P + D training for VLM 2013



  • Fabulous Ten a 30 minute PB is amazing, much deserved you have worked hard and earned it. x

  • Great news Ten. That is a massive PB. Kudos for putting in the training and smashing it today. Enjoy the warm after glow. 

  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭

    A half an hour PB is as rare as unicorn shit Tenimage. I doubt anyone else is going to put forward such an improvement. Fabulous effort. Well done Sir, you deserve it!

    First defence, echinea and TCP fully deployed in this house as a pre-emptive strikeimage

  • Just found two Xmas puddings in the cupboard, will be used for carb loading later in the week.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Ten imageimageimage  - a 30 minute PB! Holy moly - that's some improvement!! Brilliant stuff. I would need to go sub 3 for a 30 minute PB ... that ain't ever gonna happen....

    Sorry to hear about the young lad dying. It seems to happen a lot in marathons. One year an 18 year old died at the Hamburg marathon. Previously undiagnosed heart conditions. Awful image

  • Men, how about you rent an Oxygen tent to sleep in...? 

    Dreadful re the poor young man dying. 

  • Terrible news about the young lad. A good friend of mine died suddenly from undiagnosed cardica problems whilst competing at mountain biking last year. Just weeks from his wedding. It was truly dreadful. His fiance has tirelessy camapigned for the charity CRY which looks to do free screening for younger athletes to see if there is any underlting problem. I made sure I went for an ECG prior to all this training.

    Sorry for the depressing interlude. On a manic, tapering madness point, is anyone doing the full prescribed run tally this week or is everyone cutting back much heavier? I'm not feeling particularly rested so may cut back more than prescribed. Anyone else?

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Well, I am certainly not doing any doubles.

  • I might do double rest days!

  • Good grief, doing no where near what is suggested.  I noticed that even NP appears to be doing much less.image

  • NP doing less?? Have you got heat stroke Fiona? image

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    NP only did EIGHT (8) miles on Sunday. Totally justifies my having skipped last week's crucial VO2 session.

  • Lit - precisely. I didn't feel at all bad about giving up after 8 miles yesterday and I think he said he was only doing 3x4 miles this week.  That's less than my 55/week plan suggests I do.  I intend to do 2x4 miles with 2MP in on of them and then 1-2 miles on Saturday as I find a little job makes the legs much less tight the next day.

  • Oh dear typos and I see I can't edit today. image

  • Makes me look like a right idiot. I ran 10 miles with a new group on Sunday and when we finished I was paranoid that I hadn't run the prescribed 13. So I waited for them to leave and snuck back out for an easy 3 to finish off. What a kn*b.

    'Hello, my name is Chris and I am a PandDaholic'. Maybe we should start a charity.

  • Just tried first run in 2 weeks, and the anlke is still niggly, I can run on it which I couldnt do 10 days ago, but can still feel it so still undecided about sunday , just getting round wouldnt be enough for me I would rather not bother, than stagger round just for a tee shirt..image and then spend the next 2 months not being able to run at all...anything that niggle/hurts in mile 5 is going to be utter agony by mile 20, I have done enough marathons to know that much.image

  • Ten, really well done on your time, a monster PB! Is it feet up now for a couple of weeks well earned rest?

    Really sad to hear of the young lad who died.

  • Two weeks away from Manchester marathon now, and I did a 10k race on Saturday, followed by a 16mi med-long run on Sunday. Definitely a tale of two halfs.

    The 10k on Saturday was round Eton rowing lake, flat course, a little exposed and windy, but nothing compared to some of the horrible weather we've had until recently. I managed a PB by nearly two minutes, and I was delighted. 46:25.

    Until three weeks ago I'd never gone under 55 mins, so something is definitely working with this training lark. Sunday's 16miles was another matter entirely. Felt really warm. I had deliberately not scoffed a load of carbs as I wanted to see how the pace would go when i was more reliant on fat than i am normally. The combination of the warmer weather than recently, and the tired legs from Saturday made it feel horrible. Enjoyed the first half running in the sunshine, but second half felt like a real slog. Hopefully it's going to be cool and calm in Manchester.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    AG - well done on the 10k PB. I'm afraid I have it on good authority though (HeOW) that the weather at Manchester will definitely be really really shit.

    NN - sorry to hear the ankle is still playing up but there is still plenty of time to recover and decide.

  • AG thats a brilliant 10k, you should reassess your marathon target I run a sub 3.45 off that 10k time (when I havent got a fecking bad ankle) and a 16 miler isnt going to feel good the day after a 10k race !

  • I plugged the 10k time into mcmillan running calculator, and into another calculator that works off a "VDOT" thing (don't ask, I don't understand it) and they both plopped out an estimated finish time of 3:37ish. Quite apart from the fact that I think those things are way too optimistic, and that extrapolating a 10k time out to 42.2k is dubious, I'm unconvinced about changing my "just under 4" target at this stage.

    The wreckless angel on one shoulder is shouting "go on, you tiger, you can nail a 3:45 or thereabouts" whilst the cautious angel whispers "beware of goal creep this late in the day. You've done all your MP runs at 9min/miles, try to go any quicker and I'll punish you at mile 20"

  • what i'll probably do, since my main goal is to beat 3:57:06 (my smug mate's PB) is to stick to my existing plan of 9:09pace for the first 1/4 of the race. then 9:00 for the next 13miles, then if i'm still feeling comfortable at mile 20, start to turn it up a notch, but maybe by 10-15 seconds a mile, and so shave off a 60-90seconds off my time. Hopefully i'll have enough for a reasonably strong finish, and won't hobble over the line at 4:00:03 or something

  • AG those calculators are far to generous especailly off a 10k I agree, but there is a very easy sub 4 hours  in your legs without doubt... be sensible and stick to your plan as you say those vital few minutes mean being able to wipe the sile off your mates face...lol

  • Playing devils advocate. The calculators tend to extrapolate up pretty well if you have done the training. And we know you have done the training. So....

    However, I do think your second plan sounds most sensible.
  • The odd thing for me it doesnt work the other way round, my half time and marathon time predict a sub 45 min 10k....which I cant do..

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    AG - go for 3.45!

    NN - good luck with your ankle - hopefully by the weekend you'll be pain free.

    In terms of mileage this week I'm sticking to the plan - not feeling too bad and feel like I need a run to be honest. Probably won't run on saturday as will be travelling to London and registering etc on that day.

    Is anyone out there doing the old school carb load of cutting right back on carbs for 1st half of this week then eating like a horse for 2nd half? Or the new school method of just increasing carbs in the few days leading up the the race? Or the super new school method of not really doing anything different? I've already bought some malt loaf (just discovered soreen do a sliced loaf) and I'm certainly not cutting back today so I guess I'm new school.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    AG: I managed a 3:54 marathon off of a 47.23 10k when I'd just started with this running malarkey and didn't have a clue about a structured training plan. What with P&D training, a 46 min. 10k and all that you can do much better image.

  • Must stick to program.......

    Did the full 13 yesterday. Wearing in new shows, if I stick to program will have the prescribed 50 miles on the clock before marathon.
  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    AG, congrats on the 10k time.  If I was you I'd be looking at a 9:00 min mile time from the start, but thats because it'll be easier to do time calculations during the race!

    15W, I hadn't thought about it but I guess I'm new school as adding malt loaf to my lunch box this week. Very nice!

    I have heard rumours of a Jaffa Cake "Big One" which is single cake that's the size of a victoria sponge, so I'll be carb loading on one of those this week if I can find it. image

    I'm still planning to do the scheduled runs this week, except for Saturday as I'm travelling on Fri night (6m, 7m & 5m on the sub 55 mile plan, so not that many miles).

    I'm definitely in taper mode, as I've looked at the plan to work out how much sleep I'll be getting each day, rather than the miles I'll be running.


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    15 West Old School here cut back no carbs till Thursday night then two days of Carb loading after my run on Thursday image
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