Fatman to Ironman



  • Evening all

    Easier day for me today (Commute day)


     - Swim - 1mile of drills

    - 4.5 mile riverside run at easy(ish) pace

  • 7 mile run just done. 1:07:30, which (Garmin says) puts my average pace at 9:39. Since I'm aiming for 10 min/m, I'm well chuffed with that. And even better than the pace, it felt brilliant.

  • Nice one Nursey image     I've just been out on my bike, and it's great to ride without a right old hoolie blowing you about all over the place image    Glad I'm not riding in the Giro today - they look very wet and miserable.

    First OW swim of the year for me later, so am wibbling slightly (ie lots) but I have to go and get it over and done with image


  • Good training guys!  Ran this morning, out on the bike in a minute for an hour or so then a quick brick run. 

  • Nice training all

    Im off on hols next week, I'm taking my trainers to do as much running as possible but I'm also hoping to do some sea swimming in french france, will I be okay getting the better half to walk along the beach to keep an eye out for me? It will be my first sea swim. I plan to get past the break then swim along the coast for a mile or two.

  • This evening I killed a sparrow with my face.  It flew out at me when I was doing about 16mph on the bike, and el-splato!  That is an ex-sparrow, now pushing up the daisies. 

  • Evening all. Sounds like theres been some decent training going on. Ive forgotten what that is image

    Nice sparrow headbutting Tim, not experienced that one yet. Got hit in the chest by a bat once when i used to ride my motorcycle. He flew away after it became un stunned though.

    All packed and off to Wales in the morning for The Slateman on Sunday image First tri of the year, calfs and ankle are ot 100% but the best they have been since before VLM.

    hoping to be back into full on ironman training from next week

  • Very best of luck mate!  You'll blast it I'm sure.  

  • Good luck for Sunday SD, hope the legs behave.

    Hope everyone else is doing good. Sorry not been around much, a triathlon forum isn't the best place to be when injured and being a miserable bugger image

    Had an MRI scan on my knee this week, get the results two weeks tomorrow. So hopefully after that there will be a diagnosis and a plan of action to a return to running without too much pain.

  • G'day all

    IH - Hope the scan comes back with favorable results



    I weighed in this morning

    14st 2lb

    .... Thats 198lb

    .... Thats under 200lbs

    .... for the first time since Ironmam Regansburg 2011



  • Woo hoo nice one Will.

    And thanks, me too.

  • Well done Will!

    Swam 1.2 miles this morning (half IM distance) in 45 minutes, really chuffed with that.  Hope I can repeat that performance at Grafman in 3 weeks.

  • Nice swim Tim


    A recovery day for me today .... 1 hr run @ a nice slow pace image

  • ^^ super slimline Will image


    Did my first OW swim of the year last night and it was chuffin' freezing. The first 15 mins were awful, as the cold made my face/sinuses very painful, nearly jacked it in after one 750m loop, but manned-up and did a second one image.   Cycling done today (just a short one) and it's run and swim tomorrow.

  • Nice one fraggle.  I did my first ever OW swim on Wednesday, wasn't as horribly cold as I'd expected (we were told lake was at 12 degrees).  

    Planning a long bike ride early in the morning.

  • Big weekend for me.  Doing something called "Tri-Fest."  Sprint tri tomorrow morning, short break, then an Olympic.  Sunday half ironman.  Not quite sure what possessed me to sign up for this madness but should be fun.

  • Good training all you busy bees.

    Good work Will, y'ole racin' snake 

    Holgs, hope the knee gets sorted soon

    Good luck (not that any of you need it) for those racing this weekend.


    59 mile bike for me today, through the beautiful Borders countryside


    (I did stop the bike to take that!)  Rather lumpy in places, but it was such a joy to have NO WIND to fight against (my sacrifice of a bottle of chardonnay and a bag of Doritos to the weather gods must have worked)
    And the best bit of all is that I didn't get one single niggle from my back image


  • image  nice one Nursey image

  • Good luck IY, quite a challenge.

    Good stuff Nursery!

  • Just realised that I have some cracking sunburn on my legs after today's ride!

  • what is this 'sun' of which you speak?

  • Morning from sunny Walesimage

    Llanberis is certainly the most scenic location ive been too for a triathlon. Went out for a little bike ride last night. Fell off due to pedal clipping in issues trying to start  on a hill. No damage though.

    good riding Nursey.

    good luck over the weekend IY

  • Great day today ... 50 mile bike this morning, then this afternoon did a DIY tri with my 9 year old son Dan.  100m swim, 6 mile bike, 3 mile run, and he did brilliantly, I'm so proud of him.  Even bought him (and me ) a medal to mark the occasion.  

  • Weekends training influenced by the fact that we had a bit of a monsoon ... So just hiking and running

  • Hi all.  I've been quiet of late. Work. Illness etc etc. Anyways...

    I'm very happy to say that yesterday I completed the full distance swim in a 25m pool in 72mins. I'm really happy with this particularly given in the first week of Jan of this year I struggled to do 100m without practically passing out.

    The secret? Some wonderful advice from here, the Swim Smooth website and a weekly Masters Swim class. So then, what's next for me?

    - Half distance event in Sept of this year

    - Alp D'Huez Tri in July '14

    - Full distance event later in '14, possibly Florida or Western Auz

    Thanks again everyone!

  • My grand plan was cut short by a nagging IT band issue.  Did the sprint and olympic races yesterday but couldn't really run much in the olympic without some discomfort. The massage therapist I normally use was there for some post-race assistance so I saw her.  She worked me over, and good, but still woke up sore.  After a long discussion last night with my pal the PT, he suggested I take a week off, a real week off.   I guess 5-6 days of training since mid-2010 would qualify as "over use?" image

    I didn't want to do a silly HIM and jeopardize the real prize: Ironman Louisville.  

  • Well done IY. Fet on a foam roller morning and evening to sort that IT band out and keep the niggly bugger at bay.


    just done m first Tri for 2013. The Slateman was fantastic. Toughish 4 mile climb on the bike but rewarded with stunning views and very fast decents. Roads are in great condition here, only saw one pothole.

    The run was hell, especially climbing out the slate quarry. Switchback after switchback. calf was irritating although not debilitating & the ankle held up well till about 3 k to go then started to get a bit sore. Will do this again, great place, great scenery, great eventimage

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    well done SD

    and IY well done to you, too

    Nurse, good ridingimage

    wanted to do a last long bike today before outlaw half but didn't sleep at all last night and thought it would just be counter-productive to try to have a long ride feeling rubbish. Going to do a longish turbo tomorrow and then next weekend some shorter rides practising drinking etc


  • Evening all.

    a solid day for me.


     - 55min swim, including 2.5k acceleration set.


     -  3 hrs 50min spin...Spinervals 13 followed by a spin class

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