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  • Fantasic day and a fantastic coarse. I beat wall for the first time today and I'm over the moon. Don't know what my time was yet because i forgot my. Watch this morning ( maybe a god send) got a feeling I might have a pb but thats by the way.

    Good call dannir just come back strong.
  • Iain Moore 2 wrote (see)
    Goldeagle wrote (see)
    Well done to everyone and commiserations to Dannirr. Brave and correct decision to stop.

    Dannirr - got to agree 100% with Goldie. I hope you're feeling better and we see you at Corcoran's.

    But how did you do?

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Must say a massive thanks for Weedy for coming across to check I was ok when I pulled up in the really long tunnel. You are amazing.

    I waved him off but at that moment I knew that my race was over.

    Hamstring had got very tight and I tried walking stretching for a while butt it only got worse. So I adopted a shuffle type running style to try and take the pressure off the left leg.

    Was keeping an eye on the clock and had to push the last mile and finished in 3:58:40. My Garmin said 26.4 miles.

    Overall I am pleased as the last 3 weeks have been a nightmare with very little running as a result.

    Some fabulous results from you all. Dammit really sorry to hear your story but it takes a strong person to listen to their body and look after it.

    Jimbob really good result. Glad I let you go at the start.

    Enjoy Corcoran's tonight. My OH was not well last night so I am catching an early train as it I the right thing to do.
  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    You are all very kind - thank you. I'm laying about the hotel room still feeling lifeless, a bit of a fever. Not sure we'll get there tonight.

    Well done on some brilliant runs. Hard work certainly pays off.
  • Where is the pub again ? Cocorrans and what time we meeting up.

    I'm gutted I messed the photo shoot this morning. Just got there too late

    But meet Emmy then pc91 on the course image
  • Great to hear everyone's times and experiences. What time are ppl heading to cotcorans?
  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    High five loads of kids. Had my name printed on my shirt so it was great to hear "Go Gary Go! ' but later when I was walking it was difficult hearing "Come on Gary!". Cheers TD and the supporters, much appreciated.
  • Well done Kaz1 image image image


  • 6 o'clockish in the pub, or is that too early/too late? If I don't move off the bed soon I may never get up again!
  • Brian O Riordan wrote (see)
    Great to hear everyone's times and experiences. What time are ppl heading to cotcorans?

    I'm just convincing my legs that they want to walk again and will be heading there shortly, hopefully with a little stop along the way to get something to eat. Aiming to be there around 5.30-ish but RS and others were heading there a bit earlier I think.

  • Is it rue saint Andre des arts , that sounds familiar , only twenty min walk according to my phone

    Yeah right ,,,, my phone does not know the state my legs are in
  • djwolfdjwolf ✭✭✭
    Well done everyone. Sorry to hear about Dannir DNF .

    Managed a 3:22 (just). Mrs Wolf 4:31 so both reasonably happy.

    Wishing you all a good and speedy recovery

    Now Edinburgh awaits.
  • Well, I stumbled over the line in 4:47 - given the last minute decision of it all I am please to have made it round in one piece! Have also got a bit of a tan so that's a bonus and was lovely to see TD's flag on the final leg; perked me up no end! Likewise am heading to pub c. 6pm if my legs still work...
  • That's the one Scott.
  • Thanks Simon , my partner was in TD s support group with ur wife , you had a very good race I heard
  • Great, gonna hopefully get there for 630/7! Need to get off the bed first!
  • Scott - yes, Alison enjoyed her company. My race was as good as it is ever likely to get. Steady pacing but the Garmin clocked 42.6K which meant I had a wee panic over the last couple of K to get under 3:30. 25 seconds! Whew..
  • TrevOTrevO ✭✭✭
    Well done all and sorry to hear you pulled out Dannirr, fingers crossed you are feeling better very soon and can move straight on to your next challenge.

    I started well and didn't think I went too fast but ended up struggling with hamstring twinges from about mile 17. Managed to finish in 3:54 so absolutely delighted with my first attempt at a marathon and although feeling shattered already wanting to sign up for something else!
  • Wow- very well done all.   Seems like a lot of PBs and a lot of great times.  

    Fanette and I are both pleased.   We didn't train as much as we would have liked, so our goals were to finish, but she wanted to be around 5h and I wanted to be around 4h.   She clocked in at 5:07 (she's delighted for her first marathon) and I came somewhere between 3:58 and 4:02.   My Garmin died at mile 23, so I can only estimate until the results are posted.  

    I'd like to say a special thanks to Tricky Dicky, ATM, and the others who organized getting together.   You guys really made my day.   It was such a boost knowing that among all the supporters there, I had an easy-to-find flag with people to cheer me on.   It really helped.   Thank you.   We're cleaning up but hope to be at Concorans by 7pm.

    -Rick and Fanette

  • I'm alive, just.  Well done to everyone, amazing running today, PBs, GFAs and a fantastic support.  Yer Maj - you rock girl!  Kaz and RR, so chuffed for you.  TD - thank you for waving that huge flag, I nearly burst into tears when I saw it, and DLR - a massive thank you for running (hobbling) me in, I was in tears at that stage.  I really couldn't have crossed the line without you.

    No idea what time I got, can't get the results on the website ... or maybe my chip didn't work, which happened to me and to friends before.

    On my way back to Paris, I need a drink, save some for me.

    Never again ...

  • Can't get time up on website. Think it's 4.28. Went to corcorans had three pints. Left message for yer maj with waitress.
  • James B 73 wrote (see)
    Can't get time up on website. Think it's 4.28. Went to corcorans had three pints. Left message for yer maj with waitress.

    They seem to be online now. Try searching with the 1st name, it is the only way it works for me.


    3:46:21. Decided to go long sleeve base layer and tshirt. Freezing at the start, way to hot from K26 onwards, basically after the big tunnel I stopped and 'changed'. Missing a PB by 90s, that's a huge chunk of that. Happy with the effort, I wouldn't rate Paris as a fast race. Fast start as space available, but running into previous waves once hitting the narrow roads doesn't help.

  • Well done to everyone. I managed 4 hrs 20 which i`m super chuffed with for my first and after lots of itb probs. I haven`t been a regular poster but you`ve been great when I needed support and advice. Have a fantastic evening all. I`ve done my burger and chips down the pub and i`m just lining up a jacuzzi bath and a cheeky glass of champagne image. Thank you and congrats again!
  • Hi thanks for the advice over the last few weeks. Made it around in 3:53. As its my first marathon I'm delighted!! Still not out of the bed yet need to make it to Corcarns.
  • Should be there for 745, ppl still there!
  • haven't contributed much to the thread, but it has been invaluable - not a good run, I trained really well but hadn't shook off a cold and calf playing up meant I had to ramp right down very early to end up finishing at all. Maybe an inking into how Dannir felt, at least I knew I was recovering from a cold so could make adjustments.. Just nipped in under 5 hours for my first one. Plenty of room for improvement. Well done to everyone. 

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    Thank you. ATM, DV, TD, Weedy, Radar Sal.

    Many others have made this thread, like the humour of Jimbob and DLR, or questions from newbies that I hadnt thought about, and lots of people willing to answer.

    I hope Kaz and Emmy had good races, you're part of the inspirations. Kaz on her recovery and Emmy on her many runs.

    I haven't mentioned loads, like YerMaj, Dannir (take care), Rick.... but you are all important in your own right.

    I did the Orbot at the finish, tribute to the man himself and all of you.

    Thank you.
  • Had a great time in the pub , but only lasted for two drinks before dehydration and a lack of food forced us out to find a meal , then tiredness hit us after the meal so headed back to the apartment

    Big thanks to ATM for everything this weekend , ur a star

    Tricky dicky thanks for the cheerleading and looking after the supporters

    Orbutt ,Simon , marathon maus and everyone else in cocorans tonite , you are a fanastic group of people , been a great marathon build up and meet some good people
  • One for all and all for one - dogtanian and the three muskerhounds
  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Another one - time for bed, Boing.

    Great time tonight with our virtual family. You make running fun.

    Not everyone could be there or had to leave early. You were missed but we drank you your health.
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