Brighton Marathon 2013



  • Big fat WELL DONE to everyone today. I was reminded after about 20 miles just how BLOODY HARD it is to run a marathon.

    I have 2 blisters, one per foot, and my left knee is impossible. God knows how I'll get down the stairs at work tomorrow, but hey - I'm so happyyyyy! image

  • Liz, don't suppose you remember running into a pair who were running for Guide Dogs? Poohbear and I spoke to a lady who was complaining about having blisters on both feet on the Road to Hell.

  • Well done rockhopper penguin. Looks like we will be doing Boston and London next year then.

    Seriously well done everyone most seemed to PB or get a time they were pleased with and everyone had a great day

    Thanks for some great posts to make the event even more fun - see you all next year!
  • Amazing stories from everyone. Toby, I can't tell you how pleased I was when I saw your time, simply incredible.

    I had an odd day - but it ended really positively. I had a massive struggle between miles 18 and 24. I slowed down a lot from 18 - 21, and then due to my right knee injury giving me a really big shooting pain every step, I simply had to walk for a few miles with only a few brief aborted attempts at running. At that point, I didn't think I could start running again at all.

    However, it was like a switch flipped, and then I regained some composure and then realised that if I could do 12ish min miles for the last 2.2 miles, I could still meet my goal of sub 5 hrs for my first marathon. I gritted my teeth, and simply refused to let the course or my knee beat me, so with the huge support of the crowd, I managed to cross the line in 4 hrs 58 mins 11s.

    Unlike those who were keen to sign up for next year, I will not be one of those, but I will cheer you all every step of the way.



  • Great times guys, some really impressive PB's.

    I had a very good run but not a PB. Got home in 3hrs 42min which is my second fastest time ever so have to be pleased with that. I found the hills tough and had to really hang in there miles 18/26. I'm really pleased I didn't stop (just slowed down) and showed a lot of willpower to keep going.

    I think this race is getting better and better (remember to all post your scores on the runners world web) and the support from the crowd and organisers was amazing.

    Next for me some 10k races, followed by a summer fun marathon with Striders(if there is such a thing) and my ultimate PB target at the Berlin marathon this Aut.

    Well done again guys

    Keep it up, look forward to reading the posts!!!!
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Hi, congratulations all.

    Toby you smashed it! image Congratulations.  Now you're really going to have to up the ante!

    My wheels fell off somewhere around mile 17, and I couldn't regain my pace.  Nonetheless I finished in 4:09:29, which is my PB by almost thirty minutes.  I'm making some serious progress at last.

    Loved seeing the race leaders on the home straight just after I passed halfway.  Amazing running!

    I'm in the VLM next year, so I have incentive to keep on getting out the door to train for another year.

  • Well done to you all ....

    Amazing running from TOBY 3 ...i know how much that time means to you ...just would of loved to have seen you do your said celebration crossing the line

    Well done to poohbear and snow maiden youve both come a long way in a year....

    Salisbury Lad well done for keeping going and although you say your not doing it again next year money will be on you doing it again..image

    Swervin Mervin i bet that beer tasted soooo good

    To everyone else well done on all new shiny pbs

    Condolences to the family of the runner who died

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    Toby - congratulations on not only getting your goal but smashing it image
  • Anne and me just after the finish of the Brighton Marathon 2013.  7hrs 10 mins to complete 26.2 miles - Anne hit the wall big time at mile 20 and we ended up walking most of the last 6 miles, but Anne being as stubborn as her mother wanted to jog the last 800 metres despite being in a lot of pain - we jogged together and crossed the finish line jogging until we got through the other side and our medals when Anne would have collapsed if the helpers hadnt supported her.  Well proud of my daughter!



  • Have the official times come out yet? Confused as how you already know results.

    Well done everyone a fantastic day.

    Extremely sad news about young man though.
  • Great work snowmaiden and poohbear have loved following your progress this year and your spirit is amazing and has inspired me to believe that I can do this too, glad you will be joining me on the journey to BM 2014! Thanks for the inspiration - now enjoy your rest you have deserved it!! image Enjoy celebrating with Toby3 image massive smiles all round!
  • Great effort Toby, knew you would be well inside the 4 hrs from the mileage you had put in during training.

    Well done everyone else.

  • what was on the medal this year? had the pier the pavilion and band stand .....and was the ribbon blue and green again? 

  • striped ribbon 2 shades of blue white and green on the medal the old pier

  • Anne & Alison, YOU DID IT!! 7:10 is an awesome long time to be on the course and even more so being in pain - very few would have persevered, you're hard as nails!

    Saw Toby3 at the power station looking strong and knew then that his sub 4 hrs was in the bag, well done T.

    Lombster - I think I saw your wig at the side of the made me a bit sad (but relieved you weren't lying there still in it). Well done on a fantastic time. So many great runs posted, I've lost track of all the people who need congratulating.

    I was elated with a new PB of 3:35 but now I've read about the young lad who died, it seems a bit frivolous. Nevertheless, the volunteers and supporters were outstanding and made it a real day to remember.

    JelleyB, I saw you on your way up to the power station, you looked like you we're going through a bit of a tough patch....hope you got round safely and didn't suffer an injury? Best wishes.
  • Wow, what an experience. I was told you always remember your first marathon and I won't forget mine! I had to fight myself to not go too fast at the start (I am not sure i managed it entirely) felt great to 10 miles, iffy at 15 and terrible between 18-21; somehow kept going and actually felt much better at 23, where I tried to up the pace and my entire left leg threatened to cramp, so ended up jogging the last mile to ensure I finished.

    Came home in 3:51:41 which I am very,very happy about. I turn 40 in the summer and I always wanted to run a marathon before the landmark image

    Congrats to all here, I only wish I had discovered this thread earlier!
  • Thanks. First marathon 4.22 pretty chuffed. Who is up for next year?
  • Had to shoo away the sweep car twice.

    The first time apparently I looked like a beetroot and they wanted to pick me up. I said no so they gave me two pouches of water, one of which went over my head. The second time we were on our way back on the Road to Hell and I tried to shoo them away only for them to ask Poohbear if we needed to be picked up. Thankfully she said no.

  • Was hoping to get under 4 but got 4hrs 32 secs - bit gutted! Big pint of cider later on helped. Toby - WOW!!!!!
  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    shame about the runner that died  thoughs with the family

  • And yes, this means we're running next year. There's no way I wanna settle for a eternal PB of 7:10:39

  • have to apologize to Picklelilly saw her as i crossed the line and was so pleased with my time need some one to hug hope you didn't mind

    jr2408 well done to you on your first marathon


  • DiogoDog know what you mean missed out last year by 28 seconds your get it next year

  • Hi everyone, home safe and sound, and very many congrats to everyone who did so well!

    I was fine until half way and then really struggled - no idea why -too early to hit 'the wall' but had a complete lack of energy so the end time on my Garmin was 4.08 - well below what I had wanted and what my training times indicated I should be able to do. I did have an upset stomach and needed to loo (enough said), but not sure how much this will have affected the time. Pleased I did it and the crowds were great, and I can have another go a getting under 4.00 some other time. Puts it in perspective when a young lad dies, my son just told me when he picked us up from the airport - at least I can have another go.......

    Lovely to meet everyone yesterday as well!!  image

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