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  • Anybody else see the chap who stopped to help someone over the line about 50 metres from the finish? Must have been around 3:54 on the clock. I was so focused on my own finish it barely registered at the time, but the following day, on the train back to London, the memory came flooding back and I started sobbing uncontrollably, much to the bemusement of my fellow passengers. What a wonderful act of human kindness to throw his own race to help a fellow runner. I felt a complete sh*t; it never crossed my mind to stop and help. The crowd erupted into a wave of cheering and clapping. A true hero!

  • Lombster

    Well done on your time, I am sure you will get your 3 if you stick at it.

    I thought that was probably you shouting my name, but I couldn't see you!

    Well done to all on their times and thanks for the camaraderie here and memories which will last a lifetime.

    Aim High !!!
  • Definitely a long shot, but on the off chance they ever see this.....

    HUGE HUGE thanks to the lady running behind me at about 2 miles, who shouted at me that I was dropping my gels as the elastic pocket on my waist pouch gave way without me noticing....

    Had dropped four, got three back, had to carry them in bra (some quite nice chaffing now!), but oh boy I really appreciated having them, so thank you, thank you, thank you whoever you are!

    I even scraped a 2 min PB, which definitely wouldn't have happened without you.

    image xx



  • 3 mile jog today just to stretch the legs


  • Sports massage yesterday and now feel good enough for 5 miles Thurs. then will tick over until mid June when I will ramp up the training again for Berlin.
  • Just been reading through the posts since!! Some fantastic times and well done to all on your pb' must feel absolutely amazing...!!

    I have to admit that I nearly walked away from the start line.....nerves, mixed with that fact that I had no idea how it was going to feel to run on my injured knee, almost got the better of me....if it wasn't for my O/H I really think i would have...!! I kept telling myself that it didn't matter about the time....just getting round & earning the sponsor money I'd raised was all that mattered but would have liked to finish in 5:30 (before my injury) but when told on Wednesday that I shouldn't run I tried to get time out of my head. So I started out really cautiously (probably a little too cautiously) and the knee felt ok, by the time I got to 4 miles I was quite confident in it but held myself back as wanted to make sure I made it round. By 16 it was absolute agony.....carried on to 20 and the pain was just too much so thought I'd walk for bit....prob the worst thing I could've done as it just seized up completely when I tried to get going again. image Anyway, several attempts at getting going again failed miserably and I ended up finishing in 6:07.....massively disappointed...!! image

    The day was amazing though and I am glad I done it, support was fantastic and the atmosphere was like nothing I'd ever imagined.

    I can't stop thinking about the young man that died, and since then, the Boston bombing, just so awful.

    I hope everyone that has entered again next year has an even better one.....I won't be running again, although my finish time pains me every time I think of it, 'to complete a marathon before I turn 40' was on my bucket list....I have achieved that goal.

    Well done, once again, to everyone....!! image
  • Morning all, just a reminder that Channel 4 on Saturday at 8.00 is the BRIGHTON MARATHON!!

    Fuityloops - very well done indeed - I suspect this won't really be your one and only marathon! Although it did take me 20 years to do my second one, I'm now going to do my third in October this year - you'll be back one dayimage

    I agree, the death of the young runner followed by Boston is very tragic and helps put things in perspective (like why I didn't run as quick as I should have!).


  • Futiyloops well done for getting around despite your knee as jellybaby said very additive theses marathons

    jellybaby keep in touch theres a 2014 thread going so do drop in from time to time and let us know how the trainings going

  • Al , Didn't realise you were still here. Have you been on the pier putting money in the slots? Surely you're not still in the Travelodge? Did you move to a nice hotel?
  • Thanks for the reminder Jelleybaby - I'd completely forgotten about the tv highlights! I've juts looked it up though and it's actually on at 7.05am, so set those alarms early...

    Of course you could tune in at 8.05 to Channel 4 +1 instead! image

  • RunningGuy wrote (see)
    I'm in 2014 too, that'll be 4 in a row. The sub 3:15 will be mine! Actually just occured to me a sub 3:10 would get me in London, never get in through the ballot. If I get in next year I think I'd do both.

    According to RNIB website it's on 20th April so there'd be a 2-week gap next year?

    VLM is 13th April 2014 not 20th - source media pack -

  • Barry Lee,


    I ran Chester last year. Much smaller than Brighton(about 2000 I think) but still very slickly organised. Beautiful course that gets out of Chester pretty quickly and is run through country lanes. The downside of this is that you only get support when you go thru a village and there is a stretch between 20 and 24 when you barely see a soul!! The support is ok in the city, but nothing like the noise and enthusiasm of the Brighton crowd

    I bonked really badly at 21 so don't have fond memories of the last 5 but there is definitelyan evil hill at 24! It finishes down the home straight of the racecourse which would probably have been thrilling if I hadn't collapsed over the line sobbing and then been dragged off to the medical tent image

    Overall I'd recommend it but just be prepared to feel a bit lonely at times

  • john2443john2443 ✭✭✭

    Passed on from a Brighton runners group...for anyone who's local. A run would seem to be the best way of commemorating what has happened.

    2 marathons – 2 tragedies – 2 days
    ...  On the 14th April at 11.45 Sam Harper Brighouse tragically collapsed and died after suffering a suspected cardiac arrest in Grand Avenue, Hove whilst running in the Brighton Marathon   On the 15th April at 2.50pm two bombs were set off killing three people and injuring over 170 more in the Boston Marathon.   What should have been one of the greatest achievements of their lives has left the running community stunned at the sad news of both tragedies. The marathons are a time for everyone to enjoy and to raise money for their chosen charities.   As a mark of respect and remembrance to Sam and all of those involved in the Boston Marathon it has been decided to get everyone to meet up   PLACE TO MEET   We will to meet on the Hove Lawns opposite Grand Avenue.   TIME   Meeting at 11.30am on Sunday April 28th.   At 11.45am we will hold a minutes silence after which we will do a gentle jog or walk of 2.6 miles to Black Rock and 2.6 miles back to Hove lawns.   This is not a race and this is open to everyone that would like to show their respects to come and join the running community.
      Thank you for sharing this in advance.
  • Well  going home today due to catch the train at 10 so another year at Brighton comes to a close no time for resting though Bristol 10k on May 5th and then the Bradley stoke 10k on June the 9th which happens to be my 50th birthday


  • Wow, you guys still going on this thread!!

    Anyone who is interested there is a 2014 Brighton forum.

    (also a Amsterdam 2013 forum if anyone is running that one!)

    chutney locker - what page is the 2014 date in the media pack? thanks

  • As starter of this thread I suppose it is fitting that I am the last to report on it!  Was really really tired when I arrived home after the race and was going to post the next day, then the next........

    But what a great day and great experience.  I thoroughly recommend running in some sort of fancy dress as the support is humungous.

    Met Tracey G and Slowly Steadily before the start and soon came across Poohbear and Snowmaiden.  The guy who wore the Brighton marathon t-shirt at the Eastbourne Half  found me after about a mile (apparently I was easy to spot! ) and we ran the first 6 miles or so together.  He was keeping to 12 min mile pace and if it wasn't for him I would have gone off too fast as my legs felt full of running.  Did a lot of chatting with fellow runners, especially those in Brighton FC shirts.

    The loop through Portslade was more interesting than I thought it would be and the support from the residents fantastic.  Saw the ambulance coming the other way and having problems with ipod users not getting out of the way quick enough..........All those seconds mount up.

    By 15 miles my hip was painful and by 19 I felt my calves were going to explode.  Luckily they didn't.  Starting the last 3 miles along the seafront I remembered all the ups and downs of the training, the 3 hour sessions on the treadmill (yuk!), the sacrifices made so that I was able to run.

    After crossing the finishing line I sat down and couldn't move but then I didn't have to.  Mission had been accomplished.

    Thanks to toby3 and others who had shouted out 'hello' during the race.

    My time was 5:52:55.  I probably 'lost' about 30 minutes by chatting with spectators and marshalls and walking and chatting with runners when I could have been running.  But I wanted to have a good time rather than do a good time.

    For me that is what life is all about.

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