Great North Run 2013



  • Gosh OS - that sounds like one helluva hard-core XC event!

  • Shielsy- it certainly was for us southern softiesimage.


  • I did my first run for over a month yesterday.  I was pencilled in to be the tail runner at our parkrun (makes the people at the back feel less subconscious and lets marshals know that all of the field have passed) but someone else had volunteered for that duty and so I said I would run with our parkrunner of the month.  She was not expected to be there as last week, when she finished her 11th out of our 21 parkruns, she said her baby was due last Wednesday, but she was back yesterday lining up at the back to do her 12th parkrun, three days OVERDUE.  I asked her if I could run with her as I only wanted to pootle around to give my knee a test and so we went round the course at her pace, only having to walk for the down hill section of the course.  I don't know if it was the distraction of chatting to me but this week she was three minutes faster than last week at just over 36 minutes!  Her other half did the run in about 25 mins and joined us for the final lap of the lake (about 1 mile) and we still were not last!  Needless to say we are not expecting her to be there next week but would not be surprised if she was with a buggy! image  I was "given" the volunteer recognition of pacer - I did ask if I could be put down as a chaperone to out parkrunner of the month!

    My knee grumbled a little whilst jogging round and made me aware of it's presence in the afternoon, but it has settled down today and I'm hopeful that I will be ok to jog around the park again next weekend and then do the 10K I'm entered in on 18th.

    Cracking racing and running going on.  Fiona, the Town Moor Marathon sounded like it was not very nice but well done for persisting through to the finish.  As with Sheilsy on your XC but I think that your OH was a bit unkind to make you clean up before getting in the car AND the house!  OS - were you running in those conditions?  It sounds more like one of the "Survival of the Fittest" races rather than a club XC race!  RLTW, well done on the GSR and the points prize at your parkrun.

  • Morning all

    RLTW - well done on leading the points table image

    Shielsy - it was a beautiful, if chilly morning for running

    OS - that sounds just awful

    Robbie - I don't know why anyone would want to do that. image It sounds horrific.

    Dasher - well done on 50 parkruns. It will be ages before I get there.

    Bob - she is still running. image It certainly sounds like she will turn up soon with a buggy. Well done on getting round and I hope the knee stays OK.

    Shrek - hello, it sounds like you are having a busy time of it.

    Did I miss anyone? If so, hello.

    I'm well chuffed as I got a little trophy in the post at the weekend for being 3rd in my age group at the marathon.image  I hadn't expected anything as they had said they were given the age group prizes to those that finished first i.e you could win a place prize and age group and not pushing the age group onto the next people (does that make sense?)  I know there were people faster than me who were older than seniors, but maybe not in my age group I suppose.  Never got anything like that before (or likely to again I suspect) and it makes all the hard work that day even more worthwhile.

  • OS,Sound like a good way to torture the kids.

    Bob,If the lady turns up next week,book an ambulance;-) hope your knee eases off.

    Well done getting your trophy Fiona,great momento from a tough day out.
  • Hi Shrek hope things calm down soon and you get back running.
  • Hi everyone - new to this forum but on many of others.

    Family hols made me miss GNR this year for first time in 6 years absolutely gutted about that, but hey 2013 is not that far away. Does anyone know when the entries will be out for members (I thought they were usually out by this time).

    Its funny to think but this is probably one of the few races that has not changed that much since its first run in 1981 when I was a youthful 19 year old running my first proper race. It is also funny to remember from that day that I think my mate started the long standing have to do 'Oggy Oggy Oggies' through the first underpass, i know we were right towards the front and he started shouting it and everybody joined in.

    Will be on he from now on as looks a great forum

  • Bearsted - it is usually about this time of year, but I don't know exactly when.  Keep an eye out on here as someone will usually mention it.

  • Thanks Fiona J

  • Aftrnoon all,

    Fiona - congrts on the trophy !!!
  • Evening!!

    Congrats on your prizes RLTW and Fiona!

    Robbiedoux - My brother did Hellrunner on saturday and, although he loved it, he says he's never been as cold.

    Spongecake - walking along the beach actually sounds quite nice. The weather has been so lovely and as long as you are layered up, I'd love to be able to enjoy a walk along the sand.

    Welcome home OS and welcome back Shrek!

    Bob Parr - what can I say?? THREE days overdue?? image - thats one very fit (if not crazy) lady!!


  • Fiona -a trophy is a trophy!  Well done- the start of a magnificent collection!

    Thanks Mandy- it would be nice to be back if it was a little warmer.  Just been out for a little 6k run and I can't believe the thermometer says its 6 degrees!

    Bob- you'd better get your midwifery skills up to date in case she turns up next week as well.  Exercise is said to be one way (amongst others) of shaking a baby outimage.

    Shrek- nice to see you, to see you nice!

  • os - I was just thinking the same thing about that pregnant lady . Be thankful that it is 6 degrees. It is down to freezing here!

    Mandie - I've never fancied hellrunner or whatever , too much cold water. Eugh
  • Fiona - well done on the trophy. image

    Happy Birthday Dasher. image

    Bob - I do hope you know you've ruined any excuse I could come up with now for not getting out to do a park run. image

  • Fiona - Yes well done on Trophy


  • Evening all image

    Bob Parr - I can't believe a woman that heavily pregnant would be running a 5k - I've never had children, so don't know what I'm talking about, but I can't imagine it'd be very comfortable, plus I'd be worried about jiggling the baby about.  I'd feel like I'd have to run with my arms cupped around my bump at all times.

    I'm on holiday for the rest of the week (did a 12 hour shift on Monday) so have spent today doing housework and then sized the walls in one of our bedrooms in preparation for decorating (which I'll probably take another 6 months to get around to doing image )

    Then off to club tonight - though I really didn't fancy it tonight as it's been freezing, damp and windy all day today (at one point I heard whistling and thought my OH had got home from work and it was just the wind howling outside).

    A horrible session too ... running up and down this long road 3.5 times with 'half a road' recoveries in between - four times!  Usually with that session we only do 3 reps, but I think our coach was feeling particularly evil, especially given that it was so windy.  Total distance was 5.13 miles (not including the recoveries which I did at a gentle jog)

    However, I didn't absolutely hate it, and was congratulated by my coach and another bloke from my club at the end of the session on how well I've been running lately so I was dead chuffed.  Just hope they haven't jinxed things  image

  • Thank you for the Birthday wishes,just raising a glass or two before bed.

  • Good running shielsey, well done and happy birthday dasher !!

    We had a nasty Iittle session at the club last night, running down by the seafront in howling wind, did 7 x 500m loops at around 6 min mile pace with 1:50 recoveries, was hard going and pretty intense and then a 2 mile uphill run home. Rest day today and then back to club thursday, havent decided if im going to do town moor 10k yet, got a number but not in a good state to race a 10k so might just leave it and go for a plod myself.
  • Your club sessions always seem to be 'nasty little sessions' though mr sj.  Well done for getting through it.

    And good morning everyone image.


  • mr sj - I knew there was a reason was not a member of a club

  • Morning Shielsy- hope you are enjoying your hols.  Lovely day down here- I'm trying to persuade myself I should go and find some hills for a session!

  • Afternoon all. What have I missed? I see prizes for Fiona and RLTW in my brief skim read image

  • I dont think we've ever had an 'easy' session at the club ! Its always intense and either fast or ridiculously hilly.
  • Member registrations open for 2013 Yeah!! Entered!!

  • Just got my e-mail too, Bearsted Plodder.

    £49 to be paid before Dec 19th.


  • Me too, although mine is a 'withdrawal' from 2012, despite the fact I didn't officially withdraw. Anyway, I'm in!

  • Entered for 2013,became a "member" for guaranteed spaces in 2014 and 2015 too.

  • Bearsted Plodder- does your avatar indicate where you are from?  My ancestors were millers in the area in the 17/1800's

  • Cc2 - the same thing happened to Billy last year and they extended the membership which was unfortunate as we are now no longer in sync.
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