Vitruvian 2013



  • Brit + 2, please

  • Yay thanks guys! image I will be camping on the fri but no pub for me.... mums food is always best (on the wallet too). Although I am partial to a pudding or two and mum doesnt do pudding! If we decide to head to the pub I will let you know and come and say hi.... so long as you dont mind being seen with someone so slow!

  • EllieO wrote (see)

    Thanks guys... i guess i should just man up. DK you hit the nail on the head about the younger lads, surely it would make more sense to put the 50-70yr olds first (or slow women like me) if someone does have to go first as currently the first wave is the fastest on paper.... oh well we will just have to suck it and see

    but then the oldies or slower people would have more time and therefore an advantage, like i said, if you cant do it in 8 hours you should concentrate on getting fitter or doing a shorter distance.




  • Fastest first makes sense in one way as should mean less congestion.  Slowest first would mean more people were being swum over, more dangerous bike course as more overtaking required etc.

  • PapermanPaperman ✭✭✭

    I clocked a single lap of the route at 25.4 miles fairly consistently, not including the actual link into the car park, which agrees with Running Postie. Am fairly convinced its not 29. We'd be interested in coming down to the pub but need to sort a babysitter - RP, I'll get back to you on that.

  • The organisers do seem to have their distances nailed on.

    I will be travelling up next weekend for full bike course into short brick and will include both trips to car park so I can feedback total miles measured for those calculating their predicated finish times to the nearest second.

    Much as I'd like to join the triumphant pirate finishers at the pub, I have to dash back to Suffolk for a friend's wedding.  No pressure on me to finish in a close to quick time....

  • Just checking, was the pub idea for the Friday or Saturday night? As I won't be staying for the Saturday.

  • Friday night, saves getting the BBQ out!

  • just FYI - if you park at outside the bike shop and ride a loop and come the long way in - like you do on the proper course but not as far as the cafe- its as close to dead on 25 miles as you can get. i done this loads of times and normally reset my computer every lap (its where i did some of my training for the double and done loads of other events there )

  • DK - Are you suggesting double loop for Vit is only 50miles (80KM)?

  • PR it's 85km

  • That's what the event website says, yes, but DKs comment seems to suggest otherwise.

    25 x 2 = 50miles or 80KM.

  • they range from 25.11miles to 25.44 for those that CBA to look and the data from last years vit showed 50.75


  • hi all, ive got a travelodge booked at Uppingham for the Friday night. Wife has pulled out so we wont be using it if anyone is interested. User it last year, 15mins to the venue by car cheers paul

  • Some good speed there DK. I remember it being a fast course but haven' tridden it for a couple of years now. Would you say it's notably quicker than your average 50 miler at race pace?

  • i dont really know, i dont bike that much and the vit is the only 50 miler i have done and i dont train at race pace for that kind of distance, but no it wasnt quick really, my outlaw average was a bit higher than most of them laps albeit on a flatter course. i hate biking as a standalone sport thats why im going back to running after the Vit this year, but ill still do a few tris to keep my hand in image


  • see what i mean about hte course length though - its a short course, the gps cant be wrong every time and always read under by the same amount



  • Your 19+ mph average is a pretty decent pace for someone who's not so happy on the bike.

  • Vit brick done today.  Definitely a 51 mile bike route (max).

    Really enjoyed it.  The ripple remains testing for my gear ratios and the A606 never fails to offer a testing headwind but in all, it's a cracking course.

    Look forward to seeing some pirates up there in a fortnight.

  • How do I taper for this but keep training for Snowdonia mara in Oct? Less bike, same running, I guess?

  • Take week off beforehand. And go easy on the comeback, skipping long run during week after. Shouldn't do any damage to a well balanced training program.

  • Britrisky - depending on what mara training / time you are hoping to get i would say less running and drop your biking by a third to half in the week before. the race will be equivelent to tempo and long run all in one. i would have about 2 or 3 days off to recover and reduce the chance of picking up injury and then carry straight on from where you left off


  • Brit what DK says, the Vit will be equivalent to your long run, get back to training as soon as your legs let you. if you can, get on your bike as soon as possible the week after Vit, even if its just to get the legs moving again. No long run the week after Vit, keep it short to give yourself time to recover.

  • Sorry to cause all the confusion re distnces... I managed to clock a loop at jusy under 26. Looked at my mates strava and he had done the route wrong so no wonder it was longer! Am feeling much more positive re the bike having ridden the course! image image 

  • i bet he didnt take the left down steadfold lane and went straight up to near the A1 image i did that the first few times i recced it - it would make it a better course imo


  • Thats exactly what he did! 

  • Hello all image  Is this on the weekend of the 7th/9th Sept?  I was hoping to come support and have a weekend away, but i'm up in Scotland that weekend image

  • No, Lee - its next weekend, Saturday 31st

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