Overdone it?



  • 4 runs and 17 plus miles for me last week: 3.5, 6.4, 3.5, 3.7

    Also did two strength sessions -  very important after all the time off my feet.

    Quarterly report is that I have had 2 blocks of 3 weeks of running over the last 12 weeks before illness interrupted things.

    Aiming to get to 25-30 miles within the next three weeks, and top off with a benchmark parkrun. 19.56 to beat !

    Interesting muddy - seems like we are on two similarly uninspiring schedules to try and get somewhere from where we can move onward.

    I've also been doing quite a lot of hip work as I've been struggling to sleep and now extended that to include glute work and 'glute engaging' exercises. It's hard to be arsed (pun intended) but I'm sure it's important as we get older.

    Also I got a bit depressed earlier today when I looked at the GFA time drop off for London - 3:15 up to 55, 3:20 up to 60 and then 3:45 after that - suggest my own fitness is about to drop off a cliff in next few years.  :#
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    I do a lot of glute type work,  Skinny. They are the power houses after all. 

    I think it's more to do with the number of people still physically being able to get to a marathon start line as opposed to fitness falling off a cliff. 

    Congrats, Mr v. Hope the op goes well also. 

    I'm on day 2 in lanzarote. Two beautiful days so far. Got up at 8  and did my 6m loop. Same again tomorrow. 
  • Yeah we’re in a similar position Skinny. It doesn’t resemble anything like a structured running programme. I’m running as much as I can without doing anything intense and even that requires a lot of recovery time. 

    You’ll love this next bit - heart rate metrics say I am 17% less aerobically fit as at my peak - VO2max of 57 now vs 68 then. 5k times also now at 17% down from peak (~20 mins compared to ~16.30). 

  • Yeah we’re in a similar position Skinny. It doesn’t resemble anything like a structured running programme. I’m running as much as I can without doing anything intense and even that requires a lot of recovery time. 
    Yeah a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday I was out squeezing in 5 miles and frustrated I didn't have time for further and then after 4 miles I was chuckling to myself that I couldn't have gone any further if I'd had all day!
  • London ballot results not out till 14th March now but reason (2020 and 2021 runners backed up in system) doesn’t make it sound very hopeful.
  • I got 3 runs in last week including parkrun again for a total of 19 miles. Going to try and get into the 25 - 30 zone this week with lots of short runs and see how my body feels.

    3 parkruns have gone 22:29, 22:02 and 21:40 so even just doing parkrun and not much else still seems to result in me getting faster each week which is encouraging.
    Managed 22.5 in the end but with no run Wed to Friday so easy to jump that up by 5 next week.

    20:55 for parkrun this week.
  • Is that an improvement over previous parkruns Slinny ? 

    24 miles for me, with Wednesday and Friday as rest days. Most of my runs were titchy. 2x 10k made up the biggest runs of the week. I didn’t do anything strenuous like a parkrun though, mostly 8 min/mile-ish.
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    Well done on the parkrun, Skinny.

    How does 24m rank for you in terms of comeback to date?

    I managed 42m last week in lanzarote mostly made up of short easy runs. I did do an interval session of 10 x 800m Wednesday which was low on the fun side plus a mixed pace longer run of 12m which was pleasant enough. 

    Though I now have a mild cold and very sore throat. Did 5m at recovery lunchtime but skipped spun and feel quite drained. 
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    Morning all, 

    Looks like decent progress Skinny, likewise for you too Muddy. 

    DT - decent mileage whilst on holiday. Shame you've picked up  cold. Are you still planning on running Manchester?

    I've been insanely busy with work for the last couple of weeks so running has had to take a bit of a back seat. I have managed a couple of XC races over the last couple of weeks; the first was an absolute quagmire round some sports pitches at a school in West Cornwall. Was pretty grim going but managed my highest finishing position of the series.

    Most recently was a return to the venue where the first fixture was held in October; identical course but ran in reverse. I was about 30 seconds slower on Sunday than back in October but about 10 places higher, felt tougher going in the other direction and the underfoot conditions were much harder. Ended up finishing 28th overall in the series which I'm pretty chuffed with and a good sign off to my XC racing 'career' as a senior. 
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    you love your cross country Tommy - hopefully work will settle down as the sun comes out.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
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    Tommy, yes, assuming next 5 weeks go OK then I will run it as a peak training run. 

    Significant birthday pending then?

    Well done on the xc series place, decent placing. 

    I've been feeling pretty rough this week, mild cold and throat on fire, struggling to sleep. 

    That said, I've cracked on with 5m then 8m easy and today was 8 x 1k off 1 min. Reps all came in around 3.40 and other than battling the breathing difficulties etc, hr was pretty low compared to other sessions so suggests that once I clear this and the holiday timber I'll not be too far off where I was pre injury. 
  • SkinnyPart2SkinnyPart2 ✭✭✭
    Hope you’re feeling better DT - still eye watering paces.

    i managed 31 this week with a long run of 10 today and a 21:02 parkrun which was 6:30mm pace on the long Carlisle course. Another couple of solid weeks and I’ll be back in the swing of it.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Nice work, Skinny. 

    I did a mixed pace 6m tempo Friday, came out 6.16mm for my usual 160bpm. 

    Just over 16 today for longest run of the year. 

    Still struggling with my throat, really sore. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Decent week so far, 3 x 2m off 1 min on Wednesday which was savage but was 11.52, 11.57 and 11.54 for reps then a standard Friday tempo yesterday. Just 10k but a very controlled effort at 6.20mm and 157bpm despite the wind. 

    18m tomorrow with 2 x 4m at mp in second half. 

    The beginning of a pretty meaty training block this week. 

    Also took delivery of the new streakfly shoe today, the new version designed for 5-10k. Much lighter and feels much more like a racing shoe. Not as much spring and snap in them as alphafly.  Will give them a whirl at Rd relays in 2 weeks. 
  • SkinnyPart2SkinnyPart2 ✭✭✭
    Good stuff DT - when you say not as much spring and snap is that a good or a bad thing?

    I managed just over 35 with a long run of 10 and a 21:01 parkrun that was actually a few seconds faster. The race director loved the sound of his own voice for over 5 mins and then just blew his whistle - no one had even lined up or was sure if it meant go or not so we all looked at each other and then as people started to run past us decided it was definitely time to go.

    Think I’m going to aim for a half in 10 weeks time to give this block of training some focus.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Probably not, but then at about 165g they are much lighter than other shoes and feel really nice on the feet. The reviews suggest the next percent are still a faster shoe over the shorter distances. I'll give them a spin in Tuesdays 6 x 1m session. 

    Solid stuff, Skinny. I agree, something to focus on would be good. 

    18m today, both 4m blocks averaged 6.23mm. The wind made no sense though it was battering me from almost all directions.

    I've very similar sessions next week just bigger but the forecast is pretty still and calm so it'll be good to see where I am in neutral conditions.  3 weeks to Manchester and 7 to MK. 
  • SkinnyPart2SkinnyPart2 ✭✭✭
    London Marathon rejection email arrived this morning.

    So 50 miles with 4,000m of climbing in October it is. Suspect that is a whole heap easier to type than it will be to do!
  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all, 

    Skinny - good solid progress on the parkuns and increased mileage. 50 miles with 4,000m of climbing sounds like quite a challenge! 

    DT - looks like things are coming along nicely. I'm going to miss the road relays, they were always one of my favourite events of the year. And, yes, 5 months and then I'll move up to the vet category.

    Not much to report from me, still swamped with work and travelling loads resulting in minimal running. However, it was my 150th parkrun on Saturday, so thought it was only right to give it a bit of a go. Managed to sneak under 20 minutes for the first time on that course which is pretty lumpy and has a big old drag up 2 miles in so I'm reasonably happy with that.   
  • SkinnyPart2SkinnyPart2 ✭✭✭
    Well done Tommy - good effort off minimal running.

    I haven't been under 20 mins for parkrun since 2016 although I did run exactly 20 mins in 2017.

    I did run 18:55 in a 5k last year though so more about the course and my fitness when I do parkrun than my lack of ability to run sub 20. I tend to run pr when I'm recovering fitness and building training - when I'm properly fit I tend to be more concerned with the long run on the Sunday and building for a specific race (and I play golf on a Saturday morning).
  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭
    Cheers Skinny. I can't complain at that time when I'm running less than 10 miles running a week at the moment. I'm managing to get to the gym once or twice a week and I think this is helping me tick over. Spring appears to be here which is very welcome. 

    I think I did my first parkrun 10 years ago and initially I used to go infrequently and give it 100% every time. Overtime it's become part of my routine and I go most weeks but a lot of the time I run round with family / friends etc and it's more of a social thing. I've ran at about 50 different parkrun venues, I quite like that each one is different but every thing is the same. 

    I've got the hilly half marathon on Sunday but clearly not in any shape to have a go at that so will look to run round with some club mates at a more leisurely pace.  
  • SkinnyPart2SkinnyPart2 ✭✭✭
    Good luck on Sunday - sounds like you'll need it :-)
  • SkinnyPart2SkinnyPart2 ✭✭✭
    3,8,3,3,9 (fell run with 2000ft ascent), 3, 11 for a 40 mile week.

    And this afternoon I became a grandad to a little boy - everyone well.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Congrats, Skinny. I forget you have children well in 20s.

    Sounds like a decent weeks training. Shame about London but I guess not unexpected.  

    Hope you went well today , Tommy?

    Decent week this week. 60m with 3 spin sessions. 6 x 1m off 1 min Tuesday, all between 5.50- 5.55. 8m steady tempo Friday came in 6.16mm at 162bpm. 20m today with 2 x 5m at mp. They averaged 6.25 then 6.21 with 7.09mm  average for the 20. 

    Getting up to speed now but realistically with 6 weeks to MK,  3 weeks too late to really do it any justice. 
  • SkinnyPart2SkinnyPart2 ✭✭✭
    There’s some good running in there DT - 4 weeks more of that and then a 2 week taper?

    what pace is your PB?
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Pb pace is 6.22mm. I'm not sure MK will lend ìtself to pb, it being May there's also a significant risk of nice weather, the the race is on bank holiday Monday so hopefully that factor will ensure miserable conditions. 

    It'll be good to have a blast round the Rd relays on Saturday just to get a feel for fitness. 

    I suspect there'll be closer to 5 more weeks of that. 
  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭
    Congratulations Skinny, that's great news! 

    DT - another quality week. You might surprise yourself at MK, but yes you're right you could get hit with some hot weather. 

    I really enjoyed Sunday's race in the end, decided to run with someone I know and possibly pace him to a PB (under 1:43) depending on how he was feeling (and to a certain extent how I was feeling having not ran further than 8 miles since October last year) . The course is effectively 8 miles uphill and then 5 miles down/flat, with the twelve mile being a particularly steep downhill. The added annoyance was that it was incredibly windy. 

    We went out fairly conservatively as there was a steep climb within the first mile with several people already walking! The course then took in a stretch of the Coast-2-Coast cycle trail which is a former railway line so had a slight incline. After about 5 miles we turned off that and started to head up the edge of Dartmoor on the country lanes. My mate was chatting as we were running and whilst he was slowing a bit on the steeper climbs we were hovering an average pace of 8:15m/m. there was a bit of a stinker of a hill between 7 and 8 miles with the split for that mile coming in at just over 9 minutes and I feared I had pushed him too hard in the early stages.

    However, as soon as we started the descent it was obvious that he had some in the tank and we started ticking along at 6:50-7 m/m pace. Mile 12 came in at about 6:15 pace and I could tell the pace was beginning to take it's toll on my mate, however, he's a royal marine and made of stern stuff so was sucking it up. The final mile is on the flat through a park and along a river path, I think we caught and overtook 5 or 6 people here before we turned onto the athletics track for the final 300m and gained a couple more places with a 6:50 final mile to finish in 1:41. A decent PB for Steve on a tough old course (1130 ft of elevation gain) on a very windy day.

    Pleased with how I felt too and no DOMS or anything the following day which was a pleasant surprise. Hoping that this gym work will pay off and give me some better leg strength for some fell races over the summer.    
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Sounds like a positive run out, Tommy on a tough course. Your mate needs to find a good fast half if he can pb on something like that. 

    Is that the next thing, summer fell racing?

    It looks like it's going to be pretty warm mid afternoon at Rd relays. Manchester forecast looks good though. 

    7 x 5 min yesterday at 6mm off 2 min at 7mm. I really struggled, legs were dead which I put down to what was unquestionably a big 5 days before it plus the warmer temps. 

    Tommy, yes I may be fitter come MK, I have to remember that I've only done 3.5 weeks of 'full' training so applying the pipeline delay I've only got the first two weeks showing up in my current fitness. Hopefully I'll start seeing the gains filtering through. 
  • SkinnyPart2SkinnyPart2 ✭✭✭
    Well done Tommy - it's so rare that I've done a race and not run it as fast as I can but it is a much more fun experience!

    DT nearly 6 miles at 6s with 2 miles at 7s as recovery for nearly 8 in 49 mins - yeah I would have struggled too :-)
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Your figures are pretty close there, Skinny. 7.55m in 47.01. The session ended on a hmp block so no final extra 7mm 2 mins. 

    I agree, running a race at 80% is quite enjoyable having done it in half's and parkruns. Whether it will over a marathon I don't know, come the final 5m. It's still 26 miles! 
  • SkinnyPart2SkinnyPart2 ✭✭✭
    3, 6, 5, 3, 9 with 1975 ft ascent, 3, 12 for 41 total.

    Did the same fell run route as last week but 4 mins quicker.

    After 32, 35, 40 and 41 it’s time for a cut back week.

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