Ironman Wales 2012



  • Excellent Pebble, i'll look forward to a bike/run positive split smack down image

  • so dilema today

    my pirate skin has started to give me a bit of chaffing round the bottom area.

    so have tried my pirate shorts and monaco, which seem to be fine.

    I'm sure I have agreed to lend my monaco to someone for IM Wales

    Does any one have a large /extra large monaco that they could lend to the perosn I have agreed to lend mine to?

  • i think you had said to Button Mushroom he could borrow it , but if i remember i think someone else also offered him one ( a monaco ) so maybe he can contact them . I'll give him a call Q

  • hi Q if u cannot lend me the monaco don't worry. Is there any Pirates out there that can lend me a monaco for Ironman Wales?

    Would be very much appreciated!


  • button mushroom - you have PM

  • You can borrow the pirate skin if you need


  • Just recieved an email with a link for race instructions on.Its all getting very real now!!
  • Bobby Nobby wrote (see)
    Just recieved an email with a link for race instructions on.Its all getting very real now!!



  • Have downloaded and read the race instructions

    feeling nervous, excited and a little trepidation!

    Which briefing are you guys going to? be the late one on Saturday for me.



  • I think il be going to the friday briefing as ive got time to kill that day before my parents head down on Saturday.
  • Just reading the instructions. Lots of cut-offs to respect, aren't there? Was planning to stay frosty on the bike to be in vaguely decent shape for the shuffle. Looking at the cut-offs I think I'll have to bin that plan and give the bike some clog, just so I can make the start the run! Oh bugger, bugger, bugger, bugger.

  • I agree.Those cut off times have made me worry now!
  • out of interest what are the cutoffs??  if I remember from last year, the swim was the standard 2:20 and the bike was 10:30 after race start.  even if you nip in close to the bike cut off it still leaves over 6hrs for the run which is plenty of time

  • FB, they ate Std IM cut-offs, 2.20 swim, 10.30 bike and 17.00 completion but there are some intermediate cut-offs on the bike:

    07:00 start
    14.45 Tenby start 2nd Lap (this will be the repeat of the Saundersfoot loop I guess)
    15:30 82.5 miles
    16.45 97 miles
    17.15 108 miles

    I think Tenby is at about 70 miles (could be wrong), so assuming someone takes 1:45 for the swim & T1 thats 06:00 to do 70 miles.

  • You're right about the cut-offs, Budhha, but there are a whole bunch of intermediate gates at 56, 82, 97 and 108 miles too. When I crunch the numbers it should be no worries, but it just creates another little psychological niggle. Just wibbling.

  • I dont think theyre's one at 56 miles is there?

  • No - you're right. Just checked and it's at 69 miles.

  • I remember now - there were also an intermediate bike cut-off last year as well, certainly for starting the 2nd loop from Tenby but I don't recall any for later stages of the 2nd lap.   I suspect the cut-offs at 97 and 108 miles (I think that's Narberth and Saundersfoot??) are because they need to reopen the roads around both those places.  

    certainly Wisemans Bridge locals will have been virtually cut off all day as there's one road in and one road out and that's closed for the race!   some of the WB locals got pissed with the closure last year and scattered some big rocks on the road as you descend into the place - at least 4 riders ended up in hospital as a result.   I hope for everyone's sake this year that doesn't happen again.

  • Hey guys,

    The cut-off times look sensible enough and as FB says it is mainly due to facilitating the road closure openings for athletes that most likely would lose cut-off at that point.

    I am having issues with training during the taper and I have not really done many hill repeats on the run. I am fairly confident about the bike with the HHH, Dragon's Wiggle Medio Fondo and most of the Alpe D'Huez Triathlon Bike on my belt (I had a lot of mechanicals and by the time I got to D'Huez I was finished)..

    Still, I am fairly excited about this. I only want to finish as this is my first IM. I am doing this particular event due to the Pirate's thread last year. My swim has gone from bad to worse and every event I have been slower image.

    I am in Tenby from Thursday the 13th in the afternoon and my family and myself are at Panorama ... very close to the Race Village and finish.

    I am looking forward to seeing you all down there very soon.

  • Popping in and reading back a bit through this thread.  Its close to anniversary time for me having done this last year.  Big well wishes to all the folks doing this, hoping the weather stays cool, the sea still, wind at your back and the spirits up throughout the race.  

    It was an absolutely awesome day last year, top5 life experience for me (Ok I must be very dull dude), had the family with me (wife + kids + parents), met some good people at the event (both pirate variety and international) and allllll the lokals I met were brilliant/enthusiastic/fun.

    Hokori I remember you coming onto last years thread prior to the race...amazing to see the year has 'run' its course and here we are, you entered, trained and are nearly there - good luck, you WILL do this.

    Go Slag, don't leave it till the end to walze in...what you went through last year was epic, tenting through that storm and finishing in the rain/ least that sets you up for knowing you have soooo much mental strength in the tank, this years should be a breeze.

    Joddly, drop off that sandbag at the need not carry it all the way roundimage

    Slower, BB, Bobby, SA and others I hope you all get the times you want.

  • Not long nowimage Good luck with the taper

    Really looking forward to supporting. I have booked my eldest into the Ironkids for Saturday afternoon.

  • Wish I was young enough to do the IronKids.  Was debating about asking the Race Organisers if I could do it.  The distances seem right up my street.  And I ain't joking image

  • I am having some problems at home with an aged cat which means that I may not make it to Wales after all.  Cat has deteriorated in past few weeks and is now in a position that I don't think he can be left alone, sadly.  I'm gutted as I really wanted to come and support.

  • Thanks for the nice message, Clear Link image.
    Here's hoping your cat makes a miraculous recovery, Mouse.

    Schmunks, there'd be nothing to be ashamed of in doing IronKids. It's not all about going longer and slower, you know? Wiser people than me have challenged us all to celebrate shorter and faster.... and it's sure to be competitive! Sooooo..... where do you reckon you'd finish? image

  • Thrashing around in water with a bunch of lycra-clad 10 year olds isn't necessarily a wise move...

  • Hello all, really looking to this and hoping the weather stay as lovely as it is at the moment!

    I'm working in transition in the morning but will be out supporting in the afternoon.


  • Swim session for me from 05:30 to 09:30, then supporting on the bike and run, but probably get sucked in to working on a feed station on the run.


    However, if you see some idiot swim/bike/running in a IM crew shirt, the excitement might have got too much for me,


    See you all on the beach!

  • im starting to get excited about this for you guys - you'll love it!

    without a doubt the best thing i've ever done!  

  • Are you coming to Tenby for the weekend Mr Z?

  • Thanks for the post clear link , lol ... I'll try not to wring out the full 17 hours worth this year image .

    So who else has been checking the web site all day waiting for the race numbers to be published ? . They did say it would be today didn't they ?.
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