Dear RW

It has been drawn to my attention that kk has been banned for a month. Today as you well know is her birthday. I think you're a bunch of meanies.

yours in disappointment,




  • Really I didn't know that. What did she do? I'm dissaointed too btw. The forum is worse off without her
  • blimey! what do you have to do to get banned?! come back kk!

  • Probably flashed her dick.
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Well I assume someone complained to the moderator about a 'member'.
  • Can we complain to the mods about them banning people unfairly?
    Last time I looked they didn't own facebook,
  • It does seem terribly authoritarian. Will they ban me if I say that kk sent me a message on Facebook? I'll tell you what she said if you like. Fucking lame. 
  • Someone on Facebook told me to get black pedals for my new bike, rather than silver ones.
  • Someone also PMed me to tell me kk was banned. Is this me breaking rules.
  • I'm going to PM you to ask you if you like chicken image
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I don't know why KK was banned but she brings a lot of life and lively debate to this forum. She offers support and a healthy dose of humour where it's needed.

    From my understanding (and reading the forum) she's never bullied or harassed a single member so why have you put her on the naughty step? I think a bit of honesty and open communication would be appreciated from RW Towers.

    Bring back KK!

  • Seems a bit off - banning someone here for something they wrote elsewhere? (I'm assuming that's what has happened from the above posts!)

    That's OTT, surely?

  • Yep. I only came on the forum again to express my dismay. RW appear to think they own the internet. Idiots.

    Free the RW One. 

  • RW! There's a reason that most of the people who are the life and soul of this place don't post much anymore.

    And that's because you lot are really rather lame. Sorry, but it's true.
  • I don't think that was actually the case.

    I MAY be wrong but from what I understood KK had received a rather angry email from a forumite via FB.  KK then mentioned that she was upset about that FB message on her thread, and as far as could see from her thread she never mentioned the person by name.

    Still think it's OTT though.

  • No engagement from them, ever. Bring back Sean, Bobby and Dan. This lot are crap. Boo to them.
  • I can't see how that's wrong.
  • Well 'somebody' said 'something' about 'someone else' and I'm telling my mum.
    Ban me.
  • Correction, I remember now, KK cut & pasted the message verbatim on her thread, saying she had just received this via FB and obviously wasn't happy about it.  However, the author of the message wasn't mentioned.  Yes I agree I can't see anything wrong with that.

    I think it's another example of it doesn't matter what's being said but who says it.

  • I should've mentioned the message was a PM on Facebook. Sorry.

    I agree, Nam. I've seen much worse.
  • Nail on head Nam...
  • I knew about the ban as me and KK were communing about summat else to do with tri and she asked me to PM someone on this forum to contact her as she couldn't do so 'cos of the ban.

    it all sounds very OTT on RW's part

    RW - any wonder why many of the old stagers have left or don't post as often??? 'cos you don't get involved with the community like Dan and Pishfool used to and you're too far up your own arses with your PC'ness

    I wonder how they would have coped with 10p??

  • Wot fb sed.

    It's amazing that it's come to pass that you can be as free-thinking as you like providing you don't say anything that might, just possibly, offend someone.

    Turns out that George Orwell was right, just not quite in the way he expected.

    kk is one of the very few 'good value' posters left on here...wonder why?

  • The fact that she can't communicate with those who need to talk about races etc only adds salt to the wound.
  • There was salt in the goody bags at VLM..... image
  • Its kk's birthday?

    Happy birthday, O  banned one!

  • If your going to ban someone then ban someone like Barkles for not teaching kids the three Rs at school.
    Bring back KK, ban Barkles image
  • Is one of those R's running? image
  • I knew that would all be my fault....image
  • This is ridiculous. Agree with Sussex Runner, the forum's worse off without kk around to spark off some inventive conversation. Doesn't sound like she deserved to get banned, presumably a complaint was made on here and there's been an overreaction.

    Poor form.
  • I've seen stuff on these forums that i think should be removed or banned, but never anything from kk image
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