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  • I know it's mega early but I've also just booked Preston Park Travel Lodge. £60.40 for Sat and Sun night!

    GCE - You may not be liking stairs now but Beachy Head Marathon has a massive set of steps on the way round!

  • Toby - thanks for the good wishes
    Hannahsmom - I have a ballot place on the fifth attempt, and I am in the blue start. I believe that with my Brighton finish time I can go for a good for age place next year but will look into that at the end of the month.
    Hello poohbear - welcome!
  • Hi ,

    Im in image

    Can i please be part of this as I was being brave when I just entered!!!

    I would love any support  ican get....  My hubby doesnt run and is one of thoes who doesnt get it??


    kelly xx

  • Kelly - Welcome on board the thread. You'll get loads of support here. Must say, it helped me hugely building upto Brighton last week. First Marathon?

     Lombster - I've glanced the Beachy Head website three times today, i think its lookign highly lightly I'll end up signing up for it. i run with the Serpentine, who do regular Saturday hill run sessions in greenwich park I could join in preparation?

    I'd exhausted my run shoes, and just threw the smelly old things away after last weekend, regretting it now, hate wearing in news shoes. I always throw away shoes after a marathon. image

    Are VLM still doing guaranteed places after several years of rejection? Does this till count if I'd previously ran a charity place?

    Hoping to get back out running Saturday, hopefully a weeks rest is enough.

  • Travelodge booked for Sat/Sunday. It's the perfect location for the start - and the walk back after the marathon wasn't a problem with a variety of pubs on the walk back! The one thing I must remember next year is to pre-book Saturday's dinner - whilst we managed to get a table at Pinocchio's it wasn't a brilliant choice.
  • may look into booking the travelodge, we could have a meet up there then as i believe there was a RW meet up this year about 4.30 on the sat afternoon if i remember rightly ( i didnt see it til it was too late otherwise would have gone )

    welcome poohbear, i'll let u into a secret, i didnt take up running til May last year and by that time i'd already entered the ballot of VLM ( although didnt get in but got a charity place ) I did wonder am i mad or what but i've got the bug thru and thru, i get withdrawal symptoms when i dont run, but i am not a born runner by any means, in fact i never would describe myself as a runner, still feel a total fraud when i say i have run a race hahaha

    GCE, no virgin dont do the guaranteed 5th place entry like flora did, think they honoured it for the first year they took over as sponsors but dont do it now

    and if anyone wonders why i am posting at this time of night, its because i cant sleep, at the moment i am eating, drinking and sleeping london marathon!!! *sigh *
  • GCE - do it. Sign up you know you want to ha ha

    Kelly - welcome to the thread. You'll get plenty of good advice and support on here.

    Jo - good luck on Sunday. Let us know how you get on
  • Thank you all for the good wishes.  It is nice to know there are others in the same boat as me.

    The weather is much brighter at Brighton today.  When Toby3 wakes up might see if we can go for long walk to other end of course near the school as we have already walked to Shoreham on Tuesday.  Be good to see how far out of Brighton you go past the Marina.

    Good luck to anyone who is running the London Marathon on Sunday. 

  • My house overlooks the start area of the VLM. There's definitely a lot of activity kicking of here at the moment. As every year, the amount of partaloo seems crazy (yet never enough !)

    Good luck to those running Sunday, I'll be waving!!
  • I must admit im putting my name in the ballot for london next year...but ive also booked the premier inn in brighton too for next marathon.... nope not cos im running.. but if i dont get into london im coming to brighton to help out and cheer!!

    Mind you im still in 2 minds as to whether to enter yet again image but my mind thats saying not to... is winning at the moment!!

    Good luck to those who are running london on sunday, i think your totally mad, one marathon a week after youve just ran one, my legs are only just back to normal today...... so may try a baby 20 min run on treadmill later

  • GCE Don't think that VLM are doing the guaranteed entry after lots of rejection because soo many people apply. i will still have a go at ballot. Its weird to think either way i will be doing a marathon next year!
  • Good luck to all those running VLM. I'm doing Manchester next weekend. Off to see if my legs still work now image
  • thanks for all the good wishes for London.

    Veester - good luck in Manchester.

    A very easy 3.6 miles off road just completed and my legs still appear to be working o.k.

  • Morning all

    i see Poobear has plans for today will eke out my last lay in bed for as long as i can as we head home tomorrow and then i have to be in work Friday night for stock take

    Kelly welcome to the thread this is Poobear first marathon and i believe Stigs other half is also a frist timer so you’re not alone

  • Im a first timer too. Feel brave that i have entered! I can do 10ks (slowly). Even did a 10 mile run because i miscalculated the distance when going out for a 6 mile run! have a half planned for October so building up slowly.
  • gemgemx well done on entering both Poobear and myself have a half in October were going to do the Cricklade H/M again this year

  • Thanks for the tip about the VLM ballot. I think I should start trying to get into this race as it's definitely a 'bucket list' rac. If I end up having to run Brighton and the VLM in the space of a week - then so be it!!

    I know it sounds a bit crazy but I definitely want to try to be an 'ever present' at the Brighton Marathon!

     I hope the event doesn't get much bigger though, as there were a couple of times on Sunday when I found it difficult to over take due to the width of the road being full of people running slightly slower than me.

    My goal for next year will be sub 4:30 which I know is achievable from a recent half marathon time. I am, however going to be signing up for some proper coaching so, depending on how effective it is, this might be adjusted slightly.

    Welcome to all those of you sigining up for your first Brighton Marathon. You won't regret it as my lovely seaside city puts on a totally awesome show of support for all of us crazy marathoners.  image

  • STIG109 wrote (see)
    Yeah did it last year. A great route. Very tough in places and was sore for a week after but signed up for this year already

    Hi, I'm running Beachy Head Marathon - I've run Brighton Marathon twice now and already signed up for next year but wanted a different challenge.

    I know that area of the South Downs pretty well so I know how hilly it is, so will need to do a lot of hills/off road running in training but wondered how else you trained for it.

    Thanks image

     (Sorry I don't know if this should be posted in the Beachy Head section, but there didn't seem to be much going on in there at the moment!)

  • Welcome to the new Brighton Marathoners, and potential Brighton Marathoners!

    I'm in for next year but will also try and gain a place in VLM. I feel that I would be OK to run this Sunday if I had a place this year so will definitely aim to do both if I actually manage to get a place.

    This Sunday I'm assisting on the 22 mile water station so will be cheering on all of you who are running. Good luck to everyone!

  • Hi Barbie1976 - I'm also doing Beachy Head this year. Did it last year for the first time and it's extremely tough. As it's a trail run and hilly (I've posted my Garmin elevation graph on the Brighton 2012 thread) you need to do plenty of off-road running and hill training. Can't really offer much more than that as my training wasn't great last year as I left it a bit late to start (3 weeks before the race and I hadn't run since Brighton Marathon!) and did a few short runs and one off-road 20-miler and then did the marathon. This year I'll be keeping up the training all year round and making sure I mix road/off-road running and do plenty of hills. Will also throw in some gym work and crossfit (doing first session tonight) as there are a number of obstacles on the course which may catch you out if all you do is run (flights of steps, stiles, walls!).
  • Thanks Lomster - I've done a lot of walking in the area so I know what a beast those hills are!! Will mix up the training like you've said, in a perverse way I'm already really looking forward to it!

  • nice to see a lot of the Brighton guys are doing Beachy Head

    I've done BH 3x and marshalled 3 - will be marshalling again this year hopefully at Lullington Heath (where you come out of Friston Forest heading towards the Longman - about 6 miles in)

    it's a great event when the weather's kind, bloody awful when it's peeing down and the fog's on the tops....
  • Barbie - I did all my long runs around parts of the beachy route. I live in seaford so just out my back door. That way loads of hills thrown in. Also threw in the hill at the start a couple of times and the seven bitches a couple of times. You'll love it image
  • STIG109 wrote (see)
    Barbie - I did all my long runs around parts of the beachy route. I live in seaford so just out my back door. That way loads of hills thrown in. Also threw in the hill at the start a couple of times and the seven bitches a couple of times. You'll love it image

    Love the 'seven bitches' image

    I've done a few runs on the Downs up at Devil's Dyke so will head up there for long runs, I'm in two minds about whether to do the Seven Sisters in training - could go 1 of 2 ways - either perfect training.....or scare me off for life image

  • "Love the 'seven bitches'"

    when you run them - or attempt to run them should I say - you'll soon understand why the Sisters become the Bitches. they are brutal to run with fresh legs, with 19 or so hilly miles behind you on the marathon, they are worse than brutal

    great training for a flat road marathon though!!
  • Hmmm, I'm not running Brighton 2013, but all this talk of Beachy Head is starting to make me wonder whether there are still places left?

    Charlotte, HannahsmomUK, Tenjiso and MWW, good luck for London, and Veester, Good Luck for Manchester next week image

    There are probably others on here signed up for VLM, good luck to you as well!

    stig just read back a bit and would also put a vote in for Lore of Running. It's probably a bit more expensive than most running books, but an excellent read(s) (You can't read it all in one go.) On the other hand, Hal Higdon is brilliant and you can't go far wrong with him, and now that you've got a couple of marathons under your belt, have a look at the P+D (Pfizinger and Douglas?) Although Tim Noakes covers some of their stuff in Lore of Running as well!

    To those of you who just ran BM 2012, don't feel the pressure to get out running too early. A week off will almost certainly do you more good than harm, and still leave 358 training days to BM 2013 image where I hope to see many of you as you run past me on the course! [Of course, the "week off" rule doesn't really apply if you're running another mara this weekend!!!!

    Waves to all imageimageimage
  • I've signed up again. Got my expo code working. The aim is sub 3.15 this year as I wasn't too far off that this time round.

    I am also considering doing the Midnight Sun marathon next year which is held in my mother's hometown of Tromso, Norway. I was consider doing it this year but I don't have enough holiday available with work.

    Next up though a bit of a rest and then a Half Marathon.

  • Afternoon all

    Well last day in Brighton went out for a walk this time head of towards the Rottingdean turn around point  it was to say the least a little more bluster than Sunday any way the wife has now walk most of the course i think the only bit we haven’t done is mile 14 to 16

    When we got to the turnaround point we walked on into Rottingdean an had a nice cream tea then a quick look around and caught the bus back

  • Juggler - there are currently 816 places left, and I've even added a link for your ease of use image

    No reason not to sign up now.

    Barbie - I second what Fat Buddha said about the bitches. I used to call them the sisters, until last October that is image

    Heisenberg - I lived in Oslo for a little while, when is the midnight sun marathon ?

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