Ironman Wales 2013



  • Cheers Jods, I have both but i'm more comfortable on hills and technical courses on my road bike.

    Think i may give the long course weekend a punt on the road bike and make a choice after that.

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    It's not v technical, but there are certainly some decent hills - I'd go for the lightest choice, but LCW should help you decide.

  • FF

    What do you descend best on?

    some of the descents are a bit technical with bad bends at the bottom


  • Subject to getting a TT, I'll be trying it out at the LCW to see how it does, and then make a decision.


    Noted about some of the descents being technical, the one into Narbeth before the climb into town was particularly unpleasant (if I remember correctly), bu quite a few of the ascents and descents were fairly striaght forward, so it's still a tough call.


    Having volunteered in 2012, there were a lot more TT bikes on the course than in 2011, I think the feedback generally was that TT bikes were suitable, although 2011 did have stronger winds, but that really had a biger impact on wheel choice than bike choice.

  • I did the LCW 2012 on a road bike and IM Wales 2012 on a TT. Added 30 minutes to my time using the TT bike and within 10 miles wished I was back on the road bike.

    I'm doing IMUK 2013 and tempted to do IM Wales again as well. If I do will definitely use road bike. To be fair though my TT bike experience was pretty limited, but with all the hills the road bike was just more comfortable to ride for me.

    As always, it's what you're comfortable with and would recommend the LCW if only to get an idea of the course. A good weekend as well.

    Good luck to those doing it, 2012 was an amazing event, support is fantastic especially at the end of the first bike loop and during the marathon sections in Tenby.


  • SA, i'm best on my road bike tbh, i have a TT but options toi use it are limited...wonder why i bought it some days.

  • Hi,

    This is my first time on this forum and I'm looking for a little inspiration...

    I want to do an IM in 2013. I can bike pretty well and I'm experienced in many sportives (Etape du Tour Mont Ventoux, Alpe d'Huez, Dragon Ride and all sorts of others), commuting, TT's (only 10 miles), (Silverstone) and have done two OD tri's last year. My running is ok but not fab, although I have done one marathon in 1995 and many half marathons, the last being in 2010. My swimming is not great and probably my weakest link; the furthest I've swum in open water is 1900 meters in about 50 mins and my OD (1500 metre) swim times were about 33 mins.

    I think I have the motivation for IM but not much money (why so expensive!?) so can't go abroad with a package tour as the family will want to come along as well. IMUK is sold out, as is the the Outlaw and so that leaves IMWales which is said to be tough with a sea swim and loads of hills.

    What do you reckon? Should I do IMWales?


  • yes mate sign up...its going to be an epic sound very capable of doing whats the worst that can happen???

  • you seem to have a very strong starting base and have 8 months top train.IMW is an epic event

  • Ctpotato ... Go for it ... It's an awesome event and sounds like you have a great foundation to work from . The family will enjoy it too , amazing support in Tenby .
  • Do IMW image

  • Mrs ctpotato is very supportive and is saying the same as you all as well i.e. do it! Obviously doing an IM is a big undertaking but, for me (and you lot, I guess), it's what doing this tri lark all points towards and the bragging rights are HUGE!

    Thanks all, I look forward to more chats in the future; I have many questions. Now, where's my credit card..?




  • Iron Pingu wrote (see)

    Do IMW image

    What she said

  • Oh well played Purple....image

  • I'm so pleased for you purple. See you there!
  • What's the hotel on the corner called that Schmunks, Barley and Mr & Mrs TSA stayed in last year?
  • I haven't sorted out accomodation yet..........I really can't face kiln park camping again.....need something in the town


  • Seren, I phoned FBM holidays last week and they rattled off about 10 flats for rent from the Friday to Monday of IMW weekend, all central, and I booked one kn the run course in town, about 100m from the Esplanade for around ??230 for 2 bedrooms
  • I was going to go on my own this year so looking for something cheaper.....thanks M.. Tri


  • I'M planning on a 3 bed caravan at Kiln Park?? Taking kids and mother plus brother poss coming down. Looked around ??300 but anyone got any experience of the park?. Good choice or not.??
  • Seren, when I was phoning around, there were a couple of B&B's that only had z single room left, so you might be lucky
  • Its fine Riodog. especially with kids...not too far to walk into Tenby............

    But we stayed in the tent 2 years ago.....and we had the rain and the wind and the flooding from the tail end of a hurricane.......

    was not restful or nice to be honestimage

  • M..o.use wrote (see)
    What's the hotel on the corner called that Schmunks, Barley and Mr & Mrs TSA stayed in last year?


    Why I am even reading this thread.............aaaaaaarrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh

    Cant believe after last years race that I'm even tempted!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SA - Have you got any plans for this year yet ?

  • purpletrilady wrote (see)

    SA - Have you got any plans for this year yet ?

    Saving money, have just found out how much our little jaunt to IM Florida is going to cost for travel + accom, so its not a lot of racing for me this year, will keep it ticking over and have Mrs SA to coach and have got 2 guys to mentor this year.

    Don't even know about the year after at the moment, still fancy the double but enjoyed IM Wales so much want to to do that again but there are so many different Ironman races out there to do

  • I've booked an entry on IMW!

    I pondered a while as I'm on the waiting list for the Outlaw and they're supposed to be offering places in the near future but I decided that IMW looks ace and opted for Tenby. I also want to be an Ironman, I know it's only a logo but it did influence my decision. I had to justify the expense of the whole thing to myself but decided this morning that you only live once, life's too short, life's a journey not a destination, blah blah blah.

    I'm very excited.

  • a few of us are doing outlaw as a  warm up for wales


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