Great North Run 2013



  • Evening everyone.

    7.2 miles tonight after work in windy conditions ... horrible when running into it (or having it blowing at you from either side) but great when it was at your back. 

    Hard lines about Blaydon, Mandie.  Do you know yet if you can get the weekend off for TR24?

  • Morning all. Just joined this thread. Got a place in this year GNR in the Daily Mirror ballot. Not done it since 2009 as I had a serious accident shortly afterwards but gradually got back to running. Never thought I'd do the GNR again and have to admit I was really shocked when the ballot results were announced - you really do have to be carefull what you wish for.

    Hi again Shielsy!

  • Great news RR - hope you fully over accident and can enjoy the running again

  • Evening.

    Shielsy - Weekend for TR24 is all fine and dandy. Can't wait!

    Hi Roy Runner (are you the same Roy Runner that used to post on here a good few years back?) So sorry to hear about your accident but great news that you are now back running and able to join us.

    Evening BP.

  • Fab news there Mandie! image

    Evening all image

    Hope everyone is well.

  • Yes Mandie the very same!

  • I thought it was you Roy - welcome back! Make sure you stick around on here and meet us all again under the footbridge at the start, it will be great to see you again!

    Evening Vixx. Finished my 3 day shifts today and not back in til nights on Monday so I'm very good this evening. Hows you?

  • Hi all, I got a place for GNR with Mirror ballot. So pleased image. I came on here four years ago and Xlman sent me a training programme. Looking forward to sharing all the training image x

  • Congratulations Envious and Roy for getting a place and anyone else lucky enough to grab a place.

    I was hoping to have bagged a place in this years Blaydon Race via my club which i normally do, but this year our club is only getting 18 places and with 50+ members wanting a place i'll be lucky to get one. So fingers crossed i'll be able to get on a PC on Monday and try via the tinterweb.
    I won a Sunderland shirt on e-bay for £3.90 + £2.50 postage which wasn't too bad. image

    Hope everyone is fit as a fiddle and fine and dandy image

  • Morning stringy - just back from the parkrun that wasn't. Pouring rain last night which has frozen to create an ice rink. Fingers crossed for Monday. Billy and I have deferred places from last so just need to post the form this morning.

    XL - sorry to miss you this morning but I heard it was cancelled while on Great North Road so just went and did my own thing to make up the miles. It was rather slippy on the moor.
  • Fiona - should have taken ice skates and you could have done some speed skating !!

  • No problems at Huddersfield parkrun this morning. Beautifull clear blue sky and lots of sunshine but very, very cold. Not a big turnout today which really surprised me considering what a great morning it is

    And the day just gets better - 6 Nations Rugby starts todayimage


  • Sunderland parkrun was cancelled as well,so I went to the gym.
  • Whitley parkrun was an ice rink this morning, we had to run large stretches on grass but most of it had to be run on ice and the steep downhills awere a litte tricky ! Ran a 21:39 which i cant complain about as i felt comfortable for the whole thing and with the ice and wind its a decent time.

    Anyone out racing or running then please be careful out there !
  • Simon - I posted on your FB profile, but I'm sorry I (just!) missed you this morning.  I must've got there too late (plus I didn't really know where the start was) but I was resplendent in pink vest, shorts, fleece and socks.

    However, it did look perishing cold down there by the coast.  It was bad enough further inland ... I went out for 4 miles when I got back and even from the start I was absolutely frozen, even wearing my 'proper' fleece - especially when the wind got going.  Plus there were lots of stretches of treacherous ice on the pavements ... I was passing a female runner coming in the opposite direction and she skidded right in front of me - not good.

    At least it's out of the way though.  I'm now going into town to shop for beachwear for my holiday next month, yay!  image

  • Roy,ah,proper sport back on tv image
  • It sounds a lot colder up north.  I'm just back from a 16miler- sun out and blue skies but a chill wind (but no ice).  I was at work this morning and just hoping the sun would last long enough to run in it- so I was lucky.  Now for a shower and some rugby image.  Wales not doing so well at present I hear.


  • Hi Mandie - I am good thank you image

    Hi Roy, and welcome back Envious Plodder - has it really been 4 years since you were last with us?

    Well done to everyone who ran this morning - whenever and wherever! 

    I have rowed my first half marathon. I shall bear it in mind next time I am running the same distance because that wasn't nice toward the end. image

    The 6 Nations will be watched later on image

    Hi Stringy! How are the penguins?

  • Thanks Mick and Vixx, I cant believe its been four years either. I did a few 10ks since then but havent do much more than that. Really looking forward the GNR more than ever.  Thats some rowing you've doen there, well done image 

    Weather down here was warmer so well done for everyone running in the cold and icy conditions

  • Hi all.
    Vixx - I'm off to another island in a few weeks so no doubt there'll be more penguin photo's on facebook.
    We we were going to see the sea lions but that'll have to wait until another time.

    Envious - 4 years. Time flies by, way too quickly!

  • Mick 'Stringy' wrote (see)

    Hi all.
    Vixx - I'm off to another island in a few weeks so no doubt there'll be more penguin photo's on facebook.

    image Can't wait!!

  • Evening all; and welcome back Envious Plodder. Lovely to see you again.

    Two great games to start the 6 Nations. A shame Wales left themselves too much to do in the second half, or it could have been an even more gripping finish. Good performance by England too.

    Looking forward to the wildlife shots, Stringy.

  • XL- looks like it will be an exciting championship does't it?

    Bring on the penguins..


  • Chocolate penguins only at the moment. image

  • Morning eveyone
  • Morning mr sj - how are you feeling today?

  • Morning everyone. Just back from a 3 mile run wirh daughter no 3. Weather much changed from yesterday here - wet, cold and windy.

    Off for a shower now whilst Mrs RR gets breakfast ready image

    6 nations later Italy v France at the Stadio Olimpico. I agree XL yesterdays games were excellent quality and exciting to watch - lets hope this afternoons match keeps the standard going.

  • Morning vixx, feeling like cack, was in bed at 8 last night which is unheard of for me ! Few days rest now and hopefully will be back out there knocking out the miles
  • Well, managed three runs this week and will be out later this afternoon. Just coming round after a ten hr shift that finished at 3 this morning, but definitely manging to fit running in round work probably better than Ive ever managed before. Nice steady coffee to come round I think, and rugby later on the box.

    Have a good week folks!

  • Morning all.

    5 blowy miles this morning. Tried to find as much shelter as possible in Jesmond Dene, which helped. A decent run to start February after yesterday's cancellation at the moor.

    Very promising, OS and RR. Unusual for the openers to be so ... open image Let's hope it augers well for the rest of the championship. Not sure if I'll take in the Italy v France gameimage, but looking forward to next weekend's fixtures already.

    Good going to fit the runs around shifts , Blade. I imagine that will get a bit easier, or at least more enjoyable, for you as we head towards spring, too.

    Hope you're feeling a bit more human today Mr sj

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