tale of woe from 007 (aka Secret Agent, aka Iain) earlier on in the year, but i remember him posting a pic of his special bottle of medicine - it was actually called 'manflu'. I think his wife had to endure similar whining too image
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