Fatman to Ironman



  • Can anyone smell wacky baccy ?


  • Just had a look my training log having just finished week 16 of my 20 week plan

    And volume wise I have passed the amount of training I did in total when I got a PB in 2011image

    Also done almost double the amount of training that I did for the Outlaw last year. image

    My 7k OW swim last week  was 20 mins faster than the equivalent swim last year image

    The sportif that I use for a bench mark of my cycling fitness was completed on Saturday -  1hr 20mins faster than when I last did it in 2011 image

    If only I had not injured my calf preventing my running image

  • SossigeDog wrote (see)

    Trianglian Will Hall made it to within 2 miles of the French coast yesterday. Unfortunately he had experienced breathing difficulties for a while & so couldnt finish the swim. Shame, as he would have been on for the world record. Sterling effort though.



    you forgot to mention that although he was only 2 miles from the french coast....because of the strong tides and choppy conditions he had already swam 39 milesimage.an amazing swim in the time........shows that even an amazingly strong swimmer can be beaten by nature playing cruel tricks

  • Will try to be at Gas Hill on Friday Sossige! Will you be competing??

    Hope everyone's training is going well, the events are creeping up!

  • Well pointed out Seren.  He's an amazing guy, truely inspirational. Was gutted for him. I'm sure he will be back for another crack at it though.

    Ankle feeling loads better now, so got back on the bike this evening for my first training session in 12 days. Went ok, hoping to do a decent OWS tomorrow. If no issues there i may even be back to jogging next week. 

    Good work Will. Damn injuries, my calf issues and tendonites have totally ruined my training plan.

    Next time i train for an IM i won't overdo it on events or try changing to a more minimalist shoe during the 30 week training plan. Live and learn i guess.

    Hopefully see you there Lewis, i'll be about halfway up gas hill with Arleya & the wife. Taking the union jack chairs to add some class to the event image

  • Well done on your swim time Will. I can't imagine swimming 7km right now!

    Good to hear your ankle is a lot better SD. My bad knee is pretty much fine now, but I woke up this morning with pain in my other knee (I think nature is trying to take me down before the big day). I was planning to do my first run in 7 weeks tomorrow, around the lake after the swim, but I'll see how my 'good' knee is beforehand.

    I'll keep an eye out for your union jack chairs!

  • 6 months successful IM training, then 4 weeks before the race I get a painful knee.  Off to see the physio later ... hope it's not bad news.  Feck it.

  •  sorry to here that Tim

    Get the ice out. 15mins per hour for next 3hrs ... And keep it elevated 

  • I did nothing today .. and I shall do nothing tomorrow

    Severely lacking in sleep this week due to the neighbours having a loft conversion 6 inches from my pillow

  • Strained knee ligament.  Not a bad strain, but no cycling and running for at least a week.  So no more big runs or rides before IM ... main aim now is to maintain fitness and not get fat.  And swim a lot.

  • Tim -

    Youve done the training so you'll be OK - just focus on recovering from the injury and do nothing that puts that at risk 

  • Worked for me. I did nothing for two weeks. Laid on the sofa as much as poss and ate junk food for two weeks. Ankle now better but my wetsuit no longer fits image

    Swam 2400m open water last night, 1 hour bike on Tuesday. 90 min ride planned this evening. Getting back on it now. Although i'm going to give the running a miss till next week just to be sure i'm not broken anymore

  • 90 minute bike ride done last night, no dramas. 80 miler planned for tomorrow image


    Good luck to the Outlawer's this weekend. Will be nice and warm for you by the looks, dont forget your suncream !

  • Since I'll be spinning around the IMKY course tomorrow for most of the day and might not get on until late, good luck to the Outlaw-types.  The hay is in the barn, trust in your training.  You've put all the work in, now go enjoy the fruits of your labor.  

    I was going to write something like:  let me be the first to say, "YOU are an IRONMAN!" but I suppose you become Outlaws on Sunday?

  • 80 mile bike ride done @ a 15mph average, no ankle pain.  Pleased with that.

    did start to struggle after 70 miles though, went through 5 gels, two bottles of drink & a pack of nutrigrain biscuits

  • Nice one mate!  Good to hear you're back training.  4 weeks from now....!  

    I've had a weekend on food and booze, knee still a bit sore so waiting to see physio again on Wednesday.  Main concern now is that I'll pile on a stone in the next 4 weeks if I can't train, so tomorrow I start taking a LOT of care about what I eat.

  • 2 mile run tonight, first run in three weeks and not too bad image

    Was going for a bike ride but got a puncture, replaced tube with a new tube, that i must have punctured in my bike bag, doh.

    Good job i found this all out tonight and not on the IM course

  • W00p SD! Also did a 2 mile run today. Things are looking up. 

  • Nice work SD also did my first run in 3 weeks a massive mile (had a headache) but my leg wasent in crippling plain after taking advice from our resident physio Dr cat5

  • Rock n roll, we are so fit image

  • just popping in to say Nursey was Awesome yesterday imageimage

  • image image image

    I did have a bloody amazing sherpa

  • I'm really growing impatient waiting for Outlaw news! HELLO OUT THERE?!!

  • IY, I will write a race report once I return to the land of the  living.  Right now I am zombieing!

    Quick summary to keep you going: swam, biked, ran. It was hot. I cried. Pirates are awesome. I am an Outlaw image

  • Fantastic Nursey, who wasnt going to do an Iron distant tri in 2014 image

    Well done.

    Alibear gave it a great go but was pulled up at in the latter stages of the bike.

  • Nurse Ratched wrote (see)

    image image image

    I did have a bloody amazing sherpa

    **  polishes halo **  imageimage

  • "Fantastic Nursey, who wasnt going to do an Iron distant tri in 2014" i mean in 2013image


  • Nurse Ratched wrote (see)
    Hi SD I'm doing my first tri in July and aiming for IM in 2014 (now let's wait and see how long it takes gastank to try telling us we'll be doing it in 2013!!) So how did you find your first tri experience?


  • Nurse Ratched wrote (see)
    Thank you so much for that, Cat. At the moment, hubby works full-time shifts over 7 days (ie 5 days a week, but weekend days as well as Mon-Fri), and I work 3 evenings a week (also weekends as well as Mon-Fri). My only guaranteed free time is 2 hours a day Mon-Fri when wee one is at nursery. I spend one of those hours exercising the dog. Yes I can run with her, but not on the main roads (we live in the country, so there are no pavements!), and I obviously can't swim or bike with her. I do have a turbo, but still can't put in lots of hours on that. This is why I've decided to do shorter events meantime and IM in 2014. Wee one will start school Aug 2013 and I'll then have 5 hours a day Mon-Fri to do as I please - train! I can't commit to IM until I know that I can give it what it needs.


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