Brighton Marathon 2013

14th April 2013 

I've got 365 days to get it right for this one after being an ever-not-present for the first 3 years.image

Who's with me?



  • I'm in! Pre-registered at the expo image
    It has to be your year next year, GF!
  • I'm in as pre registered at the expo. Let's hope things go to plan next year and I get my sub 4.
  • hi i to am in after saying this year was my last had to do it as the daughter has signed up as well as the O/H couldn't be out done could i and any way i need to take 29 seconds off my PB
  • Good morning all

    Feeling good?

    Pre-registered for next year so I will be there, can it get any better?

    Starting to get the munchies now, will probably spend the day eating!
  • I'm with you Charlotte. Have some Easter choc saved up mmmmm is it to early for choc now image
  • STIG - its never too early for chocolate, I had Easter eggs and Christmas cake yesterday!
  • Hi got to run next year as i had a DNF yesterday!!   
  • Fourth time lucky Green Fairy!

    What an amazing atmosphere yesterday - I'm sure it's just getting better and better!

    I've pre-registered for next year and will log on to sign up officially once I've been paid!

    Sweet potato muffins for breakfast for me today! I got the recipe from the RW magazine - and would recommend them!

  • i'm in as i deferred from this year. having read all the great comments on the 2012 thread determined to get this one under my belt.
  • Definitely worth it GloryBoy!

    I'm probably biased as I live in Brighton but it's one big party on marathon day!


  • Is it really that good. Fancy a 2013 marathon and weighing up London vs Brighton. ?
  • GET IN... Fantastic day yesterday, great support  as always and a PB this year too.

    Roll on 2013 as I've pre registered. Just hope the blisters have gone and the toe nail I now seem to be missing has grown back by then.

  • Glory boy I hope your starting to feel stronger !
  • Stig, very kind of you to ask (especially given your efforts yesterday!!!) feeling better every day. its difficult balancing my desperation to get running again and the need to take things slowly enough to avoid injury etc. i'm fortunate that family, friends & running club are all keeping a watchful eye on me.
    hope your recovery goes well and you enjoy the special feeling that comes with running a marathon. i look forward to seeing you next year!
  • Toby was that you in the Preston Park Tavern yesterday?
  • I pre-registered too, on the basis that if I changed my mind I would only lose £10. However, I enjoyed it so much that I will definitely be entering this one, and one of friends who watched (and is a marathon veteran) is entering on the basis of how good the atmosphere was. And this time round I will definitely be contributing to the forum more, as I really enjoyed reading all the posts.
  • Signed up at the Brighton Centre on Saturday - will be my 3rd time of running it (ran it in 2011 in 04:29:26 and then yesterday in 03:59:46) - really don't know how I'll ever top that but I shall certainly give it a good go!
  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    Pre registered on Saturday for 2013. It had to be done as this is will be #4
  • When does the online entry it tomorrow?
  • Gem I believe so
  • Anyone know how we enter if not done already/?????
  • oooh.. a new thread. image

    Not sure if I'm running Brighton next year or not at the moment - It was a great race yesterday and I will definitely run it again, but I got a GFA for london and a Boston qualifier so might have a go at one of those instead.

    Will be keeping an eye out on here though and you never know, I might have another go next year...

  • AGF I believe the ballot opens tomorrow
  • Thanks Stig

    A ballot ? What happned to first come first served. Did not make it to the BC and now may not get in? Crazy.....well annoying.

    Have not yet seen a site for the entry/ballot!!

  • Hello, hello! Toenails haven't even fallen off yet from 2012, and here I am. Looking forward to it, now that I know what to expect! Maybe we should hire a bongo band to cheer us up at the power station. Or in Paris in the Bois de Boulogne they had a band with a camp man wearing a sparkly wig. Something like that.
  • AGF - if it's like 2012, first come first served entries open tomorrow morning, of which there are a limited number. After those run out it's a ballot. I think this is how Edinburgh works? Anyway, if you sign up tomorrow you should be fine.
  • I must have been seeing and hearing things, but I was sure there was a band playing steel drums at the powerstation. They were in the carpark (next to Carats Cafe) or just after the shower, maybe next year there need to be more drummers?

     Am I going marathon mad?

  • NO, it was probably me as my husband thought that too. I was just feeling down then - perhaps nothing could have sparked me up. It is a rather dull part of the course, but I guess they are trying to balance that with making it as flat as possible.

    When is the 2013 race?
  • AGF: it must still be first come first serve for the first amount of places, otherwise they would have not been letting people guarantee numbers at the expo for £10.
  • You're right that is a dull stretch, and just a the point where the support is needed. I really had to dig deep there. I am glad that there was no wall there this year as there was in the last 2 years, it added a visual reminder as to how painful it was at that point.

     I'm going to take a guess at either 14 or 21 April 2013, but we should find out when the ballot opens tomorrow.

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