Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • I think I will start to celebrate once I get off the bike.

    OC, that was a good overview of the course, I just need to work out where I cycled last month and if they are part of the course.

    Did you use any aerobars? I am thinking not taking them as I was gripping on to the handlebars and focusing on the road due to wind.

  • I would use aero bars, think I did last time.  You can still get the benefit of being aero from say 10mph upwards.  There are enough flat sections and gentle inclines to make them worthwhile.

    I wouldnt use a TT bike but some of the mid packers onwards will as wouldnt be on the drops as much as me.
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    What's the cut off for swim plus bike again, given that this is a standard 17 hr cut off?  Is it 10 hrs or 10.5 hrs?  I can't think what the standard cut off time is. Can anyone remember?

    I'm just thinking about OC saying that the novice group made it around the bike in 8.

  • I cant think either Mousey .. not sure with the 17hrs ones

    I can defer my birthday for a few months if we are having a party

    Welcome to Rowena, come join the madhouse!!!
  • Lanzarote here i come! image


    . two weeks for a lazy holiday by the beach image. Might consider coming to support next year though if others are. Be nice to watch everyone else suffer, mwah ha ha ha ha ha
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Just checked.  Assuming a 17 hr cut off (which I'm certain it is) it's a 10.5 hr cut off for the swim/bike so if swim is 1.45 inc trans then that's 8hrs 45 mins left.


  • you will be fine mouse

    I used a TT bike......, (but not with deep section wheels)

    If you are on a road bike I would definitely add clip on tri bars - most of the climbing is long and gradual, so you can sit on your tri bars trying to get out of the wind, rather than being full out of the saddle efforts.  There are a several times you need to hoof it out of the saddle, but not that many K in total

    On a hill climb TT we did up Tabayescu, (not on the course), I was on my tri bars for 3/4 of it and my speed went up 3 kph when ever I dropped back onto them........

    I can add a course profile here when I figuer out hhow if anyone wants it.....

  • Mouse, with the base you have now and the extra incentive of it being Lanza youll train like no tomorrow. 

  • Its gonna be oarsum   image
  • OC I'm off out when I get chance, so I'd be interested in the profile. image
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    Barley - winter long bikes worry me. I suppose there's the turbo but my longest session on there has been 3 hrs.

    I do have a reservation that I am tired this year and outlaw will be my third in s row and I might want a rest. So I'm not making any promises.
  • Thats what mountain bikes were made for   image
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    Good point. How would you go about that? Off road or on road but relying on the more robust bike for the conditions?

    Ice worries me, and the cold. I had real problems with cold feet this winter.

    The wind concerns me too.

    Goodness where are the HTFU pills?
  • Thanks for the overview and tips OC.......With six weeks to go I'm a mixture of excited and terrified.
  • M..ouse - I've done a lot of cycling this winter and I was dreading it. I invested in really good winter overshoes that made a huge difference. I also bought some good winter top and bottoms. I think I have only got cold once and that's because we had to stop 3 times for punctures.

    I agree that Ice is definitely something you need to avoid. That's when the turbo has to come out.

  • Same here. I got a decent set of leg warmers, some good gloves and overshoes and a warm skull cap.

    That, combined with many many layers kept me warm on the odd occasion we saw -6C mornings.

  • Visiting family this weekend... only had SS top and shorts, but it was horrible out. Good job I packed some JFDI...
  • Mousey ... both  image

    I used the mtb a lot this winter, off road and hills when it was really cold for shorter sessions and then longer ones on the roads when it was better conditions, I really think it has helped ... ask Barlos, he came out with me in the woods  image

    I also brought some sealskin socks and they were ace in the winter
  • Thanks for warm welcome - great to know there's another person who will end the race older than they started it! And thank you M..eldy. If I didn't see your post I could have lurked indecisively. IE this could all be your doing!

    I started "training" yesterday having loafed around interspersed with random running events like a headless chicken. I managed to hurt my knee by killing 10 mins on an exercise bike waiting for the swimming pool to open! No one warned me exercise bikes can be dangerous if you don't adjust the seats! Nothing an easter egg can't cure!
  • No one has seen me in here, ok?
  • Has anyone seen GOM.?
  • Nah, not seen him for ages!

    PS The goods were despatched on Saturday.  And I want photos on receipt image

  • gom is in facebook if that helps
  • Having just had a sneaky peek at IM Melbourne 2013, and learned that it sold out in just 4 minutes, how fast do you reckon you'll need to be on the trigger to enter this one?

    Not saying that I'm going.... or even that i want to go imageimage. But I believe that Lanza's a nice place for a family holiday.

  • Schmunks OTD needs bath, post bath will take pics, weather forecast not good for bath this weekend!
  • *lurking*

  • slowerthanilook wrote (see)

    Having just had a sneaky peek at IM Melbourne 2013, and learned that it sold out in just 4 minutes, how fast do you reckon you'll need to be on the trigger to enter this one?

    Not saying that I'm going.... or even that i want to go imageimage. But I believe that Lanza's a nice place for a family holiday.

    I wouldnt expect Lanza to sell out in a few minutes, it could be hours, even days?  maybe even a couple of weeks? but if you certaintly then id suggest entering the morning the race entries open.  I wouldnt fancy the risk of waiting more than a few days.

    Until a few years ago it didnt sell out, its now filling quicker every year, I think last years race filled in a couple of weeks?
  • Thanks Barlos. Appreciated.

  • Looking forward to being part of the support crew image

    Anyone know where they're staying yet?

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