Miscellaneous TRI Race Reports

Teesdale Triathlon

It was a chilly 7degrees when I signed on this morning at 8AM still not sure if I was going to take part it the race or not – my ham string problem was still niggling and my cold still had not fully cleared up, but I had plenty of time to decide as I was No 101 therefore the 101st to start.

I watched the race start at 9:01AM with a college I had been coaching towards the first TRI entering the pool at 9:21, I watched his swim and cheered him through transition, by now I was caught up in the atmosphere and had decided to go for it.

I entered the pool for the 500m swim at 10:41 and decided to take it steady as not to aggravate my hamstring; it felt like I had just entered the pool when my 20 lengths were over in 9:25 (a time I was very pleased at, as I’d thought I was going much slower)

Out of the pool and into T1 transition – on with my running vest socks cycling shoes, helmet and sunglasses, along with a pair of cycling sleeves as it was still a bit chilly. I made my way easily through transition before carefully mounting my bike (I’d seen 5 people fall off when trying to get underway earlier when I was watching) and I was out of T1 in a slow 2:23


  • Out on the very hilly 18mile bike course – and this is where my injury was felt the most – I had to do each steep climb in a much easier gear than I would normally of. But things were still holding together and after the first 5 mile I consumed a SIS GO energy gel. (It had been a while since I’d had breakfast) 14 miles of climbing later and I hit the fast decent back towards the sports centre – it was a case of bang it in the biggest gear, peddle like hell and kiss your @rse goodbye in an attempt to claw back some of the time I’d lost on the climbs. I made it into T2 in 60:59, about 4mins behind target but not too bad.

    T2 was a simple affair of rack bike, dump helmet and sleeves, swap shoes and grab a fresh drink and gel then straight out onto the run in 1:13

    The run was a hilly 8k, so for me enjoyable (I like running hills – I’m not fast – I just enjoy them) I quickly consumed my second energy gel and worked on settling into my stride but at just over 1-mile it hit me – I had forgot to apply Vaseline to my inner thighs and when your are a big bloke running in a pair of Speedo’s, believe you me, your thighs rub :oO By half way round they were very sore and by the time I entered the sports centre complex there was blood trickling down my inner thighs (I’m currently walking like John Wayne) But I managed the run in 40:30 so very pleased with that and it was all over in a grand total of 1hr and 54mins :o)

    SWIM (500m) - 9:25
    T1 - 2:23
    BIKE (18miles) – 60:59
    T2 – 1:13
    RUN (8k) - 40:30

    TOTAL - 1hr 54mins

    Knocking almost 9mins off last years time – not the 15mins I had planed – but good enough
  • Respect WW
  • Hey well done WildWill. 9 minutes is plenty good especially seing as you're carrying an injury. How's the hammy now?
  • sore but more of a dull ache than a sharp pain
  • Great stuff Will!
  • Well done WW, very good race!

    I can sympathise with you on the thighs as I have the same problem after doing the Beast 13 mile multi terrain today. The stinging is awful!
  • :o)

  • Congrats WW, you did brilliantly, I really feel inspired to try triathlons partly through reading about your training. You've obviously got stacks of improvement to come without injury etc. Sorry about the thigh chafing! Sounds painful.
  • Well done Will. Sounds good mate ... except the chafing (and the speedos for that matter).
  • Way to go Will - and with being injured as well !

    Nasty on the thigh thing. Trying not to think how painful that must be ! Ouch !!
  • Well done Will! Chafing thighs - ow!!! (And don't listen to Richard, nothing wrong with a fella in Speedos, nothing at all. As Moosey and I are fond of saying..."Follow those buttocks!")
  • Ewwww ! Men in Speedos ! I passed someone on a Corima on the Alpe this year in full tri kit they were, and I couldn't work out if it was a boy or a girl even.

    Until i realised his speedos weren't covering everything they should !!

    I'm sure you look great in Speedos WW, but please give me a list of when you'll be wearing them so I can avoid the area. Ta !

  • nowt wrong with men in speedos.
  • Depends on your viewpoint. And if that viewpoint sees dangly bits, then I'm dead against them !
  • Moosey - was it "follow those buttocks" or "Follow those cheeks"..?!
  • cougie - woul he not have been in anger of - something pretty painful??

    Sunburn, at least!
  • i couldn't possibly know what you mean dr nic, i'd just focus on the road ahead.
  • Oh come on, you remember that discussion, don't leave me here alone on this one....
  • Well done Will. I bet you are feeling on top of the world....
  • or at the bottom of a tub of Sudacrem!
  • Amazing WW :o)
  • Good one WW. I just don't have the sun tan to wear speedos in public. (My tan ends at just above the knee, where my cycling/tri shorts start.

  • boing coz I'm sad and want to hear people's tales from this weekend.
  • Sorry IW - had some bad news just now about a tri friend who won't be racing for quite some time. :o(

    But he's positive, so must I be for him. :o)
  • jj, what happened to your friend?
  • OK Jj - here's my race report ...
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