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  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭
    Been brilliant reading all your posts! Well done to you all image
  • Had to pop by to see how you all did. I took the decision to drop out of training due to injury early this year but I am delighted to see that so many of you made it through your training and have achieved your marathon goals. Toby- fantastic really smashed it! Glad that the whole family made it round- well done ladies.

    May see you next year.


  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    Great to see some forumites yesterday, and to chat to Poohbear and Snowmaiden just before the race got going. Well done to everyone on their runs.

    My chip time was 4:54:00, which I was really pleased with. I felt that I had to run fairly briskly, for me, for the first half (10:17 and 10/mile). My family was going to join the crowds at Rottingdean at 10.30, but my pace rapidly slowed after that.

    My body must have thought that it was only a half-marathon, especially what looked suspiciously like the finish lineimage After that my legs began to ache, and I walked for short bits.

    My legs are aching a bit now, especially after sitting still in a car for a couple of hours.

  • Well done everybody! I managed 4.50.21 and it was my first marathon. So pleased to be sub-5 but definitely went off too fast. 16 to 20 was awful, and I cried most of the last 6 miles, just emotion really, not pain (was in pain though!) Legs are agony now.

    Trying to remind myself how hard I found it so I don't accidentally sign up to another-on a runners high now, even though legs are preventing me going upstairs.

    So sad about the man who died
  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭

    Well done to all of you.  Condolences to the family of the young lad that died. 

  • Firstly, shocked and saddened to hear about the young man who died. Thinking of his family.

    Second, woo hoo to all those lovely shiny PBs! Especially Toby, know how much that means to you.

    Lovely to bump into Poohbear and Snow maiden in the first mile, I was only thing I hadn't seen anyone from the forum when I spotted your names on the back of your shirts image

    Finally, very pleased I got my silver medal - couldn't hang on for 12 minute miles, but made it under 5:30 with a time of 5:25:41 - a PB of 42 minutes hooray! Shattered now though!

    Anyone else get sun burnt today?
  • GoalpostGoalpost ✭✭✭

    First I would like to express my condolences to family and friends of the young runner  who sadly passed away today. 

    I have broken the £700 level in sponsorship so was so pleased and to top it off I managed a time of 3:25:39 in my first marathon. No idea what planet I was on in hte final three miles, I felt like I was falling asleep but only looked at my garmin this evening and covered the last couple of miles in 8:16 and 8:20 and had no recollection of the crowd although I kept hearing my name. I was determined to enjoy the power station section.

    Well done to all the runners who achieved what they set out to achieve. I think I will focus on improving my HM time of 1h37 before attempting another marathon, did I really say I was going to do another? 

    A big thank you for the residents of Brighton for the generous support and shouting my name, very greatly appreciated. Planning on cycling to work tomorrow as I can only walk at a snails pace.

  • Well done all, hard last few miles into the wind for me. PB of 3:12 - will be back next year! Amazing crowd and great camaraderie amongst the runners.
  • Some AMAZING times here - congratulations everyone who achieved their goals, and for those that didn't - at the end of the day you still ran a marathon which is a fantastic achievement in itself....and there's a lifetime of marathons ahead of you to achieve your goals image

    Hope everyone celebrated in style, I had 6 of THE best tasting pints of ale and then tiredness finally caught up with me early evening. My legs are feeling in pretty great shape (I have just started running marathon distance and above in Hokas and I have found they make SUCH a difference to how my legs feel during and post-raceand their recovery time).

    I have a lovely sports massage booked for later and a well earned day off running....and then it's no rest for the wicked as I am back to training for my first ultra in 5 weeks image


    DF3 - what do you mean about GFA for London?

    See you all same tim,e same place, next year imageimageimage

  • Morning all. Hope everybody's recovering well.

    After my race number debacle at the expo, I wasn't convinced they'd transferred over my number so visited the info tent at the start. Who proceeded to then give me another new number. In short neither of my two new numbers registered, yet my first number must have been worn by somebody else? They achieve the time I wanted 3:43. Which further added to my frustration hitting 4:00

    What a brilliant crowd though. I'm a little burnt in patches. Oops

    Toby3, that's a brilliant achievement. Really well done.

    I think I've decided to run Edinburgh next spring and have a year off Brighton.
  • Well done ladies! It takes a lot of grit and determination to continue when you are tired and in pain and it is so easy to hop in the sweep car image

    Also well done to everyone else who completed it and fab news on the pb's!!!

    Very sad to hear about the young lad passing away 

  • Lisa123Lisa123 ✭✭✭

    Been a bit of a lurker on this post but just wanted to say a huge congrats to all who ran, especially those first timers and those with lovely PB's.

    I have only run HM's before but after reading about all your exploits on here, I took myself off down to the expo on Saturday and made the decision to sign up for next year so will hopefully see some of you there image

  • Well, can move today just very slowly.  Both Snowmaiden and myself achieved our 'gold' scenario for the marathon - jogging across the finish line.  This we achieved by our pure stubborn determination to finish.

    It was a great day and the support was fantastic - so many complete strangers offering sweets and oranges to keep us going.  One even offered Snowmaiden crisps and chocolate coming along the front at Hove as they could see she was flagging but determined not to give in.

    We will definitely be running again next year.

    So sad about the runner who passed away, condolences to his family and friends.


  • What a fantastic race, brilliantly organised and amazing support all the way around. It was my first Marathon so I didn't know how to pace it and then hit the wall at 20 miles in spectacular fashion! At 23 miles my right thigh cramped up so  I walked most of the remaining distance and I now have a toenail hanging off!

    I was hoping for sub 5 and finished in 5:07 so I'm reasonably pleased considering all the walking at the end.

    So sad to hear about the young man, my thoughts are with his family.


  • So sorry to hear about the fatility - my thoughts are with his family.

    Well my 1st maathon is under the belt. Felt great for 17 miles and was on for a 3.45 time. However, I had some real dark moments (the wall perhaps) between 17-22 miles. I refuesed to walk but slowed down from c 8.30 minutes to 9.30 and crossed  line in 3.56. Delighted to finsh and as a former 16 stone fat boy, now a 49 year old  I am 90% happy with my time.

    Will I go back and do another one and avoid those dark moments....we shall see.


  • Barbie - GFA is 'Good for age'. It means you are guaranteed entry into London, avoiding the ballot image
  • First marathon done! My aim was to run the whole thing in under 5 hours and ended up finishing it in 4:21:28 so I am so happy!

    I actually found the majority of it quite comfortable, I think my 20 mile training run in the snow, wind and rain with blisters and blood soaked shoes prepared me for anything! Loved the atmosphere and thought the event was great all round, but am now thinking I would love to do London next year.

    Well done to everyone some great times and stories!  

  • Does anyone know where you can enter online for next year without it being via a charity? Watched my hubby knock best part of half an hour off his pb yesterday and also have blistered feet from the walking!

    Sounds like everyone had a great day - well done. No matter what time you ran completing the training for a marathon is as incredicle as completing the event itself!

  • Ryan - Thanks image Oh wow, I didn't know that. I have never had any desire to run London (too busy, congested etc) but I guess if you get a place it might be rude not to.....image

  • EmmaC - entries open at midnight tonight via the Brighton Marathon website.

  • Thanks Barbie - I am very envious of your GFA - amazing running! image

    I've never done the Brighton marathon but watching yesterday made me feel inspired and slightly jealous!

    London is amazing but Brighton with 10,000 ish runners looked perfect and great support (even if I say so myself!)image

  • Barbie...........don't get too excited the GFA is based on age......3:50 is for over 40 women I believe........which I don't think you are.....

    It goes down in increments so i would check with the website for what it is for your age


  • Thanks Serens - no I still have a 3 in the first number of my age! image

    Just checked and for women 18 - 50 a GFA place is 03:15 - 03:50 image

  • Barbie I believe you do qualify good for age - check website!

    Sian - fantastic!! That's a great result well done! Was just wondering how u got on!
  • Well done everyone - amazing times being posted - really glad we came down to support - hubby and I had a great weekend topped off by watching amazing people run 26.2 miles - extra credit to those of you who were out there for more than 4 hours as it was really hot !

    I am soo jealous !

    Hope everyone recovers safely - Maybe see you next year image


  • glad to see you got one Barbie...well done great time


  • Morning all

    Well now i am more with it here’s a quick race report

    first couple of miles were crowded and it was a case of picking your way though not help
    by runners in front just moving across without looking and then run in the gap
    you were trying to get through or i would move left they would then move a
    cross so i go the other way and they’d follow you back

    Covered the first 3 miles at 8:30, 7:54 and 8:03 pace and at mile 4 past the 3:45:00 pacers managed to maintain pace for the first 15 miles when it drop to roughly 8:13 there was a bit of a head wind at times kept this up until mile 22 when we turn at the end of the power station and head back towards the finish running into the head wind and it dropped to roughly 8:30 pace

    By this time i was beginning to feel it and it was a case of grit the teeth and dig in got to the end of the promenade and you still have 3 miles to go i have to say they were the longest 3 miles I’ve ever run in my life was so relieved to see the finish gave the biggest roar ever when i crossed the line

  • Well done everyone! You must all be super pleased with some brilliant PBs.  So glad the sun came out!

    I had to pull out at 14 miles, pain just got too much and I didn't want to ruin my chances completely of doing a PB this year.

    How did you get on, SDR Gaz?

  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    Hope everyone is recovering well. I have checked out my running club's results. Out of eleven entrants, seven finished, my time was the slowest by a long way. So the people who finished despite pain and injury are to be admired. It must have taken real courage and determination to continue to the end.image


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