London Marathon 2012: Runners and Supporters



  • I'm just looking at the Sodbury web page. It looks freezing! Is there somewhere to get changed at the end? Thats why I didn't do Hellrunner in the end - a mile walk back to the car in cold wet stuff.

  • Lol I won't, now off to check the map to find out where Sodbury is!
  • Im tempted by Sodbury this year, want some differnet mud to wallow in after Hellrunner.
  • image I was just wondering what had happened to the drowned headless jelly baby!

    Good day yesterday - well done all you finishers! And I can only apologise to those at the back on whom we tried to force the last of the Jaffa cakes and jelly babies. This includes the man with the shovel who was clearing away the water bottles, and the nice men in the Tower Hamlets refuse lorry image .
  • Hah hah, I do remember somebody trying to force me to eat Jaffa cakes and looking sad that I didn't want any, sorry! I was so not hungry for most of yesterday, just need the loo and the finish line!
  • Did you get any takers for my chocolate and rice bars? image
  • I'm sure we did Screamy, there wasn't a huge amount left at the end.  Couple of boxes of jaffa cakes which I did give to the blokes in the refuse truck ... along with several cans of Stella which nobody wanted to lug home.  They were most chuffed image

    The Slog is based at a school so you can change in their gym and use the showers.  The nice man at the hotel we stay at lets us keep on a room to get changed in afterwards. No excuse now Soupy image

  • TP, which hotel do you stay in?
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Just wanted to pop along to say thank you! I did make it to Chando's but I wasn't in the best mental state and left after one drink (definitely not like me!).

    The support was lovely!

  • Looks like I'm doing the Slog then. If I tie Fluffy Min round my waist she can accompany us too.  Or is that getting just a bit tooooooo silly? image image image
  • Emmy, I have a photo of you at 17 but I dont knownyour real name. Its on my FB page or PM me.

    The depth of some of the mud holes and your height Soupy I would tie her to your head!
  • Ha ha, those refuse truck blokes will be volunteering again next year I'll bet image
  • Wonder how much it would cost to get one of those big flag things that all the charities had? Would be much easier to see you all then. As I ran towards you I thought it mustbe you (because of the blue & yellow balloons), and then I saw Foxy's famous shirt image so knew I was in the right place!

    Anyone know anyone in a charity who could find out??

  • Screamy your chocolate and rice bars were gratefully accepted by a couple of runners who'd had enough of jelly babies!
  • Just googled it - about £100. Hmm - bit out of our price range then
  • GillyMac wrote (see)
    Screamy your chocolate and rice bars were gratefully accepted by a couple of runners who'd had enough  of jelly babies!
    That's good to know GillyMac, hope they went down well. 
  • Didn't see you , but you and all the supporters are fantastic, I completed in 4hrs 45 mins which I'm hapy with , I'm blue mooner Dave on FB if interested , or pm me .!

    Happy Days!!!

  • Right my lovelies - photos are on photobox and I've made the album public. Bear with it, there's nearly 300 on there, the specific ones of supporter groups and 'our' runners (the ones I got, apologies to those I didn't image I got distracted with hugs and kisses) but there are a lot of the masses as they came through so it might be that you spot yourselves in there if not.............

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