P + D training for VLM 2013



  • Hope your races go ahead, Mark, lit & others.

    The cold wind is killing me image. Did my tempo in it last night but my chest hurt badly and I was wheezing like I was about to keel over. Glad to manage 9.5 freeezing miles with 4 tempo (7:12, 7:09, 7:11, 7:11). Brrrr. I got that bloody taste at the back of my throat again, took it as a warning sign and skipped the final tempo mile. Asthma played up over night too. Seems better now though.
    5 mile recovery this morning, wind has got even worse. Hated it image 

    Rant over image. Enjoy the weekend. 

  • Did my 15 mile MLR at 7.13 pace this morning, Swapping Saturday for Sunday as going out tomorrow.  Was snowing for most of my run but fortuneatly it wasn'y lying.

    1 degree but felt like -2 due to wind chill so wore three layers on top, under vest, long sleeved top and running jacket.  Plus hat gloves and tights.

  • Jeez... I just can't keep up with this thread!  Great running going on - everyone is way too fast for me as usual, so I can only dream of some of the training you guys are doing.

    This week has been my highest ever mileage week (56m), highest ever outdoor miles in a single week (52m), and longest ever training run (22m). 

    This morning was cold and windy with persistent light snow. I suffer with cold hands and it took two hours before they felt comfortable – even though I wore two pairs of gloves! I resisted the temptation to speed up too soon in spite of the cold. 

    My mile splits were:



    Mile 10 looks too fast, but it had quarter of a mile steep downhill at the start and I lost control a bit on the way down (fun, though). I consciously slowed in the final mile as a bit of “recovery”, since I was going over the planned 20m distance. I didn't wear my HRM strap to avoid the unnecessary chafing, and because it wouldn't tell me too much new information at this stage of the program in any case.

    I took a SiS Go Gel at 11m, and another at 17m. I only drank about 100ml water – sometimes I wonder why I bother carrying it!

    Rest day tomorrow, then a mini-taper for next weeks half-marathon race.

    Have fun on your long runs!  It's not as cold as the Daily Mail seems to think image

  • Ten that is a really good long run, longer than I have gone so far image  nice even spilts and well done for going over the magic 50 mile week image, it is hard running in the cold when we want to run faster just to warm up..enjoy  your well earned rest day,

    Chicky image nice pace ..pity about the cold and asthma take care and I know exactly what you mean, I detest running in cold wind and think WHY WHY WHY???? am I doing this ???...did you wear you kinvaras ? I have worn mine a few times and love how light they feel, I wore them for my race and for my intervals, gradually building the miles in them as I am wary of trying new trainers after all these years, but boy can I feel the difference, thanks for the advice ...mine are the kinvara 2s last season I think, they were a little cheaper than the 3s bright purple and lime green image 

    Surrey runner nice pace image and surely this must be the last cold spell..

    Fiona, I can only make the Tues pilates class next week, but looked on the fitness time table and see they do yoga on Mondays so giving that a try too, plus it will be a nice relaxed stretching bending session after tomorrow long run, my flexibilty isnt too bad really, its core strength I lack

    Lit and Mark I hope your races aren't cancelled image I am looking forward to reading about more pbs and brilliant time

    I am moving to Wilmslow,,,just looked at that profile link bloody hell that is flat you lucky buggers 

    8 Miles with strides later then work, last shift till Tues..will have to do 22 tomorrow  when I get up after sleeping off tonight's shifts image


  • Re:Wilmslow profile, might give it a good shot now, looks a good course, maybe shave a few seconds of my PB.

  • Thanks NN - enjoy your strides.

    Good luck to the racers this week!

  • Good luck to all who are racing tomorrow!

    Crongratulations NN on your prize! (belated I know) 

    Good long run Ten, so cold out there today! 

    I think I might enter Wimslow next year image 

    I will have a big catch up tomorrow after my 16 with 12 @MP in the morning - eek!

    15W - There was a rather good looking chap running around Manchester - must have been you I guess image, just got Sheffield, York, and Warwick to visit now...


  • Good luck with the 16/12MP Pottermiss.  That was the key session I missed image, which is why I'm nervous about attempting the 18/14MP in a couple of weeks!

  • Just in to say good luck to all racing tomorrow.
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Wilmslow is fairly flat - there are a few unwanted hills towards the end though. Good luck all racing tomorrow. I need to give up booze.

  • Thank you to Stutyr and Night Nurse for kind donations!!

    Just about to head out for 22 miler. I have more layers on than an Eskimo. Think I'll be dumping excess attire in Cheshire fields.

    Good luck everyone with runs!
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Wow HeOw - that's early! Off out for 15 mi this morning, no chance to add any miles on as soon as get back got to go pick up puppy.

  • HeOw good luck with the 22 and at dark o'clock.

    15west enjoy your 15 and the new puppy image

    Just about to head out on my long run.
  • Good luck everyone with their running/racing this morning.  I am just about to go out for mine, 17 miles with 10 at marathon pace.  Wind seemed to of dropped off, still fairly cool but on the whole nice conditions.  I wanted to go a lot earlier but the Wife had a night out so she is having a deserved lie in.  Decided now going to give Wilmslow Half next month a good effort, like to see where I am with my speed endurance after following this schedule so far.  

  • Done and dusted - really enjoyed it, ran it mega easy first 10 whilst I woke up, then mate friend from club who ran miles 10-19 with me which was great, hilly 9 miles though! Started at 10m/m, finished at 8:20m/m. Then ran final 3 back on my own, ran final four at race pace as felt so good. 22.5 miles in total as accidentally pause Garmin for half a mile - NoPain, I have set the bar to 22.5 - you are now going to have to set it higher... image  Good confident strong long run, can feel how fit I am becoming, it was no effort at all - wanted to sprint back!  

    Craig - I think, by time Wilmslow comes around, you will really start to see benefits of the plan - you are only one week 2 or 3?  So give it another few weeks and I am sure you will be ready for another PB.

    Good luck with long run NP. 

    Enjoy puppy collecting and 15 miles 15W.

  • Sounds like a great run Heow, well done I hope you are feeling better now image


    Just back from my 16 with 12 at MP and I am feeling quite good. image 

    10.21 10.20 10.27 10.08 9.38 9.31 9.35 9.24 9.14 9.08 9.31 9.22 9.22 9.18 . Still not 100% sure of MP but I was looking for about 9.30 so quite pleased and amazingly don't feel knackered! Off for a bath, and no not a cold one image

  • Great running so far, very good 22.5 from Helen finishing strong & and a strong 16 with 12 at mara pace from pottermiss. 

    I did 17 with last 10 at marathon pace, average for last 10 was slightly faster than marathon pace, averaged 6:35 and the last 6 miles was into a headwind, so very happy with todays run.  

  • Great running folks image

    NN: yep, Kinvaras for me almost all of the time. Mine are dayglo yellow and lime green image. Not sure what the designers think!!

    17 with 12@MP today. Well, an attempt at MP. The race where I did the MP miles was more like an ice rink. Managed something liek 8:11 average instead of 7:50s. but not beating myself up

  • Did the 8 miles then 10 by 100m strides. Am confused by the talk of mp runs and 20+ runs. Isn't this week supposed to be recovery?
  • No recovery for me I started the 12 week 55-70 and today was a 17 with 10 at marathon pace.  Re:Kinvaras, my favourite shoes ever, using Kinvara 3s at the moment but much prefer the Kinvara 2s, great shoe:

  • Just smashed my pb at the Blackpool half marathon, finished in 1.21.56 beating my pb by over 5 mins!

    Over the moon with that, ill try and write a little report if I'm sober later image

    Good running everyone else today, some impressive long runs.
  • Ooh, well done Mark! Shiny new HM PB for me too at Tunbridge Wells, though not quite that spectacular: 1:28:25 according to my watch, and they WERE NOT JOKING about that bloody hill. Note to self: pick a flatter course next time you want a PB. Had a great time though and very pleased with the result. Will add my report later on too after I've had a massive Sunday roast and several glasses of wine.

  • Bloody brilliant Mark and Lit!!! Chuffed to bits for you both, we are PBing by decent margins on this plan!
  • Great news on the personal bests today, very inspiring, well done.

  • Well done on your PBS Mark and Lit, image

    Surrey the reason I did my MP run this week is that last week I was ill during my run and didn't get it done, I thought it best to do the MP run rather than the easier 14 after missing it last week. Hope I've done the right thing
  • Well done Lit, this has been the pb thread!

    This programme definitely works. image
  • Surrey - I'm on recovery this week but I think some started a week early just in case.

    Well done Lit and Mark on the pbs.

    HeOw - that was an early start and sounds like a good run.

    Has the puppy destroyed anything yet?

    I did 14 recovery today at my parents and got totally lost twice, but fine run in 2:13. A chilly but otherwise fine day here.
  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Well done Lit & Mark, fantastic results!

    Pottermiss, good pace on your MP run.

    HeOw, that sounds like a good run. I was feeling smug with my 21.6 miles compared to the 20 miles of the plan, I even ran mile 18 at slightly faster than MP - but you've trumped me on distance and speed session image. Finished in exactly 3 hrs & 1 minute - so wish I'd gone just slightly faster!

  • HeOw fantastic running and setting the bar to high for me todayimage well done (like your photoimage)image

    Craig great long runningimage

    Mark 1981imageimageimage Thats a great PB well done and looks good for the full marathonimage

    Litimageimageimage Thats also a great PB well done and looking great for that marathon.image

    Fiona great runningimage

    Pottermiss, good pace on your MP run.image

    Stutyr great long run 21.6 miles and at a nice paceimage

    HeOw I only managed 22.02 miles today in 2:41 and had to stop for a paddle in the sea at the end it's far better than a cold bathimage This run had MP at miles 5,6,7,10,18,19,20image.





  • Thats the last 5 long runs at 22 miles and 2 at 20 milesimage.

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