VLM 2012 first timers???



  • Yes, thats what I think i'm going to do, somewhere near the victoria station.

     Thanks for the help image

  • Thanks again sarnie, very encouraging.

    So who's getting shin pain with all this training? I'm not talking "splints" just very tender if you knock them against anything?
  • Nope - no shin pain here. Sounds painful though - try some off-road running as a change from hard road sufaces? Are your shoes okay?
  • I am staying near the excel centre where we have to register , I am working Monday so straight back on the train on sunday !!!!!! Wont be able to walk which could be a problem as I am a PE Teacher !!!!
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @Badoo - you have my sympathies! I'm hoping to take the next day off as I'm not wanting to push it. At least you can proudly wear the medal around your neck - i'm sure the kids will be very envious!

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    hi all

    glad to hear everyones training is going well, despite the wind. must say, i chickened out of my run today cause of the weather.

    this week is a pull back week for me as ran 13 miles last week, so only 8 miles on my long run on saturday - a treat/ break! following long run is 15 miles which is pretty frightening.

    anyone got advice about an issue: i've got a niggley muscle pain on the inside of my calf muscle. i can't find a stretching excerise to deal with it and nit sure what to do, can't afford a sports massage or anything like that.....but don't want this niggle to become something bigger.
  • good evening you lovely people

    kaffeeg                                                                                                                                                                           is it a painful niggle i.e does it hurt when you run, walk, my weakness is my left calf and right hip and i always take ibuprofen tablets to take the inflammation down, and a rub called tigerbalm which is fantastic as it has a great warming effect for hours after, you should be able to get this from any good pharmacies, most lloyds sell it (its where i work) or if you ask they will be able to get it in the next day, if its just a tight muscle you could try sitting on the floor and place a rolling pin or something simular under the calf and slowly roll your calf back and forth to release any knots.

    i went to the gym this morning before work and i must say i really enjoyed it, watching the morning darkness turn to daylight, but i was starting to lag by 5 o clock, image

  • Badoo- cheers hun your comment about work the next day, i didn't even think about going to work monday, think i am gonna book the day off to recover cause i cant see myself getting around the dispensary without a zimmer frame or any of my elderly patients walking sticksimage
  • kaffeeg, I have a foam roller, bought it on Amazon and its fantastic for rolling out knots and aches, especially in my calves and hips. Hurts, but in a good way lol. Loads of instructional vids on youtube if you search for foam rollers there! Best bit of kit I own! X
  • Hi all

    Well I Have taken the monday and tuesday off after the BIG DAY  and I am never going to take my medal off !!!!! [ that's hoping all goes well ]


  • I've very lucky in that I work for myself, so home and I'm a very understanding boss so have given myself the Monday off for sure! Actually, my husband competed a 100M bike ride last year, and as a treat I took him to the Bath Thermae Spa for a swim & massage the next day. I'm *hoping* he takes the hints and books up for me too!

    Finished my week 1 schedule today. Bit of a rush to cram the 4 runs in - 3 runs in 3 days is not ideal but I do feel I've 'jump started' my body after the Christmas / New Year break! Was supposed to do 60 mins today (shortest 'Long Run' ever!) but I've entered a very scary / hilly / muddy race in just over 3 weeks time so my 60 minutes involved mud / trails / hills, MORE HILLS! but not much distance. Ah well - London is flat, isn't it??

    Pip - I think I may never take my medal off either. For about 3 days after my first half,  if i wasn't wearing my medal then one of my kids was!

    Kaffeeg - enjoy your 'short' long run as well!

    Hope everyone else's training is going well. I have a question that if there are any experienced runners / marathoners out there may be able to help. From week 3 my schedule seems to have a hill run on Saturday, and then the long run on Sunday. Later on the Saturday run is a Threshold run. Is this going to be too much for a first timer marathoner like me? Is the idea that you're doing your long run already tired to help you on the day?? I may well swap the sessions around so I'm not doing 2 'hard' sessions one day after the other!

  • HI

     Black and tabby you have worried me again now [ doesn't take much !] I am not doing any threshold runs [???] or anything like that.  My plan just tells me how many miles to run, which I am doing, can incoporate some sand dunes into my long run, but that's about it really, just road otherwise.  HELP !!! is anyone just running or should I be doing other things like tempo [ don't know what that is either ??]  I feel really ignorant about all these different types of runs that a lot of you are doing.


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hiya Pip,

    It depends on your training plans. I'm doing tempo, slow, recovery, intervals. It's all to build up my strength and all involve a different pace of running. Are you using the RW plan? or?

    Hills are always good for stamina building (or in my case: Motorway bridges)

  • Hi Emmy b

    Am doing Hal Higson Novice 1 done half marathons ok .  But back to basics for THE BIG ONE  did 7 miles last sunday going to do nine this sunday if poss.  Some of my routes are a bit up-hill, So not completely flat.  It says about cross training on saturday so thought might take my rusty bike out [ I ride as well and walk quite a bit] so do a fair amount of exercise.  But have nooooooooo idea what all these different types of runs are.  Running 3 times during the week then long run Sunday.  I am sticking to 9 min mile pace which seems ok at the moment, but may have to drop it done for the very,very long runs will just have to wait and see.image


  • Pip - don't panic - I think its just that this is a 'Get Better' plan (the 1st plan seemed to be run / walk all the way through).

    All of these terms have definite meanings, but I just take a Threshold run to be faster than a 'Steady' run, which in turn is faster than an 'Easy' run.  9MM pace - you're speedy! I think for a first marathon its just about getting used to the mileage / time running. If you do too much in one of your weekly sessions, you might be too knackered for your long run!!

  • evening everyone

    Black and Tabby - i don't very much about the training plan but when i am doing a long which is normally Saturday i always give myself off the Friday just so i am well rested for Saturday and Sunday is recovery day,  

    i'm planning on doing long run tomorrow not sure how far i'm gonna manage, will just plod and see how i do and use that as my marker on the long run, am hoping i can get to at least 10miles, and the weather is going to be perfect, no wind, or rain just cold

  • I have tried specific speed interval sessions previously and whilst they were enjoyable it did seem to reinforce the informed opinions of the likes of Hal Higdon that for beginners training for a first marathon it is too risky (from injury perspective). I've decided to go with the Higdon novice plan but I am adding a bit on the long runs and 1 or 2 of the mid week runs.

    In theory hills/intervals etc make loads of sense but my problem is my body isn't used to going much quicker than 10 min/mile pace and with 16 stone to carry round upping the pace is too risky.

    Day off today as brought forward my 12 mile long run to yesterday, just used my foam roller on my legs and ouch!
  • Sarnie and Suarez-7 - thanks. I think I'll move the sessions round then, as my first aim is to get the long runs in, get the distance up and FINISH the marathon - not worried at all about speed at the moment!

    Stiff legs from yesterday's HILLY run - guess it shows I was working hard!

    Suarez - happy rollering! 

    Sarnie - happy long run today!

  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    thanks sarnie and len for the advice - will look into it. i found a n excercise to stretch it out yesterday and wished i hadn't, still did my long run today and it's more sore now. where's me rolling pin!

    black and tabby - i work for myself too, trying to give myself the day off but not sure if it's possible! which is a good thing financially, but not so good on the mobility/ having the ability tmmake any sense front.

    pip - i think your training sounds fine. i'm not doing all the different types of training. i'm trying to do core training and some 'threshold' training, or at least my versions of those! i have some hills in my long runs, which i take really really slow. bascially, all i want to do is finish the marathon, all the technical running seems to help with strength and speed - the speed bit would be great, but it's not neccessaryily my goal. so depends what your aim is? anway, i wouldn't worry - as it says in my marathon book "every step is a step closer"
  • Hi

    thanks for all the brilliant advice, SUAREZ-7  we seem to be doing exactly the same, I too am just adding a bit on to the long runs, [following novice 1] long run tomorrow going to try 9 miles.

    Kaffeeg you have put my mind at rest ....... thanks image


  • evening you lovley people hope you are all wellimage

    well i managed 14.5 miles today, got to 13.5 and had to walk run the last half, so it seems im back up to pre xmas illness distance, am a lot slower though 11.30 min a mile but will stick at this pace as i am sure as runs get longer the faster i will get,  left calf is doing well and right hip is holding up, but i did take nurofen melts while out running and have been taking ibuprofen since returning,

    i have started to play around with pre run food and gels while running, had a bowl of pasta for last night dinner and porridge for breakfast and this seemed to doing the job, tried a gel while running and didn't get a sickly taste so it went down ok,  and once i got home i downed a goodness milk shake which gave back the energy within minutes you can feel the body come back to life, highly recommened as its full of all the nutrients you loose when running

    Pip good luck for your run tomorrow, hope it goes well for you,

  • hi all,i managed to get a 15 miler in the bank last weekend and a 10 miler in 8min 18sec average pace today, This is my first marathon but really wanna go sub 4 hour, am i mental????
  • Hi

    sarnie, hope your calf and hip stays ok...... def going to try the glass of milk. You and Jon both seem to be way ahead of me with your mileage...... well done I am sure you will both do brilliantly come the Big DayimageJon I dont think you are mental just very brave !! 

    looking forward to my run tomorrow at least the weather seems to have settled down ..... thank goodness ! 


  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    i'm injured......... image image
    going to see physio this week. my calf twinge has got really bad and can't run today, think i over did it. now panicing that i've torn a muscle and goging to be out for weeks. image heres hoping i'm exaggerating and it's just a knot or something minor. walking hurts now though.


    hope you all upright and running well!
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    @Kaffeeg - fingers crossed that it's something minor. Listen to the physio! image
  • Hope you are exaggerating Kaffeeg and that everything is ok soon!!!

    Phillipa - I'm doing a modified novice 2 and have just mapped out my long run for next Saturday (14 miles) which seems massive and is in fact a figure of 8 that covers the majority of two routes combined that I have used in the past for (shorter)long runs!!!

    Well done to those of you that have put some big numbers in this week, I'll use it as inspiration for what will be my first ever run over HM distance!!!
  • Kaffeeg- I was training for the Brighton marathon last year, developed shin splints, so I went to the physio. She told me to stop running for a bit. I ignored her and didn't make it to the start line. Listen to your physio. If she say, ease up on the running, try cycling as this will keep your fitness up.
  • oh no Kafeeg! I have a calf niggle too, going to do a lot of massage and stuff for a few days, see if that helps!
  • complete failure this week - either too dark too tired or too lazy. I did at least join a gym so
    had a small run Friday but really was rubbish - ankle played up as well .
    Up early tomorrow to see if running at gym before work works better than after!
  • Kaffeeg - fingers crossed its something minor / easily sorted out! As the other have said, I'll add my own nag - listen to what they say and DO IT! Better to make it to the start line slightly under trained, than not reach it at all!

    Sarnie - good to be experimenting with food / nutrition. I've tried gels before on half marathons, but just can't stomach them. I need to stock up on Shot Bloks - like eating cube of jelly, but all natural, veggie and yummy image have never tried For Goodness Shakes, but have heard good things about them. I usually have a big mug of hot chocolate when I get back from a run, which I always tell myself must be pretty similar??!!

    Jon - mad? I can't say, but if you're following a good schedule and listening to your body, who's to say what you can and can't do! Good luck!

    Phillipa - hope your run went well today!

    Suarez - yes, my first 14 miler will be my longest ever run. Mine isn't scheduled until week 8 though, so a bit longer to wait for me.

    Len - fingers crossed you can sort your niggle out.

    cregmallin - hope you feel better for your resting week - hoe the gym works out for you.

    Been swimming with the kids today. Well I've been bobbng up & down whilst they've been leaping about and going down water slides etc. Hopwefully that still counts as cross training??? Certainly my legs feel better and the stiffness from Friday has gone now.

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