Strictly 2012



  • The judges are really being hard tonight, though it's ok if they are even handed...

    I didn't think Michael was that good tonight. Buta whatever Vicky needs to go ..
  • Someone please shut Bruce up
  • On ITT Michael was shown doing leg flicks and they left them out image
  • I'm going. to have a glass of rose ... anyone else?
  • Anything stronger B? I might need
  • *holds out glass*

    Please image

    Louis was in the background of the chat with Michael and Natalie and he looked abjectly miserable.
  • Pours drinks for everyone on the thread ...I have chocklit too image
  • that was fab image

  • But he didn't get the swivels in his feet right!
  • Great Charlston image

  • Me three. He's come a long way too.
  • That was nearly funny Bruce!

  • I'm expecting great things here. 

  • He's really working well with her
  • that will no doubt bring a string of 10s. 

  • Wow
  • Not sure if Craig will brush the spiders' webs off tonight but I reckon it'll get some tens

  • Ooh that was beautiful even if she is a ringer  image

  • That was beautiful.
  • That was beautiful image

  • I agree Frodo, they dance beautifully together
  • Frodo you've got an echo image

  • I would put Victoria in the dance off against either Michael or Lisa with Victoria to get on her bike!

  • I don't think Denise is a ringer. She's not done ballroom dancing before. She has danced in her job, but so have Kimberly and Nicky. She went to stage school when she was a kid ... maybe some of the actresses did too, they certainly started as kids. I like her image
  • lol LN, Vicky definitely to get on her bike, I think she and Brendan will be relieved
  • I hope it is Vicky and Michael/Lisa and not someone who just had an off day
  • If Victoria doesn't go tonight it will be very unfair, she was awkward and uncomfortable to watch. I think it would be cruel to have her in another week and put her through another horrible performance (not to mention cruel to the audience!).

    Michael's argentine tango was worse than Colin's, I've got the same criticism to make - where was the intricate footwork that is characteristic of an ARGENTINE tango? Both Michael & Colin relied on their ability to lift their partners to disguise lack of content, but at least Colin had the excuse of dancing his AT MUCH earlier in the series. I fear for Michael in coming weeks, he doesn't have many ballroom dances left.

    Lisa was actually better than I thought / feared she would be. I was quite angry with the judges comment about it lacking 'energy', I was really dreading her coming out and doing her big fun facial expressions and ruining the romantic mood. She did a decent job with a difficult dance.

    Louis - WHAT are the judges on?! I agree with their point about performing more but was that dance worse than Michael, Lisa, Kimberley and Nicky?! It should have been 8/10 at least. I find the marking completely inconsistent, Louis is clearly in the top 3 dancers and yet gets continuously marked down. Then Len speaks up for Michael missing a fundamental element of his dance basically saying that the male celebs aren't expected to lead the female pros.

    Flavia needs to insist on traditional music and choreography for their next dance, and really get Louis to emote a bit more. That's the only way they'll ever satisfy the judges.

    Nicky hugely over marked too. Coming after Denise's "best charleston ever" it was especially obvious.
  • Agree with most of what you say Xine.

    Yes of course Vicky should go - she knows it too! Did you hear her say 'Don't vote for me'.

    I found myself more out of sync with the judges than I have been all series. As I've said before I'm not very hot on the Charleston (and I'm not that mad on Nicky) but I certainly didn't think it was that good. Karen and Ian did a bit of Charleston in ITT this week  - just to demonstrate the dance - and without a story or stylistic tricks  - made it look really fun and whacky.

    And although Kimbers is one of my favourites I couldn't see why her tango was so good compared to Louis' Paso.

    Yeah 'lacking energy'? Isn't the rumba supposed to be the romantic, sultry one? I thought she did a pretty good job.

    And  - I know this will sound awful - but just like Chelseeeeee's huge fake knockers stopped her short of ever looking like a real dancer for me (I know, I know, it shouldn't) Dani's little legs - however fast and precise (and they are) can't help but put me in mind of dainty piggy trotters. Threre I've said it!

    Im bad!



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