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  • My 10k went better than expected this morning, finished 1st in around 34.47-ish. No official results that I’ve seen yet so guesstimating that time based on how long it took me to stop my watch after my sprint finish left me oblivious to where the actual finish was. I stopped when I hit the stacks of water :D I wasn’t actually pushed for much of the race as the fast folks in it were doing marathon paced workouts (35 mins for 10k!). Still it was nice to knock out possibly my second fastest 10k off a couple of up and down months and not feel too troubled by the effort. About 50 secs faster than last year on the same course.
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    Good going, Muddy. From the strava flyby stuff, im surprised the 2nd and 3rd held discipline to not up the pace in last mile or so to bag a win. Do you know what the v40 prize went in? 

    Unpleasant friday tempo. With the racecourse under water i ended up running up and down a38 in dark. Came out 6.43 average. 

    Yestersay was a fully day out on the beers. Managed today's scheeduled 10m run late afternoon. 
  • Well done Muddy - First! A Winner! What did you win?

    A full day on the beers starting at 8:30am DT? Impressive drinking stamina.

    I did parkrun then watched second half. I was surprisingly shit (a bit like England) in 23:02 - not shit as a one off run but surprisingly worse than the 22:48 I did about a month ago as my first run in 4 months.

  • DT - I think maybe 38-ish ? Not sure, can't seem to get hold of the official results.

    Skinny - A £20 running shop voucher. I've been dying for some socks for some time now ;)

    Nice one on the parkrun. Soggy weather at the moment - are you definitely comparing apples there ?

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    I could have been in or around that then. Have they reduced the prize value? I still have mine from last year and it's £25.

    Skinny, it was literally a full day, rolling in at just before midnight. My wife was mildly unimpressed as I said i'd be back by the time it was dark outside.

    Yes, Saturday wasn't a particularly good running morning from the various photos popping up on-line of various parkruns.

  • DT - you'd better spend it ! I think it expires after a year. Everyone needs socks.

    They must have reduced the prizes, yeah. That £20 was offset by the cost of the babysitter (£20)  :# #notforprofitrunning
  • DT - results here - 2nd was a v40, but the next one down was 37.48 ...
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    I looked and it expires end of this month. I used the last one to buy a load of gels.

    They pass the prize down there, though looking at results I would most likely have lost out on that prize. I see you beat Hayley Carruthers. I wonder how they decided the order the 3 of them would finish in as I think they must have planned it for her to come 4th as she still then picked up 1st lady.

  • Yeah she was doing a marathon pace workout !
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    Spent my voucher finally, on some wireless bone conduction headphones, though they were £60.

    Tough session yesterday of 10 x 1k off 1 min. Racecourse still under a bit of water so I had a limited area to train. Meant running in a straight line out and back into and out of a  direct headwind. The reps into wind all came out mid 6.20s and the ones with wind came out around 6.10. The 6.20s did more damage than the 6.10s though.

    Easy 4 tonight then circuits or pump afterwards.

  • Congrats on the win, muddy!

    Sounds like a tough session, DT. Good training for Telford.

    Decent track session with Bob last night. 12*400m off 2:30, reps were generally coming in around 81-83 seconds with one outlier where I was mucking about with my watch, so was getting about 65 seconds recovery each time. Started off feeling fairly easy but was starting to bite towards the end.

    Couple of easy paced runs later this week before the next XC instalment on Saturday.  

  • Just entered the Cambridge half marathon for March next year, supposed to be a very fast course. Had to jump through all manor of pre-registration hoops and answer / avoid hundreds of questions during the registration process. 42 quid is a bit steep for a half marathon mind, so it better be good!
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    Good session, Tommy. Yes I've heard Cambridge is a decent event. That must be more than the Great Run half maras are to enter?

    8m tempo for me over lunchtime. Not sure what condition the race course will be in for it as on Tuesday there was still quite a bit of water down there.

  • Seem like good sessions DT and Tommy - I've been letting my legs come back to me after the 10k. Done a few 30 min jogs, then an hour yesterday. I may attempt a progressive 10k effort in my lunch break today or tomorrow.

    Cambridge usually sells out very quickly so guess they can name their price ? I've gone for Wilmslow in the spring, as part of the build up for Manchester marathon.

    Yep, I will curse myself by putting that out there.

    So got a bit of a race/session plan together now ...

    Action Heart Tuff'Un 5.5m MT   Nov 24th
    3-1-5 Lancaster Half                Dec 1st     *
    Sneyd Pudding Run 10m           Dec 8th     
    Turkey Trot 5m                         Dec 15th  *
    Cursa Dels Nassos 10km           Dec 31st  *
    Intercounties XC                        Jan 4th
    Brass Monkey half                     Jan 12th   *

    Remains to be seen whether all will be possible. Will see how I feel, but probably target the asterisked ones
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    Muddy, I am considering that xc as it's pretty local to me, however I am just a bit worried that rocking up for a one off xc maybe a hiding to nothing.

    I need to start thinking of a spring target to break up that February/March period.

  • DT - The xc will be a threshold run. Carries risk, I know, but also a good afternoon out with the club and we actually have a few that are sub 40 for 10k now, so could get a decent set of scorers together. How about Village Bakery again ? If it falls right I will do that at marathon effort. Also the Stourbridge Stagger (10m - may be same date).
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    Are you back to Worcestershire affiliation now?

    Yes that is a possibility though I would ideally like something a few weeks later and don't really have the opportunity to race too often on a sunday due to junior rugby.

    Talking of which, there are a lot of consecutive weekends in your plan above. Can you make that work?

    10.5m over lunch with 8m at low tempo so aiming for sort of 160bpm. The racecourse was a mess and very slippy with mud and leaves following the flooding and that was a 150m section that was shin deep water. However it presented  a better prospect than the a38 in the dark tonight. It was going well until I fell on a tight bend just before 5m. Went down heavily on my left hip and thigh, but luckily into the grass verge. That knocked the confidence a bit but I ploughed on. Came out 6.36mm for 162bpm. Probably a slightly higher effort than the schedule intended, albeit it felt nice and controlled.

    I'm hoping now that I don't wake up tomorrow morning with a problem in my hip area from the fall.

  • DT - Always been Worcestershire ! The consecutive weekends work as they are local races every other week, so babysitter can help out. I would have the babysitter for my long run anyway...

    Shame about the fall and the hip ... but the grass will have helped lots. Warm bath tonight and take it very easy tomorrow.

    Bit time strapped so only 5m easy at lunch, came out faster than previous easys this week. Legs getting back to normal.
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    I recall you saying you club chairman had fallen out with Worcestershire AA and you weren't continuing to be members, at least I thought.

    Yes, I am off to the spa at DL straight after work to soak in the jacuzzi and have a stretch in the steam room.

    I've an easy 10m in the morning. I'll see how things are feeling when I wake.

  • No we will continue, that was all in the run up to last years joint counties where it wasn't clear that our registration had been made due to aforementioned intransigence but now chairman has moved up a level to honorary pres, and another chairman in place is taking care of business.
  • DT hope you are ok after your fall, difficult this time of year when running at night.

    Muddy class result in your 10k, plenty of races planned.

    Tommy, £42 bit steep for a race but in you get a pb :) Good luck for the XC

    Easy pace runs lately trying to be more conservative, hopefully this will help both mentally and physically.

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    Sounds good, Kevin.

    Easy 10 Friday morning was a bit of a trudge sod itched Saturdays planned 5 and took a rest day, which I wasn't too disappointed by given the weather.

    You know it's bad when xc is getting cancelled.

    Derby 10m for me Sunday so taper this week. Weather currently looks decent, however I've sat here enough times on a Monday and thought that only for it to be anything but  that come race day.

  • I ran 10 miles yesterday in the glorious autumn sun - very enjoyable.

    Furthest I've run for two and a half years. Surprisingly easy too - expected to get really tired after about 7 or 8 miles but felt great - 82 mins (I was a bit fresher than you DT :-))

    It's unsustainable as foot hurts today (and did at times during run but not bad enough to force me to stop) but lovely to be able to do as a one off.

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    well done, Skinny that's a good distance to get in.

    I forgot to mention I did 13m yesterday in similar conditions and that was quite enjoyable.

  • Good going DT and Skinny. I enjoyed my autumnal run out yesterday too, in stark contrast to the previous two days in icy rain. I did 13 miles with 4.5 marathon effort (3 laps of the muddy reservoir sub 6.20 pace) and feel pretty good today. I managed around 55 miles for last week - all very easy mileage apart from the 4.5 marathon effort - in a mini recovery phase from the 10k.
  • Well done both.

    Muddy is that a reservoir that is muddy or the reservoir closest to your house? (I suppose it could be both :-))

  • Ha Skinny, yeah it’s my personal reservoir, the rest of the world just doesn’t know it yet. I do like it round there, I’m there maybe twice a week. It’s about 3 miles away so makes for a decent out, round and back,.
  • Nice work with the 10 miles, Skinny. Likewise on your 13 milers, DT and muddy. I was supposed to do a longer run yesterday too but was a bit knackered after XC and a few pints on Saturday night so sacked it off.

    XC on Saturday was ok, a pretty flat runnable course, mainly around some sports pitches which is a bit dull, although it is improved immeasurably by a short section over a bmx/mountain biking in some woods. Finished a bit higher up the field than I usually do, but behind a couple of club mates I thought I'd be ahead of.

    Good luck on Sunday, DT, I guess there's a chance of it being cancelled due to flooding - long sections of the route are on the river path. Derby city centre was completely shut-off on Friday night; my colleague's usual 40 minute commute took 2 and a half hours because of that.  

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    Tommy, yes i hadn't really considered that prospect until i saw a pic on fb of Derby rugby club under water then saw your post. 

    well done on the xc. The reports i saw ftom saturdays fixture here sounded quite horrific. 
  • FAO DT

    13/11/2019: We have been around the course for the most part of today and as things stand, the event is still taking place but we wanted to inform you that we do need to make several changes to the course.

    Our assessment of the course today has shown that the first part of the return section of river path at around 6.5 miles that we have been monitoring carefully is still not draining away and unfortunately it is highly unlikely to in time for Sunday’s race.  However, the rest of the course is usable for the race.  Unfortunately, Elvaston Castle have informed us early today that the park is currently closed and looks likely to remain so for the weekend.  We are therefore unable to use the estate grounds completely including the outer perimeter.  This reduces our choice of route.  We are in regular contact with multiple authorities/agencies in regard to the feasibility of our plans and would like to thank them for their support in helping us to find the best solution possible for all.

    We are working hard behind the scenes to give you the best running experience on Sunday and have medals and t-shirts here that we are looking forward to giving out to our fantastic runners. We aim to give you a further update tomorrow including the chosen contingency route

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