Preston Guild Marathon



  • I've signed up for the Windmill half as well it will be interesting to see where I am in regards of fitness. Secretly hoping for under 2 hours (best half was a 2:02 was in 2007 and did have had a break from running after that), over the moon with 2:10 and will be pleased with getting round!

  • Signed up for all the Guild series at the start of the year and this will be my first marathon, I've previously run two halves Keswick and Royal Parks both in just over 2 hours so I'm aiming for anything under 4 and a half for this. Ran 36 miles last week including a 12 miler so training seems to be going OK although the balls of my feet were a bit painful so I've switched some of my training runs from road to beach. I've entered the Fleetwood half at the end of August to see where I'm at. Good luck with the training if you're having a go especially if its your first.

  • No worries Vixx

    Thanx to the guys with all the info on the windmill race, i am considering it. I think I did a run there once, it may of been a 10 mile one along the front there.

    Good luck on your first Mara S.Strider - It sounds like your training is on course, although not sure why your feet are in such pain, maybe you need more support. This will be only my third marathon but if the other two are anything to go by you will go through a mixture of emotions , but ultimately you will really enjoy it - esp when you finish the thing lol :P


  • Thanks SJPC14 funnily enough I was at Natterjack in Southport getting some new shoes at the weekend and they recommended a shoe with a bit more support so I'm wearing them in at the moment. I've also rediscovered home made flapjack and malt loaf which is keeping my energy levels up.Has anybody got any suggestions what training I'll need to do for the 10 mile race in November about 4 weeks after the marathon?

  • Hi everyone. This will be my 1st marathon. I'm not really a runner and kind of opened my mouth before thinking and agreed to run it!! I'm off to do a 10k tonight which isn't far but I have seen a massive improvement in my fitness. Does anyone having any top tips?

  • SS - The Hutton 10 is a good one. By then we all ought to be flying, getting the benefit of running 26.2 a month earlier. I can`t imagine I`ll have done a huge amount of specific training for it. The main thing is to recover (can take 3-4 weeks) and listen to your body. After my first marathon, I PBed at HM 3 weeks later but I still felt a little fatigued.

  • Vixx76 I think the time limit is 6 and a half hours.

    I'm really slow and planning on doing the half, so asked if there was a limit. They told me 6.5 hours for the full marathon, and no official limit for the half, although they would expect everyone to have finished in 4 hours (which is at least an hour over my target time).

  • I've never raced a 10 miler so it will be a PB whatever the time image

  • hello hannah bailey 2 - the best tips i can give you, is follow a training program, get our running even if its raining, if your feeling injured or strained do take a break as you don't want to miss the big day and make sure you include hills image - Good luck

    6.5 limit for the marathon you say Jane, well in that case Vixx i think even if you are feeling dead on your legs you can always walk to the finish in time. There are what 16 - 15 wks to go, your get round im sure image


  • SS - Yeah, a PB! I really like it as a distance as it feels like it`s long enough for you to get a proper race but you don`t have to go off like the clappers to get a decent time, which is how 5 and 10k feel to me. Hutton is a fast 2 lapper with a lot of really good racers.

  • Thanks Jane image

    SJPC14 - you'd think, but am planning Liverpool Mara, the Great Birmingham Run, then Preston Guild.... I am just hoping I have legs at the end of that! image

  • Busy then Vixx!

    I`ve started my plan! Couldn`t wait any longer so got cracking a couple of days before the 16 week start. It means my LDRs will be on Fridays which suits for the moment and makes racing on a Sunday more doable, I think.

    Looking at the plan, I `ll need to run a 20 miler the same weekend as I`m doing the Preston 10k, so that`ll be interesting. I guess a LDR on Saturday and jog the 10k - ? or 10k as part of a LDR? Anyone got similar likely predicament?

  • Hi Egyptian Toe - yes, but it looks like the great birmingham run may be walked as I am in discussion with the RD to allow a friend of mine to walk the race. She has a disability and would really love to complete a Half, and if they say Yes then I and a friend of mine who is a GP will be allowed to walk with her to supervise her attempt.

    If that is the case then my entry for Preston will be going in by the end of the week image

    How are you?

  • Did some 800 metre runs last night, it was a learning experience!! But well worth it.

    I used a section of the tram road for it, so it was traffic freeish! (I had to cross 1 road, everytime i did the 800) If anyone knows were i mean, i recommend it for this sort of training.


  • Hi Egyptian Toe, I too am doing my LDR's on Fridays, 14, 16 & 18 miles over the next three weeks and thats when I'll be hitting my peak weekly mileage of 43 miles. One of my long runs clashes with the 10K so I'll probably look at rescheduling it to the week before and make the week of the 10K easier in terms of mileage.

  • thanks friends to cell me agian.

  • Hey guys, if you watched panorama last night, there is a discussion on the findings at :

    It will be interesting to see other runners options. A lot of what was shown was already known to me but things like runners needing specialist trainers being a myth did take me back a bit - but perhaps I'm naive lol

  • SJPC - I haven't watched it yet, was going to catch up over the weekend image

  • ah its very interesting reading vixx and it certianly leaves you thinking.

  • I work in nutrition amongst other things so it will be of interest for sure image

  • oh do you, ooh dear its an attach on your industry then lol :P

    I think all of us on here knew that they are no good unless you do over an hours training any how. Which, when your training for a marathon its a basic requirement... sadly lol

  • I don't work in sports nutrition. I look at people's diets in order to either determine why they are ill, and help them get better (alongside conventional methods of medicine), or to help them tweak their diets for various health reasons (such as preventing diabetes).

    I don't use a lot of sports nutrition myself to be honest, but want to see what the programme found.

  • Ah right, oh well in that case your be safe to watch it he he

    The say its the first ever independent review of these things, so its very interesting and something i think all runners should watch with an open mind. I'll be chaning my trainer buy habits based on it i think.

  • It will be interesting, but I have to say, I was reading stats on marathon running in the 80's and comparing them to now, and we had a lot more male runners running 2:30 or less back then than we do now, and they didn't have sports drinks, just water in the main - so do we actually need them if our diet is well-rounded?

  • well going off that show, no we don't! lol they did say with trainers the except them to go full circle and that we will start to see the kind of trainers that were being products in the 60s/70s crazy hey!! And makes you feel a little lied to by the likes or Runner's World! but hey ho! lol

    You sound like you have one of those rare things, called an interesting job vixx's :P


  • I see the knock on effects of people using inserts in shoes too (I also do sports massage therapy), and whilst I think they can work well, in some people they are not always the best thing to use.  I have one friend who started to use inserts in his shoes (properly measured) and he has had injury after injury after injury ever since. I have the stability trainers because I have a low arch on my feet, but that's it really.

    However, I did see a number of people with shin splints after purchasing a certain brand of trainer a couple of years ago which I found interesting.

  • Oh yes, i get shin splints what was the brand lol

    I have tried inserts and they always cause me pain in my left foot on the arch, very odd and i have been toying with the idea of inserts over the last few months. But now you've said that, im totally confused lol

  • Nike Lunarglides image

    The clients concerned all generally wore cushioning/mild stability trainers, and bought the Lunarglides because they "looked cool" - but then went out and did 6, 7 or 8 miles in them and from what I can see they are more for shorter distance sprint efforts. I may be wrong in that assumption but all of them had shin splints - and the trainers were the only connection.  All injuries occurred after wearing them, when before they had been injury free.

    I think inserts can serve a purpose, but they will adjust your biomechanics - sometimes the best thing in my eyes is "if it ain't broke...."

    It is up to the indidivual though and I would never say to someone "Don't do that...." It's their choice after all.

  • Nike hey! oh good i never wear them lol

    Thanks for the insert advice too, i think sometimes we can get confused by what the manufacturers are saying.

  • I wore the lunas for speed work sessions and injuries started.untill then I only used them in races and they where ok but only 10k max. I go over on my right leg and stability trainers do help me. After seeing the results on the camcorder/computer I'll stick with stability. The lunas are marketed as cushion and stability in one ,an all round trainer. At moment I'm in Adidas salvations but only because I get them cheap. For the VLM I went out and bought some brooks because I felt Adidas had cheapened the salvalions. What do you's wear? Be interesting to know if anyone uses Adidas and feels the same.
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