Lochaber Marathon 2012



  • Good Luck to all tomorrow - lets hope we all get the times we are looking far.
    I hope the weather holds and most importantly - ENJOY!! (That will come back and haunt me in the last 5-6 miles!!)
  • Thanks Goldeagle. Hope you are on the mend. 

    2 mile jog completed. A few niggles from my troublesome calf, and a few sniffles this morning - hopefully just mind games. Heading off to Fort William now to find a big screen to watch the Dandy Dons thump Hibs in the Scottish Cup Semi Final. 'Come on Ye Reds!'. When they win, it's going to be really hard to resist a beer. But I will....

  • Bit earier resisting that beer after that result then !!
  • Yes, football didn't go to plan but the run went well. 3'42 . Now for a beer!
  • Just back to Glasgow- so they came through with great weather as usual, I struggled a bit, and only ducked under 4:10 by 9 seconds- my worst time for this event so far..................on the plus side, I don't feel as bad as usual ( presumably because I just didn't push it- can't figure out why, though)
  • Anyone else think the course was long today ?

    My Garmin watch recorded it as 26:44, friends recorded it at 26.41. When I loaded it to mapmyrun, it said 26.37 as it does some jiggery-pockery with the data. I normally find my watch is short if anything, not long.

    They had a new start today as the shinty pitch was out of bounds as it had just been re-laid, so we started on a road at the side which I'm sure was longer ! Everyone's watches beeped well before the 1 mile sign ( about 30-45 secs ), thereafter it was fine ie always the same distance before the mile signs the wayches would beep, then at the end there was definitely more than 385 yards after the 26 mile sign. 

    I'm guessing they changed the start, but didn't re-measure and just kept all the mile markers at the "normal" positions - a bit disappointing if that is the case, as they advertise it as an accurately measured course ( which I believe it normally is )

    I reckon that at my speed it was about 2 minutes long, which is annoying !

    Any else have any views ?

  • Also just back to darkest South Lanarkshire - PB of 3.31 for me; conditions were excellent and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed my first non-large city marathon.  Excellent organisation and I did enjoy the tea and rolls in the hall afterwards.

    For the benefit of anyone reading this next year, can I also put in a mention of The Stables for pre-marathon pasta loading.  Having used a number of different search engines I had drawn a complete blank on Italian restuarants in Fort William.  Thankfully my eagle-eyed wife noticed a large sign for the Stables (good pasta and pizza) 400 yards from the High Street, uphill directly from the Tesco Metro.

  • This was my first marathon and I loved it. Great course, beautiful scenery and perfect weather. Plenty of water and energy drinks and kind people who cheered us on and offered us jelly babies on the way back. Marshalls very supportive.

    I wholeheartedly agree on The Stables restaurant. We had a lovely meal the night before and a very large bowl of pasta for me.

    I'm not sure of my official time yet. I had set my Garmin for 26.4 miles and it beeped before the finish line but I'm not sure if it's measured on the racing line and I wasn't keeping to that. I do know the ladies at the finish said the course clock was 2 minutes slow.

    Anyway, I'm so glad I chose this event as my first marathon. I would love to do it again if I'm able. Special thanks to Eric who ran along side me almost all the way and kept me sane and safe. I would not have finished in the time I did without him.

    Brilliant event. Hope I can come back next year.

  • Loved it. Yes, the last 0.2 miles went on a bit and I clocked 42.5k on my harming. Thanks Triciallit, if you hadn't encouraged me to go for it I wouldn't have made the start line!
  • I meant Garmin. Still in the pub and can't type very well.
  • Are the results up anywhere?

  • Angus, yes the course was long, my Garmin also measured 26.44, after the 26 marker it did seem to go on very long and thats where the extra came from i think.  Garmin was also beeping 0.1 mile before every marker, so i had a feeling it would end up 0.1 miles over but.......0.24 over???!!!!  Bit annoyed at that as in my case added another 2.5 mins on to time! Grrrrr.

    Still, i loved the event, very pretty course, fast, great marshalls thanks to all of them and also the lovely people handing jelly babies out on route. 

  • Adidas et al - slightly more than that because it is also 0.1 further coming back as well and also 3/100ths of a mile further still round the hairpin into the car park finish.  I have analysed the maps from the last four years and am sure that at my 7.29 pace it has added 1m 20 seconds. 

     An official time is however an official time and I also want to add that I really like this event and plan to return for a fifth year in succession.  I say well done to Lochaber AC and many thanks.  It is a great course with a great team managing it.

  • I think you might be right about course length.

    Garmin readings 2009-2011, 26.2, 26.23, 26.23

    This year 26.43 - but that doesn't really account for my extra 10 minutes, - I was going slow at the end, but not 50 minutes miles, so I guess it's down to my advanced age catching up on me!

  • Well done to all!
    1st time I have done this one.
    I agree with the course being longer I clocked 26.45 with my Garmin and 2 others in the club clocked .45 & .41
    It was out 0.1mile for every mile, I was trying to get under 3hrs for the 1st time and according to my maths with 1 mile to go I had 90 secs to spare as i was doing 6:50/mile, but the last mile went on and on!
    I got under 3hrs with a frantic last push finishing in 2:59:46, the last to cross under the 3hrs!!

    Thanks again to Lochaber AC, I have now moved from doing Edinburgh as my spring mara to Lochaber!!
  • Last 3 miles were a killer, especially the wee hill with about 0.5 mile to go.
    Loved the event, excellent organisation and after only eating gels and fruit pastels for 3 hours, the ham roll at the end was outstanding.

    3:39, disappointed to miss out on a sub 3.30, but still pleased.
  • Angus Kay's summary was spot on. In fact, everyone is spot on! My garmin had 26:47miles and a time of 3:36hrs, yet the race clock had an extra two minutes on there at 3:38hrs. So I've been timed at two minutes longer and for a longer distance!? Ouch! And as far as I'm aware I started my timer at the right marker. My last event was Berlin, so this was a very different and much more low key experience altogether but a nice route barring too many cars at times in both directions.

    Loved the young lad who must have been about 3 or 4 yrs old cheering everyone on and saying well done. Brilliant.

    Hope everyone is recovering well. I'm still having some real difficulty with stairs, up or down image
  • Not withstanding GPS not being that accurate at times, the course was long due to the altered start (from one of the organisers the night before) .

     Had an absolute mare but still a grand day out, congrats to everyone and thaks to all who asked if I was ok as I lazed by the roadsideimage

     Thanks too to the organisers.

    I'm saying never again but I said that the last 2 times..........

  • Don't see the results on the Lochaber AC website yet, but found them at the following :-


  • Photos are now up on myphotofinish.co.uk as well
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