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    Good to hear from you, Skinny. I suspected things hadn't quite progressed as hoped in view  of your absence. Sorry to hear you've had to abandon the hope you had.

    I was very pleased to have Bupa to get it nailed quickly. NHS said for what they thought it was, it would be a 6 month wait to see a specialist. Even if it wasn't deadly serious, i'd have worried myself sick. Ironically it wasn't at this point as serious as what the GP said it was, however if left it would have turned into a more serious form of skin cancer than NHS said it was, maybe in 2 years or maybe in 3 months. So I think going private and having it removed within 48 hours was the right call.

    Easy 13 Wednesday night as my wife is away all weekend. Legs were still pretty heavy from sundays half so kept it very easy. 5m tempo over lunch today. Looking forward to watching the Ineos challenge in the morning without my wife disturbing me with all sorts of non urgent jobs like feeding the kids etc.

  • What time is he doing it DT and is it on normal TV?
  • Skinny, sorry to hear that the minimal approach didn't work. Maybe go the other way and get some of those platform Hoka's ? It sounds like you want to keep at it and a 40 minute run is not to be sniffed at. I've not done that much in the last three weeks. I've still got hope for you, if that's any consolation.

    As for sad songs, well everyone knows that pretty much all songs are sad when you're broken hearted. I have to say while I've been doing my achilles rehab at the gym it seems like 'Nothing Breaks Like A Heart' has been on constant loop. And don't get me started on Dionne Warwick's 'Walk On By' because that is raw heartache right there.

    Oh yeah and you forgot my 16.54 5k you bastard ! That was off two nights of no sleep and what felt like the world on my shoulders :)

    Thanks the for the wireless earbud tip @Simon Coombes 2 I'll look into them. Do they stay in ok when you're running ?

    DT - Hang on, so 13 last night while the wife is home, with a free weekend to do all the running you want :pensive: !?
  • Oh and DT - with York I wasn't really sure about the logistics. It may be about for 7 miles, back for 7 miles or something like that, but not sure the route really permits that, in terms of volume of runners coming in the opposite direction. A lad from my club is doing it and he's a low 18 5k man, so I may pace him to halfway as I think there's a relay format within the marathon too.
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    Skinny, the current window is 5am-9am cet with a firm time being announced later today. It is on you tube and I have read that bbc are covering somewhere.

    Muddy, no unfortunately whilst my wife is away I have the kids from tonight until sunday night so my only chance of doing anything is Saturday morning when david Lloyd has kids clubs which they are booked into for an hour. Hence getting the long run done Wednesday when it wasn't ideal timing.

    Yes there is some sort of relay format going on at the same time. I'm surprised they won't let you downgrade to the 10 mile race?

    In terms of torturing yourself, I recall Poison, 'Every rose has a thorn' worked well for me many years ago.

  • I emailed them about downgrading DT and the response was disappointing to say the least, being 'no'.

    Ah I see with the long run - I thought the kids were away too. I have my son with me this weekend but babysitter coming on Sunday morning so will attempt first long run in three weeks.
  •  Thanks DT

    Oops sorry Muddy - that was an earlier pop in when I was not in a running mood.

    See new table updated for your brilliant new 5k PB and also improving your WAVA to 86.63% which sounds really good to me. B)

  • Thanks Skinny - didn't realise the WAVA was that high.

    I'm going to forgo the jog pants and strip clubs for running tights and beanies and knuckle down on the running for the next six months and really see what I'm capable of B)
  • Thanks Skinny - didn't realise the WAVA was that high.

    I'm going to forgo the jog pants and strip clubs for running tights and beanies and knuckle down on the running for the next six months and really see what I'm capable of B)

    Sounds an excellent and exciting plan. Cheers and good luck.
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    It was in fact heartbreak in 2008 that laid the seeds of running for me. It took a few more years for it to be come a regular thing but I went from always saying how pointless and boring running was to doing some in amongst football, circuit training and mountain biking.
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    Skinny sorry about your running injury and hope this turn around. I am plodding away and hopeful i can get around a race posting a time:) 12 miles tomorrow 
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    13 mls on Saturday and 9 mls this morning, hr on these similar type runs in  the 160 zones, will need to slow these runs down.
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    Kevin, what is your max hr and racing hr?
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    Skinny, good to hear from you. Sorry to hear that the minimalist approach didn't work, very frustrating that there hasn't been a solution. I still have hope you can pick up running again.

    Muddy, sounds like a bit of a rough time. Good luck on the 6 months of intensive training! XC season now, your favourite.

    Kevin - Good miles. Maybe enter some mores races, thrash round some parkruns and get used to the uncomfortable feeling that inevitably comes when racing? 

    DT - solid training as ever. Is it Telford 10k next up for you?

    I've been maintaining mileage with the odd track session and hardish parkrun chucked in. Feeling like I'm getting back close to full fitness, we'll see at Worksop half in 10 days I guess. 

    It was the first XC of the season for us last Saturday, usually this course is bone dry, not unusually for October, however, given the recent weather it was bit more boggy than usual but still pretty runnable. I didn't put in my finest performance, thanks largely to the fact that I'd been to a beer festival the previous day. However, I didn't finish too far behind where I would normally expect to finish and was pretty satisfied with my how it went all in all.

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    i dont know how you can get yourself together to run xc after beers, Tommy. 

    i have the Derby 10m on 3rd sunday in November which is likely my next race. 
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    I'm quite enthusiastic about XC at this time of year, come end of January I'll be begging for the road racing season. Are you planning on doing the Midlands (Loughborough) or Nationals (Wollaton Park)? I'd thoroughly recommend the Nationals, it was great at Wollaton Park 3 years ago, 4 laps of different distances and a good crowd/atmosphere as you ran through the start/finish area at the beginning of each lap.

    I looked at doing Derby 10 but I'm not around that weekend. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that it's not windy that day as it was a tough drag along the river/canal into the headwind when I did the Derby half marathon which uses much of the same route.

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    I'd love to have a go in the Nationals, Tommy. However come January it'll be 3 years since I last did a xc race. I'm just not sure popping in for a one off race will be a great experience.

    Don't say that about Derby!! After Burnham half I need a good day!

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    I'm trying to get into Derby on a transfer as I just missed the last few entries ... nothing doing so far. Any lurkers not wishing to run, please message me !  :)

    Tommy - This year, mainly because I had a very light mileage load during the summer and now want to knuckle down, I was hoping cross country fixtures might fall every fortnight when I could do them and then I could maybe go second claim with another club. I have to admit to not looking into it that closely though !
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    Muddy, the Gloucestershire and Herefordshire and perhaps the Staffs leagues you can just enter unaffiliated I believe which would give you more options if you just selected some fixtures that weren't too far away.
  • I'm not sure Muddy is looking for XC options, more excuses not to do XC.
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    Damn, I've completely misread the situation. Ignore my post Muddy, there's nothing suitable for you in these counties!!
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    No actually this year I thought they could be an option if they fell right with childcare ! I won't ever be a proper runner without a cross country season to ruin me for the New Year. Just about to enter a mud fest at end of November too. 

    (I do lots of offroad running anyway - but need some motivation to do all the threshold effort work over the next few months)

    10k at lunchtime, bit speedier than last week for the same effort  ~ 6.40 min/mile undulating. Achilles happy.
  • Just popping in to give Muddy a big (((hug))).  You can come and run XC for Striders any time you like.  

    Sorry the minimalism not panning out, Skinny.  I think if you can enjoy other sports and chuck in a bit of running and parkruns here and there that's not such a bad thing.  

    Good luck with Derby, DT.  I used to live there for a few months.  

    Might see you at some XC events, Tommy if we go.  

    I haven't been posting as not really been running v much.  Life is very much in the way.  We've got builders in and our house is in disarray until middle of March.  I did Rugby 10 which was horrible and then elected not to do Manchester half as seemed pointless.  However, XC relays on Sunday in Wolverhampton which is always fun and got Cannock Chase half coming up as well.  So plan is to enjoy some muddy races and try and fit a bit more regular running in until starting a marathon campaign off in December. 

    Love to all threaders!!! 
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    DT max is 180 and resting is 43.

    McFlooze seems you have some races soon, as you said go out and enjoy them.
  • Ha thanks McF but might have to stay away from LSpa for a bit  :'( though I will see if I can fit in the Coombe 8 again - very late this year on Dec 1st. Good luck with the relays on Sunday.
  • Hi everyone

    I'm doing the Niagara Falls 10k on Sunday. I also have a very sore throat and a bit of a sniffle so not ideal either for running 10k (further than I have run for over 2 years) or the sightseeing that will follow.

    I'm travelling with my assistant to Ohio so we decided to give up our weekend and fly out two days earlier so we could go to Niagara.

    Then we noticed in all the tourist stuff that it was the day of the Niagara Falls Marathon (too much) but also there was a half, a 10k and a 5k.

    My assistant has a 10k PB of just over 34 mins (he's not in that shape though) which is about a minute and a half inside the winning time last year so he has a shot at it; for my part I will just be hoping to sniffle and hobble round the course which finishes on the brink of the Horseshoe Falls.

    Thanks for what you said McFlooze, you are right.

    Cheers, Skinny

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    That sounds great, Skinny! Hope it goes well, even with battling your cough and cold.
  • Yep, have a good one Skinny, that does sound good. When you say it finishes on the brink of the falls, I have a mental picture of over enthusiastic finishers running in mid-air while looking down horrified, Wile E Coyote style before they plunge into the spray :)
  • Haha


    I'm guessing it finishes roughly where the buildings are on the right hand side of photo which is the Canadian side.

    The left side is the US side and race is in Canada.

  • Hi everyone

    Niagara Falls is brill.

    My colleague finished third in the 10k in 36:15 and got a Niagara Falls trophy to take home with him,

    I ran 43:55 and finished 19th which I was pretty happy with and I also was first in my age group  B) 

    Back to US and work tomorrow.

    Cheers, Skinny
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