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  • Ricky, no HRM for me I went through a phase of using but, now I know my paces (even ifnI don't stick to them). Good luck in your quest for a cracking marathon which are you running?

    Well last couple of days have been action packed, work was hectic on Thursday, but I got it all done, whilst managing an easy 6 and a quality 7. Then yesterday I forgot to run as I was having way to much fun with my kids, we went to tree runners tree top adventure park and had a great laugh used a very different muscle set! Today was a wonderful last longish run, 14M at sub-7s with my friend James (1:14:06 at reading) and we just chatted and let the miles pass us by, however on looking at the splits it started at 6:40 then quickly upped to 6:25s before a nippy 6:09 but at not stage did it feel hard. All done in 1:30. All run in race kit, loving the DS Racers ideal marathon shoe, the DS trainer socks were v. Comfy with no issues, the ASICS shorts are amazing, my fav bit of kit, and the new Hermes vest which is a little restrictive but should stop muscle vibration on race day.

    Now last week of taper where I get fat and go mad!
  • Lee - great that you are 3kg lighter, once you start your carb loading plan don't weigh yourself but do watch what you eat (as already mentioned) until you start this planimage! It is hard to believe this is last week of taper .....please don't go mad or get fat!

    Ricky - good to see you on here!

    Won't get back on here until Tuesday for any last minute questions.

  • sounds a great last run and the kit got a good testing. As Ruth says load but don't overload!
  • Nice 14 miler Lee, looking good for next weekend, hope you don't go too mad next week! I'm enjoying the reduced mileage and not feeling as knackered all the time. Got my vest too today do will probably wear it tomorrow if not too cold.

    See you next weekend, Colin.

  • Last club run last night and it felt easy and flowing it was good to out with Sean, just shootin' the breeze as we loped round buggy run A (or was it B?). Piers looked like a different man working hard up the hill with Sean at 7min/mile pace as I jogged up behind, losing 7kg really shows.

    Colin I'm looking forward to next weekend now, will be great to try out fresh legs for a change.

  • Lee - sounds like you are peaking at just the right time - have been following your thread and dipping in now and again (Sam's chicks are more my pace) - wanted to post a big good luck for the race this Sunday which i will watch on Eurosport - you've been a great ambassador for the sub 3 gang and i really do hope that your dreams come true on Sunday - enjoy the whole experience and have a great time - look forward to the report next Monday!!

    Steve - wanted to use this opportunity to say a big thankyou for all the help you have given me directly (in answering my own queries) and indirectly (in answering others) over this last 16 weeks - it has been a real pleasure to join you and Lee and Colin on this journey and i have learned so much so many thanks indeed - enjoy Paris and your own race in London

  • Oscarr, thank you for your kind words of support, I will take them with me on the course come Sunday and use them when needed.

    Today was the last real session of the training plan and it couldn't of gone any better: easy mile to start, that when I looked at the watch was 6:43 v. good news.  Then straight into 200s on the disused railway and they went swimmingly, 35s to a rep, except number 5 when I had to negotiate; a road crossing including one car, a courting couple, two kids on scooters, three dogs a sniffing and 4 ladies chatting...kind of the Easter equivilent of the 12 days of Christmas; this slowed the rep down to a 38s, still I managed a smile to all.  It was then onto the marathon paced mile and for the first time ever I realised the point of a jog recovery after the last rep!  The mile ended-up as 5:43 and if I'm honest I pushed a little too hard, but was enjoying it rather a lot.  I then took my foot off the gas for the final mile, until yet another hail shower started, so up went the pace and I was back in time to avoid the worst of the weather, thus keeping my lovely new DS Racers dry and clean.

    So far I am neither mad or fat , so all is well...still 5 days to go...

  • Lee : I think Oscarr has summed up all I want to say. Will be thinking of you all this Sunday. The very best and look forward to hearing all the detail next week!

    For anyone else doing Paris this weekend - hope all your dream PB happen!

    Steve- excellent job!

  • Thanks. Lee and Colin have done a great job in doing the training and writing it up and Ruth has given some great advice on all the threads. 

    Good luck in your races Oscarr

    A good final pace session Choisty no 5:43 miles on Sunday unless it's the last one! - now save the energy up for the marathon.

  • Steve, you are bang on and I hope to feel capable of a 5:4x last mile come Sunday, as that means things have gone to thoughts on pacing so far are; 6:12 (2:42:30 pace) through 10M then reassess, either slightly quicken to 6:08 - 6:10 if things are good, or soften to 6:15 - 6:18 if it feels too hard, keep this pace to 20M at which time I should be either at 2:03 or 2:05, then I can either push for 2:40 if everything is still going well (hence the 5:4x last mile!) or maintain pace to break 2:45.

    I would appreciate your initial thoughts on this strategy.  My normal race strategy is to go off too hard and try and hold on and I know this is a bad idea for Sunday! e.g. my 10M PB was set off 10:31 for the first two miles!

    Another part of the prep was completed last night, my race haircut...this is a big thing for me as my hair only recently grew back as I suffer from alopecia, so to have a full head of hair rather than something that looks like moths have been at it is rather pleasing.  However it is close cropped for speed and wicking purposes! But I will look better in the photos than at bootcamp!!!

    Still not fat, but I do feel the madness beginning

  • Lee, good luck at the weekend great prep and build up enjoy the race.

  • Thank you Sarah, on the 4miler today I checked all the flight systems and they seem A-OK, Psoas in rude health, nice long fluid stride and a smile on my face so the core work seems to have done it's job, thank you.

    Not fat, although my boss brought in a very scrummy home made pavlova, the madness seems to of abated a little!

  • Good luck on Sunday Choisty.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you as I continue my VLM taper!


  • Choisty

    provisionally schedule seems ok but need to make decision based on conditions and how you feel at weekend. Looks like could be wet and breezy.

    You can get away with running aggressively at the shorter distances but you cannot do so in the marathon.

    The key is to stay relaxed as you can for as you can - if you do then you find it easier to get through the stage from 18 mile onwards. if you reach 18 tired and slowing then the last 8 will almost certainly be excruciatingly painful.

    Analysing the vast majority of world records at distances from 5000m upwards they have been done with faster second halfs. It's probably easy for the elite to run that way than club runners but the principle remains.

    Reach halfway in control and then you can run a strong second half and have a better race experience.

    The interview I did with Paula R out today in AW I analysed all her marathons and she ran quicker second halfs in 3 of her 4 quickest marathons (the odd one being when she stopped!) plus one of her New York wins

  • Lee, all the best for Sunday. I'm sure you've got what it takes to reach your most optimistic target. Just don't get carried away early on - I know you know that, but the mind does funny things on race day and you can feel so good the prospect of it all going wrong seems inconceivable... so you push it a little more... I know, I've done it (I always do it! But I'm an idiot). Anyway, good luck mate.
  • Good luck for Sunday!
  • Hi Lee, all the best for Sunday.

    I hope you hit your target as it will be a reward not just for the last few months but also for all those freezing nights over the last 4 or 5 winters round the Estate.

    Looking forward to seeing more of you at the club as I've missed shouting at you. As I've always told you DON'T go off too fast.

    You have done all the work mate, now reap the rewards. Franny
  • Good luck on Sunday Lee, all your good training points to a great time. See you tomorrow!
  • Go for it Lee. You know you can obliterate our 2006 performance, both you and I are much better runners now! Behind you all the way image

  • Lee - last chance to wish you all the best for Sunday, have a great day
  • Thanks for all the good look messages it is really humbling to have so many people's thoughts. Blackers if you could just turn up at about mile 22 to help me through that darkest of hours like last time it would be much appreciated! Although I feel much better prepared this time

    I am now sat in the hotel room in Paris but it still doesn't seem that real, I think the expo tonight might do it.

    Yesterdays trip out was uneventful, loving the simplicity of the Eurostar. The kids are having fun with Nana and Grandad and 3 miles with strides was excellent, when I looked at the watch the strides were at 4:06 pace, quick, must avoid that at the start!

    Again thank you for your thoughts and best wishes.

    See you soon KR
  • On the eurostar now - weather looks ok for Sunday - yes don't run 4:06 mile at the start - not even on the strides!
  • Good luck for sunday Choisty, hope things go to plan. Us VLM racers will be jealous that you have got yours out of the way. My nerves are starting already and i've still got 8 days to go.
  • Good Luck Lee


  • All the best you have done so well in training and in supporting this thread. Have a great weekend and race, all the best.
  • we went out for 2 mile run and strides plus visit to Notre Dame. weather perfect and Choisty looking forward to marathon.
  • Have a great time guys and enjoy tomorrow.
  • Best of luck tomorrow Choisty, I hope conditions are favourable and you control the early pace to allow for a strong finish.  Based on your training you definitely have a quick time in you if you get the pacing and fueling right. Look forward to hearing the outcome.

    Steve MC - re earlier comments about HR vs pace or perceived effort - thanks for the reply, interesting to get your perspective and backs up my own musings.  I have a lot to learn.  1 even paced decent marathon out of 8 attempts is not a good record.

    Choisty - re your question on what marathon I'm doing, I'm not actually planning any marathons this year.  Had committed myself to working on shorter distance times until I felt ready to step back up again but not sure it's working for me and my mind often wanders back to the marathon - espesh at this time of year when the spring marathon hype reaches fever pitch!

  • Forgot to say, bit late in the day to be posting this and you may all be aware of it already but I think this is quite a useful resource for nutritional information:

    I always thought I followed quite a carb rich diet until I realised quite how much the recommended daily intake was!

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