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  • GB .....well feckin urry up......image

  • I might do mine tomorrow  image

  • I've read every race report on here and on TriTalk and am loving it. I'm certainly not ready to let the day fade just yet! image

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Slacko - well done on a brilliant time. You still need to do something about that swim, though.....image!

    Come on everyone else who hasn't done a report yet...you've had quite long enough.image

  • joddly wrote (see)

    Slacko - well done on a brilliant time. You still need to do something about that swim, though.....image!

    Come on everyone else who hasn't done a report yet...you've had quite long enough.image

    Tell me about it. image

    Just an average swim and transitions would have got me a podium trophy. Winter focus has already been decided! image

  • Mine will be tomorrow... not had an evening free yet unfortunately image

  • Looks like my 22 mins in t1 the longest of the day. that's slacking for you.
  • Sid - sent you an email last night... thought you might enjoy it image

    (Hoping I have the right person!!)

  • joddly, just remembered who you are - lol.

    Has your swimming improved since our lessons? 

    I've actually been making Barley look quick at the local leisure centre pool just lately.

  • Cheers golden boots. really appreciate you lot at the end. amazing finish. my techno bro tweaking my comp so i can see it. thankyou.
  • Slacko wrote (see)

    Just an average swim and transitions would have got me a podium trophy. Winter focus has already been decided! image

    I know what you mean - my swimming's improved but I'm still leaving myself with a lot to do.  I remember you passing me on the bike somewhere on the southern loop and I gave you a shout when I caught you back on the run.  5 minutes in T2 though - what were you doing? image

  • Thanks golden boots. watched it loved it and blasted it around FB.
  • Slacko .. do you swim at the same pool as Barlos?

    Joddly do we get a report from you as well??  image

  • Sid!!!
  • Mrs SAMrs SA ✭✭✭

    I know i only did the relay, but i will post mine up over the weekend.

  • image Mrs no such thing as only doing the relay young lady post it or sarah will cry. image

  • My aged brain is now releasing snippets of information now the pain has faded so heres my race report

    Pre Race

    Travelled up from Cornwall with Flowerpower and Purely Cornish spent sometime sightseeing in the car park that is the motorway system around Brum!

    Decided we couldnt face camping so we had rented a barn it was in beutiful countryside and we were joined by Cornish Digger and MK Snail this turned out to be a good decision as it allowed firstimers FP and MKS some peace and quiet to get their mental sh1t together

    Saturday morning we t to register, race brief and drop off bikes and kit , get to Holme P and FP tells us she has forgot her kit and ID good old nerves!
  • At registration we manage to vouch for the crazy dutch bint masqerading as Flowerpower and slso convince them that Purely Cornish is a bird and not the bloke they had her down as image , off to the race brief where flowepower revealed to the masses that the wetsuit stripping may be a bit problematic as she swims starkers under her wettie (she is dutch !) racked the bikes and met lots of lovely pirates before returning to base camp for food and (some) kip

    Race Day

    Alarm goes off at 4am which is no problem for me as i am usually up that time to get some pre work training some nervous faces in da house! Get down to HP the weather looks great no wind and sun wish the gang good luck my bruv ( MK Snail) looks like hes off to the firing squad image have a quick chat with Melds and think her plan to lurk at the back of pen 2 for a swiftish getaway is a good one


    Off goes the gun and its a bifffest tried to hold position but was using energy so drifted nearer the bank the water quality was awful much worse than the weed garden of 2010 still i was suprised to see the turn bouy so early and veered across to be mown down by loads of swimmers who thought you had to go right to the end and tumble turn!

    Straight away on the return leg i noticed the unmistakeable nose of Meldy (Ok it was her black n yellow goggles but i like to live dangerously image ) drafted her home for a 1:18 swim time 6 mins down on 2010 but hey ho i actually went to a pool and trained that year image
  • Max .. your cards are marked  image

  • Fortunately got through T1 before Flowerpowers naked streak but still faffed a bit at 8.5 minutes image noticed brothers bike was long gone ( the boys a fish!) got out on the bike to find the wind had picked up and the sun had fecked off to sulk behind a cloud still it was warm and not raining so lets go! I really like this course the roads are generally smooth ( well compared to our cornish cart tracks) and gently rolling with the odd pimple ofca hillimage got to the wonderful pirate feedstation where Zlee the Pea impounded me on my brothers orders he was trying to shed weight in the portaloo as he felt it wouldnt be right if i passed him while he was taking a dump we remounted sped off and i passed him he obviously hadnt shed enough weight settled in and ground out the miles managing to stay aero and comfotable for most of it , which was a suprise as nearly all myvtraining had been done on my steel crosser as the weather had been so bad. Bit of rain at the end but itcwas quite refreshing through the state of a home ( sorry stately home) grounds and in for a 6:02 ish bike pretty happy with that given the training and weather.
  • Come on Max .. this is longer than your transition  image

  • Speedy (for me) 5 and a bit mins T2 then out on the run. I should mention the run is usually my strong point only walk to get a drink in and usually well sub 4.

    Tested the legs on the first lap of the lame and they were definately there so slotted into my default IM pace with the usual plan to crank it up if i still felt good with 6 moles to go. 6 miles in and the plan decides to rewrite itself really bad cramps in both aductors lock my legs up solid ho hum this is new i also new Purely Cornish was around a mile back and closing. We may be training partners but we have a good race rivalry. Well shes got me this time was my first thought and then i remembered my old just keep moving forwards mantra so i managed to get a leg locked gimp speedwalk going that wasnt pretty, was feckin painful but was bloody effective as i was keeping up with people running as some runner (rather sourly i thought image) remarked as i gimped alongside him with my usual fixed this aint hutin race smile on ( like Chrisse Wellington but without the looks, youth or talent!) that actually seemed to help and after around 500m i could start running again at a good lick but that was the pattern for the next 20 miles gallop along feeling fine for a mile, arrrrgh! Gimp walk 500m start to run and repeat and repeat image it was great to see so many pirates out on the course and i arrgh or waved or smiled so hopefully i am not classed as one of the miserable ones peeps have mentioned image the last lap seemed to go on for ever but then i saw the possee of pirates. Y the finishing chute they were a sight for sore eyes and i pegged it in for a 4:15:28 mara which given the circumstances i am over the moon with . All my IM s have been tough but i have not had a sufferfest of a run like that before and all in all mentally i think i dealt with it fine HTFUed and JFDId it in true pirate style so am well chuffed its one in the mental bank if i have another. Breakdown some time . Oh and PC never caught me she cramped as well and came in 15 mins ish later next time partner!
  • Melds hang on i am stuck in a car in plymouth writing this crap while my daughter whoops it up at a partiy so unfortunately i have time to kill.......
  • loving these race reports!

  • Where was i final time 11:50:35 which is 38 mins down on 2012 but given the wind and level of training, accidents etc I am over the moon with even more importantly my brother came in 13:20 ish and that was with a 20 minute mental wibble when he sat down quit at mile 12 and watched the cricket , flowerpower also popped her ironman cherry with a 14:20? Ish time far above her expectations (but not mine image ) all in all out cornish group had a pretty good day out and i am proud of em all and am looking forward to clocking some miles together pretty soon

    The end!
  • Nice one Ridgeback image. I knew you wouldn't want to leave your wee bro behind in the portalooimage hehehehe. Well done for keeping going when it all went to shit with the cramps image. Looking forward to seeing which IM you inevitably sign up for next year image hehehe
  • 2014 Pea 2014image
  • Yeah yeah yeahimage
  • Oops I've got to over 1000 words and haven't even reached the start line yet!!
  • Brilliant reports one and all, thank you

    Mine is WIP. For now I can update on tonight's shopping trip.....

    Thrush cream, haemorroids cream, athletes foot powder and champagneimage

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