Fatman to Ironman



  • Well check you out !!  Lil Miss technology!!

    I fully intend to finish work at 2pm today and get out on my mtb for a few hours, whats the betting it will rain ??   image

  • Meldy, rain and mountain bikes go together!

  • I have an 80miler planned for this eveing ... and its dam windy here at the moment image

  • 80 miles in the evening will fair play.. That's a fair old jaunt after work image I'm off for a leisurely 18 mile run image

  • Tim that is indeed true but I have had quite enough of the wet stuff to last a lifetime thank you !!

  • SossigeDog wrote (see)

    . Are you racing or helping?



    Both getting there early to get in the first wave then helping out afterwards. Well I think that's the plan I'm down for marshal point 9 on the bike route with 2 others.


  • 90 mins on the mountain bike in the sun   image

    Just what the doctor ordered

  • See you tomorrow then Ali. I'm on the cycle dismount area with Arleya image


    bit of good news today. Despite my tendonites preventing me from swimming or running, i just did a 54 mile bike ride with no discomfort image

  • You can tell the weather has got better .... the post count has come down image

    11 miles run earlier along the tow path in lovely sunshine

  • Andy, great news on the bike ride mate.

    Ah sun, isn't it lovely!  Rest day today, off for a walk with the family. 

  • I had a crappy long run on Saturday and was really disheartened afterwards. It was fine on the way out, but turning into the wind for the homeward half was bloody awful. I ended up walking a lot of it because it was just as quick as attempting to run. Can't remember the last time I walked during a run. On my feet for 2hrs 10min and managed a pants 10.5 miles. 

    However, I've been out for a trot this morning and did a lovely 5 miles in under 50 mins, and enjoyed every stride.

    Onwards and upwards. 

  • Nursey its those runs that you can look back on tho when the going gets tough in IM ... and the going will get tough   image

    Late finish last night/this morning and then a swim today before work

  • 40 sweaty minutes of Audiofuelling with Chrissie - time for a bath methinks.

  • Looking back on week 8

    For me, last week was my biggest week so far – a total of 17.25hrs training (plus 7.5hrs hiking) with over 11 of those hours on the bike

    This included by first 2 rides on my road bike (this year) including a 75miler on Friday (@ an average speed of 17.1mph)

    Quit happy with the progress


    Week 9 will be more of a step back and recover week image

  • well done Will.

    Had a physio session this morning. Out of line pelvis has caused the calf problems so got straightened out there and given lunge exercises to do regular to keep me in line.

    Ankle tendonites, had some acupuncture & ultrasound on it. She has also taped me up. No running till the tendon grinding stops. Ok to swim & cycle but limit the ankle movment. She said i could do pool running as well

    Feeling a lot more positive about my injuries now. If i'm still not 100% by  The Slateman she told me to go back & she would tape me up for it image



  • Andy, that's good news, at least you know what it is now and are taking action.  Keep your chin up mate.  Plenty of time on the bike! 

  • SD ... Good news an moving forward image


    easy day for me today ... Due to the fact I did my 330mile commute at 4am to get to work for 9:30

    Did ..

     - 41mile on the road bike 

  • Evening all ... Quiet on here at the momoment


    today for me


     - Swim ... 2 x 1k plus drills


     - 45 min spin I... Including tabata set

     - 2 hr trail run

     - 20min core and stretch


  • 10 mins late tonight Will image

    Today I have been mainly putting lots of kit in different piles and moving them around again 

  • Did my first open water swim of the year. Was a bit nippy, took me a while before i could get my face in the water and do FC.

    Went ok once i got going though, didnt use my feet (couldnt feel them anyway) so no ankle pain. Sighting left a lot to be desired

    glad ive got one session in prior to slateman though. Will do a longer one Saturday & next Wednesday.

    How did you find tonight Alibear?


  • Andy, was that down Whitlingham? Are they sessions run by Tri-Anglia or is it open to the public for anyone to use?

    Still haven't got round to joining Tri-Anglia, need to do that ASAP

    Glad your ankle wasn't playing up, hopefully it'll all be okay soon.

  • SD nice to see you again. I did OK it went better than on Monday and I managed the 400 loop twice and the 90 loop several times. It's a bit daunting knowing I need to be doing 4 laps of the 800 meter loop pretty soon but I think I'll get there.

    Could do with the lake warming up a bit though had to get out as lost all feeling in my right hand. Have also strained my neck again by craning around trying to figure out where the heck I was going!

    So OK but lots more practise required for me.

  • I need to get into the open water this month .. sometime

    But i cant recall where i left my wetsuit image

  • Budgie, you need to be a Trianglia member (£16.50 i think) then its one voucher (£3) per session. Sessions are 8am - 10 am Saturday & 6pm - 8pm Wednesday.

    Well done Ali. I just did 1 x 800m loop & then the 90m loop. I'll just keep increasing my distance by 400m each session untill i'm up to the 4 laps. Love the new format, means i have time for a cup of tea and a natter after my swim image It was all a bit rushed before with the hour sessions.

    It was difficult to see the middle buoy on the way back. Everyone had sighting issues. I had to follow the bank in the end as i kept heading towards the wrong buoy. I think we may be able to put a red buoy out so its more visable going forwards.


  • SD - I did a Whitlingham swim at the weekend. It was seriously cold. It took me 25 minutes before I could get my face in the water image

  • Well on Saturday morning I shall be swimming at Whitlingham the off for a 5 hr bike afterwards. Set the route up on garmin maps so could be interesting to see where I end up.

  • Thats my training for the day done (due to my afternoon comute)


     - Swim - a recovery paced mile

     - Run ... a lumpy 4.5mile

  • I'm toying with the idea of OW swimming, but it is still a wee bit nippy. Well done to those of you who have risked hypothermia. 

    Is it normal to get fed up and a bit pissed off with all the training? Took all my willpower to get the lycra on this morning.

    Having done 50 miles on my last ride, I went on the bike this morning with the intention of doing 60. Unfortunately, my back/hip had other ideas and I only managed 41.  It was pushing up the hills that was causing the problem, and I now know better than to try and force things. I'll phone today and make an appointment with the magic massage man. He'll get me sorted out in time for more miles next weekend. 

    I did have one comedy moment, caused by taking my eyes off the road to look at the Garmin. Next thing I knew I was off-roading through a ditch full of muddy water then along the grass verge image. However, I managed to unclip and come to a stop without falling over!


  • I think that earns you at least 10 points NR. Trick riding on a road bike is impressive.

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