Overdone it?



  • kevin70kevin70 ✭✭✭

     Skinny brilliant time and fingers crossed for you :)

    13mls lsr on Saturday hopefully getting out for 9mls tonight. How did everyone else get on at the weekend

  • Congratulations Skinny and same to your colleague !

    I was up north for the Yorkshire Marathon. They wouldn't change me over to the 10 mile race, so I thought I would help a club colleague out for a bit and run a session within the closed route. However there were so many runners I couldn't easily find my colleague and I was way back behind the 3.30 pacer at the start - he was looking at 3 hrs as a target.

    As the race kicked off I tried to push forwards through the masses to see if I could pick him up. However I caught the 3 hour pace group around 3 miles, but there was no sign of him. So I kept going to 5 miles, then turned around and headed back and eventually found him and kept going for a couple of miles with him. Headed back at an easy jog to the 5 mile point of the 10 mile race route, then had the luxury of the open road to do a 5m at marathon effort session to the finish. Marathon effort seemed decent considering lack of training - around 6.20 min/mile for each of the 5 mile blocks and managed 16 miles with warm up and cool down bits.

    No achilles reaction. Last 4 weeks of mileage have been 4, 21, 36, 43 and the last week has seen a couple of sessions in play with 4 x 4 mins threshold and the 2 x 5m marathon effort. Hoping to hit some races in November.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Skinny, well done on the 10k and first in age group, sounds like an amazing place. It goes back to what you've said before as to the fitness of the general population. If you can run 43 minutes off incredibly nominal training yet the average 10k time is fifty something minutes, it says a lot.

    Nice 13 Kevin.

    Muddy, that must have been slightly surreal just plotting your way around a marathon course. I see that the sub 3 pacer finished in 2.57.xx again and largely alone.

    How were xc relays, mcf?

    I had a pretty big week last week getting over 50m for first time in months. Did a steady 7m tempo Friday. Came out 6.32mm average for 159 hr which is probably my best pace v hr I can recall.

    Rounded the week off with a 14m long run. This week will be a little subdued as going away Thursday night for 5 nights.

  • Well done Muddy - did that get you a DNF or did you cross finish line? (thinking about it maybe you didn’t wear your chip?). Anyway no Achilles reaction suggests you’re ready to build to some races again.

    Kevin and DT - nice training runs.

    700 people ran the 10k but the quality was very thin in the ground - lots more people over an hour than under and some over 2 hours! The course is super fast so I can’t really explain it.
  • Skinny, I ditched my bib/chip once I'd got to the last 5 miles of my run - I needed it to get into the pens at the start but after that I was just confusing the marshalls and spectators as they thought I was winning :D

    I dropped off the route in the last 400m as it would've been very embarrassing running through the finish area on my own. I missed out on the post race goodie bag as a result of dropping my bib too. Oh well, it's only money !

    That's a good 7m tempo DT. I was around 1.21 for a half when I was running that sort of pace/effort.  I'll have to take a look at it on Connect. Was HR steady or rising ?

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Muddy, I saw pictures of finishers with a finishers hoody by the looks. was that the case?

    I heard that the sub 3 pacer ran his diligent followers into the ground, coming in at 2.57.xx largely alone.

    No, my hr is always rising through the course of any run I do. it went 149, 155, 160, 159, 164, 163 and 166. There was some wind interference about which I think explains the drop in mile 4 compared to mile 3 and then mile 6 to mile 5. for reference my average HR in London was 165. so even working at 166 at the end wasn't a crazy effort by any means.

  • I didn't see any finishers in hoodies DT as I was back at my mates for 11.40-ish.

    My club colleague was trying to catch up the 3 hr pacer but I could see that they were already well up on 3 hr pace even at 5 miles, as I'd averaged around 6.20 min/mile and I wasn't much further up the road than their group. I warned him not to go after them too hard, but he dropped pace significantly in the last 10k and managed 3.15 ish - wonder if that's what happened to others.

    Sounds like a very decent run out then - I know I'm working when running 6.20 pace for steady marathon effort, so 6.30s with ease augurs well.
  • Steady 10k for me at lunchtime, around 6.30 min/mile. Gorgeous autumnal day - felt good to be alive !  :)
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Muddy, just to clarify, I wouldn't say it was with ease. I knew I was working just not near a level that meant I wanted to stop.

    Yes I thoroughly enjoyed my lunchtime session in the cooler sunshine. 3 x 2m at hmp-10kp off 2 minutes. Reps came out 6.15 and 6.17 (faster than I had planned), 6.04 and 6.12 then 6.04 and 6.22. I had to stop to turn around in the last mile with 0.3m to go as otherwise I would have found myself at the furthest corner of the race course and I needed to get back to work. Obviously I was working hard by then and that crushed my rhythm.

    Pleasing session though.

  • Some good training there, DT.

    And I was a bit confused by Muddy's story as to whether he casually just ran a whole marathon.  Impressive if so.  
    Congrats to Skinny on an age group win!  

    I enjoyed the relays on Saturday.  I wasn't very fast but we managed 8th fastest ladies masters team which was quite pleased with.  The relays are a good way to get back onto XC without any pressure.  The ground was pretty soft though so high effort type running.  I managed a long run of ten miles the following day for a total of 33 miles last week which is better than for ages.  I also did a club run last night and joined the long group and managed 9 more miles at an 8mm pace which I was quite happy with as felt manageable and chatted through the first half with maybe a bit of push needed at the end.  So maybe I'm on the turn!  

  • muddyfunstermuddyfunster ✭✭✭
    edited October 2019
    Ha McFlooze - There will never be any casual marathoning from me. I ran 2 x 5m at marathon effort, with a 2m warm up, 2m easy in the middle, and a 2m cool down. That was within the closed route of the 10 mile race route which was within the marathon circuit.
  • Ah, that sounds more like it although still a pretty big session!  4.5 miles out around the fields with some colleagues yesterday lunch time.  Got a rotten cold. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Mcf, yes You usually do xc in October and there's no mud at all but a few did the Gloucs leg a few weeks ago and said it was like mid season mud.

    Hope the cold clears soon.

    Easy 9m last night and doing 5 at mp tonight.

    I thought it had been a while since I purchased some running tool that the average person would consider to be a load of rubbish, so I purchased these today-


  • McF - yeah a big session, but I love a bit of marathon effort. 

    Easy 8.5 for me today. Spots of rain, muddy reservoir paths, lovely ! 4.7m on the treadmill yesterday with 6 x 400m really fast - about 30 mins of running with 1m of warmup.

    DT - Very Iron Man. Couldn't find any peer reviewed bits of science on the site at first glance though. Consider me an average person :)
  • Going to follow up my own post here ...

    Hope the cold is clearing by now McF

    A slightly bigger mileage for me last week. Finished the week off with a session based long run. 18 mins threshold within about 12 miles of easy stuff. It wasn't too bad a distance covered (5km) considering the mud and puddles and amount of layers I had on (overestimated the cold!). Previous threshold session was 4x4mins, so 18 mins continuous felt quite tough.

    This week could do with being a cut back week after 4 weeks of progression... but I'm still feeling ok and have a 10k race on Sunday, so attempting a front loaded week. 9.5m easy last night came out at a decent clip over an undulating route.
  • Good stuff Muddy

    Are you racing the 10k or doing it at MP in about 36 mins :'( ?

    In UniChall news Mrs Skinny and me are locked at 7-7 at the end of the first round matches having already drawn 4 programmes.

    I managed to follow up my 10k with a 3,3,4 week last week but nothing so far this week.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2019
    Ive been away since Thursday night in Edinburgh. My 5 at mp/160 came out very well Thursday. I deceided to run it at mara pb pace so 6.44mm. Came out 154bpm. Pretty low effort session all in.

    Came back yesterday and got out for 3m easy. Then as I'm off work again today i did sundays 14m long run as im out at the rugby club from 8.30 Saturday morning.

    Muddy, ive decided against racing sunday. When the rugby season is on it's quite disruptive for me to race as I'm committed to taking my son to matches so my racing chips need to be used wisely and not when I've been out drinking all day the day before. 

    Skinny, good to see the 10k race has given you some appetite to go again. Hopefully it'll go well. 
  • muddyfunstermuddyfunster ✭✭✭
    edited October 2019
    36 mins for 10k would be around threshold pace at the moment I think Skinny. Mp around 38 mins based on recent lunchtime runs. 

    I was second in this race last year in 35.37 and that was an all out job as I was pushed all the way. I've not decided whether to race it yet, if I get a day off running on Friday and a light jog on Saturday, I might feel fresh enough but means I have to get the miles in tonight and tomorrow.

    I was just looking at the Lancaster 3-1-5 half as I'm child free that weekend.

    Fair enough DT - but is your son old enough to drink !?
  • I was just looking at the Lancaster 3-1-5 half as I'm child free that weekend.
    You know it makes sense - flat and fast, fastest half course I ever ran.
  • I was just looking at the Lancaster 3-1-5 half as I'm child free that weekend.
    You know it makes sense - flat and fast, fastest half course I ever ran.
    Yep, though I am not thoroughly trained for distance at the moment, it makes a great deal of sense. I do have a local 10 mile race a week later that I'd like to do well in; a week of recovery running usually sorts me out. The downside is that I would miss out on the local Coombe 8 trail race. I will see how the 10k feels at the weekend and that may concentrate my mind about burying myself in a half.

    The Brass Monkey seems to be the fastest half race I've been involved in, but a couple of flyovers on its route probably sway flattest in favour of the 3-1-5. I've never run faster at the 3-1-5 however ...

    Incidentally, I have an entry for the 2020 Brass Monkey ... anyone else ?
  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all.

    Sounds like a decent session that muddy.

    Glad you're getting some miles in, Skinny.

    Looks like you're in good shape for Derby 10 mile, DT.

    It was Worksop half for me on Sunday, last time I did this race was in 2015, when I came agonisingly close to breaking 90 minutes for the first time finishing in 1:30.06. I didn't really know what sort of shape I was in, having had a few weeks of ok mileage with a few reasonable parkrun outings but hadn't managed many runs further than 8 miles.

    The profile of the course is very undulating with a steep uphill to start than a lot of downhill in the next 3-4 miles, a significant climb at 7 miles and then another at 11, before a glorious downhill for the last half mile or so. Something like 750ft of elevation gain in total so not the flattest by any stretch of the imagination.

    I set-off reasonably cautiously and got up the first hill feeling ok before trying to make the most of the downhill bits up to 4 miles. Shortly after this the road was completely flooded and there was no option but to just go straight through the 6 inch deep water, lovely. At this point the course is a bit undulating with a few twists and turns before the climb up to the 8 mile marker and I was averaging around 6:40 pace and feeling ok...however, just as I was heading up the hill to the 8 mile mark my right calf began cramping (never happened before so not sure why) and things became much harder very quickly. I was managing to hold it together but the average pace began creeping up and I still had the long climb at around 11 miles to deal with. Despite this I was still catching and overtaking plenty of people which kept me going. Towards the top of the hill, my mate  (from lit's old club) came alongside me and encouraged me to stay with him, which I just about managed until a bit of a drag into the wind before the final glorious downhill. Coming down the hill it was like 2015 all over again when it was touch and go whether I would get under 1:30 but this time it was with added calf cramps. Rounded the final corner and over the line and then a nervous look at my watch...1:29.45. Not a PB and not my finest effort at running a HM by any stretch but glad to have put the 1:30.06 to rest as it did used to annoy me. Thought I might be closer to a couple of club mates than I was but guess that gives me a target for next time.

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  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Muddy, I decided against Brass Monkey. It's just a full weekend out with hotel etc. I am probably going to do Gloucester half which I think is same weekend.

    Just to clarify, the sunday rugby I take my son to is him playing. I shall be out drinking without him Saturday.

    Decent going, Tommy on a tough course. What's up next?

    Just an easy 4 planned over lunch then circuit training tonight.

  • Well done Tommy - sub 1:30 used to be a major aspiration for many of us.

    It seems to be 10 mile season (there are two up here in next three weeks) - anyone know why so many 10 mile races in the autumn?

  • Good work Tommy - going faster on the same course always feels good.

    Not sure on the 10 milers Skinny - there are usually lots of 20 mile races in the early Spring for obvious reasons. The half marathons dry up through November, December, January and February so I suspect it's just the sheer difficulty of marshalling longer routes in potentially shitty weather. Risk management basically - 10 miles on an out and back or round a loop is just about doable for what will be a predominantly small field as the bucket list type runners have done their big events in better weathers. 

  • Surprised 3 miles would make much difference to the marshalling effort. Perhaps you are right though in that it is the window outside the bucket list type running races where the traditional long standing races are run. 
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    Hi everyone

    I haven't really been running since I went to my barefoot running guy, bought the trainers he told me to try as a starter effort and after about 400 yards it felt like my ankle was completely buggered. Then I did just jack it in for about 4 months. Did a parkrun last weekend and ran for 40 mins the other night in Poland but as far as a serious pursuit is concerned I'm done.

    Never give up chief.

    40mins is a tidy length run. I think I've run longer than that about once in about 6 weeks!
  • DT19 said:

    Decent going, Tommy on a tough course. What's up next?

    Not really sure. Probably a bit of base training with the odd XC and occasional hard parkrun thrown in and then find something to target in the spring. I'm pretty certain I'm not doing a spring marathon next year but perhaps one in the autumn so might look try and find something then. Perhaps a 10 miler, haven't raced on of those for years.

    Did you get a place for Ashby 20 2020? Heard it sold out in 20 minutes (naturally).

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Tommy, no I can't make Ashby next year as away that weekend in Cardiff. Annoyingly Gloucester 20 is on the same day.

    Yes I followed it on fb and I think people were picking up places over 30 mins after opening. I think it was easy enough to get in if you really wanted to do it, you just had to be on line at 7pm. Those complaining they didn't get in didn't try until after 7.30. Not really sure why you just wouldn't be ready to go at 7 generally (save for some specific circumstances that people might have faced).

    Not really looked at next spring save for London.

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