P + D training for VLM 2013



  • Did they get in your way?

  • No, they were in a tree.

    It was a bit of role reversal.  The first time I've been stared at by a pair of tits.

  • Well I saw some BLUE tits AFTER my run today..mine !!  it was flipping freezing !!!

  • Nn congrats on the prize. Brilliant stuff.

    Craig - how on earth did you manage a run like that after a day like that?!

    Just in from the first speed session of the programme and I really enjoyed it. I've really missed not doing any speed work as part of the programme so far so tonights 9 miles with 6 x 800 were a welcome chance to test the legs. Felt great after and splits for fellow geeks were:

    2.45; 2.42; 2.46; 2.49; 2.51; and 2.38. Not too bad, pace dropped on fourth and fifth but managed to pull it back at the end. Ju

    Am hoping that this is the beginning of putting the polish on things as NP said previously.
  • Did 9 mile warm up at 7.23 pace followed by 8 by 800m with 90s rest in between each.  Was tough.

    2.53; 2.53.9; 2.55; 2.57.3;2.52.4; 2.55.9.  Last one would have been faster but had to dodge a car.


    Was freezing outside, 2 degrees but felt like -3 with wind chill.

  • Great running sr. The wind is a killer at the mo. I wore shorts tonight which was fine during the reps, but was a little chilly on the cool down!
  • How come you lot had 800s ? mine was 600s must be a change in the 2nd edition..

  • I was just wondering that as I have the first edition too. I didn't mind, though!

  • Phew I thought I was going to have to pop out and run  6 x 200s 

  • Just popping in to say I've done my 12 miles and was hilly and lovely as ran with one of the girls from club who is cracking runner and she is loving the concept of running slow, I feel like the God of Slow The Fuck Down. It's occurred to me that most people get injured running too fast rather than too far. Shit, genius me.

    Well done everyone on the intervals - I'm looking forward to change in pace when mine start in couple of weeks, should be good for the tune up races too to put a bit of practice in.

    NN -that's brilliant! My fellow club runner is 50 and did a 1:39 on Sunday, she is great runner and came third in age group - was so proud of her, so inspirational.

    Literatin - I used to have cracking tits. Three kids shot me down to reality though, I wouldn't like big baps, they don't look right running and lets face it, running rules our lives! Couple of my friends have had implants but not for me.

    Craig - your wife sounds very supportive of your running - that always comes across on your Facebook. She sounds ace.
  • NN and Lit,


    Definitely says 6 by 800ms, though I have the 2nd edition.  They must have upped it for the reprint.


    Not quite as fast as you, but in line with my 5k pace. 

     Thought about wearing shorts but too cold and took the compression tights option instead.

  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭
    Well done everyone on good runs today. I did a recovery at lunchtime. Thurs will be a 12 mile MLR home from work in what will apparently be sub-zero temperatures. Brrrr.

    NN, well done on your prize. My Pilates does not include that much balancing but a lot of stuff that makes me feel inflexible, such as grabbing your big toes with legs akimbo. Not a chance!
  • Cheers Helen, she really is, I couldn't do it without her really, shift work and 4 children is a hard combination. Seem to have reached a happy medium though, she comes to the races and as she just doesn't stop talking and will talk to anybody she loves it.
  • SR- it sounds from your post that you did 9 miles warm up and then your reps. That's hardcore. I just did a few miles warm up, then the reps which took about 5 miles and then a few miles cool down. Would never have been able to have done the reps at the end of 9 miles. Am I doing it wrong anyone?
  • Don't know about doing them wrong, but I do them somewhere in the middle too, as that's where the nice flat straight sections of my route are. I did about 2.5 miles warm-up the other day, did the reps, then ran the 4.5-ish miles home at normal GA pace.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Chris - I think that is expected. Talking of VO2 reps - I am in two minds whether to run the reps part (or even the whole run) on a treadmill, or try and run it outside. Outside obviously has benefits in that it's harder, need more control, outside conditions etc., but treadmill has advantage of being more accurate with pace/distance.

    What do people think?


  • Yeah. Usually a run down to the industrial estate for me. Nice and flat and lit and no traffic at night. Except the security guard driving around who I suspect thinks I'm some kind of escaped mental patient. I'm so bored of the industrial estate already. Being on the lighter evenings and the beach.
  • NN well done on the 3rd place.  Yes I think you are right, all users of the 1st edition need to get back out today and finish off the runs with some 200m intervals!

    Do you know I'm not sure I could tell the difference between a blue tit and a great tit, even with my glasses on!

    5 miles recovery this morning, 5.20am start, on the treadmill watching Tommy live by The Who, that's the way to wake upimage

  • I can see why the treadmill would be good, but I have an aversion to running inside. Personally I don't think it gives the same training benefits and I get bored too easily. But that's just personal preference.
  • Chris I only use it for the slow and lower mileage runs, it does give your legs a gentle surface to run on which is probably useful when you are knocking out higher mileages.  I have my own in my garage with TV and DVD so can control exactly what I watch, I would struggle even more  if I didn't have something on in front of me.  5 miles on it is exactly the same as 5 miles elsewhere, although it is perhaps more like running on a track than a road or trail in that the surface is perfect and consistent.  People wouldn't say track running doesn't have benefits.

  • Now you are making them sound almost appealing! I think maybe I am too lazy to use one because I know I would get bored and then turn it off early, whereas if I am 5 miles from home I have to keep running if I want to get back (although I have phoned the wife to pick me up from a cafe on the odd occasion!)
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    JF50 - not sure but I think Chris was responding to my question about VO2 reps on a treadmill. Do you do your intervals on a treadmill?

  • Well done everyone on the runs this week, I was worried when I saw some of you doing 600m reps instead of 800m till someone mentioned about different editions of the book.

    I found the Vo2 max run a tough one but like most in this plan they seem hard but manageable, I'm pleased that I'm recovering pretty quick from these sessions too. A few months ago it would have taken me days to get over some of these runs.

    I'm starting to ease off the mileage a bit from today as I'm doing a half marathon in Blackpool on Sunday, praying for decent weather to have a crack at a fast time.
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Weather forecast is cold, dry and a bit breezy for the weekend. I would have signed up for that blackpool half but we're off to pick up new puppy on sunday...gulp.

  • NN - congratulations on 3rd place!!! image  I somehow missed that previously amongst talk of tits image

    15W - I find most runs more difficult on my treadmill than outside!  Running strides outdoors has been a revalation to me, because they feel so much more enjoyable than on the treadie.  Hence, I have run them significantly faster outside.  Up to now I have run all of my intervals on the treadmill, but I intend to run my next VO2max outdoors.

    Notwithstanding specificity of training, I disagree about the treadmill not giving the same training benefits.  My heart and lungs don't have a clue where I'm running image

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    I agree about running outside being easier, and just generally more pleasant...but for VO2 intervals where need to hold a specific pace for a specific distance was thinking treadmill easier, especially on my normal running routes where there are plenty of obstacles to avoid....

  • Is the puppy going to be a running companion 15W?
  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Eventually probably. It's a border terrier - so I don't think it will be able to manage the 20 milers...but for shorter runs should be ok.


    15West wrote (see)

    ..for VO2 intervals where need to hold a specific pace for a specific distance was thinking treadmill easier, especially on my normal running routes where there are plenty of obstacles to avoid....

    This is exactly the reason why I have never run intervals outdoors, but I'm going to give it a go.  It will probably help if I can set my garmin up for the intervals, though that might involve actually having to read the instruction manual.

    Mark1981 - you have summed up why I've been really enjoying the P&D plan.  It is tough, but manageable.  I'm enjoying (and recovering from) the high mileage more than I ever thought I could.

  • Chris, 15W and Ten, I tend to only run the recovery runs on the treadmill because I know I will run it slow and it is a recovery on the legs from tarmac and concrete.  I normally do tempo/vo2 outside and on country roads round here so there are less disturbances from traffic, pavements, things parked where they shouldn't be etc.  When it is dark though I have to go round town and I find the sessions are probably of a poorer quality because of those things.  Also the country roads I use for those types of run are nice and flat compared to town so much easier to keep the paces consistent.

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