Overdone it?



  • McFlooze said:
    I wouldn't fancy laps of a track for 14 miles! Have you got a nearby canal? That's always good for traffic free running.

    Got the Thames?  :)
  • Yeah 14 miles round and round on a track would probably destroy running for me.

    I knew I'd be putting in a shift at parkrun this morning when I felt like I was dying from about half a mile in. I hung on grimly through miles 2 and 3 to finish in 17.05 for 10th and a course best, which I was happy with after quite a lot of miles already this week.
  • Nice parkrunning Muddy.

    How's your wind problem DT?

    Good luck tomorrow anyhow.
  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Well done muddy

    i did 18M before 9am yesterday, 1:17 first half and 1:13 second half and I’m feeling ok for it ( despite spending the rest of the day plasterboarding ceilings for my parents) so probably a bit fitter than I thought.

    And that’s my longest run since VLM16 

  • Well done, Mace. Sounds like a decent long run. How sore are you today? 

    Nice Parkrunning, Muddy! 

    The Thames would be ok if it has a path not covered with tourists. I can't be doing with dodging people on runs. 

    I'm annoyed that Strava is down so I can't stalk anyone's races. 

    Another 20 miles for me yesterday. Alone so I broke with tradition and took out Podcasts and headphones. Made for a less dull three hours. Then a v slow 4 mile recovery with the dog for a 51 mile week. Lovely in the sun.  

    Going to start the week with a MLR tomorrow and then hopefully get some fresher legs for Bourton 10k next weekend. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    nice parkrunning, Muddy. 

    excellent long running mace and mcf. 

    village bakery didnt deliver unfortunately. i train better than i race!

    Muddy kindly paced me and i was very much cruising coming up to 10 miles with 6.17 average pace (hr stats back this) then completely out of the blue i had my finish line vomit issue and had to stop. i picked myself up but struggled to regain rhythm and had to manage my stomach for remainder, having gone through 10 miles in some 25 second pb. It didnt help that miles 11-13 were most challenging of the course with some uphill and straight into a headwind. 

    I knew from course measurement last year i needed to average 6.18 to go sub 83 so that was out. I pushed along and came in 83.44 so missed a pb by 9 seconds. 

    Looking on strava i struggled less than most in last 3 miles and was still passing people. Disapointing but equally i am not gutted as my last 2 halves have been awful, i ran very strong 10 miles and it's the fastest average pace ive held over half distance despite not being a pb due to about 100m extra distance today. 

  • that's disappointing DT - still think you are better than that - was it a bit early for roaring?
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Skinny, yes 10 miles at 6.27 pace on my lunchbreak tells me that. Unfortunately 3 miles of roaring would leave me rather hoarse i think. 
  • Well done McFlooze, 23 miles in a day !

    I think there were GPS issues round the course DT so not sure if the distance measurement is out. Mind you I don't normally look at pace when running so maybe I've been unaware of those crazy pace fluctuations that we saw today.

    1.23.11 for me, coming in around 145 bpm (150 bpm is where I have raced marathons previously). Certainly the last 3m where I pushed on a bit were much tougher than the first 3 miles - I was glad to finish, but wasn't too ruined. The cooldown gave me 18.5 miles for the day, to make a 61.5 mile week. This means I will sleep like a log tonight.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    muddy, actual pace bounces all over the place on almost all my runs and races. 
  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Good work McF - i wasn't at all sore yesterday which was nice although i was rather tired in a pleasant way. I didn't get out for a recovery run (walked the pooches instead) so ended the week on 47M. 

    Looking good for you muddy and it sounds like you judged the effort just right all things considered. Playing the long game, getting a nice stimulus and able to continue the good training is what it's about at this stage, no need to prove yourself.

    As did DT if you take out the vomiting malarky, not sure what's going on there. Any deviation from your normal pre-race nutrition/routine ? I'd say maybe a psychological/excitement thing but you didn't have any such issues for your sub-3 ? All rather strange as you do seem to be better than a 1:23.

    7M as the sun came up this morning.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Mace, I did have the same issue in York, I just had enough time to cover it. Had I been 10 seconds the other way, I wouldn't have been able to push mile 25 or 26 on at all. It is a very different thing to being tired and letting things drift and then having a talk with yourself and picking back up. It is much more debilitating at the time.

    It is noticeable that my HR went up quite a bit very suddenly in the last 3 miles. It will have risen some as the course was more difficult in the last 3 miles, but when you consider my pace drop as well it was quite a difference. It is definitely a mental thing as it came on as soon as I started seeing the 10 mile marker and what my time was. It was almost like my brain treated that as some sort of finish line and kick in with its usual nonsense.

  • Must be very frustrating DT.

    Muddy you seem in fine form. My work colleague is doing London aiming for between 2:45 and 2:50 - will you be around that time? I think you might be slightly faster than him and have certainly done more miles.

    Well done Mace and McFlooze - 51 miles and 47 miles are good numbers in most company.

    I had a landmark moment this morning - I went for a training run. 0.6 miles into the park, 6 times up some steps with about a 0.2 mile recovery loop and then 0.5 miles back home. All in all reckon it might have been 2.5 miles - woohoo!
  • macemace ✭✭✭
    DT - yep, it does sound like a 'chimpy' sort of thing then. Probably chipping away telling you how hard the last 3 miles were going to be and how you won't convert your training times, building the pressure. I'd have been shouting " f*ck off, there's another 10 to go and this IS a training run " 

    Good stuff Skinny, from little acorns ....
  • Nice one Skinny.  Feeling OK?

    DT, it does sound like your anticipation of the finish line along with you putting pressure on yourself is making you ill.  What supplements do you take for your half marathons?  Could these be disagreeing with you perhaps?
  • muddyfunstermuddyfunster ✭✭✭
    edited February 2019
    I find when racing a half I have deep antipathy to the 10 mile marker too. It signals impending pain and never-ending miles.

    Skinny - it’s hard to say about times. I’ve been this fit before, but I am struggling to get the long slow runs in so may not convert up too well. I do expect fitness to improve over the next six weeks as the ribs get better and I accumulate some tougher runs. So I think I will be in the frame for under 2.50. But a hot day could change things hugely.

    p.s. Good long run/mileage too Mace!
  • You look like you're in a good place Muddy, so every confidence in you :)

    The 10mile marker at the Wokingham half is at the peak of what feels like a colossal hill by then.
    In reality it's a motorway bridge that you don't even really give a second thought to when you're gaily trotting down it a few miles in on fresh legs and adrenaline.

    Whereas at Reading it used to be the start of a soulless windy dual carriageway, awaiting an absolutely criminal right hand turn, taking you about half a mile down a road, and then straight back up it the other side, and the longest ever run in, your brain screaming "WHERE'S THAT ENTRANCE TO THE STADIUM", and then a glorious last 300metres or so, over the line, with the crowd in absolute raptures.  <3
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    David, I don't take anything during race or usually within an hour of the race. We put a stop to my pre-race feasts a few years ago when I used to have jelly, rice pudding, porridge, 3 pints of water etc all to race a 5 miler.

    Nice stuff, Skinny. Seems that you are still very much determined to get back to the running eventually.

  • You should do the Coventry Half, DT.  The last 5 miles are downhill (bit of work to the half way mark but nothing awful) so you can't back off too much, even if you wanted to. The timing might be right for you to have another crack as well?  In a few weeks?   

    Muddy - the recovery run was the day following, not the same day.  I'm not that mental! 

    Well done on a little run, Skinny.  Long may it continue.   
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Mcf, thanks for the suggestion. I have done Cov twice before and pb'd both times. However it is the same day as Ashby, which in the scheme of things is a key run.
  • Bad luck DT. I Thought you'd resolved the vomiting problems.
    Congratulations skinny for the 2.5 miler.
    I was excused from regular duties last Saturday for a 5k park run attack in Stratford. Managed 19:33 and felt fairly comfortable with that; progressively increasing the pace each mile. I was outsprinted to the finish by a club mate who was pushing a buggy. (I had drafted behind him for much of the 5k so I can't grumble too much.)
    Followed that with an hour of crossfit at 10 then 8miles on Sunday for a fairly tiring weekend.
    Bodes well for bourton 10k next weekend - can I squeeze under 40 mins?
  • Cov half last 5miles downhill?! Sounds great!
  • Skinny. One more race. Make that your target and who knows beyond that
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Lou, the issue has never gone away, just better managed! I always take the view that if i am able to run under 19.30 flat out then i will be sub 40. 

    Stevie, it does work well. 8 miles of graft but you know as you finish that last climb you can cruise home. 
  • The Marlow half used to be a similar feeling. Although I'd imagine far hillier overall, and you only got to savour a mile at the end.
    What a mile though, magnificent!

    On a slightly massive different note, we have a cross country, or "MT" course locally. It must play absolute havoc with anyone who doesn't know what to expect.

    Starts with 3/4m gradual downhill that everyone obliterates.
    Fairly steep 400m grassy bank, that then goes on for another couple of hundred metres into woods.

    About half way you have a cruel long steep climb for about 600m, on slippy chalky stuff for a bit, and then you come into really sticky mud.

    A massive downhill, steep and a bit dangerous for a rampage down.
    All the while seeing a climb coming, which is about 200m for the first bit, but steep on tired legs, then a false top, and another 150m climb at dribble pace.

    Then the 400m bank down at the end, but too steep to have a chance to catch anyone.

    No wonder i barely beat 7min miling this year gone!
    One hell of a leveller, as I was about 9th home from my own club this year. First time in 50 races across 3 teams I haven't at least got in the 6 scorers, with perhaps only a couple of those times where I've needed to creep in 5/6th.
  • Stevie G said:
    Skinny. One more race. Make that your target and who knows beyond that
    It's not really like that - I have no lack of motivation but I am limited to what my foot will stand - do I dare write that it seems to be withstanding slightly more recently than it has in last 21 months, perhaps, but I am still entirely at it's mercy.

    I've run 4 parkruns in last 2 months some with reaction, some not. The current goal remains being able to run for 20 mins 3 times a week with a stretch goal of a sub 20 min 5k. To be honest if I can do the former I will achieve the latter on a flat properly measured course. 
  • I remember the "one more" sentiment from Roy Keane about his recovery from a serious knee injury, so it certainly wasn't doubting your commitment young son :)

    The parkruns bit sounds promising, but the getting a bit better certainly is. Long may it continue.
  • That's great news about your run Skinny!

    DT - sorry to hear about the race anxiety, though that is still a good time even if not as good as you are capable of. By contrast with some others, I really like seeing the 10 mile marker in a half marathon because I am one of those annoying, perky people who thinks 'ooh! only 5k to go!!!', or if things are not going so bouncily, I tend to think 'you can put up with pretty much anything for 20ish minutes'. But that might be part of your problem - feeling like you are near the end. You can't avoid seeing mile markers, but I wonder if making sure you don't recce the course or research what the ending is like would help?

    Meanwhile I have still not quite caught up with running post-cold because I went to Lancaster for the weekend to take my partner's dad out for his birthday, and then they both got a stomach bug so she couldn't come home. So I ended up having to drive back by myself with the puppy in order to get to work on Monday morning, and am now a single puppy-parent. Normal service should be resumed soon, though, and at least I got a nice 18-mile run along the canal on Sunday (though a 200-mile drive was not the ideal follow-up).
  • Stevie, that MT course sounds horrific.  

    Got my MLR done last night - feels good getting it done on a Monday, 12 miles in the bag.  Day off today then some intervals tomorrow and a shortish run Thursday and Saturday ready for the 10k race on Sunday.  I shan't be troubling the low 40s I don't think (still carrying too much timber) but hope to manage around 44.  
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