Hi all,

I'm one of many running the VLM this Sunday and suffering a bit with the dreaded ITB problems, albeit hopefully manageable.

Just wondered what people's opinions were on what seems to work better out of KT tape and an IT band knee strap? Anyone had any use / success with either?  Can you use both at once for extra support?

All opinions greatly received.



  • What have you been training with?  I'd be loathe to change from that on the day unless it's got worse/started being a problem recently
  • Hi I've just run the brigthon marathon with the same problem .What I would do is go and see a sports massage and have your hamstrings done and have the rest of your lower body checked I have found out it was my hamstrings not my itbs .also if you go to the expo try the  rock tape I was I had have your hamstrings and calfs done .if in the race things start to hurt just walk then run do not stop as you will not want to run  trust me this is what happen to me at the weekend good luck just do not give in
  • I agree with what Darren said, as i did Brighton as well and am doing London and used to suffer with ITB but now my knee pain is generally due to tight hamstrings and tight calves. The rock tape / kinesiology tape is much better than itb strap, it is more comfortable and works a lot better in my opinion
  • Hi,
    I agree with XFR here, best to go with what your used to.
    I've had some ITB issues and also did Brighton this weekend.
    I used McConnell taping with kinesiology tape and had no pain at all.
    I've used it several times on my long runs so I knew it'd be fine.
    Loads of info on ITB and a video of that taping technique available here;
  • Good morning - am new to RW forum, I have an IT band knee flare up (3 months now) which is plaguing me. I can run pain free for about a mile then I'm in agony. When I'm not running I have zero discomfort..I've tried foam rolling and seen an osteopath with not much change. Could anyone kindly suggest a clinic or an expert source that I can refer to? Many thanks!
    jamie - you need to see a physio and get a rehab plan.  
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