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  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Thanks Skinny, shame about the 10m race. 

    Myox, hopefully you can build some consistency and as muddy says, just nudge things up slowly. Ultimately it's the consistent training that brings results as opposed any particular session. 

    Muddy, yes fair point re threshold detection. 

    The course in parts wasn't great. With 4m of it around the airfield it was much windier than anywhere else though there was a pretty equal amount of head v tail wind. The first 1.5-2m was the hardest as that was largely upwards to the airfield, into the wind on in parts thickly packed stone chipping paths and gravel paths. I think that reflects in my splits as opposed to any master plan to negative split.  

    Looks like you are building back up nicely now. It's the first few weeks that are the hardest whilst the body works out what you are doing. 

    I enjoyed xc when I used to do it however with kids activities, homework with them and weekend jobs I just can't be out most of Saturday to run for 40 mins. I've also adopted Muddys stance being the risk v reward. I'm more interested in self preservation now as I get older and avoid things that'll bench me. 

    What gym work are you doing, Tommy? 
  • Mr VMr V ✭✭✭
    Muddy - nice to see you continuing your comeback. The first few weeks are always the worst. 

    DT - Another weekend, another PB - well done! Great pacing too even if the wind played its part in the negative split.

    Tommy - good mileage there. XC definitely gets you fit though I've always been a straight, flat road kind of guy. 

    Myox - decent parkrun time there and good work on the increased mileage.

    35 miles for me last week, plus 23 walking around Edinburgh. A very windy 19.15 parkrun on Saturday. 

    Today was 50 minutes steady at 6.38 pace. Feel like I'm getting a bit of momentum going, so keeping fingers crossed I can stay consistent.
  • MYOX - Kendal AC have some quality fell runners. Sure they'd probably get stuck in to the local XC scene too. 

    Mr V - good consistency. Any plans to enter a race or just happy to stick with plugging away at parkrun?

    DT - some fairly standard gym - squats, deadlifts, kettlebells along with general core strength and conditioning and a bit of upper body bits and pieces. One of my fast club mates is doing a PT course so I'm getting some tips off him. 

    Fair enough on the self preservation thing. Personally I've never felt more at risk doing XC compared to road running (almost certain to roll my ankle or something at the next XC now I've said that). Middle distance and shorter stuff on the track does feel a bit like a hamstring snap waiting to happen though. Fell running is another level entirely and  I'm pretty sure I don't have the ability to switch my brain off like some do when hurtling down the side of a steep hill. 

    Decent session of ~0.5m reps off 1 min recoveries round an undulating housing estate loop on Tuesday night. Was hoping to have a good crack at parkrun on Saturday but reckon it's going to be windy AF so may end up jogging round.   
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Mr v, a decent tempo there. By steady, I assume its a mara pace/effort?

    Tommy, I think you were right re Saturday not being parkrun effort weather. 

    Getting back into Friday tempos with 2 x 3m off 1m at mara pace Friday. Came out 6.12mm for the 7m at 162bpm so slightly over my usual effort level, but equally a good 10s per mile faster.  Very easy 13 today. 
  • I managed about 17 miles last week - big interruptions to running  due to feeling unwell after my covid booster. 

    The highlight was some parkrun tourism in Wilmslow. The course is almost an exotic training session in disguise with 4 x 0.6m (twice along on a winding out and back route) each with a hill rep at the end - up the hill then a dead turn around a cone and then back where you came
    from. I was still feeling a bit worse for wear from
    the booster so held back on effort while a very freezing wind pushed me back on the out section. Finished 8th in 20.43 on my watch.

    Hopefully more miles next week now the booster isn’t bothering me, though I have a cold today so couldn’t bump mileage over last weeks. Let’s agree it’s a cutback week 🙂
  • Mr VMr V ✭✭✭
    Tommy - no racing plans in the short term. I think if I could get  back to sub 18 shape for parkrun I would then feel sufficiently motivated to do some proper races. But I guess that's a while away....if it happens at all.

    DT - yeah that was aiming at top end aerobic pace so roughly MP effort. I'll look to extend that up to an hour over the next 2 or 3 weeks. 

    Muddy - a cut back week is probably no bad thing as you build back your miles. Is everything still feeling OK injury wise?

  • @MrV Yes, I’m not feeling the injured area at all now though that could be because the soreness is evening itself out to all over my body.
  • All quiet on here, hope everyone is doing ok, managing to knock out some runs over the past week, out tomorrow for 12mls.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    I'm building back into things now after my period of racing, though have a race next Sunday. 

    Session today, 11k alternating ks between half and mara effort. Average pace for the 11k was 6.03mm going through 10k in about 37.40. 

    Taking a rest day and a rare lie in tomorrow as my son has no footy so a few beers pending. 
  • I'm just super busy - 27, 30 previous 2 weeks and 14 last week made up of one 14 mile run early yesterday.

    Your 10k times in training are just taking the piss DT.
  • This grey box is annoying 
  • Mr VMr V ✭✭✭
    Morning all

    DT - loving the casual 37.40. You seem to have come out of your racing phase in good nick.

    Skinny - ticking over at least. Hopefully you are able to fit in more training soon.

    I did my first hill session in years last week and then had to take 2 days off to recover as my ankles were so sore! Shows I need to do more of this type of thing I guess. York is pretty flat so you really have to seek out the hills. Then parkrun at tempo effort on Saturday which felt nice and comfortable. 
  • Right, that seems to have got rid of that grey box.  

    Work has been insanely busy for the last couple of weeks but have been managing a few miles and a couple of gym sessions. 

    Yesterday was the 3rd instalment of XC, this time at Exeter. I'd been led to believe the course was similar to that at Newquay i.e. laps around some grassy fields. Whilst it was laps around fields it certainly wasn't grassy...essentially 5 and a bit miles of varying thicknesses of mud with many more hills (well the same hill 5 times).  

    I found it really hard going pretty much from the start and struggled to get into a decent rhythm, although given how muddy it was in places  I guess that's not really surprising. It was utterly gruelling and I felt like I had a really bad race but I ended up finishing in and around people I finished around at the previous race so guess it was a reasonable effort. Looking at the results I'm 40th overall in the series which isn't too bad given the standard of the league.

    The race doubled up as the Devon County Championship race in which I finished 6th V35, which I'm fairly happy with. 

    Next race is in early January on a wind blasted headland in North Devon, could be bracing! 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Fairplay, Tommy, you're a braver man than me. I had a Facebook memory pop up the other day of photos from a xc in Tewkesbury, you can see the fields off the m5. It was just horrific, flat but ankle plus every step! 

    Skinny, not quite a text book run balance with the long run being 100% of the weeks miles but needs must sometimes. 

    Mr v, yes, actually feel a bit fitter for it, despite being a bit fatter. I've only ever done about 3 bespoke hill sessions. 

    Whats on the agenda next? 

    Ticked over this week, bit of a session Tuesday but winding down now for Sundays 5m race. Conditions look great. 

    Back to working from home after today which will make the extra stuff easier to do again such as spin, s and c and the recovery work. 
  • Good luck, DT. Wasn't sure if you were in for Telford 10k but now remember you had a 5 miler lined up. 

    Newport marathon has been confirmed for October next year, was hoping it would move back to it's usual spring date. Might have to consider Manchester.   
  • Tommy2D said:
    Might have to consider Manchester.   
    Manchester currently not accepting further entries until January. Not sure if this is standard or not.

    Blackpool probably a good back up on 24th April and hope it's not windy. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Are you eyeing up a mara, Skinny? You seem to have a reasonable knowledge there of the Spring scene. 

    Tommy, I'm not a big fan of Telford. I'm basically a middle of the pack guy there and it is hugely congested, particularly the 180 degree turn you do twice and the surface often isn't great. It's only a good race I think if you are sub 33 and usually find yourself out on your own. Everyone else is just heavily packed in. 

    I think Manchester will be the mara of choice in April given no London. Its also commonwealth games trials, some other European trials plus its one of the qualifying races for the England age group representative teams. 

    4m  recovery with strides today. Rest day tomorrow. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    29.02 today for 3rd place which got me a small trophy and a £15 gift voucher. 

    About 15 mins after the finish I was very sick for a few minutes, having felt really sick from straight after finishing. 

    Random but all got now. 
  • Mr VMr V ✭✭✭
    Nice work on the 3rd place finish DT. Were the front 2 close enough to race them? Hopefully you've had no repercussions from the sickness.

    39 miles for me last week so ticking along ok. Had hoped to give parkrun a proper go but it was too icey for the usual course and it ended up being 4 laps on grass which I didn't enjoy at all!
  • SkinnyPart2SkinnyPart2 ✭✭✭
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    DT19 said:
    29.02 today for 3rd place which got me a small trophy and a £15 gift voucher. 

    About 15 mins after the finish I was very sick for a few minutes, having felt really sick from straight after finishing. 

    Random but all got now. 
    Nicely done DT - is that the full set of PBs for the year now? 

    I've updated the TTT for your 10m, 10k and 5m recent PBs and sprinkled some silver and bronze across it. Did you improve your WAVA in any of those runs?

    Yes I would like to do a marathon if I could next year and have started training with that in mind (although nothing as intense as P&D).

    Last week 3, 6.5, 0, 11.5, 0, 0, 15 for 36 total. 16 weeks to go - let's see how close I get this time.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Mr v, winner was low 26.xx so well ahead. Guy in 2nd was 35s faster. Looking on strava he run mile 1 some 20s faster than me. The rest of our splits aren't too far apart but when he went out that fast I just assumed he'd keep at it so never really saw him as a target. 

    I had to pass the guy in 4th about 2m in and he stayed quite close until mile 5 but must have been spent as whilst I was able to put in a faster mile (5.38) he sat at 5.55 and came in about 30s behind me. 

    I'm meeting a friend at parkrun this Saturday just for a social. Will run it at mara pace. 
  • Nicely done, DT. Congrats on the PB and the overall placing.

    Decent mileage Mr V, shame about the parkrun course change. 

    Looks a solid start to a potential marathon, Skinny. Fingers crossed you get to the start line in form you are happy with. 

    I'm still ticking over. Hilly muddy 11 miler round the edge of the moors yesterday with a couple of mates was good fun. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    X post, Skinny. Thanks for the update, youre going to regret that new addition.....I need a 5m bronze next time you update and to leap frog lit and Mr v in overall positions. 

    I definitely didn't improve wava I 10m or 10k so unlikely the 5m will have done so. It's my birthday in a few weeks so should hopefully see it just improve by that next time I race. 

    Sounds exciting re the mara. Hopefully I'll see you in Manchester. 

    When's the next round of xc fun, Tommy? 
  • I meant to mention on my long run yesterday I was at top of a hill about to run down it and saw a cyclist coming towards me - as it's about a mile long I was already with my friendly 'it's a lot easier this way' when I realised that he was on a unicycle out presumably for his long ride. So in the end I just watched him go past jaw agape and didn't say anything.

    Never seen anyone outside a circus or Edinburgh street entertainment - anyone else?
  • DT fantastic again..... great year from you.

    34 miles last week for me, would like to do a race next year, so fingers crossed.
  • Great result DT. My club session training buddy did very well in the 10 mile race.

    I've had mixed mileages the past couple of weeks, with the booster and ensuing illness getting to me. Also very sore shins when I started running again after illness. 8 miles in one session was lots more than I've done since returning and it needed 3 days of recovery ! Think it's been around 12 miles a week as a result.

    Work Christmas Party on Fri night. So obviously ... parkrun Saturday morning. 20.11 with significant capitulation in mile 2. Things improving just about - lungs feel like they're getting there but soreness everywhere else.
  • but soreness everywhere else.
    Better get used to it - you're of an age now.
  • Mr VMr V ✭✭✭
    Muddy - good to see continued progress in terms of fitness. Hopefully the rest of the body catches up with the lungs shortly.

    Kevin - decent mileage there - what race/s are you targeting next year?

    Skinny - nice start to marathon training there. 

    55 minutes for me today at MP. Came out at 6.36 average. Pace seems to be coming down a bit each time I do that type of session, plus I'm adding extra distance each time. Seems promising.
  • Sounds like a good session Mr V - is that MP based on effort or pace or HR? Whatever 8.3 miles at 6:36 is certainly heading in the right direction.

    I ran 8 last week at about 7:20s in middle of my 11 miler and that felt hard enough.
  • That’s a big session Mr V.

    30 mins fartlek on Monday for me, with 6.5 miles last night with 3.5 at around marathon effort in the middle with the club (7.30 min/mile pace - about 1 min slower than current 5k pace). Shins burning at the end of it. Rest day today, then back at it tomorrow with some easy running.
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